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Women Can Boost Their Testosterone Just by Acting Like a Boss

HGH docs 77 300x200You’re a woman. And, like many women, you may believe that testosterone is a male hormone only…but you’d be wrong. It’s true that men are born with much higher levels of the hormone than females. But low testosterone can adversely affect women as well as men. This is Where We Can Help Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is not something to be entered into lightly, for both men and women…especially for women. The dosage must be exact, to reap the benefits without suffering from the masculine side effects that are possible with the wrong amount. In other words, never proceed on… Read More »

Doctors Call For New Guidelines as Study Finds HRT ‘is Safe – and Can Protect Heart’

young doctor using smart phone 300x188 By Jenny Hope PUBLISHED: 17:32 EST, 9 October 2012 | UPDATED: 18:32 EST, 9 October 2012 Taking HRT is safe and can protect against heart disease without increasing cancer risks, a milestone study claims.

IGF-1 Treatment

Sermorelin doc with friendly hand gestures 300x262  What is IGF-1 ? IGF-1 or Insulin-similar Growth Factor is a hormone also known as somatomedin C. This molecule is a protein hormone of the polypeptide variety like so many other hormones in the human body. IGF-1 consists of seventy amino-type acids that form one chain with three bridges of the disulfide. It is secreted and manufactured by the liver and arranged in a way which is quite similar, in the structure of its molecules, like insulin. Some assume that many of the benefits that insulin provides to the body involve the production of IGF-1 by the liver. This hormone… Read More »

The Importance of Nutrition

Live longer 300x182 The Importance of Nutrition The facts are in, and the conclusions are clear and inescapable: Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy (HGH-RT) and Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) have ushered in a golden age of youthfulness and physical and mental fitness. For the first time in history, we can erect a powerful roadblock to premature aging…and even begin to push the clock backward. This is the miracle of HGH and TRT. In fact, if you do nothing else…absolutely nothing else…the results will amaze and delight you, as you witness and experience the incredible transformations that their therapies can produce. But why stop… Read More »

Risks of Hormones in Early Menopause Challenged

HGH docs 123 300x200 Oct. 5, 2012 — Is it possible to safely take hormone replacement therapy (HRT)? That question is at the heart of a small new study testing whether better timing and refined delivery may help early menopausal women get the benefits of hormones relatively safety and without long-term risks.

New Research on Hormone Replacement Therapy

HGH docs 75 300x200 NEW YORK (WABC) — It was a decade ago many women stopped taking hormone replacement therapy fearful after the federal government pulled the plug on a massive ten year study of Hormone Replacement Therapy. The study linked the hormones to cancer, heart disease, stroke and blood clots.

Heart Benefits From Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Doctor holding hormone therapy sign 300x192 Jose Luis Pelaez Inc / Getty Images A new Danish study offers some reassurance to women using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for menopausal symptoms: the treatment may not only ease discomfort from hot flashes, but early use also appears not to increase womens risk of heart problems or death. Skepticism surrounding hormone replacement therapy stems from the results of the landmark Womens Health Initiative (WHI), a large federal study that was halted in 2002 when study authors linked estrogen-progestin pills to increased risks for heart disease and breast cancer

Did You Know? Recent Studies Have Confirmed the Link Between Low Testosterone (“Low-T”) and Depression.

Unhappy senior man 300x208Did you know? Recent studies have confirmed the link between low testosterone (“Low-T”) and depression. Did you know that clinical depression has been shown to have a direct relationship to low testosterone (“Low-T”)? Older men are at especially high-risk for depression. Older men also usually experience a dramatic decline in their testosterone levels. Coincidence? Perhaps. But perhaps not. But it is not only older men who are at risk for depression. Men of all ages who have Low-T are also more apt to be depressed. Which Came First: the Chicken or the Egg? The connection between low testosterone and depression… Read More »

The Importance of Hormonal Balance for Menopause

Blue hormone sign 300x225The Importance of Hormonal Balance for Menopause More than one researcher has described the human body’s hormonal balance as “the dance of life” or, more specifically, “the dance of the hormones.” And this is indeed an apt analogy. Your endocrine system is a delicate balance that is interrelated. When one hormone increases or decreases, it often has a spillover effect on one or more other hormones. And This is Especially True Concerning Menopause The dictionary definition of menopause is “the time of cessation of a woman’s reproductive ability.” Female ovaries slow down and eventually cease the production of hormones once… Read More »

Confused About Organic Foods?

Fresh organic milk 300x200Confused about organic foods? Are organic foods worth the extra costs? And are organic foods always healthier? Here are the facts. Both pro and con. Keep reading and make an informed decision You’ve heard the clamor from the food “experts” about why you should or should not buy organic foods. As with so many food issues, there is no consensus. “Organic foods are more expensive, but they’re worth it, ” says one nutritionist. “No, they’re not worth the added expense,” says another opinionated “foodie.” So what to do? Who is right? Who should you listen to? You do, of course,… Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Clomiphene

shutterstock_109530050 300x206Clomiphene (also known as Clomid) was first used in the 1960’s for women suffering from abnormal ovulation. Later, it was approved for women who were unable to ovulate. In 1989, clomiphene was discovered to ascertain fertility in females. How? Women who were capable of pregnancy would gain bone mineral density while using the drug. Women who were unable to conceive and bear children did not experience the same increase in bone mineral density. But Clomiphene Does Not Just Help Women Incredibly, clomiphene has proven to be helpful to men that are suffering from low levels of testosterone (“Low-T”). Hyperstimulation is… Read More »

Esquire: Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men: A Review

Contented couple 300x200In his in-depth article on Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which appeared in the March 29, 2012, issue of Esquire magazine, Craig Davidson takes a fair and level-headed approach to this controversial topic. He begins by clearing up the misconception about hormones: performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) and testosterone and growth hormone replacement therapy are lumped together in the minds of the casual observer. Athletes are continually in the news for abusing anabolic steroids, testosterone and growth hormone. This not only causes many to feel that they are illegal (not true; all of these substances are legally available by prescription), but most… Read More »

Are You Considering Trying Intermittent Fasting (IF)?

Young doc making muscle 300x200If so, keep reading and discover the facts you need to use this powerful and effective technique correctly and safely. Recently, intermittent fasting (IF) has skyrocketed in popularity to become the latest trend in the worlds of health, fitness, and weight-loss. There are many reasons why this has happened. First, the spiraling explosion in obesity rates in America has created a sense of urgency to do something about it. According to recent reports, 70% of the U.S. population is overweight, and the rate of obesity among Americans has steadily climbed to an astonishing nearly 40%! Indeed, Americans are rapidly becoming… Read More »

The Supplement That Has Withstood the Test of Time – Creatine

Creatine MT 258x300Very few supplements in both worlds of sports and nootropics (smart pills) have been studied and researched as extensively as creatine. It first appeared on the radar screen in the early 1990s and has proven itself ever since. Countless research studies have shown that creatine is not only one of the best natural compounds ever introduced to the bodybuilding community, but it has also stood the test of time that very few other supplements have. Many other products have come and gone, but creatine has shown it has staying power, getting better and better, and continuing to provide real-world results.… Read More »

The Facts About Cholesterol…the Truth May Surprise You!

artery cp 584 300x168The Facts About Cholesterol…the Truth May Surprise You! Cholesterol. The word itself conjures up all sorts of scary images: so-called “bad” cholesterol causes heart attacks…plaque buildup…strokes…and peripheral artery disease. It’s common knowledge that doctors and scientists are convinced that high levels of cholesterol are a grave and immediate threat to your continued good health. As a result of this belief, prescription pads for statin cholesterol-lowering drugs are issued in an almost assembly-line manner. But is this Approach Always the Right Way to Go? Is it true that cholesterol really is the scoundrel that it is made out to be? Are… Read More »

Finally Explained: The Mysterious Pineal Gland

pinealcolors 300x272The third eye. The mysterious chakra center residing directly between the eyebrows. The famous French mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes described it as “the principal seat of the soul, and the place in which all our thoughts are formed.” Scientists consider it the producer of the hormone melatonin. Of all the endocrine glands, its role was the last to be understood. Regardless of what it brings to mind, all agree on its name: the Pineal Gland. The tiny gland is small (rice-sized), and is shaped like a pinecone, hence the name. It is a mere 1/3rd inch long, with a… Read More »

Injectable Growth Hormone Shots for Weight Loss: What’s More Important for Dieting? Exercise, Healthy Eating or Sleep?

HGH docs 80 300x209You called our HGH clinic and told us about your symptoms that are commonly associated with growth hormone deficiency, and we sent you locally to get blood work done in your city and state. The results showed your IGF-1 levels were low; we prescribed you Sermorelin or HGH injections. You started to feel great, but now you want to know what the most critical factor is for losing weight? For the past few decades, the question has been, “What’s more important for weight loss: exercise or healthy eating?” The one-sentence answer is that there are other factors you need to… Read More »

What You Need to Know About Statin Drugs

HGH docs 62 300x200What You Need to Know About Statin Drugs The Complete Story…How They Work…The Good and Bad Once you have come to our clinic to begin Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy, we will immediately start a holistic approach to attacking the ravages of aging and maintaining your good health. Our program is not limited to growth hormone (HGH) replacement therapy. Part of your treatment includes the latest research and methods of treating the vast array of potential health problems that you may be suffering from, as well as preventing future problems. This includes pharmaceutical drugs, such as statins, the most commonly… Read More »

The Pituitary Gland

detailed anatomy chart of prostateThe Pituitary Gland Here’s Why it is Referred to as “The Master Gland.” It’s small. About the size of a pea. It’s hidden in a bony cavern called the pituitary fossa, behind the bridge of the nose, between your ears and beneath the base of the brain. When compared to the body’s major organs (heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, etc.) it is often overlooked. But it Plays a Constant, Vital and Life-Preserving Role Every Second of Your Life The pituitary gland is often called “The Master Gland” since it acts as the control center for several other hormonal glands (e.g., thyroid,… Read More »

The Relationship Between Sleep and Growth Hormone

sleepThe Relationship Between Sleep and Growth Hormone Athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and health-conscious people have long known about the importance of sleep in replenishing Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels. Want proof? Consider this: even the best athletes in the world may see a drop in their performance due to extended travels across several different time zones. This travel disrupts their circadian rhythms, a 24-hour cycle driven by a circadian clock that has a massive impact on many bodily functions, including the sleep-wake cycle. Many athletes, especially endurance athletes, experience a suppressed and weakened immune system by the nature of their… Read More »

Growth Hormone and Fasting: The Fascinating Link

Smiling HGH Doc 552 300x200The definition of fasting is uncomplicated: voluntarily not eating solid food or drinking calorie-containing beverages for a specified period. The practice of fasting has been done for thousands of years for a broad range of reasons. There are several well-known health benefits of fasting. Here is a list of many of them: Fasting improves cognitive functioning. Fasting can make your brain function at a higher, more efficient level. This mental boost is due to an increase of neurons that deliver protection to the mind. This higher functioning makes sense when we consider evolution. Our ancient ancestors survived because their brains… Read More »

Food Supplements – Important When Not Eating A Balanced Diet

Breakfast cereals 300x171The way we eat has changed more in the past 50 years than in the previous 10,000 years. If you took a stroll through the aisles of today’s supermarkets, you could count up to 47,000 products — or more.  A great many of these products turn out to be artificial byproducts of just one acidic food…corn. And corn is far from the healthy vegetable that many people believe it is. Corn can wreak havoc on blood sugar levels, due to its high carbohydrate content. This is particularly the case for diabetics. Corn can also cause or aggravate allergies, lead to… Read More »

Are You Constantly Feeling Tired?

detailed illustration of the liver 300x300Are you always feeling tired? Having trouble losing weight? Often experiencing brain fog? The cause may not be what you think! Keep reading and learn the facts about the overlooked and neglected organ that is so vital to all aspects of our health and well-being: Your Liver Read the three questions that were just asked. Answer them honestly. Then add joint pain, age spots, weak, flabby muscles, elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, an under-performing immune system, skyrocketing blood pressure and digestive issues to the list of afflictions you may be experiencing. Not a beautiful picture or a holiday parade. More… Read More »

Buying Legally Obtaining Injectable Human Growth Hormone

IGF 1 Blue image 300x200If you have been waiting for the opportunity to try HGH, the time is NOW! To obtain HGH injections is no longer a difficult task because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved growth hormone replacement therapy for adults diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency (Adult-onset growth hormone deficiency), a diagnosis associated with hypopituitarism. There are many websites offering HGH treatments online, but only a few of them are reputable, and any site offering anything other than the injectable version of Growth Hormone should be considered a scam. Just the injectable kind of Growth Hormone is legitimate. To obtain… Read More »

Insomnia: The Silent Killer

Insomnia a hidden killer 300x200Here’s What You Need to Know to Avoid This Nightmare   Another night. Another night of tossing and turning. Of knowing that you need to get to sleep…and worried that you just can’t. Another night of dreading how you’ll feel the next day. And worrying while remembering all the stories you have heard, and the articles you’ve read about how much damage this chronic insomnia is doing to your body. And Insomnia Does Do Damage The studies keep coming in, and they all agree: a chronic lack of sleep is directly linked to a vast array of afflictions. Here’s a… Read More »

Blood pH Level Is A Key Pointer To Ill Heath

medical symbol 116 300x225Acidosis: The Hidden Health Destroyer Your Most Important AND Little Known Measure of Good Health What is the most important thing you should focus on for good health? Hint: it’s not your weight…or your BMI…or your cholesterol…or your triglycerides…or even your blood pressure. Without a doubt, these numbers are significant. But there is one number that tells you more than these about your health, and you need to be aware of it to ward off disease and live pain-free: Your Blood pH Level The degree to which your blood is either acidic or alkaline in the body is potential hydrogen,… Read More »

Long-Distance Runners Have Higher Testosterone Levels

finger ratio 300x201Want to Boost Your Testosterone Levels? Then Start Long-Distance Running! Attention ladies! If you’re interested in a great sex life, look no further than a marathon runner.”Marathon runners are the best in bed,” proclaimed a recent headline. According to the latest scientific research, long-distance runners are red-hot…scientifically speaking. The headline is based on a study that merely looked at long-distance runners’ finger ratios — said to be a marker for high testosterone levels — not reported partner sexual satisfaction (or as other sources indicate, high sperm counts and “reproductive fitness”). If marathon runners are great lovers, and desirable to women,… Read More »

HGH Doctor References

human growth hormone for men 300x243Expert References on Hormone Replacement Therapy Today hundreds of hormone replacement experts and specialists offer a vast amount of resources and information. Doctor Edmund Chein from 1994 to 1996 treated over 800 people with HGH replacement therapy. And the results were published in Doctor Ronald Klatz’s 1997 book Grow Young With HGH. These results demonstrated to scientists and the public the safety and efficacy of HGH in improving a broad array of human health parameters in adults. Dr. Ronald Klatz, a world-renowned expert on anti-aging methods, founder, and president of the (A4M) American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine stated, “By replenishing… Read More »

Vitamin C, The Essential Vitamin, What You Need To Know About Vitamin C

Santa_Maria 300x205What You Need to Know About Vitamin C In one of his earliest explorations across the Atlantic Ocean, Christopher Columbus noticed that many of his sailors appeared sick…very sick. They were lethargic, with aching limbs and debilitating fatigue. These symptoms were so pronounced that Columbus was ready to have the sick men walk the plank when a lush, verdant island suddenly appeared. The sick people begged to be let out on the dry land, and Columbus agreed. Once there, the sailors devoured strange fruits and plants, and a miracle unfolded: they began to heal from whatever affliction had caused their… Read More »

Not in the Mood for Sex? Scientists Say “You Just Need More Sleep.”

Young couple 300x300More Sleep Leads to ‘Better Levels of Arousal.’ Is your libido tired? If so, then a lack of sleep may be the reason why researchers claim. A study has found a direct relationship between how much sleep a person gets and their level of desire the next day. The amount of shut-eye also affects how aroused they will become. The study, involving 171 women, showed that each additional hour of sleep increased the likelihood of sexual activity with a partner by 14 percent, according to University of Michigan researchers. Sleep was also necessary for genital arousal, according to the research,… Read More »

Top 25 Beneficial Foods

apricots fruit 300x199Top 25 Foods to HealTop 25 Foods to AvoidApricotsAnchoviesBananasAlcoholBeansBaconBell PeppersCanned fruitBroccoliCanned SoupCantaloupeChocolateCarrotsFried FoodsGarbanzosBeansGraviesGarlicIce CreamGreens (spinach, kale, chard)Pickled EggsKiwiProcessed CheeseLambProcessed CerealsOat BranSaturated FatsOnionsSoft CheesesOrangesSoft drinksPapayaTuna, in oilFresh PastaWhite SugarPotatoes (baked)White flourSoybeans Rice (Brown)White RiceTomatoesWhite VinegarTuna (water packed)Yogurt in SyrupTurkey (skinless breast)PorkYamsProcessed MeatYogurtCoffee8 glasses of WaterProcessed Foods… Read More »

HGH Legal or Illegal?

HGh docs 125 300x200HGH: Legal or Illegal? HGH is legal if prescribed by a medical doctor after a physical, blood work and medical history forms/symptoms have been evaluated. HGH is illegal if purchased from overseas without a prescription and illegally imported into the US. We can provide you with the legal means of getting correctly prescribed and monitored hormone replacement therapy programs. Medication/Drugs The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) prohibit persons from importing into the United States any prescription drug that has not been approved for sale by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or which is adulterated… Read More »

Mark Cuban Continues His Support For Growth Hormone Research

Knee anatomy 300x281ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Mark Cuban, the famous Internet entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has continued his outspoken support for the possible use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) by funding a study by University of Michigan scientists and physicians to explore how Human Growth Hormone may aid recovery from an ACL tear — one of the most frequent, traumatic and dreaded knee injuries among athletes. The funding is being provided by the Mark Cuban Foundation. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears strike nearly 250,000 people a year and were particularly notorious among professional athletes. Almost a quarter of NBA… Read More »

Medical History Questionnaire and Other HGH Links

Hormone therapy written on the blackboard 300x200Congratulations! You have just moved beyond “thinking about it,” and day-dreaming about what you would like to look and feel like. You have taken action…GREAT! We’re as excited as you are to help you experience the miracle of Injectable Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy. Naturally, you probably have a few questions. Please keep reading for the answers. The Steps to a New You Question One: What do I need to get going? Listed below are the specific documents and procedures that are necessary to begin a physician-monitored Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Program. Step One: First, complete our medical history form. This… Read More »

Does Working Out Affect Testosterone Levels?

Mountain climbers 300x225If you’re a man with low testosterone (“Low-T”), exercise may be your salvation Physicians, research scientists, bodybuilders and fitness professionals still have a lot to learn about training and its effects on testosterone. It’s not anywhere near as simple as it sounds, and many factors besides your workout are involved. But There is One Thing That Everyone Agrees On  Get off the couch! You need to stop merely thinking about it and get moving. If you make exercise a habit, you will get the benefits. However, if your efforts are sporadic, and you just go through the motions once in… Read More »

Healthy Food Choices Has A Surprising Connection With Quality Of Sleep

Elderly couple by the tree in the park 300x200In addition to the many well-known benefits of deep, restorative sleep, here is something else to consider: research shows that people who regularly get enough sleep have healthier body weights than those who don’t. Whether that is because sleep keeps weight in check by releasing growth hormone, or that people with lighter body weights may sleep more soundly, or some other reason, the facts remain unchanged: adequate levels of sleep help you make better food selections. Researcher Hassan Dashti found a link between sleeping and the food choices people make that may explain it. For a study published in the… Read More »

All the Different Brands of Human Growth Hormone — Guide

smallImageSeries_Somatrotropin1Real HGH (Somatropin) Brands The method of manufacturing Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that is most often used now is through either Protein Secretion technology or Mouse-cell technology. Both of these manufacturing means create HGH that is identical to the Growth Hormone (GH) produced naturally in the human body. Nutropin — Genentech Nutropin was developed by Genentech and is available for sale worldwide. Nutropin is manufactured using Protein Secretion technology. Hypertropin — Neogenica BioScience Ltd. Hypertropin is manufactured by NeoGenica Bioscience Ltd. It is one of the strongest brands of HGH on the market. Hypertropin is produced by secretion technology and… Read More »

Why Weight-Loss Plateau’s Happen…and What You Can Do About It

Obese Man 300x200Ever Wonder Why You Can’t Lose Weight… Even When You Do Everything Right? Maybe You’re Trying Too Hard! Finally, Here Are The Facts You Need To Melt The Fat…Once And For All! It’s frustrating…maddeningly frustrating. You’ve sworn that this time it’s going to be different. You’re meticulously counting your calories. You’re following your exercise routine strictly. You’re not cheating with binges. Yet the Mirror and Scale Aren’t Lying The numbers on the scale aren’t budging. And the image you see in the mirror is so far from being “beach ready” that it’s almost funny…if it weren’t so depressing. In spite… Read More »

A Beginners Guide To Nootropics And So Called “Smart Drugs”

nootropic illustration of brains and brawn 266x300An Introduction to Nootropics The word Nootropics is from the Greek words nous, or “mind,” and trepein meaning “to bend/turn.” Nootropics are also referred to as smart drugs, memory enhancers, neuro enhancers, cognitive enhancers, and intelligence enhancers.  Nootropics are drugs, supplements, nutraceuticals and certain foods that have shown the potential to improve mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration. The term nootropic was invented in 1972 by Corneliu Giurgea, a Romanian psychologist, and chemist. According to Giurgea, nootropic substances should have the following characteristics:   1. They should enhance learning and memory.  2. They should improve… Read More »

Why You Need to Add Squats to Your Exercise Routine

Leg MusclesAll too often, the average person is only concerned with strength and fitness in their upper body, to the neglect of their legs. Want proof? Ask someone to show their muscles, and they will flex their biceps…not their leg. This is a Serious Oversight In addition to being called a “human light-bulb” due to the lack of balance between your legs and upper body, there are other reasons to work the legs and work them hard. The legs are our source of power for just about any kind of movement of the upper body. And if you want strong legs,… Read More »

Male Hypogonadism: The Word Men Dread to Hear

male hypogonadism trt 200x300The Effects of Hypogonadism on Men Learn more about the causes and cures of this ever-increasing problem Your physician enters the room with a somber demeanor and announces “Your blood tests are back, and it’s confirmed: you have hypogonadism.” The response of many men to this somewhat confusing pronouncement is often: “what’s that?” The medical, professional, clinical definition of hypogonadism is the reduction or absence of hormone secretion or other physiological activity of the gonads (testes). The Endocrine Society practice guideline has a similar definition: Hypogonadism in men is a clinical syndrome that results from failure of the testis to… Read More »

Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin

Hammer curls 224x300Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin: An overlooked biomarker that is so vital to your testosterone levels Here’s what you need to know about this crucial piece of the testosterone puzzle It’s a fact. Testosterone is essential…absolutely essential to your good health. When a man’s testosterone levels are normal, the results are a healthy libido, a strong immune system, high energy, mental sharpness, powerful muscles and an optimistic approach to dealing with life’s problems. Conversely, when a man’s testosterone levels are below average he will experience a broad range of symptoms: constant fatigue, elevated stress, moodiness, joint aches and pains, weakened, shrinking muscles,… Read More »

Considering Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy for Injury Relief?

baseball glove bat 300x116If so, you’re in good company…keep reading to see who agrees with you Fact: there is no one more subject to injury than professional athletes. They are painfully aware of the possible career-ending consequences of severe injuries and are well-versed in various treatment options. It is also a fact that more athletes are clamoring for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy to be made legal by their sports sanctioning bodies to enable them to overcome the various afflictions they routinely suffer. Currently, most sports have growth hormone on their banned list, due to the abuse of the hormone for performance… Read More »

Female Blood Panel Work

Blood cells together 300x211Fully Comprehensive Female Blood Testing Battery TSH Free T4. T4 is the primary hormone produced by the thyroid gland. Its function is to navigate through the blood to particular targeted cells, then convert to triiodothyronine (T3). T4 is not as active as T3. A good analogy is this: T4 delivers the instructions from the thyroid, then T3 gets to work to carry out the mission. However, you need both T-3 and T-4 at optimum levels. Complete Blood Count With Differential/Platelet Comp. This test screens for anemia, and can also detect infections. The CBC covers everything related to your blood: both… Read More »

Finally! A Safe, Effective and Easy Way to Slow Aging: Genotropin HGH Product

genotropin pfizer 1 vial 1x16iu

Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?

Then It’s Time To Slow The Aging Process…with Genotropin

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the most, if not the most crucial hormone in the human body. It is responsible for so many functions of the body and affects fat, muscle and cells. As we grow, the pituitary gland secretes more and more Growth Hormone.

Tylenol Use in Pregnancy May Present a Serious Risk of Lower Testosterone in Boys

Tylenol 300x191LONDON (Reuters) — Taking too much Tylenol during pregnancy could reduce testosterone levels in male babies, according to a new study. This could lead to possible reproductive problems later in life, researchers said. The University of Edinburgh study tested the effect of paracetamol (also known as acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol) on testosterone production in mice that carried grafts of human testicular tissue. These grafts have been shown to mimic how the developing testes grow and function during pregnancy. Scientists gave the mice a typical daily dose of paracetamol over a period of either 24 hours or seven days.… Read More »

What Metabolism Reveals About Aging and Mortality

woemn hgh doctor 300x199Lifespan length has proven to be a continuing source of mystery. Why do some people enjoy living for decades and others are not so fortunate? Up until recently, the answer has been elusive. However, based on a recent study of a lowly worm, research scientists have leaped one giant step closer to understanding longevity: METABOLISM. Their report in the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Journal of Proteome Research details how the metabolic profile of worms can accurately predict how long they can live, and that middle age is a particularly important turning point. The importance of this study is two-fold. In… Read More »

The Important Role Fitness Plays in Your Life…

HGH docs 110 300x160And how Growth Hormone can make your training EXPLODE! Keep reading and learn the facts of fitness It’s finally happened. You’re tired of looking in the mirror and realizing the toll that aging, combined with inactivity and lack of physical fitness has taken. The ever-so-slow increase of flab…muscle weakness…sagging, wrinkled, weathered skin…a receding hairline…and other effects of the disease of aging. And it’s Not Just Your Appearance If the above symptoms weren’t severe enough, there are also some uninvited guests crashing your party: joint aches and pains…inability to enjoy a night of deep, restorative sleep…constant fatigue…brain fog…depression…and more. At first,… Read More »

Common Mistakes Made in the Gym, From an HGH Perspective

crowd of people running 300x111Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to step up and buy Human Growth Hormone (HGH) through the legal process of seeing a doctor, getting blood work and physical exam, get evaluated and undergo hormone replacement therapy at our clinic. And to get the most benefit from your treatment, you have committed to get in the gym and add some serious strength and muscle mass…great! Now, it’s a matter of meeting your goals safely and efficiently. We don’t prescribe HGH for bodybuilders, but our patients who go on HGH and change their lifestyle by working out and eating right, will notice significant improvements… Read More »

Telomeres: The Overlooked Key to Solving the Puzzle of Aging

unnamed 300x137Telomeres: The Overlooked Key to Solving the Puzzle of Aging Telomeres. Until recently, this word was seldom mentioned in anti-aging circles. Research scientists have been aware of telomeres since the 1930s when DNA researchers determined that telomeres played a role in stabilizing the ends of chromosomes. However, it was not until the early 1980s that more information was uncovered and the anatomy and functions of telomeres became well-known. But the role this fascinating substance plays in the battle against aging and other severe diseases was still not recognized. Recent research, however, has changed the entire equation, and the importance of… Read More »

All About HGH, Human Growth Hormone, Deficiency And Symptoms

GH Blue image 300x200All About Human Growth Hormone Is human growth hormone replacement therapy safe? Or dangerous? Is it right for you? Do you know the ways it can benefit you? Keep reading and finally discover the real facts. You probably have heard about human growth hormone (HGH). With all the talk about major league baseball players and Olympic athletes continually being in the news with stories about HGH, how could you not have heard about it?   Add the fact that famous Hollywood movie stars have secretly (and some not-so-secretly) used it for decades to maintain their vibrancy and youthful appearance, and you… Read More »

Constantly Tired? Can’t Sleep?

medical symbol 116 300x225Then Keep Reading, and Learn How to Defeat These Health Robbers No question about it. Many Americans suffer from an endless cycle of having to do more and more with less and less sleep and rest, with devastating consequences to their health. Going through life constantly fatigued is no fun. Moods plummet, productivity suffers, and the quality of life is miserable for those who have sleep problems and are always tired. Keep reading and discover a few common causes of why this is such a problem, and more important, what you can do about it. The Importance of Sleep The… Read More »

Alaska Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

alaska hormone medical clinics 300x200Alaska This article is about the U.S. state of Alaska. For other uses, see Alaska (disambiguation).”Alaskan” redirects here. For other uses, see Alaskan (disambiguation).Coordinates: 64°N 150°W? / ?64°N 150°W? / 64; -150 Alaska (/??læsk?/ (  listen)) is a U.S. state located in the northwest extremity of North America. The Canadian administrative divisions of British Columbia and Yukon border the state to the east, its most extreme western part is Attu Island, and it has a maritime border with Russia to the west across the Bering Strait. To the north are the Chukchi and Beaufort seas–the southern parts of the Arctic Ocean.… Read More »

Arkansas Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Arkansas This article is about the U.S. state of Arkansas. For the river, see Arkansas River. For other uses, see Arkansas (disambiguation). Arkansas (/???rk?ns??/ AR-k?n-saw[c]) is a state in the southeastern region of the United States, home to over 3 million people as of 2017. Its name is of Siouan derivation from the language of the Osage denoting their related kin, the Quapaw Indians. The state’s diverse geography ranges from the mountainous regions of the Ozark and the Ouachita Mountains, which make up the U.S. Interior Highlands, to the densely forested land in the south known as the Arkansas Timberlands,… Read More »

Connecticut Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Connecticut For other uses, see Connecticut (disambiguation). Coordinates: 41°36?N 72°42?W? / ?41.6°N 72.7°W? / 41.6; -72.7 Connecticut (/k??n?t?k?t/ (  listen)) is the southernmost state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. As of the 2010 Census, Connecticut features the highest per-capita income, Human Development Index (0.962), and median household income in the United States. Connecticut is bordered by Rhode Island to the east, Massachusetts to the north, New York to the west, and Long Island Sound to the south. Its capital is Hartford and its most populous city is Bridgeport. Although Connecticut is technically part of New England,… Read More »

Delaware Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Delaware This article is about the U.S. state. For the river, see Delaware River. For other uses, see Delaware (disambiguation). Delaware (/?d?l?w??r/ (  listen)) is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic or Northeastern regions of the United States.[a] It is bordered to the south and west by Maryland, to the northeast by New Jersey, and to the north by Pennsylvania. The state takes its name from Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, an English nobleman and Virginia’s first colonial governor. Delaware occupies the northeastern portion of the Delmarva Peninsula and is the second smallest, the sixth least populous, but the… Read More »

Hawaii Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Hawaii Not to be confused with Hawaiki.This article is about the U.S. state of Hawaii. For the island for which it is named, see Hawaii (island). For other uses, see Hawaii (disambiguation). Coordinates: 21°18?41?N 157°47?47?W? / ?21.31139°N 157.79639°W? / 21.31139; -157.79639 Hawaii (English: /h??wa?.i, -ji, -?i/ (  listen) h?-WY-(y)ee; Hawaiian: Hawai?i [h??v?j?i]) is the 50th and most recent state to have joined the United States of America, having received statehood on August 21, 1959. Hawaii is the only U.S. state located in Oceania and the only one composed entirely of islands. It is the northernmost island group in Polynesia, occupying most… Read More »

Idaho Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Idaho This article is about the U.S. state of Idaho. For other uses, see Idaho (disambiguation). Idaho (/?a?d?ho?/ (  listen)) is a state in the northwestern region of the United States. It borders the state of Montana to the east and northeast, Wyoming to the east, Nevada and Utah to the south, and Washington and Oregon to the west. To the north, it shares a small portion of the Canadian border with the province of British Columbia. With a population of around 1.6 million and an area of 83,569 square miles (216,440 km2), Idaho is the 14th largest, the 12th least populous… Read More »

Illinois Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Illinois This article is about the U.S. state of Illinois. For other uses, see Illinois (disambiguation). Illinois (/??l??n??/ (  listen) IL-ih-NOY) is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is the 5th most populous state and 25th largest state in terms of land area, and is often noted as a microcosm of the entire country. With Chicago in the northeast, small industrial cities and great agricultural productivity in central and northern Illinois, and natural resources like coal, timber, and petroleum in the south, Illinois has a diverse economic base and is a major transportation hub. The Port… Read More »

Indiana Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Indiana This article is about the U.S. state of Indiana. For other uses, see Indiana (disambiguation).”Hoosier State” redirects here. For the passenger train, see Hoosier State (train). Indiana /?ndi?æn?/ (  listen) is a U.S. state located in the midwestern and Great Lakes regions of North America. Indiana is the 38th largest by area and the 17th most populous of the 50 United States. Its capital and largest city is Indianapolis. Indiana was admitted to the United States as the 19th U.S. state on December 11, 1816. Indiana borders Lake Michigan to the northwest, Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east,… Read More »

Iowa Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Iowa For other uses, see Iowa (disambiguation). Iowa (/?a?.?w?/ (  listen)) is a state in the Midwestern United States, bordered by the Mississippi River on the east and the Missouri River and the Big Sioux River on the west. Surrounding states include Wisconsin to the northeast, Illinois to the east, Missouri to the south, Nebraska to the west, South Dakota to the northwest, and Minnesota to the north. In colonial times, Iowa was a part of French Louisiana and Spanish Louisiana; its state flag is patterned after the flag of France. After the Louisiana Purchase, people laid the foundation for an… Read More »

Kentucky Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Kentucky This article is about the U.S. state. For other uses, see Kentucky (disambiguation). Kentucky (/k?n?t?ki/ (  listen), k?n-TUCK-ee), officially the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is a state located in the east south-central region of the United States. Although styled as the “State of Kentucky” in the law creating it, Kentucky is one of four U.S. states constituted as a commonwealth (the others being Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts). Originally a part of Virginia, in 1792 Kentucky became the 15th state to join the Union. Kentucky is the 37th most extensive and the 26th most populous of the 50 United States. Kentucky is… Read More »

Louisiana Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Louisiana This article is about the U.S. state of Louisiana. For other uses, see Louisiana (disambiguation). Louisiana[a] is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. It is the 31st in size and the 25th most populous of the 50 United States. Louisiana’s capital is Baton Rouge and its largest city is New Orleans. It is the only state in the U.S. with political subdivisions termed parishes, which are the local government’s equivalent to counties. The largest parish by population is East Baton Rouge Parish, and the largest by total area is Plaquemines. Louisiana is bordered by Arkansas… Read More »

Maine Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Maine This article is about the U.S. state of Maine. For other uses, see Maine (disambiguation). Maine (/?me?n/) is the northernmost state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. Maine is the 39th most extensive and the 9th least populous of the U.S. states and territories. It is bordered by New Hampshire to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec to the northeast and northwest respectively. Maine is the easternmost state in the contiguous United States, and the northernmost east of the Great Lakes. It is known… Read More »

Maryland Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Maryland This article is about the U.S. state of Maryland. For other uses, see Maryland (disambiguation). Maryland (/?m?r?l?nd/ (  listen)) is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, bordering Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C. to its south and west; Pennsylvania to its north; and Delaware to its east. The state’s largest city is Baltimore, and its capital is Annapolis. Among its occasional nicknames are Old Line State, the Free State, and the Chesapeake Bay State. The state is named after the English queen Henrietta Maria of France. One of the original Thirteen Colonies, Maryland is considered to… Read More »

Mississippi Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Mississippi This article is about the U.S. state of Mississippi. For the river, see Mississippi River. For other uses, see Mississippi (disambiguation). Mississippi /?m?s??s?pi/ (  listen) is a state in the Southern United States, with part of its southern border formed by the Gulf of Mexico. Its western border is formed by the Mississippi River. The state has a population of approximately 3 million. It is the 32nd most extensive and the 32nd most populous of the 50 United States. Located in the center of the state, Jackson is the state capital and largest city, with a population of approximately 175,000… Read More »

Montana Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Montana This article is about the U.S. state of Montana. For other uses, see Montana (disambiguation).”Montanan” redirects here. For other uses, see Montanan (disambiguation).”Big Sky Country” redirects here. For the song by Chris Whitley, see Big Sky Country (song). Montana /m?n?tæn?/ (  listen) is a state in the northwestern region of the United States. The state’s name is derived from the Spanish word montaña (mountain). Montana has several nicknames, although none official, including “Big Sky Country” and “The Treasure State”, and slogans that include “Land of the Shining Mountains” and more recently “The Last Best Place”. Montana is the 4th largest… Read More »

Nebraska Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Nebraska This article is about the U.S. state. For other uses, see Nebraska (disambiguation). Nebraska /n??bræsk?/ (  listen) is a state that lies in both the Great Plains and the Midwestern United States. The state is bordered by South Dakota to the north, Iowa to the east and Missouri to the southeast, both across the Missouri River, Kansas to the south, Colorado to the southwest and Wyoming to the west. It is the only triply landlocked U.S. state. Nebraska’s area is just over 77,220 sq mi (200,000 km2) with almost 1.9 million people. Its state capital is Lincoln, and its largest city… Read More »

New Hampshire Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

New Hampshire This article is about the U.S. state of New Hampshire. For other uses, see New Hampshire (disambiguation). New Hampshire is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. It is bordered by Massachusetts to the south, Vermont to the west, Maine and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north. New Hampshire is the 5th smallest by land area and the 10th least populous of the 50 United States. In January 1776, it became the first of the British North American colonies to establish a government independent… Read More »

New Jersey Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

New Jersey This article is about the U.S. state of New Jersey. For other uses, see New Jersey (disambiguation).”NJ” redirects here. For other uses, see NJ (disambiguation). New Jersey is a state in the Northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. It is a peninsula, bordered on the north and east by the state of New York; on the east, southeast, and south by the Atlantic Ocean; on the west by the Delaware River and Pennsylvania; and on the southwest by the Delaware Bay and Delaware. New Jersey is the fourth-smallest state by area but the 11th-most populous and… Read More »

New Mexico Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

New Mexico This article is about the U.S. state of New Mexico. For other uses, see New Mexico (disambiguation). New Mexico (Spanish: Nuevo México pronounced [?nwe?o ?mexiko] locally [?nw??o ?me?iko]; Navajo: Yootó Hahoodzo [jò:txó hàhò:tsò]) is a state in the southwestern region of the United States of America. It was admitted to the Union as the 47th state on January 6, 1912. It is usually considered one of the Mountain States. New Mexico is fifth largest by area, the 36th-most populous, and the sixth-least densely populated of the 50 United States. Inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years before European exploration,… Read More »

North Dakota Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

North Dakota This article is about the U.S. state of North Dakota. For other uses, see North Dakota (disambiguation). North Dakota ( /?n??r? d??ko?t?/ (  listen); locally [?no??? d??ko???]) is a state in the midwestern and northern regions of the United States. It is the 19th most extensive, but the 4th least populous, and the 4th most sparsely populated of the 50 U.S. states. North Dakota was admitted as the 39th state to the Union on November 2, 1889. The state capital is Bismarck, and the largest city is Fargo. North Dakota weathered the Great Recession of the early 21st century… Read More »

Oklahoma Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Oklahoma This article is about the U.S. state of Oklahoma. For other uses, see Oklahoma (disambiguation). Oklahoma (/?o?kl??ho?m?/ (  listen);Pawnee: Uukuhuúwa,Cayuga: Gahnawiyo?geh) is a state in the South Central region of the United States. It is the 20th-most extensive and the 28th-most populous of the 50 United States. The state’s name is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning “red people.” It is also known informally by its nickname, “The Sooner State,” in reference to the non-Native settlers who staked their claims on land before the official opening date and the Indian Appropriations Act of 1889, which dramatically increased… Read More »

Rhode Island Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Rhode Island This article is about the U.S. state. For the island, see Aquidneck Island. For the former British colony, see Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. For other uses, see Rhode Island (disambiguation).Not to be confused with Rhodes. Coordinates: 41°42?N 71°30?W? / ?41.7°N 71.5°W? / 41.7; -71.5 Rhode Island (/?ro?d ?a?l?nd/ (  listen)), officially the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. It is the smallest in area, the eighth least populous, and the second most densely populated of the 50 U.S. states. Its official name… Read More »

South Carolina Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

South Carolina This article is about the U.S. state of South Carolina. For other uses, see South Carolina (disambiguation). South Carolina (/?sa?? kær??la?n?/ (  listen)) is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. The state is bordered to the north by North Carolina, to the south and west by Georgia, across the Savannah River, and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean. South Carolina became the eighth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution, on May 23, 1788. South Carolina became the first state which voted to secede from the Union on December 20, 1860. After the American Civil… Read More »

South Dakota Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

South Dakota This article is about the U.S. state of South Dakota. For other uses, see South Dakota (disambiguation). South Dakota (/?sa?? d??ko?t?/ (  listen); locally: [?s??? d??ko???]) is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is named after the Lakota and Dakota Sioux Native American tribes, who compose a large portion of the population and historically dominated the territory. South Dakota is the 17th most expansive, but the 5th least populous and the 5th least densely populated of the 50 United States. As the southern part of the former Dakota Territory, South Dakota became a state… Read More »

Utah Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Utah This article is about the U.S. state of Utah. For other uses, see Utah (disambiguation). Utah (/?ju?t??/ or /?ju?t??/ (  listen)) is a state in the western United States. It became the 45th state admitted to the U.S. on January 4, 1896. Utah is the 13th-largest by area, 31st-most-populous, and 10th-least-densely populated of the 50 United States. Utah has a population of more than 3 million (Census estimate for July 1, 2016), approximately 80% of whom live along the Wasatch Front, centering on the state capital Salt Lake City. Utah is bordered by Colorado to the east, Wyoming to the… Read More »

Vermont Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Vermont For other uses, see Vermont (disambiguation). Vermont (/v?r?m?nt? v??r-/ (  listen)[a]) is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. It borders the other U.S. states of Massachusetts to the south, New Hampshire to the east, New York to the west, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north. Lake Champlain forms half of Vermont’s western border with the state of New York and the Green Mountains run north-south the length of the state. Vermont is the 2nd least populous ahead of Wyoming, and the 6th smallest by area of the 50 U.S. states. The… Read More »

Washington Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Washington Washington most commonly refers to: George Washington (1732–1799), the first President of the United States Washington (state), United States Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States The Washington metropolitan area, the metropolitan area centered on Washington, D.C. A metonym for the Federal government of the United States Washington may also refer to: Contents 1 Places 1.1 England 1.2 Philippines 1.3 United States 1.3.1 Cities and communities 1.4 Elsewhere 1.5 Multiple entities 2 Education 2.1 Higher education 2.2 Secondary education 2.3 Multiple entities 3 Sports 4 Transportation 4.1 Railroad stations 4.1.1 Chicago Transit Authority stations 4.2 Ships 5 Other… Read More »

Washington, D.C. Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Washington, D.C. This article is about the capital of the United States. For the state on the U.S. West Coast, see Washington (state). For other uses, see United States capital (disambiguation), Washington (disambiguation), and Columbia District. Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia and commonly referred to as “Washington”, “the District”, or simply “D.C.”, is the capital of the United States. The signing of the Residence Act on July 16, 1790, approved the creation of a capital district located along the Potomac River on the country’s East Coast. The U.S. Constitution provided for a federal district under the exclusive jurisdiction… Read More »

West Virginia Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

West Virginia “Mountain State” redirects here. For the region in the Western United States, see Mountain States.For other uses, see West Virginia (disambiguation) and WV (disambiguation). West Virginia /?w?st v?r?d??nj?/ (  listen) is a state located in the Appalachian region of the Southern United States. It is bordered by Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the southwest, Ohio to the northwest, Pennsylvania to the north (and, slightly, east), and Maryland to the northeast. West Virginia is the 10th smallest by area, is ranked 38th in population, and has the fourth-lowest household income of the United States. The capital and largest city… Read More »

Wisconsin Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Wisconsin This article is about the state. For other uses, see Wisconsin (disambiguation). Wisconsin (/w??sk?ns?n/ (  listen)) is a U.S. state located in the north-central United States, in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions. It is bordered by Minnesota to the west, Iowa to the southwest, Illinois to the south, Lake Michigan to the east, Michigan to the northeast, and Lake Superior to the north. Wisconsin is the 23rd largest state by total area and the 20th most populous. The state capital is Madison, and its largest city is Milwaukee, which is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan. The… Read More »

Wyoming Sermorelin for HGH Deficiency

Wyoming This article is about the U.S. state. For other uses, see Wyoming (disambiguation). Wyoming /wa??o?m??/ (  listen) is a state in the mountain region of the western United States. The state is the tenth largest by area, the least populous and the second least densely populated state in the country. Wyoming is bordered on the north by Montana, on the east by South Dakota and Nebraska, on the south by Colorado, on the southwest by Utah, and on the west by Idaho. The state population was estimated at 586,107 in 2015, which is less than 31 of the largest U.S.… Read More »

The Most Crucial System in Your Body Is The Lymphatic System

HGH doc 234 200x300Your Lymphatic System: The most crucial system in your body… And it is all-too-often ignored and neglected Discover the astonishing secrets of your lymphatic system And the efficient and simple actions you can take immediately to keep it humming smoothly When we look at a new car, the first thing we notice is the car’s exterior. Glistening, glossy paint, bright interior with perfect graining, and the stylish design are features that magnetically attract our attention, with good reason. A beautiful, clean exterior is a symbol of a well-maintained vehicle. But It’s What’s “Under the Hood” That Counts Without checking your… Read More »

Processed Meat Can Put Your Long Term Health At Risk

Processed Meat 300x200 Processed Meats Linked to Poor Health Outcomes There has long been evidence that the over-consumption of processed foods is linked to an increased risk of a variety of health conditions. It has also been difficult to discern correlation from causation with regard to processed meats, because there has long been an assumption that the high consumption of processed meats is most likely an indicator of poor eating habits in general.

HGH Purchased From Mexico Is Illegal – Don’t Buy HGH Illegally

skull crossbonesBuying HGH From Mexico is Illegal HGH from Mexico is available on the black market and “gray” markets in the United States. Although some HGH from Mexico is pure, some brands of HGH from Mexico are often contaminated with foreign proteins, lead and heavy metals which cause allergic reactions. The consistency of strength is also a problem with many brands from Mexico (some being fake or diluted). At present,  the direct purchase of any form of HGH from Mexico is perilous and dangerous for individuals, both legally and medically. More Illegal Operations in the USA and Online International Law Enforcement… Read More »

Sugar Should be Avoided if You’re Trying to Optimize Your Hormones, like HGH and Testosterone

Blood Sugar Spikes 810x313 300x116You’ve read the statistics…the studies…the personal stories…and you have arrived at a logical conclusion… SUGAR KILLS! Twelve pounds of sugar per year is what the average American consumed around 100 years ago. Fast forward to today. In 2009, the average American consumed an astonishing 150 pounds per year! When you consider that the human body requires only about two teaspoons of sugar in the bloodstream at any one time, it’s not really too much of a stretch to realize that our current rates of obesity, diabetes, behavioral problems, mood swings, tooth decay, weakened immune systems, high acidic levels, impaired digestion… Read More »

Protein: The Facts You Need To Know

protein powders the facts 300x200Protein: The Facts You Need To Know Protein. It’s known as a building block…one of the most crucial building blocks in the body. It’s essential for life. Bodybuilders and strength athletes swear by it. Any eating plan includes it. Yet few other well-known nutrients have so much confusion continually swirling about them. For example: There are different types of protein. Which ones are the best? And what is the best way to take them? Is there a right time to take them? How much protein can you absorb at one time? What are “complete proteins”? How do they differ from… Read More »

Magnesium: The “Miracle Mineral”

Knee xray 272x300Magnesium has been described by many nutritionists and research scientists as “the miracle mineral.” And there is a broad range of reasons why. Magnesium delivers so many health benefits that it is the gift that just keeps on giving. Here is a list of the many benefits this miracle mineral gives: magnesium… Provides heart protection and lower risk of stroke. Magnesium is crucial for maintaining a healthy heartbeat; in fact, after bypass surgery, hospitals use intravenous magnesium to prevent atrial fibrillation (an abnormal heartbeat that can result in stroke-inducing blood clots). There are other reasons why magnesium acts as a… Read More »

Fatherhood and Men’s Hormonal Changes

father holding up infant daughter 300x300Upon discovering that they are about to become fathers, men often experience a drop in two hormones: testosterone and estradiol. This happens even before their babies are born, according to a new University of Michigan study. Past research has demonstrated that men’s hormones change after they become fathers, and there is some evidence that this is a function of a decline after the child’s birth. What is unique about the new U-M study is this: it is the first research to show that the decline may begin even earlier, during the transition to fatherhood, said Robin Edelstein, the study’s lead… Read More »

Welcome to HGH and Testosterone Replacement Therapy

HGH docs 80 300x209Congratulations! You have taken that all-important first step on a journey to a new you through the miracle of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Testosterone Replacement Therapy. My name is Mark Smith, and I am your private health executive, who would like to talk to you about some of our hormone injection programs. BHRT Medical Solutions has access to a network of board-certified medical doctor’s in every state and county all across America. These physicians are happy to get you started on this exciting journey, by performing the necessary blood work and a comprehensive physical exam all in a single,… Read More »

HGH Injections, Brain Exercise and Foods That Help You Improve Mental Focus

happy couples 2 300x238Do you remember when you were very young and days felt like they were 30 hours long, years seemed like they took forever to go by — especially the school year, but in your later life, days, weeks and months — even years, appear to fly by? This is because your brain slows down as you age, with the result of time seeming like it is compressed. Alas, your mind will likely continue to slow down during your entire life with higher speed. Men and women who go on growth hormone injection programs notice that the days seem like they… Read More »

Enjoy That Morning Cup of Coffee GUILT-FREE

coffee wallpaper 300x169The Importance of Coffee Our love affair with coffee has a long history. Napoleon-era French diplomat Talleyrand said that coffee “should be hot as hell, black as the devil, pure as an angel, sweet as love.” Bach wrote a cantata in its honor, writers meeting deadlines and students cramming for exams rely on it, and, according to legend, a Pope blessed it. In one of the most famous retorts known, Lady Astor once remarked that if she were Winston Churchill’s wife, she’d poison his coffee, to which Churchill acerbically replied: “If I were married to you, I’d drink it.” Coffee… Read More »

Testosterone: The Master Protector

HGH Doc with beard 200x300Testosterone: The Master Protector Keep reading and discover how testosterone’s many benefits just keep on coming! The benefits of testosterone are well-known: increased strength and muscle mass; surging energy levels; lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, deeper, more restorative sleep, and sharpened mental function. But There are Other, Lesser-Known Benefits of Testosterone That’s right. Did you know: Testosterone can help men who are suffering from osteoporosis. Testosterone may protect men from Asthma attacks. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is both efficient and safe if done correctly under medical supervision. Testosterone has been linked to lowering cholesterol and insulin levels. Let’s take… Read More »

A Toxic Hormone Seems to Be Changing the Sex of Fish in U.S. Rivers

toxic chemicalThe Hormone is Used in the Raising of Cattle but Finds its Way to Rivers and Streams A chemical compound used to artificially stimulate weight gain in cows may be contaminating aquatic ecosystems in the United States and disrupting the reproductive processes of fish, according to a new study in the journal Nature Communications. Cattle farmers have been using the chemical compound trenbolone acetate (TBA) for decades. The hormone has a potentially toxic byproduct, 17-alpha-trenbolone. Earlier research had seemed to show that the chemical breaks down and becomes harmless when exposed to sunlight. However, it appears that when the chemicals… Read More »

What is a Nutraceutical?

Smiling Woman holding pill 300x200

What is a  Nutraceutical:


A Nutraceutical is any vitamin, mineral, supplement, trace element or bio-botanical plant based substance which has known healing value to people and is produced or isolated for public consumption with the highest purity – pharmaceutical grade purity. It is a very exacting process to make a true Nutraceutical which involves sending the healing substances from plants to a biotechnology company where the active ingredient of benefit to people is highly concentrated and then standardized to a milligram dose so it can be controlled properly.

The Many Brain Benefits of Beet Juice

brain 1 300x240Beet juice has long been known to deliver several significant health benefits: an increase in stamina, better circulation, lower blood pressure and assisting the liver in its many vital functions. But there is still another advantage from beet juice: brain health. These significant health benefits make a convincing case for drinking beet juice on a regular basis…even though it’s not something many people are in the habit of drinking regularly. Get Smarter with Beets The findings on brain health come from Wake Forest University and were reported in Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry. It was already known that beets have… Read More »

The Importance of Luteinizing Hormone

LH Blue image 300x200The Key Role This Hormone Plays in Regulating the Reproductive System Luteinizing Hormone (LH) is produced by the pituitary gland and plays a vital role in controlling the reproductive system. Luteinizing Hormone is a gonadotropic hormone (the hormone responsible for stimulating the gonads and monitoring reproductive activity) that is manufactured and secreted by cells in the anterior pituitary gland. It plays a crucial role in regulating the function of the testes in men and ovaries in women. In men, LH Leydig cells in the testicles promote both testosterone and sperm production. Testosterone is also required for the development of masculine… Read More »

Statins May Slow Prostate Cancer Progression

Pill package 300x188Statins, best known for lower cholesterol levels, may have a surprising additional benefit. They have shown the ability to slow the progression of prostate cancer in patients receiving hormone therapy, according to a new study. The study consisted of 926 men undergoing hormone therapy for advanced prostate treatment. The results were encouraging: those taking statins saw their cancer remain stable for an average of 27.5 months before deteriorating, compared with a mean of 17.4 months among men not taking statins. “These findings are preliminary, so I would not recommend that everybody start on statins to slow prostate cancer,” said senior… Read More »

Your HGH Status and Benefits of Growth Hormone Injections

HGH docs 163 300x200Are you looking to regain your youthful energy? Having a hard time losing weight? Suffering more aches and pains? Then it’s time to consider Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy! Here are the compelling benefits of restoring your growth hormone to optimal levels: Skyrocket your energy levels. Stop being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Low growth hormone levels are directly linked to low energy levels. Want proof? Compare your energy today to what it was in your youth. It’s not rocket science. Enough said. Not to mention, improved energy levels is one of the most noticeable effects… Read More »

L-Arginine: The Key to Both Heart Health and Sexual Health

Several pills 300x200Recent medical studies have discovered a direct relationship between heart health and sexual health. L-Arginine supplements are found to improve circulation blood flow and are effective in reversing erectile dysfunction. A precursor of nitric oxide (NO) L-Arginine is directly involved in vasodilation and enhancement of blood flow and can improve erectile function in most men. “Sex can improve your cardiovascular health, and studies indicate your chances of heart problems may decrease if you’re having sex regularly…twice a week or more can cut the risk of heart attack by half,” says Michael Krychman, M.D. the Executive Director of the Southern California Center… Read More »

Scientists Report that Enzyme Aromatase has Big Impact in Healthy and Injured Brains

HGH docs 124 300x200An enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen appears to have a significant impact on a healthy and injured brain, scientists report. There’s a growing body of evidence that in the healthy brain, aromatase, and the estrogen it enables neurons to produce, help keep our minds sharp and flexible. Now scientists are learning that with injury, aromatase and estrogen expression seem to shift to cells in the brain called astrocytes. These cells support and nurture stressed brain neurons, said Dr. Darrell Brann, Regents’ Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia… Read More »

Did You Know: Low Testosterone Levels Can Predict Metabolic Syndrome

HGH Doc in library 300x200Did you know: Low Testosterone levels can predict Metabolic Syndrome Testosterone protects against Multiple Sclerosis Testosterone may protect men from autoimmune disease Testosterone Therapy may reduce men’s risk of Prostrate Cancer Keep reading and discover the many exciting and little-known benefits of this miraculous hormone Testosterone. The male hormone responsible for muscles, manhood, and chest hair. This potent hormone is also behind the male sex drive, risk-taking, courage, aggression, and a broad range of definitive masculine characteristics, both good and bad, depending on circumstances. But Testosterone Also Plays a Critical Role in Maintaining Men’s Health That’s correct. A recent study… Read More »

Osteoporosis: What it is and How You Can Fight and Avoid It

Illuminated skeleton 300x300In spite of protestations to the contrary, aging is a disease…period. Nothing, absolutely nothing about our bodies improves with the passing of time. And our bones are as subject to the damage that aging inflicts on any other body part. The older you are, the higher your chance of having osteoporosis. Women’s bones are thinner than men’s, and bone density rapidly declines after menopause. Therefore, it’s not surprising that about 80% of Americans with osteoporosis are women. But men can be stricken with this affliction as well. Granted, osteoporosis is much more common in women, but men are at risk,… Read More »

Enjoy a Few Drinks Weekly? Beware: This May Be a Link to Poor Sperm Quality

Alcohol warning 300x300A recent study concluded that moderate alcohol intake of as little as five drinks every week is linked to poorer sperm quality in otherwise healthy young men. And the more drinks consumed weekly, the worse the sperm quality seems to be, the findings indicate. The results have prompted the researchers to suggest that young men should consider cutting back on regular drinking. Their findings were based on 1,221 Danish men between the ages of 18 and 28, all of whom underwent a medical examination to assess their fitness for military service, (compulsory in Denmark), between 2008 and 2012. As part… Read More »

Male Blood Panel Work

Red Blood CellsComprehensive Male Blood Work Panel: Homocysteine, Plasma. High levels of homocysteine are associated with elevated risk of heart attack, stroke, blood clot formation, and may be a precursor of Alzheimer’s Disease. TSH Free T4. T4 is the primary hormone produced by the thyroid gland. Its function is to navigate through the blood to particular targeted cells, then convert to triiodothyronine (T3). T4 is not as active as T3. A good analogy is this: T4 delivers the instructions from the thyroid, then T3 gets to work to carry out the mission. However, you need both T-3 and T-4 at optimum levels.… Read More »

Metformin: The First Effective Anti-Aging Drug?

HGH doc pondering treatment options 300x200Metformin: The First Effective Anti-Aging Drug? Possibly! Keep Reading and Learn the Facts About This Exciting Breakthrough The first clinical trial of a potential “anti-aging, life-extension” drug is now underway. The American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) has jumped through numerous bureaucratic hoops to receive approval for the study from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The study is called Targeting Aging with Metformin Trial (TAME) and is currently seeking funding to keep the trial going. Dr. Nir Barzilai is the director of the Insititute for Aging Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx. He is… Read More »

16 Cancer-Causing Foods to Avoid

microwave popcornAs the year winds down, many folks are looking to the next year to make positive changes. Many New’s Year’s resolutions revolve around developing better eating habits. “You are what you eat” is far more than an often-quoted cliche. It is one of the most important things you can do to get and stay healthy. Maybe the most important. When people talk about “eating better,” they usually vow to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables, or drink more water, or add a few quality supplements to their daily fare. These are all great ideas. But what you don’t put in… Read More »

What is Metabolism? Here’s What You Need to Know

metabolism 6 225x300Metabolism refers to a series of chemical reactions that create a living being. Scientifically, it’s a comprehensive term. In general terms, however, metabolism relates to the processes which sustain energy and burn fat in the human body. Our metabolism is at its highest when we are young. In our adolescence and teens, boys and girls often seem to have stomachs that are bottomless pits, especially if they engage in any reasonable level of physical activity. Metabolism remains very high during the twenties as well. Around the age of twenty-five, however, metabolism begins a slow, torturous and seemingly inevitable decline. After… Read More »

Astaxanthin: An Antioxidant That is Six Thousand Times Stronger Than Vitamin C!

Fountain of Youth 300x225Astaxanthin: The Antioxidant 6,000 Times Stronger than Vitamin C! Aging. No matter what the health problem is, if you dig deep enough, that one word is making the problem worse. From heart disease and cancer to stroke, joint pain, mental fog and fatigue…and countless other maladies…AGING DOES NOT HELP ANY SICKNESS IMPROVE…ZERO, ZIPPO, NADA. This has, of course, been known for centuries. And it has been the cause of many ideas, searches, treatments, and theories to find a way to slow aging down, or even stop and reverse it. From ancient alchemists attempts at developing an “elixir of life” to… Read More »

The Real Difference Between Muscle and Fat…and Why it’s So Important to You

fat vs muscle 300x170If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it seemingly a million times: muscle is heavier and denser than fat. And it’s true. Check out the difference between a muscular, physically fit 200-pound athlete compared to a 200-pound snack-food devouring couch potato. It’s hard to believe they weigh the same.  And what about your own experience? If you are working out hard, with the intention of losing weight, you are undoubtedly dismayed when stepping on the scale and seeing that you not only haven’t lost weight…but you have incredibly gained a few pounds! Body Mass Index (BMI) is the primary, go-to… Read More »

Why Supplements are Needed: the Grim Reality is that Eating Right is Not Enough

A perspective look down rows of planted corn Stock Photo 300x199How could that above statement be true? After all, we are what we eat, right? Yes — and that’s the problem. Here’s why. Did you know… The way we eat and the food we eat has changed more in the past 50 years than in the previous 10,000 years? Our ancestors would have a hard time understanding modern food. For example, many of the essential foods in our diet are genetically engineered — and the food industry is moving mountains to pass laws that will not require them to label these foods as “Frankenfoods.” In their mad scramble for profits,… Read More »

Erectile Dysfunction: The Facts You Need to Know

EDErectile Dysfunction: The Facts You Need to Know Erectile dysfunction (ED). Those words can chill the strongest man down to his deepest core. If you can’t perform in one of the most fundamental and intimate displays of manhood, what effect does that have on your ego? Your sense of self-worth? Your relationship with your significant other? Your self-confidence? Your masculine self-image? Or everything else concerning your body, mind, and spirit? The physical and psychological toll ED takes on men is immeasurable and devastating, to put it mildly. What is Erectile Dysfunction? The medical definition of erectile dysfunction is difficulty in… Read More »

Glossary of Terminology

the adrenal gland 300x240Glossary of terminology Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP): This is the primary fuel used by cells to generate the biochemical reactions essential for life. Adrenals: The glands located on the top of the kidneys that are responsible for the production of stress-related hormones, such as cortisol, DHEA, and adrenaline. Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone (ACTH): The hormone released from the pituitary gland that interacts with receptors on the adrenal gland to begin the process of cortisol and DHEA production. ACTH uses the second messenger cyclic AMP to signal target cells in the adrenal gland. Advanced Glycosylation Endproduct: The polymerized end products of protein cross-linked with… Read More »


HGH docs 74 300x200Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Hormone Deficiency, Andropause, and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Question: Do our hormones naturally decline as we age? Answer: Yes. Our vital hormones experience a gradual decline as we age. Question: At what rate do they fall? Answer: There are differences between people in the speed of hormone decline. This difference is due to a variety of factors (genetics, illness, lifestyle). However, there is a general rule that we experience a decline of approximately 10% per decade, beginning at around age 30. This is true for three of our most essential hormones: testosterone, human growth hormone… Read More »

Scientists Bold Prediction: We’ll Soon Extend Life Well Beyond 120”

Molecue links 300x156Silicon Valley has turned its attention to discovering a cure for a universal disease: AGING. They are pouring billions into biotech firms to attempt to ‘hack the code’ of life, despite concerns about potential unintended consequences. In Palo Alto, the heart of Silicon Valley, hedge fund manager Joon Yun is doing a basic calculation. According to US social security data, the probability of a 25-year-old dying before age 26 is 0.1%. If we could keep that risk constant throughout life instead of it rising due to age-related disease, the average person would live 1,000 years. Yun finds the prospect intriguing… Read More »

How to Age Rapidly or Not

Diagram of kidneys 300x240

Let’s take a look at a major contributor to the aging process and what it can tell us about slowing the ravages of time on our health. The factor we will explore is cortisol, a hormone that controls dozens of vital functions in the body. When cortisol levels are too high or too low, rapid-aging processes accelerate.

Testosterone Therapy

Blue testosterone sign 300x200Hormone Replacement Therapy > Testosterone Therapy Testosterone is the primary male hormone that maintains muscle mass and strength, fat distribution, bone mass, sperm production, sex drive, and potency. Testosterone is considered to be the “male hormone.” Testosterone: A “male hormone” — a sex hormone produced by the testes that encourage the development of male sexual characteristics, stimulates the activity of the male secondary sex characteristics, penis growth, muscle development and masculine features. Chemically, testosterone is 17-beta-hydroxy-4-androstane-3-one. Testosterone is the most potent of the naturally occurring androgens. The androgens in general also cause the development of male sex characteristics, such as… Read More »

The Thyroid Gland: An Unsung Hero

football team takes the field 300x200Football is a team sport, and all of the players must perform at their peaks for the team to succeed, regardless of their positions. But there are two indisputable facts about the importance of those roles. First, the highly skilled players on the offense (quarterbacks, running backs and pass receivers) get the most publicity and are considered the “glory players,” since they put points on the board. But many experienced football coaches and fans know that the game is decided “in the trenches,” by the performance of both the offensive and defensive linemen. Without the blocking and tackling that goes… Read More »

Testosterone Replacement Does Not Cause Heart Attacks

fda the food and drug administration logoWith the constant drumbeat of headlines in the news about the risks of Testosterone, it would be easy to believe that there are no health benefits in Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for middle-aged men, only health hazards. Heart attacks and strokes are mentioned prominently in the television advertisements by law firms that are just lying in wait to file lawsuits against the Testosterone manufacturers. If that weren’t bad enough, there is a seemingly endless trail of “recommendations” by “medical experts,” including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that call for severe restrictions on a physician’s ability to prescribe Testosterone for… Read More »

Injectable HGH Therapy Manual and Wiki Guide

Stallone 225x300An Introduction to Human Growth Hormone Growth Hormone. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you have probably heard about it. We see HGH mentioned on TV news and read about it in all the prominent newspapers and magazines, and on the Internet. Athletes and famous Hollywood actors are using Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for everything from sports enhancement and anti-aging, trying to turn back the clock, or for only to look and feel younger inside and out. Sylvester Stallone, aka “Rocky” and “Rambo” was busted in Australia with HGH and allegedly “misplaced” his doctor’s prescription. He was arrested and… Read More »

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Lowers Heart Attack Risk

Testosterone symbol 300x300Testosterone Replacement Therapy Lowers Heart Attack Risk You’ve heard the commercials and seen the advertisements from law offices concerning the risks of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Maybe you believed what you observed, and you’re convinced that testosterone therapy increases the risk of severe health hazards, especially heart attacks. However, a recent study has concluded the exact opposite: high levels of testosterone are linked to a lower risk of fatal heart attacks and strokes, and lowers overall mortality for men. There’s no question that the role testosterone plays in maintaining men’s health is complex and controversial. Dire warnings of severe, adverse… Read More »

B12 Vitamin Levels Linked to People Experiencing Less Brain Shrinkage

HGH docs 60 218x300Vitamin B12 Boasts Brain Benefits Simple Dietary Changes May Help Ward Off Brain Volume Loss in Old Age

By Robynne Boyd
WebMD Health News Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

Sept. 8, 2008 — Vitamin B12 may help protect against brain volume loss in the elderly.

That’s according to researchers from the University of Oxford in England.

The scientists studied 107 people between the ages of 61 and 87 without memory or thinking problems. The average age of participants was 73, and 54% were women.

What You Need to Know About the Hypothalamus Gland

Nervous system 300x300The Small Gland That Does Such a Huge Job When considering Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy, the first gland that comes to mind is the pituitary gland. This is because the pituitary is the gland responsible for producing and secreting Growth Hormone.    But all of the other glands in the body play vital roles as well. In fact, most glands work as a team, in the correct balance. Growth Hormone replacement therapy can help to maintain that all-important balance. Here’s a look at the crucial hypothalamus gland. The hypothalamus acts as an internal regulator of many bodily functions, such… Read More »

How to Battle Psoriatic Disease with Proper Nutrition

HGH docs 481 300x200Medical research increasingly points to out-of-control inflammation as a significant factor in both causing and aggravating many diseases, and psoriasis is no exception. But the good news is this – adopting an anti-inflammatory diet may help control symptoms of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. As with all other diseases, there is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment, and the same goes for nutritional approaches as well. But there is some scientific evidence that making changes to your eating habits can improve your health and reduce your risk of developing associated afflictions like heart disease and diabetes. Let’s take a look at several inflammation fighters…… Read More »

The Curse of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

nafldThe Curse of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease No question about it: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is indeed a curse. Liver disease often comes with a stigma of alcohol or drug abuse. But most of the people suffering from NAFLD are not problem drinkers or drug abusers. NAFLD is Often a Result of Genetics, not a Wrong Lifestyle That’s right. If your parents or other members of your immediate family have NAFLD, you are at high risk for the disease and need to be tested for liver function. This is true regardless of whether or not you are showing symptoms… Read More »

Healthy Living Can Add 14 Years to Your Life!

HGH docs 76 300x200

Taking exercise, not drinking too much alcohol, eating enough fruit and vegetables and not smoking can add up to 14 years to your life, a study says.

Research involving 20,000 people over a decade found those who failed on all criteria were four times more likely to have died than those who succeeded.

The findings held true regardless of how overweight or poor they were.

Increase HGH By Restricting Calorie Intake Before Sleeping

woman sleeping 300x200

What and when you eat at the end of the day can have a large impact on your body. If you eat the right thing at the right time you can actually lose fat while you sleep. Eat the wrong thing at the wrong time and you can plan on waking up with a little more body fat in the morning.

To successfully loss weight, you’ll need to stop eating two hours before going to bed. You should not feel hungry before bed, but you should also not feel completely full. When you’re trying to lose weight, going to bed at night feeling slightly hungry is actually a good thing. It’s your body telling you that what you did that day is working and you’re losing body fat. If you don’t feel this way when going to bed, you’re probably not losing fat.

Now lets say you follow your brain’s directive and eat close to bedtime, your body will not dip into the fat it has stored away, and will probably even store some more. Every time you eat, your metabolism increases slightly. However, this effect is minimized late at night. You don’t get the same metabolism boosting benefit when you eat just before bed, because a couple of hours after dinner, your body will start preparing for sleep. This natural slowing down of your metabolic rate overrides any metabolic boost you might get from eating. So once you hit the pillow, the only calories you’re going to use are the basic calories you need to keep your heart beating and your lungs breathing and allow your eyes to move in REM sleep. This is only a minimal number of calories.

New Study Says: The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy Outweigh The Risks

testosterone symbol 1 300x300The benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) to treat low Testosterone in both men and women substantially outweigh any risks according to the results of a new study presented at the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists’ (AACE) 24th Annual Scientific and Clinical Congress. Low Testosterone — also known as “low-T” — is characterized by the lack of sex drive, diminishing energy, hair, bone, and muscle mass loss, joint aches and pains, accumulated slabs of fat, depression, and mental confusion, or “brain fog.” The panel was responding to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) safety alert issued in March 2015 warning… Read More »

How to Understand and Deal with Cirrhosis

cirrhosis s1 facts 300x300How to Understand and Deal with Cirrhosis Cirrhosis. It is the most common liver disease. And one of the most dreaded and feared liver diseases. Cirrhosis is defined as the scarring of the liver tissue, and is caused by chronic, long-standing liver disease. Cirrhosis is particularly insidious since it can progress for years, even decades before it is detected. In fact, researchers have concluded that up to 80% of the liver can suffer damage before showing any symptoms. And often, when it is detected, the damage is irreversible. If cirrhosis continues on its path of destruction, the result may be… Read More »

Vanity Fair: Hollywood’s Vial Bodies: A Review

suzanne somers 300x300Movie stars have always been trendsetters. From vernacular to fashion, from fad diets to unusual fitness routines, the entertainment industry has had an enormous effect on what we do, what we say, how we think, and how we act. The latest trend the stars such as Suzzane Somers and Sylvester Stallone have latched onto is Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy (HGH-RT). Looking our best is, of course, a universal desire. But for those who make their living in front of a camera, looking youthful, vibrant and energetic is not an option, but a career necessity, as much as a hammer… Read More »

Stop the Chronic Inflammation Epidemic Dead in it’s Tracks!

FireStop the Chronic Inflammation epidemic dead in its tracks! Keep reading and learn what you can do to avoid the damaging effects of this health-robber Inflammation. As more medical research indicates, chronic inflammation seems to play a role in almost all disease and illness. In fact, many insist that it plays the starring role in diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease, heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease…the list goes on and on. But Inflammation is a Two-Edged Sword Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the definition of inflammation: the word itself comes from the Latin word… Read More »

How To Enjoy An Extended, Youthful Lifespan

walkingRegardless of your age — old, young or somewhere in-between — the time to get serious about extending your life and preserving your good health is NOW. The bad news: aging progresses a little, day-by-day. The good news: there are steps you can take to slow and, at times, completely halt the aging process. These are actions you can begin to make not years from now, but today! And it’s not a minute too soon for you to confront aging. Think about this… We have never had to face the hidden, insidious challenges to our health that we currently do…and… Read More »

The Calming Benefits of L-Theanine

meditation1 300x156Zen masters are known for their tranquility and seem to possess a unique blend of relaxation and alertness. Their monastic lifestyle, combined with decades of daily meditation undoubtedly explain much of how they have attained their calm, well-balanced mindset. But there is another overlooked factor: they consume large quantities of green tea, and one of the main ingredients in green tea is L-Theanine. What is L-Theanine? L-Theanine is an amino acid that is present in the tea plant and some mushrooms. The “L” is a scientific notation of its structure. Its makeup is related to L-Tryptophan, which is another amino… Read More »

Omnitrope…a Powerful Addition to Your Anti-Aging Toolbox

OmnitropeOur clinic takes great pride in all aspects of the services and products we offer. And this includes the individual attention you will receive from us. We are anything but a “cookie-cutter” approach, and we don’t believe that “one-size-fits-all.” We provide several different options for Growth Hormone replacement therapy, depending upon your health needs. And one of these options is Omnitrope. What is Omnitrope? The Swiss drugmaker Novartis has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to develop its new generic Human Growth Hormone Omnitrope. Similar to other Growth Hormone replacement products such as Genotropin and… Read More »

Improve Cognitive Function in Centenarians With L-Carnitine

Seniors taking break after exercise 300x201

L-Carnitine reduces physical and mental fatigue, improves cognitive function in centenarians

A report published in the December, 2007 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition described the results of a study conducted by Italian researchers which found a positive effect for L-carnitine (levo-carnitine) on energy levels and cognitive function in individuals 100 years of age and older. The age-related decline in L-carnitine, which plays a role in cellular energy metabolism, could be involved in the fatigue experienced by many older individuals.

In the Battle Against Aging, When do the Risks Outweigh the Rewards?

Coffee cup 200x300One thing most people agree on is this: aging is not for sissies. For most men, the combination of constant fatigue, increasing weakness and loss of endurance, nagging aches and pains that only get worse, and a severely diminished libido result in depression…sometimes severe and hopeless depression, even suicide. Therefore, it should come as no great shock that a growing army of men are willing to try Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). In 2013, more than 2.3 million American men used testosterone gels, patches, pellets, and injections. This figure is twice the number of men undergoing TRT since as recently as… Read More »

Modafinil: Is it the Real-Life NZT-48?

Encyco 300x180Here’s What You Need to Know About This Fascinating Nootropic In the movie Limitless, a struggling writer who just couldn’t seem to organize his thoughts tried a pill called NZT-48. In a remarkably short period, he developed the ability to finish his novel in just three days, in spite of the fact that before taking the substance, he had been struggling for months to get a single page completed. But that’s not all. He suddenly found that his mind had expanded to seemingly unimaginable heights. He had turned into a walking, talking encyclopedia of obscure facts and figures, and possessed… Read More »

Want to Keep Your Bones Strong and Healthy? Then STAY ACTIVE!

Tech 300x212When our ancient “hunter-gatherer” ancestors were engaged in a constant, life-or-death struggle for food and shelter, they were continually on the move…and weak bones was one of their least concerns. But that was then…and this is now. Health research scientists, fitness trainers, and physicians all agree that today’s sedentary lifestyle, brought on mainly by modern technology, is leading many of us toward weakened, brittle bones. Keep reading and find out why this is happening and, more importantly, what you can do to prevent your bones from joining this ever-increasing, debilitating trend. Why Your Bones are at Risk  Let’s face it.… Read More »

Pregnenolone: The Most Important Hormone You Haven’t Heard About

Drawing hormone sign 300x200Pregnenolone: The Most Important Hormone You Haven’t Heard About Undoubtedly, you have heard of Human Growth Hormone (HGH); Testosterone, the hormone responsible for males developing masculine characteristics. Estrogen, the female counterpart to testosterone; oxytocin, often referred to as “the love hormone.” Progesterone, which is a major contributor to the body’s support of pregnancy. Dehydroepiandrosterone/ Dehydroepiandrostenedione, also known as DHEA, an important endogenous steroid hormone that is known to have anti-aging properties, and cortisol, the so-called “stress hormone.” All of these hormones (and much more, too numerous to list) play a vital role in maintaining and regulating our body’s internal functions.… Read More »

A New Look at Stress…it is Not Always as Bad as it Seems

stressed woman 300x218You hear the same mantra, over and over again, almost daily and seemingly from everywhere. Stress kills. We’re chronically overstressed. We must deal with and reduce stress. It’s true that excessive pressure causes a plethora of problems that are harmful to both our mind and body. And it’s also true that in today’s 24/7 connected, rapidly changing, shrinking, crisis-filled world, we are subjected to a constant bombardment of “stressors” (circumstances that are stressful). Also, there has never been a time in recorded history where stress just seems to be increasing, at a maddening pace, without a break. However, remember this:… Read More »

Side Effects and Dangers of Human Growth Hormone

medical symbol 64 300x300Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been shown in some studies to have side effects such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Edema (swelling), water retention, joint pain, Gigantism (abnormal bone growth) and bloating. The symptoms listed for HGH abuse are typically a result of high doses, far beyond what is recommended. People with cancer, or at high risk for cancer, or have a family history of a disease, especially prostate and reproductive cancer should be very cautious before undergoing HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), and discuss your medical condition and family history thoroughly and honestly with your physician. Here’s why this… Read More »

Sugar Addiction: The UnSweet Truth

Sugar refined 300x168Sugar Addiction: The UnSweet Truth    A nutritionist once complained that there was a depressing saying she heard all-too-often from her clients: “I just love my donuts and cookies.” What is the problem with that saying? Your donuts and cookies don’t love you back!    As research continues into the health effects of sugar, a grim, stark fact is becoming more and more apparent: sugar is poison and wreaks havoc on your body in so many ways. Today we are more addicted to sugar than at any time in the past. Want proof? Check out these numbers: In 1700, sugar… Read More »

Vitamin D3: The Miracle Vitamin That is so Much More Than a Vitamin

Vitamin DResearch scientists continue to discover new benefits to vitamin D3. They have also found that vitamin D3 is technically not a vitamin, but a hormone…a potent hormone that can play many vital roles in maintaining your good health. This recent research has lead to the conclusion that vitamin D3 is more important than we ever believed. Let’s take a look at what vitamin D3 is, and the role it plays in your body. One difference between vitamin D3 and other vitamins is this: We, along with others in the mammal kingdom, can create Vitamin D3 by exposing ourselves to direct… Read More »

Foods and Supplements for Healthy Skin

women doctor 300x199When it comes to healthy, glowing skin, the first thing that most people think of is what they can put on their skin directly. Moisturizers, in the form of sprays, creams, and gels, promise to deliver a more youthful, radiant look, and they’re right. Many topical products can work wonders to restore your skin to the look you desire. However, that is only half the battle. Never forget that… Healthy Skin begins from the Inside Out That’s right. There is an ancient cliché that “you are what you eat,” and that applies to your skin as well. The good news:… Read More »

Gene Therapy

DNAWhat is a gene? Straightforward and easy answer: The vital portion of DNA that makes us who and what we are Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating miracle of nature Why do some brothers and sisters have different physical traits such as eye color, size, and temperament in spite of sharing the same two parents? It’s all in the genes, the part of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that is on a mission of making us who we are. DNA contains the blueprints for specific enzymes and other proteins. The genes include strands of DNA that whorl together similar to… Read More »

Red Meat: Good or Bad?

Steak 300x212Red Meat: Good or bad? Healthy or unhealthy? A-1 protein source? Or a precursor to a heart attack? Keep reading and make an informed decision.     To eat red meat, or not to eat red meat? That is the question, and it’s time to find the answer. On the one hand, many nutritionists and medical professionals warn that consumption of red meat should be either minimized or eliminated from a healthy diet. The anti-red meat arguments range from health reasons to the detrimental effects of meat processing and consumption on the environment and ethical concerns. Vegetarians can be extremely passionate… Read More »

Stop Suffering From Heartburn

heartburn 232x300Stop Suffering From Heartburn What You Need to Know About this Painful, Persistent Condition Heartburn. The scientific name for this problem is Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Whatever it’s called, it is a painful condition, at times incredibly painful. Also, it is common, affecting most people at least occasionally. To deal with heartburn, you need to know what it is, what causes it, and what you can do to prevent it in a safe, natural and efficient manner. What Exactly is Heartburn? You may have experienced heartburn. A sharp, red-hot pain that races through your chest all the way up to… Read More »

The Best Ways to Boost Your Levels of HGH

Misc pills 300x200How to boost your HGH levels: The personal guide to longevity and cell regeneration medicine and understanding these most crucial elements of healthy HGH levels. To get the best results with or without an HGH replacement therapy program, incorporate an overall healthy lifestyle. Here’s how to do that: 1. Regular intense exercise including cardio 90 minutes a day six days a week and weight lifting every other day (4 days a week) alternating the upper and lower body. 2. Take multivitamins, vitamin D, and Calcium supplements, amino acids and Omega 3 (fish oil) supplements 3. Stick with a low-calorie diet… Read More »

Piracetam: The “Granddaddy” of all Smart Drugs

220px PiracetamDeveloped in the late 1960’s, Piracetam was the first compound that was classified as a nootropic drug and is the most well-known of the cognitive enhancers. Piracetam was the first racetam to be synthesized and is the chemical from which the word “nootropic” was born. Piracetam was first used in Belgium in the late 1960’s, where it was tested in clinical studies. The former Soviet Union was also deeply involved with Piracetam and conducted several studies of their own. Piracetam is perhaps the most famous of the so-called “smart drugs,” for a few reasons. First, it works. Users report enhanced… Read More »

Weight Loss Through HGH

HGH docs 68 300x206December 19, 2008   

A recent report reveals that human growth hormone may be beneficial in helping obese patients with weight loss.

Patients involved in the study lost an average of about 5 pounds.


Calculated dose aids weight loss in obese patients, study finds

ST. LOUIS, USA – A controlled dose of growth hormone may help people who are obese lose weight and maintain the energy to exercise, new research at Saint Louis University shows.

Stewart Albert, M.D., professor of internal medicine in the division of endocrinology at Saint Louis University School of Medicine and Arshag Mooradian, M.D., chair of the division of endocrinology at Saint Louis University, presented their findings at ENDO 2003, the 85th Annual Meeting of The Endocrine Society, which took place in Philadelphia from June 19-22.

What You Can Do NOW To Improve and Keep Your Memory

confused elderly person 300x200Alzheimer’s disease. Among baby boomers, this is the most dreaded disease imaginable. In fact, the very word causes many aging people to shudder in apprehension. When it comes right down to it, our minds and memories are what separate us from animals, and to lose the ability to reason is to lose our humanity, in a sense. Also, Alzheimer’s is not the only predator lurking in the aging recess of our minds. Amnesia, dementia, mild cognitive impairment, and just plain old forgetfulness are all lying in wait to take their toll…and a terrible toll it is. Lapses in name recall… Read More »

Fed Up With Looking in the Mirror and Not Liking What You See?

man looking in a mirror 300x200Fed up with looking in the mirror and not liking what you see?

Discouraged that your workouts are not delivering what you need?

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Then it’s time to take action! Add DIM to your supplement menu and stop letting estrogen rob you of your manhood!

Ask any doctor. They will tell you the grim fact: their male patients over 40 have many complaints they never suffered from in their youth.

Take Your Brainpower to the Next Level with Noopept

sitting 300x169No question about it. More and more people are interested in boosting their brain power through the use of nootropics, or “smart pills” or “cognitive enhancers.” From students faced with the need to cram for an exam, aging baby boomers concerned about increasing “senior moments,” to overworked and highly stressed employees and business owners, our “24/7 connected” society continues to demand more and more from us…and we seem to have less and less time. Therefore, We Need to Work Smarter Working more intelligent does, of course, mean much more than merely taking a pill or supplement. Correct nutrition, sufficient rest,… Read More »

Low Testosterone Affects a Third of Young Men with Type 2 Diabetes

type 2 diabetes low testosterone 200x300New research has revealed that approximately one third of men aged 18-35 with type 2 diabetes have low testosterone levels.

Dr. Paresh Dandona and colleagues from the State University of New York at Buffalo measured circulating testosterone levels in 38 men with type 1 diabetes and 24 men with type 2 diabetes. Results showed that testosterone levels were significantly lower in participants with type 2 diabetes than they were in men with type 1 diabetes. 33% of participants with type 2 diabetes were found to have low testosterone levels, whilst 58% had testosterone levels that were below normal for their age. In comparison, just 8% type 1 diabetic patients had testosterone levels below the lower limit of normal.

How Do I Get Started With HGH Treatment?

HRT 300x200How to get started with Human Growth Hormone treatment? What are the benefits and possible side effects? What is the science behind these therapies? How do you produce the results you promise? Our focus is on anti-aging techniques such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Injectable Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy. Our mission is simple: smash aging and derail the aging express…once and for all! Our therapies are the most efficient, up-to-date and cutting-edge treatments available. Also, our procedures are safe. They have undergone rigorous, multiple clinical tests and trials and passed with flying colors! Our HGH therapy combines different anti-aging… Read More »

Guide to Injectable HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy: Somatropin

smallImageSeries_Somatrotropin1SOMATROPIN Somatropin is the scientific name for Biosynthetic Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH is produced naturally by a healthy human body. Though Somatropin is not biologically derived, it is structurally identical to HGH. HGH has several beneficial effects on the body. First, HGH promotes the development and growth of lean muscle mass. The number of muscle cells a person has is a result of heredity. After puberty ends, endogenous HGH plateaus and then recedes, leading to an atrophy of natural muscle development. The only way that muscles can become stronger is by enhancing the size and number of muscle cells… Read More »

Human Growth Hormone Explained

A game of tennis 300x200Hearing a lot about Injectable Human Growth Hormone (HGH)? Is Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe? Or Dangerous? Is it for you? If so, how do you get started? How can HGH benefit you? Finally, here are the answers. Discover the facts behind this powerful tool that can make you feel decades younger! Famous actors have been secretly using it for decades to keep their vibrancy and youthful appearance. Bodybuilders and professional athletes have proven its effectiveness in skyrocketing their performance. And now, regular, every-day middle-aged folks and senior citizens have jumped on the injectable Human Growth Hormone (HGH) bandwagon. Claims… Read More »

About IGF-1 Also Known as Somatomedin C

IGF 1 Blue image 300x200By Dr. Warner What You Need to Know About Insulin-Similar Growth Factor (IGF-1) Insulin-similar Growth Factor, also known as IGF-1, is a cell growth stimulating hormone that is also known as somatomedin C. This protein hormone is one of the body’s many hormones in the endocrine system, all of which play a vital role in cell maintenance in the cell life cycle. Seventy amino acids bind together with disulfide (any sulfide containing two sulfur atoms in each molecule – di meaning two) to makes up the molecule known for up-regulating cell development. The liver produces IGF-1, stimulated by HGH and… Read More »

Melatonin: The Body’s Master Clock

melatonin chemical 300x179In our increasingly fast-paced, 24/7 connected, “do much more with much less time” society, getting a good night’s sleep has, for all-too-many people become a luxury, rather than the necessity that it is. The pace of modern life, with a plethora of distractions and an ever-increasing workload, can make getting a good night’s sleep challenging…far more difficult than in the past. In desperation, many have turned to sleeping pills. But this approach has its drawbacks. Sleeping Pills Have Side Effects Here are a few of the potential side effects from sleeping pills: Burning or tingling in the hands, arms, feet,… Read More »

What You Need to Know About Somatropin (Humatrope)

smallImageSeries_Somatrotropin1Somatropin is one of the most modern and efficient forms of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Here is a brief overview of the substance. Somatropin is used to treat the stunted growth in children and adults who have an unusually low supply of natural growth hormone and in those with chronic kidney failure, Noonan syndrome, Turner syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, short stature at birth with no healthy growth, and several other afflictions. Somatropin is also frequently used to prevent severe weight loss in people with AIDS or to treat short bowel syndrome. Somatropin may be prescribed “off-label,” which is the use of… Read More »

New Study Finds Testosterone Does Not Increase Your Heart Attack Risk

Law1 300x254Undoubtedly, you’ve heard the warnings by law firms that always blare during radio and television commercials about the link between testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and cardiovascular disease. An official sounding voice informs you that: “If you or a loved one used a prescription testosterone patch, cream, gel, deodorant or spray and suffered a heart attack, pulmonary embolism, blood clot, stroke or died, you might be entitled to monetary damages. Recent medical studies have concluded that men who used testosterone supplements were much more likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke, blood clot or die than men who didn’t take testosterone.… Read More »

LabCorp Announces a Change to the Testosterone Reference Range

HGH docs 82 300x200LabCorp Announces a Change to the Testosterone Reference Range When you receive the results of a blood test, the numerical result will come with an average range that consists of two numbers: one low and the other high. The goal is to have your number fall in-between both figures, and place you in the “reference range,” also called the “normal range.” This figure is important since your doctor will question anything outside of the normal range. Makes sense, right? So far, so good. However, LabCorp, the largest clinical laboratory in America, recently lowered the testosterone reference range for men from… Read More »

Are HGH Releaser Sprays a Scam?

HGH docs 142 300x200Have You Tried HGH Release Sprays? And HGH Release Pills? And Are You Wondering Why They Didn’t Work? Keep Reading…And Find Out WHY You’ve seen the ads. You’ve heard the stories. Perhaps they made you excited about the promises that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) releaser sprays and pills could deliver to you…and maybe you even tried them. Guess what? You’re still disappointed. Sad to say, you see and feel no difference. Nothing. Nada. Zippo. No energy explosion, no fat cells magically melting down and vanishing. No reversal of Aging’s devastating, insidious effects. Understandably, you feel like you’ve been sold a… Read More »

HGH Sprays — Fact, Fiction or Scam?

What_are_the_Different_Types_of_Nasal_Spray 300x211According to all of the leading physician-scientists: HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Sprays are the least efficient way of receiving human growth hormone exogenously (from outside the body). Here’s why… First, because the dose in these sprays is so small (30,000 nanograms), at best you would get a placebo effect. Second, because HGH has difficulty penetrating the membrane of the body orally, thus it is nearly impossible to receive an adequate dose. Most doctors who prescribe HGH via injection consider HGH sprays to be an HGH scam. Most people who use the so-called HGH nasal or oral sprays, get no results… Read More »

New Study Shows the Debilitating Effect of Smoking on the Brain

cig smokeIf you smoke, the findings of this new study will make you at least think about quitting, and hopefully throw those cancer sticks where they belong: in the trash can, once and for all. We all know smoking delivers numerous health horrors: cancer, premature aging, gum disease, lung disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, heart disease…the list goes on and on, with too many other well-known afflictions to mention. But Now There’s a New One to Add to this Blood-Curdling List A new study has linked smoking with the thinning of the cortex, the brain’s outer layer. Neurologists have long known that the… Read More »

Lipocine Announces Positive Top-Line Results in Phase 2a Study of LPCN 1111

shutterstock_224070445 300x199Lipocine Announces Positive Top-Line Results in Phase 2a Study of LPCN 1111 Physician Prescribing Lipocine Male Hypogonadism is a condition in which the male body doesn’t produce enough Testosterone naturally, or can’t produce sperm…or both. Testosterone, of course, is of vital importance in allowing boys to become men. Some boys are born with male Hypogonadism, and all men begin to suffer from the condition around the age of 30. The effects can be horrible: weight gain, libido loss, erectile dysfunction, infertility, decrease in beard and body hair growth, loss of muscle mass, development of breast tissue (gynecomastia), loss of bone… Read More »

Low-T and Older Men: Twice the Risk for Health Problems

decline of testosterone with age 300x154One of the most significant concerns of men over age 50 is losing strength as they age. They don’t want to lose their independence because of frailty. So, what can they do to keep their muscles and bones healthy? The answer is, what’s really behind their loss of strength. Low Testosterone (‘Low-T”) Levels Increase a Man’s Risk for Disability Fact: certain forms of exercise, diet and supplements will help older folks keep their bones and muscles stay active as they age. But that’s just part of the story. A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism… Read More »

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) May Prevent Heart Attacks and Diabetes

Testosterone CHO 300x195Boosting men’s Testosterone levels could reduce deaths from heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes, United Kingdom (UK) doctors and scientists say. A team in Sheffield has demonstrated that Testosterone has a “significant impact” on the way the body handles sugar and fat. At the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting, they said low Testosterone (Low-T) was common in type 2 diabetic patients. Experts said the field was being “turned upside down” as Testosterone was previously considered a cause of these problems…not a method of prevention or a solution to them. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) was thought to explain why men are more… Read More »

How to Blast “BAD” LDL Cholesterol Out of Your Blood…with Food!

artery cp 584 300x168Most people know that there are two types of cholesterol: the “good” and the “wrong” types. The right kind is High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL), and it protects against heart disease by transporting excess cholesterol out of the body. The wrong type, Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL), circulates in the blood, blocks our veins and arteries, and causes a build-up of plaque — a sticky, gooey substance that sticks to our vessels and eventually hardens and becomes rigid and inflexible. This constricts our blood flow and can lead to a host of health problems: heart attack, stroke and accelerated aging. This is due to a… Read More »

Okay…You’ve Decided to Give Growth Hormone Therapy a Try…GREAT!

HGh vial 300x225Here’s how to make sure your growth hormone levels explode! Add these activities to your treatment and watch in amazement as your cells regenerate, and you turn the clock back by flattening premature aging dead in its tracks Human Growth Hormone (HGH) therapy is far and away the most efficient way to regain your youth, stay healthy and live a long, disease-free life. In fact, many medical experts and folks who experienced the miracle of Growth Hormone therapy agree that there is nothing else in the world…no other treatment or health regime…that comes remotely close to the magical effectiveness of Growth… Read More »

More Reasons to Consider Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone tag 300x200Ask any aging man… The effects of lowered testosterone levels that occur in an aging man’s body are anything but pretty: weakened, flabby muscles, steady accumulation of ugly, toxin-laden fat, chronic fatigue, annoying joint pain…the hits just keep on coming. What’s worse is that so many well-meaning “experts,” physicians included, continue to give their older patients that same old sad refrain…, “it’s natural and happens to all of us…just get used to it” or some other meaningless platitudes that do nothing…absolutely nothing…to help stop the advance of these sad-sack symptoms. But you can fight back with Testosterone Teplacement Therapy (TRT).… Read More »

New Study Concludes: Boosting Testosterone Levels Lowers Men’s Death Risk

depression worried 300x199If you’re worried about Testosterone Replacement, consider this: men with low Testosterone (Low-T) are not less likely to die. On the contrary, according to a recent study, they are more liable to die!     Men with low Testosterone levels after age 40 have a higher risk of death over a four-year period than those with normal levels of the hormone, the study suggests. However, researchers caution that the link between low Testosterone and early death is still somewhat uncertain. They add that it’s possible that a third unknown factor is responsible for both low Testosterone levels and increased mortality.… Read More »

The HGH Recommended Medical Dosage — The Importance of Blood Work

HGH doc 21 300x221How much Human Growth Hormone (HGH) does one use? It depends upon many considerations. Our clinic will consider your physical fitness level, your age, your medical history, your HGH levels and the results of your blood work. After a careful review of these factors, we will feel confident in providing you with a detailed, comprehensive and precise schedule for timing your HGH dosage. Our goal is simple: restore your Growth Hormone to your previous youthful levels. But we don’t want to overdo your hormone treatment. Our goal is to find the precise level of not too much and not too… Read More »

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: A Medical Alternative to Bariatric Surgery?

Obese Man 300x200CHICAGO – Testosterone replacement therapy may provide an alternative to bariatric surgery in severely obese hypogonadal men. Mean body mass index (BMI) in 46 hypogonadal men with grade III obesity dropped from 41.9 to 33.6 kg/m2 while they were receiving testosterone undecanoate at 1,000 mg by intramuscular injection every 12 weeks for up to 6 years, Farid Saad, Ph.D., reported at the joint meeting of the International Congress of Endocrinology and the Endocrine Society. The subjects, with a mean age of 60 years, were selected from two prospective registries totaling 561 men with a total serum testosterone of 12.1 nmol/L… Read More »

The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

apple cider vinegar 1024x576If you are trying to lose weight, it makes sense that drinking apple cider vinegar before meals will help you achieve your goals. Keep reading and learn why. Apples are a great source of pectin, and including pectin in your diet can make you feel sated and more satisfied. Since apple cider vinegar contains the same amount of pectin as apples (one apple has about 1.5 grams of pectin), it can similarly suppress your appetite. Also, there is science behind the reason why apple cider vinegar speeds up weight loss even more efficiently than eating raw apples. In general, acids… Read More »

Longevity and Anti-Aging — The Use of Flax Seed Oil

Flaxseed oil“Wherever flaxseed becomes a regular food item among the people, there will be better health”, said Mahatma Gandhi. He was right. The true nature of flax as a health food has been known for centuries. In the 8th Century, Charlemagne considered flax so essential for health that he actually passed laws requiring its use. Flax was one of the original medicines, used by Hippocrates himself. 

The Many Health Benefits of Beets

Beets 300x300Beets have long been the “Rodney Dangerfield” of vegetables because they are quite often overlooked, and therefore do not get the respect they deserve. However, beets are loaded with benefits, and can even be described as “the gift that just keeps on giving.” Keep reading to learn more about this under-rated but exciting vegetable. Beets are on the Front Line in the War on Osteoporosis Bet you didn’t know just how great beets are for battling osteoporosis. This red vegetable is loaded with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that play a vital role in maintaining our bone health. These include:… Read More »

Restrict Your Calories 30% and Live 30% Longer!

Contented couple 300x200Some people like Meredith Averill, 61, and her husband, Paul McGlothin, 60, believe they may have the answers and they’re putting themselves to the test in their quest for longevity.

The couple has been practicing calorie restriction for the last 14 years.

Calorie restriction is the only proven way to extend life to animals and, now, studies are getting started in humans.

Averill and McGlothin are the subjects of one such study.

They are calorie restrictors, eating only specific amounts of foods that are high in nutrition but low in calories — foods like vegetables, fruits, and beans.

Muscle Loss Can Help Be Prevented With Natural Acid Found In Apples

Apple 300x300A worrisome issue faced by aging people is the gradual loss of muscle mass that starts to accelerate past the age of 50. The medical term for this muscle loss is sarcopenia, and it only gets worse if you don’t do something to stop it. One of these measures is a naturally occurring acid found in apples. Keep reading, and be willing to add another weapon to your anti-aging arsenal. What Causes Muscle Loss? It’s a physiological fact. People over the age of 30 begin to lose muscle mass. They can lose between 3% and 5% per decade. It kicks… Read More »

Welcome to HRT, HGH and Testosterone Therapy

HGH docs 71 300x203Welcome to HRT, HGH & Testosterone Replacement Therapy Thanks again for contacting us and for your interest in HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). BHRT Medical Solutions has access to a network of board-certified Medical Doctors in every State and County in the United States for getting you started with the required blood work and physical exam in a single convenient appointment. Our Medical Institute provides medically approved HRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy) programs. We specialize in Hormone Replacement Therapy for adult men or women over the age of 30 who have symptoms of Andropause, Menopause, or Adult Onset Human Growth Hormone… Read More »

My Personal HGH Experience

handful of vitamin pills 300x200I’m a middle-aged man in reasonably good health and physical condition. However, after hearing “you’re in good shape for your age” for the seemingly millionth time, I was forced to accept a grim reality: No matter how much I exercised, and regardless of how strict and clean my diet was, I was gradually losing the struggle with Father Time. I then began to research nutritional and bodybuilding supplements. Up to this point, I had taken a daily multivitamin, Vitamins C, E and B Complex, a post-workout protein shake…and that was it. I was convinced I had all bases covered. My… Read More »

Welcome to the Miracle of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Coffee cup 200x300Do you Fantasize About Stopping Aging? Want to Regain Your Youthful Energy? Wish You Could Effortlessly Zap Your Ever-Accumulating Fat? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you are where you need to be…at last! Keep reading to finally discover the secrets of using a safe, comfortable, legal and proven method to turn the clock back…watch in amazement as your body sheds years, aches, and pounds…and experience a miracle transformation. How many times have you heard that exercise and correct nutrition are the keys to health and longevity? Also, why you shouldn’t smoke, and why you should limit… Read More »

Male Menopause…Fact or Fiction?

Aging post it 300x200Are You Feeling Tired More Than Usual? And are You Wondering Why? Keep Reading…the Cause May Surprise You As the months and years turn into decades, and you are blowing out more and more candles on your birthday cake, several uninvited guests continue to show up, seemingly intent on crashing your party: diminished libido, lack of interest in sex, constant fatigue, loss of hard-earned muscle tone, pounds and blubber increasing like feral cats, mental fog, trouble getting to sleep, new joint aches and pains…well, you get the point. Aging is assaulting your body, and the results are not pretty. In… Read More »

Learn the Link Between Diabetes and Growth Hormone

Main_symptoms_of_diabetesThe Surprising Link Between Diabetes and Growth Hormone   Diabetes. Like an ugly, insidious monster it is continually expanding, snagging more and more victims into its horrifying grip…with devastating consequences. Blindness…amputations…nerve damage…weakened immune system…depression…poor circulation…dry, wrinkled skin…kidney problems…the list goes on and on, like a macabre parade. And Low Growth Hormone Levels are a Huge Piece of the Puzzle Diabetes is without a doubt a serious affliction. And it is also a terrible condition since it is usually preventable and reversible. By making a few lifestyle changes and discovering the remarkable benefits of Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy, diabetes can be stopped… Read More »

Avoid Black Market HGH and Botox — Marina del Rey Woman Arrested in HGH Case — Guide

indictment 300x225 Note: Why you should only buy products from legitimate medical organizations (like ours).

Marina del Rey woman arrested in HGH case

By Larry Altman Staff Writer

Article Launched: 07/30/2008 12:09:34 AM PDT

A Marina del Rey woman has been charged with selling human growth hormone, fake Botox and a facial filler over the Internet to spas across the country.

Rana J. Hunter, 60 – who used the name Julia Lynn Forbes to run her business – operated Westgate Distributors, a company that sold HGH and counterfeit Botox and Restylane, authorities said.

HGH Secretagogue

exercise fitness tips 300x200HGH Secretagogue: Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy Using a Pre-Cursor Secretagogue Analog (Sermorelin) A Secretagogue is a substance that promotes secretion or release. For instance, the Secretagogue for Human Growth Hormone production. The content that tells your pituitary gland to increase HGH production is GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone). Sermorelin is a polypeptide chain that mimics the effects of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone — the substance that naturally tells your pituitary gland to increase HGH production. Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) Therapy Sermorelin, is a Human Growth Hormone (HGH) “Secretagogue” delivered through subcutaneous Injection — GH-RH (1-29). Growth hormone deficiency… Read More »

Study Examines Link Between Growth Hormones and Osteoporosis

Illuminated skeleton 300x300PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — For women with thinning bones, Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy is a different but possibly effective option for battling osteoporosis. “The idea of growth hormone helping osteoporosis is not new,” says Dr. Michael Farrell, an internist at Allegheny General Hospital. A study from Sweden indicates that women on growth hormone replacement therapy had denser, thicker bones, and therefore had greater protection from fractures. “This study looked at fracture risk, which is what you really care about,” says Dr. Farrell. The study involved 80 women, ages 50 to 70. For 18 months, they got daily shots of either a… Read More »

Menopause Drugs: Study Stokes New Debate Over Cancer Risk

HGH docs 113 300x200 Women who start hormone replacement therapy (HRT) soon after menopause do not show higher cancer incidence within 16 years, according to a Danish study published on Tuesday that fuels scientific discord over the treatment’s safety. Indeed, women who took HRT in the investigation had a significantly lower risk of dying or developing heart problems, the researchers wrote in a paper published on the medical website bmj.com. The new study was hailed by a menopause awareness group but a researcher who led a wider probe into HRT said it was worryingly underpowered


PS chemical makeupPhosphatidylserine If you’re interested in boosting your ability to learn…developing razor-sharp memorizing skills…dramatically increasing your capacity for learning and retaining new information…and adding a new weapon to your stress-busting arsenal…then it’s time you learn about phosphatidylserine (PS). PS is an essential fatty acid that our bodies produce in limited amounts.     Phosphatidylserine is in the family of fats called phospholipids and is a significant component of cell walls. PS helps them repair and maintain cells and improve their ability to communicate with each other.    Aging is associated with cognitive decline, as it is with so many other conditions. Typically, the… Read More »

Human Growth Hormone Options for Administration

The recommended dosage for Injectable Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy is one International Unit (IU) daily, five days a week. However, keep in mind that this dosage will vary depending upon the condition and age of the patient. Many of our clients choose Monday through Friday as the days to take their injection….and take the weekend off. However, these days are not set in stone. Depending on your circumstance, any two days during the week are acceptable for resting from your HGH treatments. What is not negotiable is taking those two days off. The reason for this is simple. If… Read More »

DMAE: A Safe Way to Boost Your Brainpower

confused elderly person 300x200DMAE Do you feel that you have lost some of your mental focus? Do you have more trouble concentrating than when you were younger? Are so-called “senior moments” happening more often? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, join the crowd. As the baby boom generation enters their senior years, a grim reality emerges: they ain’t what they used to be. Tasks that used to be routine are gradually becoming more challenging. These senior moments can lead to feelings of frustration…despair…and fear. Yes, fear. Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia are the most feared afflictions of older… Read More »

All About Aniracetam a Beneficial Racetam Nootropic

left brain right brainAniracetam Aniracetam — a nootropic — is a popular cognitive enhancer that many people find useful in becoming more creative, solving problems and allowing both sides of their brain to work together. Specifically, Aniracetam has been shown to have the ability to: Heighten ability to learn and remember Sharpen perception Introduce a calming effect, and combat stress Quicken reflexes Improve Mood Dramatically increase verbal fluency Aniracetam was developed in the 1970’s by Hoffman-LaRoche, a company involved in research, development, and manufacture of medicines, diagnostics, and vitamins. Aniracetam was first introduced as a nootropic in 1979 and was immediately subjected to an enormous… Read More »

Hormone Therapy May Benefit Some Women’s Hearts

HGH docs 157 300x212 Oct.

New Study on Menopause Drugs Stokes Fresh Debate Over Cancer Risk

HGH doc 261 300x216 By: Agence France-Presse October 10, 2012 7:03 AM OTHER SPECIAL FEATURES STORIES InterAksyon.com The online news portal of TV5 PARIS – Women who start hormone replacement therapy (HRT) soon after menopause do not show higher cancer incidence within 16 years, according to a Danish study published on Tuesday that fuels scientific discord over the treatment’s safety. Indeed, women who took HRT in the investigation had a significantly lower risk of dying or developing heart problems, the researchers wrote in a paper published on the medical websitebmj.com.

Behavioral Therapy May Help Hot Flashes

HGH docs 377 300x225 (Reuters) – A few sessions of behavioral therapy, even a “self-help” version, may help some women find relief from menopausal hot flashes, according to a British study. Researchers writing in the journal Menopause said that after six weeks of cognitive behavioral therapy, more than two-thirds of the women who underwent, through group sessions or self-help, had a “clinically significant” drop in problems related to hot flashes and night sweats. Hormone replacement therapy is considered the most effective treatment of hot flashes, but since hormones have been linked to increased risks of heart disease, blood clots and breast cancer, many women want alternative remedies.

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