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A lush, wild scenery and natural beauty...waterfalls...amusement galleries and studios...museums...the excitement of the and performing opportunities...history...rose gardens...bookshops...highway 101 running a long the coast...the question is not “What is there to do in Oregon?” No, the real question is “What NOT is there to do in Oregon?”

Let’s take a look at the fascinating, must-see attractions that Oregon has to offer.

  • Portland. The most prominent metropolis in the state, Portland is a great place to start any trip to and through Oregon. There are many parks and gardens to see in Portland, and Washington Park is the perfect place to get started. The Portland Japanese Garden, the Oregon Zoo, and the famous International Rose Test Garden will keep you busy, and save time for a hike on some of the best hiking trails in Portland. The Portland Art Museum, the Portland Old Town Ghost Tour, and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry are also stops you can’t forget to see. Finally, the Portland Brewery Bike Tour, the Private Oregon Wine Tour, and the bustling night-life scene will make this city an unforgettable experience.

  • Mount Hood National Forest. Located just 20 miles from Portland, Mount Hood rises an impressive 11,239 feet, which makes it the tallest mountain in Oregon and the landmark of the state. Its slopes offer incredible skiing and hiking trails, a long with majestic viewpoints from the Mount Hood Scenic Loop.

  • Hood River. Located a little over an hour and a half from Mount Hood National Forest, the city of Hood River is considered a hub for all types of outdoor activities that Oregon is known for: camping, biking, hiking, windsurfing, and kite-boarding. And remember to hop on the Mount Hood Railroad for a scenic passenger excursion through the Hood River Valley.

  • Bend. Located a few hours south of Portland near the center of the state, Bend is surrounded by a panorama of nature: volcanoes, lakes, rivers, and reservoirs offer rafting, swimming, fishing, hiking, Kayaks, paddle boarding, rock-climbing, camping, and just relaxing and enjoying the scenery in the many parks.

  • Smith Rock State Park. Located near Bend, Smith Rock State Park is located in central Oregon’s High Desert near the small towns of Redmond and Terrebonne and is a popular destination of rock climbers from all across the globe – and with good reason. The park has more than 1,000 bolted routes up the mountain paths for climbers. And Smith Rock is not just for climbers. Photographers, hikers, and mountain bikers are all drawn to the park for its scenic views and its high-desert warm weather.

  • The Oregon Coast Trail. The Oregon Coast Trail begins at the northernmost part of Oregon, the Columbia River in Fort Stevens State Park, and ends at the California border. The trail is comprised of 10 different trail sections that span the length of Oregon’s 363-mile coastline. The trail offers hikers, bikers, and campers the chance to relax on the sandy beaches, watch the birds, explore the majestic beauty of the woods, and visit 28 small coastal towns. Camping grounds are available at almost every state park on the trail, and even camp on the beach (although you need to be aware of the tides).

  • Highway 101 on the Oregon coastline. If you are not in a hurry, consider driving up and down the coastline of Oregon on the famous Highway 101. Described as “as beautiful as California’s Pacific Coast Highway but without as much traffic”, this winding, leisurely journey is a picturesque exhibit of rock formations, awe-inspiring ocean views, multiple parks, small, iconic eateries, old-fashion bridges, vibrant colors, and convenient accommodations.

  • Cannon Beach. While you are cruising Highway 101, don’t forget to stop at Cannon Beach. The statuesque, monolithic Haystack Rock is, according to some local residents, the third-tallest intertidal (above water level at low tide and below water level at high tide) structure in the world. This is disputed, but the rock is indeed a sight to behold. Cannon Beach is also home to many hotels, restaurants, and boutique shops.

  • Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. Eugene is home to this unique cultural museum, which is windowless to preserve its rare works of art. The museum has been described as a set of samples from world-class museums all across the globe. Classic 20th-century photography, Asian art, Renaissance art, avant-garde Latin-American artists, Picasso, Van Gogh – please don’t be in a hurry!

  • Crater Lake National Park. At home in the Cascade Mountains of southwest Oregon, Crater Lake National Park has a landscape that defies an easy explanation. Created by a volcanic eruption approximately 7,700 years ago, Crater Lake National Park is one of the largest lakes in the world, and also one of the most beautiful. The Rim Drive is a 33-mile trek that allows you to see the majestic lake from several changing viewpoints and the light bouncing off the lake will constantly change the color. As always in Oregon, there are numerous camping grounds, hiking trails, and winter activities. Don’t miss this national treasure.

  • Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve. Accessible only through guided tours, the Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve will take you back in time through the amazingly detailed narrations of the guides. The cave's features must be seen in person to be fully appreciated since pictures cannot do the cave justice. The caves beneath the earth reflect changes above ground – discover how and why this happens in this fascinating experience.

  • And there is more to do in Oregon, much more. Astoria’s historical buildings, the coastal beauty of Newport and The Oregon Coast Aquarium, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, the sea-side whale-watching, and many more parks and natural attractions – Oregon has it all.

But you need to be full of energy to see all that Oregon has to offer

Face facts. As we age, nothing gets more comfortable. The pounds pile on quicker, the joints ache, the muscles weaken, and our energy levels often plummet as fatigue sets in and threatens our ability to enjoy life and do what we want.

And the drop in the level of our hormones plays a huge role in our gradual deterioration due to aging. And this is the area where we can help.

Our hormone replacement clinics are scattered across the state of Oregon, and we are ready, willing, and able to guide you back to your youthful vigor and enthusiasm.

Our specialties are human growth hormone (HGH) replacement, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), and sermorelin (a secretagogue which is a precursor that allows another substance to be secreted) of growth hormone.

Also, we will develop a detailed regimen of nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, restorative sleep, and supplements that will be specially created for you. We will consider all aspects of your current health and lifestyle and design a customized, comprehensive program to turn back the hands of time.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion about the benefits of hormone replacement.

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