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How Can I Get More HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Naturally?

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First, let’s get a couple of things straight. One, HGH is a natural substance – it’s literally made by everyone’s body and it’s in everyone’s body. You can’t live without it. If you legitimately need HGH supplementation, and receive it, you are not ingesting artificial chemicals. Secondly, either too much or too little of it being in your body can hurt you, or at the very least prevent you from enjoying optimal health and bodily functioning.

Too Much HGH is Very Dangerous and Bad for Your Health

Having too much HGH is rare. In rare cases this condition occurs naturally, through no fault of the victim. But it usually occurs in people who abuse the hormone in an effort to boost athletic performance. These people avoid legitimate, legal sources of HGH in a mistaken belief that if a little more HGH is good, then a lot more is better. Wrong! These people often end up ruining their health, and in the end their athletic careers can be cut short or ruined too. What they should have done is go a legitimate clinic like ours, gotten a proper diagnosis, and, if their HGH levels really were too low, get an appropriate legal dose from a safe and certified source that isn’t contaminated by unwanted chemicals, and won’t result in a potentially catastrophic overdose. Think about it: Even though HGH is natural and safe in the right quantities – too much can definitely be harmful. Even food and water in appropriate quantities can hurt you!

With too much HGH, a condition called acromegaly, which causes weirdly unnatural growth of the hands and feet, a long with swelling of the ears and nose and inappropriately excessive growth of body organs, cartilage, and bones. Have you ever noticed that a few bodybuilders, instead of looking like very healthy human specimens (as bodybuilders ought to look), look a little strange, disproportionate, and “not quite right” or even not quite human? Too much HGH can also cause joint pain, high blood pressure, increased chances of cancer, heart failure, and sleep disturbances.

Low Levels of HGH are Very Common in the Older Population

Having too little HGH is a much more common problem. Some people, even children for whom HGH is especially crucial (for proper growth and development), are genetically predisposed to dangerously low levels of the hormone. For others, the stress of modern life, or poor nutrition, or other medical conditions that affect the endocrine system, causes too little HGH to be produced. In such cases, hormone replacement therapy can often help. And you should see our network of physicians for that.

But can you make some changes on your own that can increase your HGH levels? In some cases, you can do just that.

A Legitimate HGH Clinic is the Best Source for Real HGH Injections

The best protocol to follow is to go to one of our clinics and get tested. If your HGH levels are low, you might choose to try changing your lifestyle and life choices before trying hormone therapy. After making the changes, get tested again. In these days of precise and accurate lab work, there’s no excuse for guesswork – you can easily know just how much progress you’ve made, if any.

Six Ways to Increase Your HGH Levels Naturally!

Here are some things that have been shown to have an effect on HGH levels:

1. HGH levels go up while you sleep, so if you are chronically depriving yourself of a proper amount of deep, restful sleep, you can correct that deficiency.

2. Regular, intensive physical exercise can help you get that restful sleep you need, and it can also directly increase the levels of HGH (and other needed hormones).

3. Some studies have shown that certain health supplements have a positive effect on HGH levels in the bloodstream. Melatonin (which helps the body regulate the sleep cycle) is thought to stimulate the release of HGH. Two amino acids, glutamine and arginine, also stimulate HGH production. Always check with a physician, and do your own research, before taking supplements.

4. Cut out excess sugar: The sugars you naturally get in unprocessed fruits and vegetables are enough for your body. Food with added sugar is processed and unnatural, and best avoided. Too much sugar intake, which is extremely common in our diets today, results in an excess of insulin (a blood sugar regulating substance) in your blood, and too much insulin can decrease your body’s natural production of HGH.

5. Intermittent fasting – which is a vast topic in itself – has been shown to increase HGH levels in the body. This can be eating only after a certain number of hours have passed every day, or cutting out food entirely for a day or more at a time. Before embarking on such a course, read up on the subject, and talk to your doctor about it. But it has been shown to be effective.

6. Several of the foregoing courses of action will decrease your body fat. And a reduction in body fat, from whatever cause, is linked to increased HGH production. You can also reduce body fat directly, simply by consuming fewer fats (like oils and animal fats).

Whatever course you decide to take, remember that we’re here to help and guide you. Contact us via the contact form or our telephone number today.

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