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South Dakota

South Dakota is the seventeenth largest state by area, but it is the 5th least populated state. That population is spread widely across the state, which may give the impression that South Dakota is a desolate place with not much to offer.

But that impression is misguided, to put it mildly.

Mount Rushmore...The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally...Native American History...Wind Cave National Park…The Black Hills...the sights and sounds of Sioux Falls...The capital city of Pierre...mesmerizing, spellbinding history...wide open plains...Deadwood, the town with a frontier, old-west feeling...The Badlands National Park...The Crazy Horse Memorial...The Good Earth State Park...The trail of Lewis and Clark...natural, picturesque beauty...a wide variety of entertainment...these are just a few of the things to see and do in South Dakota, and some of the reasons why spending time in the state is so special.

Let's dive into a few of The Mount Rushmore State's fun, unique attractions:

  • Mount Rushmore. This iconic stone monument is an excellent place to begin your South Dakota adventure. The intricate etchings of the monumental, stately heads of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt almost seem like they are ready to speak. Construction of the mountainous designs began in 1927 and was completed in 1941. When gazing at the mountainside, it is impossible not to develop a deep appreciation and respect for the sculptors' challenges. Learn the story at the Mount Rushmore Visitors Center.
  • Wind Cave National Park. Established in 1903 thanks to the conservationist and outdoorsman President Theodore Roosevelt, the wind cave has the title of the densest cave system in the world, the seventh longest cave globally, and the third-longest cave in the U.S. The creation of the cave system is a stimulating, captivating lesson in geology due to the unique conditions needed for the shaping of the cave and the solidifying and ossification of the minerals.
  • Crazy Horse Memorial. Mount Rushmore is not the only fascinating, historical, and exquisite carving in the mountain rocks of South Dakota. The Crazy Horse mountain monument is designed to pay tribute to the Oglala Lakota Indian tribe's most famous warrior: Crazy Horse. Known for his defeat of the U.S. Cavalry led by General George Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Crazy Horse waged several campaigns to preserve the Lakota traditions. But the memorial is not just a carving in the rock. The Indian Museum of North America is dedicated to preserving Native American Culture and educating visitors on Lakota life.
  • Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park. While you are in the western part of the state, don't forget to enjoy the fun and games at Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park. Swimming, fishing, boat rentals, climbing, hiking, guided trail rides, and a Buffalo Safari Jeep Tour will provide hours of enjoyment and take in the sweeping, panoramic sights and sounds of nature. Lodges, cabins, and several dining facilities will allow you to decompress and relax.
  • Deadwood. No visit to South Dakota would be complete without taking in the attractions and places of interest in the infamous frontier town of Deadwood. The name "Deadwood" conjures up images of the wild west, especially legends like "Wild Bill" Hickok and the Black Hills Gold Rush. On the Historic Old Town's main street, authentic cowboys perform reenacted shootouts, old-fashioned saloons abound, including the Nuttal and Manns Saloon where Wild-Bill was killed while playing poker, Mount Moriah Cemetery, the final resting place for many desperadoes, the Adams Museum, and the chance to pan for gold at the Broken Boot Gold Mine. The Boot Hill tour is highly recommended.
  • Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Motorcycles, motorcycles, and more motorcycles! Since 1938 the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has been THE Place for bikers of all kinds. The 10-day event begins in August, averages around 500,000 attendees, and brings in approximately $800 million to Sturgis and the surrounding areas. The massive extravaganza includes the Beard and Mustache contest, live music, Military Appreciation, a tattoo contest, the Legendary Sturgis 5-K run/walk, motorcycle shows, an endless procession of roaring Harley Davidson's, bar-hopping, more food than can be consumed, and a chance to meet some of the wildest, friendliest people you can imagine. Multiple campsites are available.
  • Badlands National Park. One of South Dakota's most popular tourist attractions, the Badlands National Park draws visitors from across the country and even from across the globe. The geological formations are stunning, especially when you consider that the park's underlying granite erodes at the blistering pace of one inch in 10,000 years! This drives home the immensity of geological time like nothing else. Native American history and culture, a wide assortment of wildlife, fascinating ecological discoveries, and the Badlands National Park Museum's collection of more than 360,000 components and artifacts are more reasons why the Badlands National Park is a "must-see."
  • Pierre. Located in the center of the state, the South Dakota capital city of Pierre is a hub of history, memorials, and museums. Be sure to tour the Oahe Dam for an up-close look at an engineering marvel. The South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center is a mother lode of culture and history of the early homesteaders, trappers, miners, and explorers of the region. And don't leave without touring the state capital building.
  • Next up is a tour of Sioux Falls at the eastern end of the state. An outstanding place to begin to explore the town is the Old Courthouse Museum. Located in the Sioux Falls Historic District, the Old Courthouse Museum was built in 1889 and is jammed-packed with exhibitions that highlight the area's history. The building's imposing tower has clocks on each of its four sides, and the interior of the structure is a masterpiece of quartzite material, richly colored glass windows, exhibitions from both WW I and WW II, the first four-door car that was made in America, a courthouse, and a two-story jail.
  • The Pettigrew Home and Museum. Another structure built in 1889, the Pettigrew Home and Museum, is the former dwelling of Richard F. Pettigrew, South Dakota's first full-term U.S. Senator, and is a genuine blast-from-the-past. Mr. Pettigrew was a worldwide traveler, and his home is filled with artifacts, souvenirs, and other objects that attracted his interest. The tour of the house and a stop at the museum will give you a bonafide look and feel of what the upper-class lived like in that era.
  • The USS South Dakota Battleship Memorial. Widely considered one of the most decorated battleships of WW II, the South Dakota Battleship Memorial is a wall constructed in the shape of a full-size battleship. The USS South Dakota was taken out of service, but the memorial contains parts of the original ship and artifacts like a simulated gun turret and an anchor. The photo gallery contains pictures of the crew, their living conditions aboard the ship, and the story of the bravery and determination of the men of the United States Navy in winning the war in the Pacific.
  • There are several other activities in Sioux Falls to partake in: The Great Plains Zoo...The Butterfly House and Aquarium...several parks...nature areas...hiking trails...the Sioux Empire Medical Museum...breweries...restaurants...theaters...and more...much, much more!

But To fully enjoy the attractions of South Dakota, you need your youthful vigor.

And that's where we come in. If you live in South Dakota and are experiencing a decline in your hormone balance, our licensed hormone specialists can help. We work with men and women 30 and older, providing prescription testosterone replacement therapy, sermorelin therapy, and human growth hormone treatment to patients that can benefit from these potent, energy-boosting treatments.

All three of these hormone replacement therapies have proven to be a valuable tool in the battle against age-related hormone decline, and thousands of patients across South Dakota have experienced the benefits of our treatments.

We work with local doctors all across South Dakota, and this allows us to deliver our expertise directly to our patients.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion and discover what hormone replacement can do for you!

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