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 Tourism is a gigantic industry in Minnesota: a $15.3 billion industry, to be precise. More than 270,000 employees work in the hospitality and leisure industries and represent 11 per cent of the “Gopher State’s” private employment and generates 18 per cent of the states sales tax revenues.

And there is a good reason why the “North Star State” attracts more than 73 million tourists annually, from all parts of the globe. Minnesota offers a broad range of attractions, from its pristine lakes and rivers, its large, exciting cities, historic landmarks, and modern appeals. Let’s take a look at a few of these enticements that Minnesota offers:

  • The lakes and rivers of Minnesota. One of Minnesota’s nicknames is “The land of 10,000 Lakes” and that nickname is appropriate, considering that there are by last count 11, 842 lakes in the state that cover more than 10 acres. If that weren’t enough, Minnesota is home to 6,564 rivers and streams and its portion of Lake Superior is the largest at 962,700 acres. Also, there are close to 10.6 million acres of wetland within the state borders, which is second only to Alaska. It should come as no surprise that boating, fishing, and swimming opportunities are abundant in Minnesota.
  • The Superior National Forest and Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Located in the Northeastern part of the state in Ely, the Superior Forest and Boundary Waters is an excellent place to begin your exploration of Minnesota’s wilderness. The area borders Canada and is teeming with superb fishing, boating, and kayaking opportunities, as well as a chance to spot wildlife.
  • The International Wolf Center. While you are in Ely, don’t forget to stop at the International Wolf Center. Wolves have remained a fascination for humans for centuries. The relationship between humans and wolves has a very long and tumultuous history. Traditionally, humans have viewed wolves negatively and considered them dangerous nuisances to be annihilated. This attitude started in European folklore and spread to North America. This was especially bad news for the Grey Wolf, a species that once thrived on the North American continent, but was decimated by the new settlers from the old country. However, in modern times the importance of the wolf to our ecological balance has changed our attitudes, and the species has made a comeback. The mission of the center is to educate people about wolves, how to react to them, and why their survival is vital to the environment.
  • Voyageurs National Park. Located near the town of International Falls near the Canadian border, Voyagers National Park is the only national park without a road. The only ways to get there are by boat or plane and that adds to the unique excitement of a visit to this national treasure. The park is a great place to discover the complex relationship between land and water ecosystems, between wild and developed areas, and between the southern boreal and northern hardwood forests. The night sky, exotic animals, and wild plants are even more reasons to make Voyageurs a must-see.
  • The Minnesota State Capital Building. As with all states, no visit to Minnesota is complete without touring the state capital in St. Paul. Construction began on the building in 1896 and was completed in 1905. Recent renovations have restored much of the building's original enchantment. Both guided and self tours are available.
  • The Cathedral of St. Paul. While you are in St. Paul, don’t forget to add a stop at the Cathedral of St. Paul to your must-see list. Built in the early 1900s, this baronial structure remains a pilgrimage destination for believers to uncover the history of the Cathedral of Saint Paul, discover parish life, and bask in the sacred music of the cathedral. Guided tours are available at select times.
  • The Mall of America. Before you leave the St. Paul area, make sure to shop at the legendary Mall of America. Located in the St. Paul suburb of Bloomington, the mall is home to hundreds of shops and dozens of eateries, as well as theaters and even hotels! Whatever you need, you should be able to find it here.
  • The Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge. The Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge provides the crucial role of allowing residents of Minnesota Point to connect with the mainland. Its importance is emphasized by the fact that the bridge operates through all types of inclement weather, around-the-clock, 24/7, 365 days a year. Watching this modern marvel lift and lower for ships is a testimonial to engineering excellence and proficiency.
  • The North Shore Scenic Drive. When leaving Duluth, if you are looking for a scenic drive, head north a long the shore of Lake Superior. There, you will find many of the best state parks in Minnesota that will be well worth your time to stop and enjoy the activities. Skiing, hiking, boating, fishing, climbing, and the picturesque sight of the majestic Lake Superior that seems to stretch to infinity are some of the sights a long the drive. An especially interesting site is the Split Rock Lighthouse, which was built in 1910 to guide the ships navigating the treacherous waters of Superior. Tours are available for the lighthouse, keeper’s house, foghorn building, and the comforting massive light.
  • The Minneapolis Institute of Art. More than 700,000 visitors a year make their way through the doors of the Minneapolis Institute of Art – and the more than 89,000 works of art on the institute’s walls explain why. The collection of arts spans the globe and includes both ancient and modern works. More good news: The institute offers free admission and free guided tours!
  • St. Cloud Clemens Gardens. The St. Cloud Clemens Garden promises “a truly unique botanical experience” designed to “awaken your senses” and allow you to “delight in the natural beauty”, and the gardens more than delivers. Put simply, the gardens must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. More than 80,000 plants are artistically displayed within a set of fountains, trees, ponds, swings, and benches. Experience nature’s beauty at its finest.
  • Itasca State Park. Located in Park Rapids, Itasca State Park enjoys the distinction of being Minnesota’s oldest state park and covers more than 32,000 acres of lakes and wild-lands. Lake Itasca is known for being the headwaters of the Mississippi River, where the mighty river begins to flow on its twisting journey of 2,552 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. The park is filled with campgrounds, hiking trails, lodges, cabins, and forests that are prime for exploration.

But you must be energetic and vigorous to enjoy what Minnesota has to offer

All tourist sites and attractions are virtually worthless to travelers and vacationers if they are not enjoying good health. And that is where our Minnesota hormone replacement clinics come into the picture.

It is a known fact that as we age, our levels of crucial hormones such as human growth hormone (HGH), and testosterone plummet. Without a proper hormonal balance, the quality of our lives may fall victim to a broad range of adverse health issues such as:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Unwanted weight gain and fat accumulation
  • Increasing brain fog, loss of mental sharpness, and growing confusion
  • Continual joint aches and pains. This condition begins slowly and gradually creeps up until it can’t be denied.
  • Loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia) and strength.
  • Insomnia and a lower quality of sleep.

Our Minnesota clinics are specifically designed to combat these life-wrecking afflictions. We have a holistic approach when dealing with these conditions that include specific advice on nutrition, hydration, physical fitness, stress reduction, supplements, and, of course, restoring your hormones to a more youthful level.

Our programs are uniquely created for one else. We will consider your family history as well as your current condition and proceed from there.

We have several hormone clinics in Minnesota that are conveniently located.

Contact us for a no-obligation, FREE consultation, and learn more about the services we have provides for countless people in the past – and what we can provide for you!

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