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IGF-1 also known as Somatomedin C

By Dr. Warner

What you need to know about Insulin-similar Growth Factor (IGF-1)

   Insulin-similar Growth Factor, also known as IGF-1, is a cell growth stimulating hormone that is also known as somatomedin C. This protein hormone is one of the body’s many hormones in the endocrine system, all of which play a vital role in cell maintenance in the cell life cycle. Seventy amino acids bind together with disulphide (any sulphide containing two sulphur atoms in each molecule – di meaning two) to makes up the molecule known for up-regulating cell development. IGF-1 is produced by the liver, stimulated by HGH and closely mimics insulin at a chemical level. When you inject HGH it is a secretagogue of IGF-1, therefore it is the IGF-1 that actually does the work of cell stimulation.

Why Insulin and IGF-1 are so important

   The important benefits provided by insulin is directly linked to IGF-1 production that occurs in the liver. It is a hormone that plays a crucial role in regulating growth levels of both adolescents and younger children and can also cause beneficial anabolic (constructive metabolism) results in adults. Mecasermine, a synthetic form of IGF-1, can be used to boost growth levels in children who aren’t growing at a normal rate. The common term for children suffering from this problem is “short of stature”. However, in this article, we will mainly keep the focus on adults. Our hormone replacement therapy clinic only treats adults, men and women over the age of 30, who show a clinical necessity for needing their hormones replenished. Do contact us so we can speak with you about our prescription hgh treatment programs.

Why is Growth Hormone Deficiency a serious concern?

   In a word, aging. Aging is the single most important factor behind the startling rise in health costs in virtually every individual and more broadly nation across the globe. More and more regular people and medical professionals are finally recognizing aging as a disease, not an inevitable and inexorable process. This has led to several serious efforts to slow down and eventually reverse the process, and all of its debilitating effects. There are a growing number of doctors and scientists who believe the rapid growth in genetic medicine, gene therapy and nanotechnology may usher in an age where all disease is cured well before the end of this, the 21st century. Optimists think it will happen within the next 2 to 3 decades, pessamists think it will be around the end of this century. Whatever happens ultimately, a growing number of physicians, doctors and scientists believe that replenishing hormones that are in decline or deficient can improve ones health and quality of life.

Both IGF-1 and growth hormone levels can be measured by a simple blood test. This can indicate the level of nanograms per decileter of the hormones levels, and determine if injectable human growth hormone replacement therapy would be both safe and beneficial. Contact us with your zip code or nearest major city and we can provide you with a requisition form to get your blood taken at lab corp or quest diagnostics.

Our clinic is staffed with well-trained, experienced medical professionals who will be able to determine the exact proper dosage required to deliver the invigorating, rejuvenating effects of our hormone replacement therapy. The goal will usually be geared toward restoring IGF-1 levels to the mid 200 ng/dl.

Why hormone replacement therapy is needed

Fact: Growth hormone levels decline with aging in what looks like a sideways or diagonal parabola. Two of the main hormones that show this gradual decline with age are testosterone and Growth Hormone.  Replenishing both of these major hormones can provide significant improvements to the way you feel. The results of these declines are anything but pretty:

  • Losing weight becomes increasingly difficult, in spite of smart eating habits and intense physical training. The result is an ever-increasing layer of flab, especially around the mid-section, with a wide array of serious health consequences
  • Lack of strength, and shrinkage of muscle mass
  • Annoying joint aches and pains
  • Dry, inelastic skin, often resulting in a road-map of wrinkles
  • Brain fog and mental confusion
  • Inability to fall into a deep restorative sleep…and stay asleep. The negative consequences of this problem are becoming more and more well-known, due to a several studies that have linked a lack of sleep to several ailments that affect older people
  • Weakened immune system, leaving aging people far more vulnerable to ever-increasing, mutating viruses and super-bugs
  • And more…many more. If fact, virtually all afflictions known to the human race are directly linked to aging. And aging is directly linked to hormone deficiency

But you can fight back…here’s how

There is another hormone that plays a key role in growth hormone release: Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH). This miracle hormone is a secretagogue (a substance that promotes secretion of another hormone) for growth hormone. This is a simple formula: when GHRH levels are increased, HGH levels also increase, as do levels of IGF-1. Scientists have created Sermorelin, which is basically a functional bio-active shorter version of GHRH and it does the same thing as HGH, which is to stimulate IGF1. The best part about Sermorelin is that it’s much cheaper than HGH.

What are the benefits of increased levels of IGF-1?

  • Increased muscle mass. This is due to the fact that IGF-1 increases hyperplasia. Hyperplasia causes the rise of muscle fibers found within the body’s muscle-skeletal system. When hyperplasia occurs, the fibers within a person’s muscles will split which allows for the formation of new fibers in the muscles to occur. This promotes muscular hypertrophy, which is the increase of the size of muscle cells. But don’t confuse the two terms. Hyperplasia creates new muscle cells and fibers, while hypertrophy makes existing muscle cells grow. The take-away is this: increased IGF-1 levels delivers the best of both worlds to you
  • Faster tissue regeneration. Tests have proven that increased IGF-1 levels can dramatically raise the recovery rates of muscle repair after injuries and/or intense and grueling workouts. Still another advantage of increased IGF-1 levels is that muscular strength increases at a much faster pace
  • A quicker, more efficient path for the absorption and transportation of specific key proteins to cells
  • Speeding up the rate that protein is metabolized, which makes losing weight much easier
  • A dramatic increase in the production of white blood cells, which allows your immune system to bring down the “steel curtain” by adding legions of fresh troops to the battle
  • More efficient cell synthesis of DNA. Why is this so important? Simply this: more efficient cell synthesis is directly related to slowing down aging

Another little-known, astonishing benefit of IGF-1

   One other surprise about IGF-1 therapy is the benefits that still occur even when injections are no longer being administered. A significant benefit that arises when one boosts levels of IGF-1 is that there will not be any loss of muscle fiber in those fast twitching muscles that are responsible for creating outputs of speed. These benefits in clinical studies even appear when the user does not practice regular fitness training. Obviously when combined with a high performance exercise plan these effects will be much more apparent, and speed and strength will increase noticeably. This leads scientists to the understanding that IGF-1 can greatly slow down aging, because older folks can regain the muscle strength, endurance and speed that they are unable to do so with the own naturally declining HGH levels.

IGF-1 and Bodybuilding

   An exciting and fascinating reason why trainers and bodybuilders are excited about the advantages of IGF-1 injections is this: it intensifies the growth of muscle tissue and improves the performance of the internal organs. However abuse of IGF-1 can cause the internal organs to grow, especially the intestines. This is readily apparent when observing competitive bodybuilders on stage in a bodybuilding contest. Often, their mid-sections are somewhat grotesquely extended, due to the unnatural growth of their intestines. Our clinic does not provide HRT, hormone replacement therapy for body builders, and if you contact us and mention you are a body builder we will have no choice but to refuse treatment to you. We are interested in working with ordinary people who are suffering from growth hormone deficiency, not professional athletes or people looking to get bigger arms in the gym.

Fortunately, this is not a concern for you if you are undergoing hormone replacement therapy at our clinic. We will take steps to insure you are receiving the exact dose of Sermorelin, Testosterone, HGH and IGF-1 to benefit you, without potential side effects. Don’t try this at home. Leave it to the medical professionals at our American clinic. Reach out and contact us, fill in the contact box, and then call us.

Don’t fall for growth hormone replacement scams

   The powerful transformative ability of human growth hormone and IGF-1 replacement therapy have spawned a slew of cheap knock-off “growth hormone enhancement” products manufactured by supplements producers. Sadly, most people aren’t aware that HGH pills and IGF-1 sprays are scams. Remember this: HGH is only effective when injected. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that you can obtain similar results from a pill or spray. You can’t.

Why you need to join our team

   IGF-1 supplementation has been proven to produce near-miraculous benefits for people who are determined to attack aging as the killer it is. Several scientists have concluded that IGF-1 and HGH really are the closest things we have to the eternally sought-after (yet mythical) fountain of youth. Alas, there is no fountain of youth…YET. But scientific researchers are on the front lines of the anti-aging struggle, and major breakthroughs in the next few years are no longer in the realm of science fiction. If you haven’t been following science news, 2016 is the year they expect to work out the kinks of CRISPR technology, the ability for people to genetically modify themselves, and perhaps changing your self is not your goal, but what if you could repair your cells, make them younger, or remove disease prone genes? Exciting times are coming, but for now, try our HRT programs, ask about HGH injections and testosterone replacement.

In the meantime, growth hormone and IGF-1 are our best bet to stop muscle-wasting, slash fat and rejuvenate new cells. This will keep you youthful and healthy while the real developments in the anti-aging, life-extension field edge ever closer.

Contact us, and take advantage of every opportunity available to enjoy decades of pain-free, healthy and energetic living! Read our web site, write down your questions, and lets talk.


Dr. Warner

Stop wasting your time in the gym by making these common mistakes

Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to step up and buy Human Growth Hormone (HGH) through the legal process of seeing a doctor, getting blood work and physical exam, get evaluated, and undergo hormone replacement therapy at our clinic. And to get the most benefit from your therapy, you have made a commitment to get in the gym and add some serious strength and muscle mass…great! Now, it’s a matter of meeting your goals safely and efficiently. We don’t prescribe HGH for body builders, but our patients who go on HGH and change their life style by working out and eating right, will notice major improvements to their health, strength, endurance and over all well being.

Let’s face facts: in today’s fast-paced society, your time is precious. In fact, quite often the main difference between success and failure is effective time management. To put it bluntly, every activity you do needs to be done as expeditiously as possible. This includes your time spent working out.

Being physically fit is not an option

   Being in top physical condition is so important to your success. Achieving great bodybuilding results will skyrocket your energy levels, improve blood flow to your brain, enhance creativity and make you ready to overcome any and all obstacles in your path to success and attaining your goals. Whether you are on a hormone replacement therapy program or not, you must make body building a part of your life, by body building we mean focusing on developing your muscles, working on increasing your stamina through cardiovascular exercise and making diet science a serious focus in your life so you can lose fat and eat foods that are healthy and nutrient dense.

Therefore, it is vitally important to use your time in the gym correctly, to both obtain maximum benefit from your training and prevent injury. This means avoiding the common pitfalls that many people fall into. Here is a list of mistakes to be aware of:

  • Working out too long. At first, this may seem counter-intuitive. After all, is it possible to have too much of a good thing? YES! Long, extended sessions in the gym will tax your nervous system, as well as your muscles. The result is a flood of cortisol (The “stress hormone”) flooding your body. Rather than building muscle and strength, excess cortisol will have a catabolic (breakdown) effect…exactly what’s not needed. As a rule, long workouts lasting more than one hour tend to be counter-productive
  • Not working out long enough. This too can be a problem. Training for 15 minutes a few times a week, while better than nothing, will not deliver the results you are looking for. The right program will strike a balance between too little and too much. As a rule, 45 minutes to an hour will be just about right
  • Using too much weight. Proper form is important in any type of resistance/strength-building training, especially weight-lifting. It may look cool to handle monstrous poundage, but if your form is sloppy, you will be risking injury, as well as being used as an example of how not to train. In most gyms, there’s always “that guy” that yells, screams, and cheats in a futile effort to impress. Don’t be that guy. Stick with proper form
  • Using too little weight. Again, what you need is balance. You won’t see increases in your muscular size, shape and strength by tossing around 3 pound, plastic dumbbells. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself by adding weight to your routine, provided your form stays correct
  • Not having a training plan. Once you’re in the gym, don’t waste time. The best way to avoid this trap is to have a definite, specific plan of attack. A good way to do this is to write down the body part you’ll be training, the exercises you will use, how many sets and repetitions, and how much weight to use. By doing this, you can easily get into a rhythm and work out with a purpose. This is also the best way to dodge the many distractions in the gym (televisions, reading while doing cardio, inane chatter, etc.)
  • Being one-dimensional. No question about it. Strength and muscle are important…vitally important. But stamina, cardiovascular health, flexibility, explosiveness, balance and fluidity are also important components of fitness…especially as we age. Most people tend to gravitate toward their strengths (i.e., men like to build muscle, women like to stretch). But men need flexibility and women need strength. Strive for a well-balanced approach to all-around fitness
  • Not staying hydrated. There are many energy boosts being promoted, and while sports drinks do have an occasional role, good old fashioned water should be your go-to beverage while working out. Dehydration has serious consequences, so don’t let it happen to you. Also, consider this: muscles are 70-80% water. Enough said
  • The wrong kind of warm-up. It’s never a good idea to walk into the gym and start blasting into a grueling workout. There are two kinds of warm-ups: general and specific. Examples of general warm-ups would be exercises like jumping jacks, running in place, or five slow minutes with a stationary bike or rowing machine. A specific warm-up would be doing a set of your first exercise with a light weight. Don’t neglect warming-up, but don’t overdo it, either. Save most of your energy for your main workout
  • Not changing your workout. This does not mean switch your routine every other week. You need to give a new routine sufficient time to produce results. However, always keep in mind the SAID Principal (Specific Adaption to Imposed Demands). In plain English, what this means is that after time, your body adapts to whatever stress you are placing upon it. Usually, this is great. Without this ability, our evolution would have stopped millions of years ago, and we’d be as extinct as dinosaurs. But in the gym, this amazing example of the body’s incredible ability to adapt is not our best friend, but our worst enemy. The take-away is this: obtaining muscle mass and great bodybuilding results is not easy, especially when your body adapts to the same routine. Don’t be afraid to tweak your routine and add or subtract certain exercises or exercise protocols
  • Not concentrating. Anything worth doing is worth 100% of your effort. Think of what your doing, and aim to develop a mind-muscle connection. This is simply imagining your muscle working as you’re performing each repetition. By concentrating with a laser-like focus, you will both make more progress quicker and avoid injury
  • Expecting too much, too quick. With the rare exception of a few gifted, genetic freaks, most people need to look at progress in the gym as a marathon, not a sprint. Never forget that you are competing with yourself, not anyone else. Stick with it, and the results will come
  • Ignoring the cool-down. Finally, once your last set and rep is completed, don’t just run to the locker room, then jump in your car. A few minutes of stretching and self-massage will work wonders for preventing soreness and increasing blood flow

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy has the potential to be life-altering, and deliver so many benefits, from weight-loss and new-found vigor, to better sleep and increased internal health. Make it even more effective by getting in the gym, and doing things correctly. Keep the above points in mind. Our clinic does not prescribe HGH injections for body building, or body builders or muscle development. We do not provide HGH therapy for professional athletes seeking steroids or PED, we work only with normal adult men and women who reside in the United States and have genuine Adult Onset Growth Hormone Deficiency. Therefore, agreeing to get your blood tested and a physical exam, doesn’t automatically qualify you for HGH injections, you must have a clinical necessity and symptoms. Please read the articles on our web site and give us a call today with your questions, we would like to speak with you.

Your HGH Status and Benefits of Growth Hormone injections

Are you looking to regain your youthful energy?

Having a hard time losing weight?

Suffering more aches and pains?

Then it’s time to consider Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy !

Here are the exciting benefits of restoring your growth hormone to optimal levels:

  • Skyrocket your energy levels. Stop being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Low growth hormone levels are directly linked to low energy levels. Want proof? Compare your energy today to what it was in your youth. It’s not rocket science. Enough said. Not to mention, improved energy levels is one of the most noticeable effects many patients report within weeks of starting their HGH protocol.
  • Blowtorch fat. Another grim reality of low growth hormone is an accumulation of ugly, disease-producing fat. This is especially true in the seemingly ever-expanding mid-sections of so many older people. Recent studies indicate as much as 1 in 5 to 1 in 6 people are obese in the United States. Some patients have reported that Growth hormone replacement therapy is so effective that the pounds will begin to melt even without dieting…and that includes hideous cellulite as well according to some case studies. Imagine the effects of HGH when correct nutrition and weight training are added to the equation. One clinical study showed that people lost weight on HGH injections, even when they didn’t exercise, so their is science backing up the claims of patient reports.
  • Awaken those long-slumbering muscles. Growth hormone feeds muscle tissue and cell proliferation, resulting in stronger, larger, shapelier and more efficient muscles. Conversely, when aging begins to take it’s terrible toll on your growth hormone levels, the reverse happens. Muscles shrink and become weaker – often called muscle wasting or muscle atrophy. Once hgh decline associated aging is placed under arrest by restoring your youthful growth hormone levels (see our rough charts on where your levels are on average across your life), your muscles will regain their prior strength and appearance. This occurs even without spending hours in the gym, reasonable muscle training and cardio exercise can give you big impact when you make scientifically sound life style modifications to your diet. But as an added bonus, your vigor and pep will return, so you will actually feel like working out, and regain the ability to do more than just go through the motions…far more. This is another interesting feature of HGH and especially when it is used in conjunction with Testosterone, HGH and Testosterone seem to boost peoples motivation!
  • Get control of your appetite. One of the beneficial side effects of growth hormone is this: your body will be able to metabolize food more efficiently. You will get far more “bang for the buck” and be pleased that you can eat less and still be satisfied. HGH has been shown to increase ones metabolism, but aware in some cases that it can also increase ones hunger to feed ones body. Exercise and diet modifications can help in these regards.
  • Enjoy laser-like mental focus. Say goodbye to brain fog. In just a few short weeks, you will notice a definite boost in your memory, along with an increased desire to tackle any intellectual challenge, or learn any new skill. Also, consider this: keeping your brain active is high on the suggestion list of the best ways to protect yourself from one of the most frightening afflictions know: the dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease. Some patients have reported that HGH injections really helped to improve the speed their brain functioned and that they were able to focus better on getting tasks done. This benefit doesn’t apply to everyone, but it has been reported by many patients as something happening to them within the first weeks and months of their HGH protocol.
  • Watch your libido come roaring back. No more need for male enhancement pills. Young men don’t need them, since growth hormone floods through their bodies and not to mention testosterones most important benefits in the bedroom. With HRT, you will enjoy those same long-forgotten moments of exquisite ecstasy, if in fact your hormone decline is at the root of the problem. Libido issues are complicated and numerous factors are involved, not necessarily just hormones, there may be physiological and psychological reasons as well.
  • Regain your skin’s thickness and glow. Watch wrinkles evaporate, like an eraser clears a blackboard. Some of our female patients have reported that HGH caused some anti-aging effects to their skin, like it was thicker, plumper and held more water. Collagen production is very important and HGH is linked to this important skin building scaffold. There are no guarantees that HGH will improve your skin quality, but one thing is certain, both men and women, more so women, have reported improves in their skin quality, texture and thickness.
  • Enjoy super-protection from your improved “iron-clad” immune system. Low growth hormone levels = weak immune system, because growth hormone along with other factors is responsible for stimulating white blood cells. HGH injections are no guarantee that your immune system will improve, but one thing is certain, many patients on growth hormone reported less illness and faster recovery from the flu and colds. Moreover, getting sick all the time is never a desirable situation, and is especially debilitating as you age. Colds and minor illnesses that were shrugged off effortlessly in your youth now have the potential to spiral out of control, and wreak serious havoc. Don’t let this happen to you. When restored to youthful levels, growth hormone will bring down a “steel-curtain” of protection against the serious viruses that increasingly mutating. If this weren’t enough, your ability to heal rapidly from wounds such as cuts and bruises will speed up to a lightning pace
  • Regain the ability to fall into a deep, restorative and uninterrupted sleep, night after night. The sleep studies keep coming in from individual patients, and the results are almost, but not quite unanimous, but it is certain that sleep is so important for all of the body’s functions, from preventing aches and pains to recharging your “energy batteries” and keeping you mentally sharp. Regrettably, as we age, the ability to fall asleep and enjoy a restful, complete night of slumber becomes increasingly difficult. Again, sufficient growth hormone attacks this problem with a vengeance
  • Give you “bones of steel” – in other words improve bone mineral density. Osteoporosis (weak and brittle bones) is a serious problem for the elderly. All it takes is one slip and fall to result in devastating consequences…sometimes permanent consequences. Growth hormone will help improve the restoration of your bones to their former powerful condition by increasing bone mineral density, as well as improve your balance, which can hopefully prevent falling in the first place.
  • Revamp your cardiovascular system. Enjoy the process of feeling your heart return to the power output factory of your earlier days. Be aware of growth hormone abuse as it can cause organ growth. As an added bonus, your cholesterol number will improve: your HDL levels (the good cholesterol) will rise, and your LDL levels (the bad cholesterol) will crater when you make those dramatic life style modification as part of your growth hormone protocol. These improvements like all others stated are not guaranteed because their are other factors involved in your health, not just hormone decline, but if hormone deficiency is causing imballances then HRT will help to improve your life in these regards.
  • Look in the mirror, and not dread looking at your hair. Thinning hair and partial hair loss is another one of aging’s “hit parade”. But HGH can slow and at times even reverse this discouraging development. Also, in the event that your hair has turned gray, growth hormone has the potential to restore your hair to it’s natural color. We say this only in the context of some case studies, we were actually surprised that some patients reported that HGH reversed some of their graying hair. It was one of those unexpected benefits that made some people say wow. Though not everyone got this benefit, it was common to hear that HGH improved peoples hair.
  • Throw those reading glasses away? At best, reading glasses are an inconvenience. At worst, if they are misplaced, the need for them in an emergency can become a potentially serious problem. You didn’t need them when you were younger. With your growth hormone levels restored, you may (for the first time in years) be able to enjoy reading without them. This was not a very common thing to happen, but for those who this benefit did happen for they were delighted.
  • Far more efficient organ function? How tiresome is that familiar, depressing refrain: “as you age, your organs just don’t function like they used to.” It’s depressing, because it’s true…if you don’t take action and do something about it. Adequate levels of growth hormone can reverse the seemingly inevitable shrinkage of your heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and other organs, and allow them to function at a much higher level. Just becareful because abuse of HGH can cause your organs to grow.
  • Kick “the blues” out of your life. Face it. Depression is serious…deadly serious. And all too common in many elderly and aging people. Growth hormone can work wonders on this condition, as well as everything else mentioned. The mind and body are intertwined, and as your physical afflictions lessen and continue to improve, and your stamina keeps going up and up, you can’t help but to experience a mood elevation. Depression is a complex illness, and HGH is no guarantee to erase it from existence, but we were delighted to hear that the mood of many of our patients improved when they replenished their growth hormone levels.
  • Joint aches and pains will at long last be in your rear-view mirror. Another joy of aging is wear-and-tear on your joints. For some, this results in constant nagging discomfort, or worse. Once again, growth hormone acts as the cavalry coming to the rescue. You no longer need to gobble down handfuls of potentially harmful painkillers. No one deserves to live like that…and that includes you. Let HGH work its miracles on your joints as well as the rest of your body.

So now you have it. The facts and the knowledge of the astonishing changes that Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy can deliver to you according to some individual reports and case studies from our patients is astonishing, but not everyone got these benefits, we were still happy to see a good number getting the results. Now, the choice is yours, and it’s up to you. Stop procrastinating. Stop wasting another minute in useless, idle daydreaming about living your life energetically, pain-free and filled with optimism. Stop complaining and do something about it!

Contact us. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, not next year. Contact us NOW!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Hormone Deficiency, Andropause and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Question: Do our hormones naturally decline as we age?

Answer: Yes. Our vital hormones experience a gradual decline as we age

Question: At what rate do they decline?

Answer: There are differences between people in the rate of hormone decline. This is due to a variety of factors (genetics, illness, lifestyle). However, there is a general rule that we experience a decline of approximately 10% per decade, beginning at around age 30. This is true for three of our most important hormones: testosterone, human growth hormone (HGH), and Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

Here are some general guidelines as to the average levels of these hormones in different age groups:

Testosterone: ng/dl (blood analysis we provide)

Age 20 to 30: 800-1000 range

Most men report they were at their peak of the physical strength and quality of life in their late 20’s and early 30’s, when they were in the 700 to 800 range. Results vary.

Age 30 to 40:
400-700 range

Age 40 to 50: 300-400 range

Age 50 to 60: 200-300 range

Human Growth Hormone: IGF-1 ng/dl

Age 20 to 30: 300-400

Most men report they were at their peak of the physical strength and quality of life in their late 20’s and early 30’s, when they were in the approximately 300 range. Results Vary.

Age 30 to 40:

Age 40 to 50: 175-200

Age 50 to 60: 100-150

DHEA ug/dl

Age 20 to 30: 400-500

Age 30 to 40:

Age 40 to 50: 200-350

Age 50 to 60: 50-200

Question: Why do these numbers matter?

Answer: Hormones are so important. They represent life itself, since they were responsible for our growth. They give us energy, strength, mental focus and a strong immune system. Want proof? Think back to the time when you were a teenager, or a young adult. Compare how your body functioned then…then compare it to now. Are you are energetic now? Do you have fewer joint pains then you did then? Are you stronger, quicker, and do you have the same stamina you did then? The same optimism, and zest for life?

Sadly, for most people, the answer is a loud, resounding “NO”. For all-too-many aging folks, the memories of when their minds and bodies were running on all eight cylinders are just that…memories.

Question: That sounds very depressing. Is there anything I can do about it?

Answer: YES! We specialize in bringing your hormone levels to close to where they were in your youth. Declining hormones are the main cause of aging, with all its the painful consequences. Therefore it is both logical and common sense that replacing those hormones would slow down the aging process to a crawl, and in some cases, actually halt it. If you agree with that, you’re in good company. More than 100,000 people across the globe who have tried Hormone Replacement Therapy programs and protocols are walking, living and breathing testimonials to the power of HRT.

In addition, thousands of medical and scientific research trials have confirmed overwhelmingly that properly administered, medically supervised HRT programs have slowed down and even reversed the aging process in 95% of the people on doctor monitored HRT programs, HGH Therapy and Testosterone Therapy.

As an added bonus, our clinic serves all 50 states.

Question: How do you replenish my depleted hormones?

Answer: Testosterone is replaced by either an injection or a topical cream or gel formulated in strength and dose designed for you specifically, and is applied to the surface of your skin in the morning and evening, depending on your individual protocol. Growth hormone is taken by daily injection(s). We make it easy! We will explain the procedure in detail, using both verbal and written instructions, and with easy to use, step-by- step videos that break things down. The result? Self-injection is simple and painless.

Question: How effective is HRT? 

Answer: VERY! 95% of the time, if you follow the HRT Therapy program closely, including our nutrition and fitness plans, you will get astonishing results in as little as 6 months. Remember HRT is not a “magic bullet”. It is the application of the most recent, cutting-edge medical science at its best. We have board certified physicians employing sophisticated lab tests and treatment protocols to produce life-altering results will one goal in mind: re-inventing your quality of life and dramatically increasing your longevity.

Question: Sounds great…but can I afford it?

Answer: Yes…and here’s why. After a detailed review of your blood work, physical exam, medical questionnaire and your personal goals, we will determine the most efficient AND cost-effective treatment possible. We have a wide variety of treatment options, from actual growth hormone, to many synthetic versions that are also powerfully effective.

We enjoy a long standing reputation of honesty and integrity, and we realize that our reputation is our best form of marketing. While it is impossible to give an exact quote sight unseen, we will not be undersold by any anti-aging, hormone replacement clinic…period. Also, we have several convenient payment options available, and we will make sure that you will be able to afford our treatments.

After you have reviewed these options, the question will not be “can I afford this”, but “Can I afford to not receive this treatment”?

Question: What level of HRT will I need?

Answer: That depends. Our medical staff will prescribe whatever dose you need to boost your hormones back to their youthful levels. The idea is to find that sweet spot (not too much and not too little), or what we call “the golden mean”. Excess dosage can produce adverse side effects, and too small dosage will not deliver the results you are hoping for. After more than two decades of experience, our staff has perfected our dosage recommendation down to a science. We back this up with scientific and quantitative data, along with the latest information and results from a network of doctors across the entire globe. As a general guide, best results will be the upper end of the normal and long term safe range as shown in lab tests.

Question: What results can I expect?

Answer: Everyone is unique and different but generally after a complete six month therapy program you can expect a world of positive changes such as:

  • 1st Month: A noticeable improvement in mental sharpness, increased zest for life and an elevated mood. Your energy levels will awaken, and begin the long journey to rejuvenation. This will give you more motivation and ability to push yourself off the recliner and get moving. The pounds will begin dropping, and you will sleep better than you had in years
  • 2nd Month: Muscle will begin to reappear, and your diminished libido will begin wake up. Your skin will start to glow, indigestion will disappear, and your strength will come back. Your hair may thicken, and experience a shiny, healthy appearance
  • 3rd Month: The mental improvements continue, as brain fog evaporates with the appearance of the morning sun. This will allow you to overcome procrastination, attack and complete long put-off projects, and continue to enjoy deep, restorative sleep. Your fitness routine will get easier and easier, allowing you to gradually increase your workout intensity. There is often a reduction in post menstrual symptoms in women, and both genders report greatly enhanced libidos
  • 4th Month: Similar to the previous month. Generally most improvements are intensified and more consistent
  • 5th Month: The inches and ugly flab continue their meltdowns, and muscle tissue continues to grow stronger. Another benefit is the reduction of wrinkles
  • 6th Month: This is an important stage since cellulite decreases, the body becomes more contoured, eyesight improves, your immune system becomes a “steel-curtain” delivering iron-clad protection, chronic joints aches and pains lessen, and even disappear. Also, tests often show a reduction in “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, lower blood pressure and lower heart rate


Question: Is Hormone Replacement Therapy safe?

Answer: There are countless studies that have demonstrated the safety of natural hormone replacement for men and women. We use only the finest grade bio-identical (genetically identical) hormones in our therapy. The hormones in our treatments are identical in molecular structure to what the body produces naturally…and the results are fantastic for 95%+ of the people who take their treatment protocol seriously!

Question: Are there side effects to Natural Bio-Identical Hormones?

Answer: If hormone replacement therapy is done professionally, with proper doses in a medically supervised program like what our clinic provides, negative side effects are extremely rare. This is due to the fact that we use only bio-identical hormones. Only if the therapy recommended dosage is ignored or abused with high doses do adverse side effects occur. But we will handle the treatment routine for you in exact detail. Also, we will conduct blood testing as often as necessary to closely monitor the results of your HRT program. This allows us to make any adjustments if needed.

Question: What are the goals (also the benefits) of an HGH Therapy Program?

Answer: A: In addition to the benefits listed above in the monthly breakdown for the six month therapy program, there are some larger goals: Slow down and even reverse the effects of aging…stop muscle wasting dead in its tracks…skyrocket energy levels, endurance and exercise capacity…lower and control stress…accelerate wound healing and skin regeneration…improve memory retention and cognitive functions…improve kidney function…and reverse osteoporosis (which is so important for aging people to avoid becoming a victim of constantly falling).

Question: What is a good time to think about replacing hormones?

Answer: A: For men, hormones usually start to drop significantly in the mid to late twenties. By age 30 to 35 hormones often go into a precipitous free-fall, which results in obvious symptoms. This is the ideal time for us to swing into action. However it is never too late. There are countless examples of men in their 90’s that have found a new life after taking our treatments!

Question: Do I have to replace all hormones mentioned (testosterone, growth hormone and DHEA)?

Answer: Technically, no. Hormones may be replaced separately or in any combination.

Having said that, the latest research has demonstrated that the best results are obtained from taking a combination of hormones in harmony, not in single islands, but synergistically (various parts working together). However, that depends upon the individual. We will make a detailed evaluation of your levels of each vital hormone. If you have sufficient levels of any one hormone, obviously you will not need those levels replaced. If you need a combination, we will determine the optimum dose for each.

Question: Will hormone replacement cause my natural hormone production to decline?

Answer: Great question. For starters, at around age 30, your hormones will begin their inevitable decline anyway, regardless of what you do or don’t do. But it is still important to maintain as much natural production of your hormones as possible. We make sure this happens by cycling your hormone treatment.

Cycling is taking breaks from your hormone replacement therapy. When outside hormones are introduced into the body, the gland producing that hormone senses that the body has an adequate supply of the hormone and can ease production. We don’t want this to happen. Therefore, cycling is mandatory for human growth hormone and for men under 45 on testosterone.

Question: Will hormone therapy help restore my drooping libido?

Answer: How could it not? Sexual dysfunction can have many causes; however diminishing hormones is the main suspect. Therefore, HRT is the best place to start. We will boost your testosterone to a healthy level along with your growth hormone. This will make those days of your long-ago youth more than a fond memory. There are also herbal supplements that have shown promise in enhancing the male libido and performance ability. These are safe, natural additions to our treatment that have helped some men. We will give specific recommendations as to what herbs can help, and in what amounts.

Question: Does growth hormone have to be injected?

Answer: Yes. It is the only medically proven way Growth Hormone can enter the body and be absorbed correctly. But as we mentioned earlier, this is a simple, painless, easy-to-use process. We will give you the instructions you need to make these injections as routine as possible.

Question: What about the oral HGH or HGH stimulants that I see advertised?

Answer: Advertisements that claim they have real HGH in a spray or pill may in fact contain tiny amounts of HGH. However, it has been medically proven that HGH cannot be absorbed effectively through the membranes of the mouth, skin or digestive system. HGH stimulants may have some effect, but it is at best very limited. The claims of results far out-weigh the actual results.

Question: Is HRT a life-long commitment?

Answer: The commitment can and should last as long as you want results. However, in addition to providing your HRT protocol, we will provide you with detailed nutritional plans, fitness routines, anti-aging supplement advice and lifestyle modifications to promote longevity. Your commitment to these positive changes should be life-long. Medical research in the life-extension area is currently on the verge of some astonishing developments in the battle against aging. Each new advance in longevity gives us enough time to survive for the next breakthrough to become available, and each major development will have the potential to improve both the quality and quantity of life EXPONENTIALLY!

Think about this. HRT has the possibility of adding 10 to 20 years to the human life span…not just length, but quality as well. Even more exciting, stem cell research, gene therapy, nanotechnology, human genetic engineering and trans-human science hold the promise of an unprecedented era of health and longevity that was unthinkable only a generation ago.

But you can’t take advantage of these breakthroughs unless you stay around

More facts to consider. The human life span since the dawn of human civilization was only a mere 35 to 45 years. In 1900, the average life span for males was 46, and for females 48. Today, the numbers are 76 for men and 81 for women…a dramatic improvement in a relatively short period of time.

HRT will extend human life span 10 to 20 years, hopefully long enough for the earlier mentioned breakthroughs, which should theoretically extend human life span and quality of life another 20 to 30 years, which at that time should see the reality of human genetic engineering which could potentially double human life span. And the game will keep going on.

Therefore, if you love your life, it is vitally important for you to stay in the game. Don’t waste another minute. Contact us now, and get going!


Weight Management and HGH

Weight Problems Reversed with HGH

Growth hormone induces decomposition of adipose tissue. The adipose cell volume will decrease significantly some studies have shown only insignificant amounts of fat loss of 5 to 10 lbs, other studies and case studies have shown loss of 25 to 30lbs in 3 months, with life style changes. In general HGH has been shown to cause the metabolism to increase which results in the degradation of fat. In addition, cholesterol is lowered.

Fat Burning and HGH

There is consistent improvement in this parameter with a usual 10% increase in lean body mass and a five to 10% decrease in body fat. Fat loss was greatest in the abdominal region. The alterations in body composition are reversed. The lean body mass increases as the adipose tissue decreases. This accounts for the fact that there may not always be an overall weight loss because of the increased muscle mass, as well as bone density. In addition, human growth hormone affects the regeneration of the liver, kidneys, spleen, skin and bone, and is protective against atrophy by causing re-growth of tissue.

Case Study

In one case study a 35 year old male with growth hormone deficiency lost 25 to 30lbs of fat around the mid section in 3 months incorporating life style changes using Human Growth Hormone 1IU a day, 5 days a week on and 2 days off.

Test your HGH Blood Levels

We can provide you with a certified location for blood tests with Lab corp or Qwest local to you where you can have your blood drawn and also if necessary have a physical exam.

The results of your blood work typically take 3 to 4 days, up to a week for the results. Our medical doctors will review the results of your blood tests to inform you of what your readings are and in what ranges.

Your blood test results will typically be 3 to 4 pages long, and will require up to an hour to explain in detail every test done and what they mean concerning your body.

The main core of tests are:

1. Homocystine,Plasma……
2. TSH Free T4
3. Lipid Panel With LDL/HDL Ratio
4. Comp. Metabolic Panel
5. Testosterone Free and Total
6. IGF-1
7. Triiodothyronine, Free, Serum
8. FSH, LH
9. Estradiol
10. CBC With Differential/Platelet
11. PSA
12. Cortisol
13. DHEA Sulfate
14. Hemoglobin A1C
15. Thyroid Panel with TSH
16. Insulin, Fasting
17. Ferritin, Serum
18. SHBG





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