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Melatonin – The Importance of the Sleep Hormone

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Time for Bed Shows Insomnia Or Tiredness

Melatonin is the Hormone that is invariably associated with a good night's sleep. Many people don't even realize that it's a hormone. That's because Melatonin is regulated as a supplement in the United States. You have to get a prescription for Melatonin in many countries, but that's not the case here.

This Hormone is primarily released by the Pineal Gland and helps promote normal sleeping habits. While the Circadian Rhythm can exist without the presence of Melatonin, the Hormone does aid greatly in sleep regulation. Many people are aware of Tryptophan only because of its association with Thanksgiving Turkey, but Melatonin is actually derived from this essential amino acid.

Melatonin and Blue Light

Because Melatonin is intrinsically tied to sleep, its secretion is inhibited by light, specifically blue light. Blue is the primary shade of the daytime sky, but unfortunately, the brain interprets artificial blue light as daylight. The ubiquity of screens in our daily life leads many to produce insufficient levels of Melatonin. Melatonin levels in the blood stream are significantly higher at night than during the day (approximately ten times higher, in fact!)

How Does Melatonin Impact Human Function?

It's believed that Melatonin plays a more complex role in animals that are more impacted by seasonal changes, but that doesn't mean that humans aren't affected by the Hormone. While researchers are just beginning to explore the complexity of Melatonin in humans, it's believed to help the different systems and organs of the body stay on the same circadian rhythm.

Melatonin is important because it helps us drift to sleep more readily, and it also helps us sleep more deeply through the night. Like many other hormones like Testosterone and HGH, Melatonin peaks during childhood and adolescence then declines slowly for the rest of one's life. Melatonin production drops by 75% or more from 20 to 70.

There's also evidence that Melatonin plays a role in the metabolic cycle of HGH Production. The body produces the highest volume of Growth Hormone during deep sleep. There are studies that suggest that Melatonin plays a supporting role in the production of this crucial metabolic and restorative Hormone.

Melatonin Supplements for Short Term and Ongoing Use

Melatonin Supplements can be a useful tool to help you sleep better and live a healthier life. It's used to help people overcome the effects of insomnia, and it's also very effective at assisting people to overcome the detrimental effects of irregular work schedules, jet lag, and over-exposure to bright light. Low Dose Melatonin Supplements can help older men and women improve sleep quality as natural production wanes.

The best time to take Melatonin is about half an hour before bed. Melatonin Dosage depends heavily on the duration of intended use. Short-term resets can involve larger Melatonin doses, but long-term use should seek to emulate natural, youthful production. If you're new to Melatonin, start around one milligram and see how well it works. Five milligrams should be the maximum for regular use.

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