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The Supplement That Has Withstood the Test of Time – Creatine

Creatine MT 258x300Very few supplements in both worlds of sports and nootropics (smart pills) have been studied and researched as extensively as creatine. It first appeared on the radar screen in the early 1990s and has proven itself ever since. Countless research studies have shown that creatine is not only one of the best natural compounds ever introduced to the bodybuilding community, but it has also stood the test of time that very few other supplements have. Many other products have come and gone, but creatine has shown it has staying power, getting better and better, and continuing to provide real-world results.… Read More »

Long-Distance Runners Have Higher Testosterone Levels

finger ratio 300x201Want to Boost Your Testosterone Levels? Then Start Long-Distance Running! Attention ladies! If you’re interested in a great sex life, look no further than a marathon runner.”Marathon runners are the best in bed,” proclaimed a recent headline. According to the latest scientific research, long-distance runners are red-hot…scientifically speaking. The headline is based on a study that merely looked at long-distance runners’ finger ratios — said to be a marker for high testosterone levels — not reported partner sexual satisfaction (or as other sources indicate, high sperm counts and “reproductive fitness”). If marathon runners are great lovers, and desirable to women,… Read More »

Does Working Out Affect Testosterone Levels?

Mountain climbers 300x225If you’re a man with low testosterone (“Low-T”), exercise may be your salvation Physicians, research scientists, bodybuilders and fitness professionals still have a lot to learn about training and its effects on testosterone. It’s not anywhere near as simple as it sounds, and many factors besides your workout are involved. But There is One Thing That Everyone Agrees On  Get off the couch! You need to stop merely thinking about it and get moving. If you make exercise a habit, you will get the benefits. However, if your efforts are sporadic, and you just go through the motions once in… Read More »

Why You Need to Add Squats to Your Exercise Routine

Leg MusclesAll too often, the average person is only concerned with strength and fitness in their upper body, to the neglect of their legs. Want proof? Ask someone to show their muscles, and they will flex their biceps…not their leg. This is a Serious Oversight In addition to being called a “human light-bulb” due to the lack of balance between your legs and upper body, there are other reasons to work the legs and work them hard. The legs are our source of power for just about any kind of movement of the upper body. And if you want strong legs,… Read More »

The Important Role Fitness Plays in Your Life…

HGH docs 110 300x160And how Growth Hormone can make your training EXPLODE! Keep reading and learn the facts of fitness It’s finally happened. You’re tired of looking in the mirror and realizing the toll that aging, combined with inactivity and lack of physical fitness has taken. The ever-so-slow increase of flab…muscle weakness…sagging, wrinkled, weathered skin…a receding hairline…and other effects of the disease of aging. And it’s Not Just Your Appearance If the above symptoms weren’t severe enough, there are also some uninvited guests crashing your party: joint aches and pains…inability to enjoy a night of deep, restorative sleep…constant fatigue…brain fog…depression…and more. At first,… Read More »

Common Mistakes Made in the Gym, From an HGH Perspective

crowd of people running 300x111Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to step up and buy Human Growth Hormone (HGH) through the legal process of seeing a doctor, getting blood work and physical exam, get evaluated and undergo hormone replacement therapy at our clinic. And to get the most benefit from your treatment, you have committed to get in the gym and add some serious strength and muscle mass…great! Now, it’s a matter of meeting your goals safely and efficiently. We don’t prescribe HGH for bodybuilders, but our patients who go on HGH and change their lifestyle by working out and eating right, will notice significant improvements… Read More »

What is Metabolism? Here’s What You Need to Know

metabolism 6 225x300Metabolism refers to a series of chemical reactions that create a living being. Scientifically, it’s a comprehensive term. In general terms, however, metabolism relates to the processes which sustain energy and burn fat in the human body. Our metabolism is at its highest when we are young. In our adolescence and teens, boys and girls often seem to have stomachs that are bottomless pits, especially if they engage in any reasonable level of physical activity. Metabolism remains very high during the twenties as well. Around the age of twenty-five, however, metabolism begins a slow, torturous and seemingly inevitable decline. After… Read More »

The Real Difference Between Muscle and Fat…and Why it’s So Important to You

fat vs muscle 300x170If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it seemingly a million times: muscle is heavier and denser than fat. And it’s true. Check out the difference between a muscular, physically fit 200-pound athlete compared to a 200-pound snack-food devouring couch potato. It’s hard to believe they weigh the same.  And what about your own experience? If you are working out hard, with the intention of losing weight, you are undoubtedly dismayed when stepping on the scale and seeing that you not only haven’t lost weight…but you have incredibly gained a few pounds! Body Mass Index (BMI) is the primary, go-to… Read More »

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