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Washington state flag, medical clinics

Named after the nation's first president, the “Evergreen State” offers visitors a unique blend of fascinating, must-see attractions, both natural and man-made. From gazing at the towering, awe-inspiring Mount Rainier to following the Pacific Coast Trail across the entire state, Washington offers you two options: spend more time than planned on your trip or plan on coming back again.

Let’s take a look at some of the fun and exciting sites in the state that will be well worth your time to check out:

  • Downtown Seattle. The excitement of this city is endless. From the Seattle Harbor Cruise, specialty museums, and architectural, cultural, and historical tours to strolling through the underground pathway of Pioneer Square, and taking in a performance at Benaroya Hall, Seattle will challenge your endurance.
  • The Seattle Center. Do not leave Seattle without experiencing the many attractions of the Seattle Center. The Space Needle’s motto is “Experience the WOW” and the iconic view and the building’s structure will show you why. Built for the 1962 World's Fair, the Seattle Center is filled with many favorite places to visit, including the Monorail, parklands, museums, and restaurants. Art lovers will be happy to see the glass artworks at Chihuly Garden and Glass. Seattle Center also offers many theaters and stage attractions, and several garden and fountain settings.
  • The Pacific Coast Trail. The trail runs from Mexico to Canada, and for nature lovers, there is so much to take in. The 2,650-mile trail offers the beauty of the Sierra Nevada, lush, verdant forests, the strange allure of the desert, and many other wonders of nature that must be seen to be fully appreciated. The trail is billed as “a wilderness path in our backyard” and is guaranteed to make you aware of the importance of protecting our environment.
  • Puget Sound. Located on the western side of the state, separating the Olympic Peninsula and Seattle, Puget Sound is one of the rare islands that can be reached by car. Once you are there, be prepared to jump on a ferry for a day or two of island hopping. There are several inlets, islands, and unique worlds to discover. Whidbey Island is the largest island in the sound, and there you will find the quiet towns of Oak Harbor and Coupeville. For a history lesson about the native cultures that once lived in the region, Tillicum Village on Blake Island Marine State Park makes history come to life. Deception Pass State Park offers ideal grounds for camping, boating, and hiking, as well as a history lesson about the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) that built many roads, buildings, and trail to develop the park.
  • Washington State Capitol Building. While visiting Puget Sound, don’t forget to take in the State capital Building in nearby Olympia. The grand white dome of the Washington State Capitol building rises 287 feet above the tree-lined streets and center of town. Free, guided public tours give the highlights of the building, including the five-ton Tiffany chandelier and permanent sculptures.
  • Mount Rainier National Park. Mount Rainier is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, so if you can handle the risk, the mountain and the park are an absolute must for your Washington visit. Mount Rainier is the tallest peak in the state (14,410 feet) and can be seen for miles away in all directions. The Road to Paradise is open, weather permitting, year-round, and has been described “like you’re driving to heaven.” If you’re interested in getting out of the car and hiking, hit the around-the-mountain Wonderland Trail, and there are also several other hiking trails that tour mountain meadows, monumental waterfalls, and deep, thick forests. There are several areas to camp, so pack the tents.
  • Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. Speaking of mountains, no trip to Washington would be complete without a stop at this mountain. When Mount St. Helens explosively erupted on May 18th, 1980, it leveled the peak by 1,300 feet and much of the encompassing area. A significant cloud of ash rose 13 miles into the sky. Nearly 150 square miles of forest was gone, houses were swept over by tons of water and mud, and 57 people lost their lives. The landscape of Mount St. Helens has never completely recovered from this awesome demonstration of Mother Nature’s power. The eruption stands as a lesson in the geological activity still ongoing that can be viewed at the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument.
  • Museum of Glass, Tacoma. Located between Seattle and Olympia, Tacoma is one of Washington's larger cities. The once industrial town has evolved and added many prodigious museums and cultural venues. The Museum of Glass boasts exquisite, semitransparent pieces by world-renowned artist and Tacoma-native Dave Chihuly. Nearby, a walkway decorated with glass sculptures known as the Bridge of Glass allows visitors to reach the nearby Washington State History Museum.
  • Olympic National Park. Spanning nearly a million acres, The Olympic National Park has an incredible diversity of nature. From breathtaking scenery, the wide range of elevation and precipitation, to the 70 miles of coastline with several beaches, and the statuesque mountains, Olympic National Park has it all. The Hoh Rain Forest and the Hoh River Trail has several campgrounds and hiking trails for you to enjoy the massive trees and plentiful foliage. For a change of pace, take a dive into the waters of Sol Duc Hot Springs. The Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort offers rooms, cabins, and suites next to the Sol Duc River. While you’re there, enjoy the mineral pools and spas.
  • Spokane For a change of scenery, head east with Spokane as your destination. You will notice the bright sunshine, the large acres of farmland, and far fewer people until you arrive at Spokane. Sitting at the Idaho border, Spokane boasts of museums, parks, and gardens, a long with a relaxing vibe.
  • North Cascades National Park. Boating, fishing, hiking, camping, and basking in nature’s beauty are what is waiting for you at the North Cascades National Park. Located on the border with British Columbia, Canada, the roads in the park offer many wondrous views. Look for the Washington Pass Overlook, the aquamarine waters of Ross Lake, and the wild-west town of Winthrop in the Methow Valley. Lake Chelan National Recreation Area is where you will find one of the deepest lakes in the country and provides a sensational background for the mountain town of Stehekin.

With so much to do and see in Washington, you need to feel your best

   And that includes ensuring that your hormone levels are at an optimum balance.

  Our Washington Hormone Clinics offer a broad range of Hormone Replacement Therapy to qualified patients at several locations statewide.

  After our initial assessment of your current hormonal levels, we will design a therapy treatment consisting of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), or Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), or sermorelin replacement therapy. Sermorelin is a precursor of growth hormone that signals the pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone naturally.

Our highly-trained staff of medical professionals has decades of experience in the area of hormone replacement.

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