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Our HGH Clinic And Web Site Privacy Policy

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Security and Confidentiality

It is of our utmost concern to maintain the customer / patient confidentiality. All of the data that we collect from this website and our communications with you will only be accessible to our company as a means to provide you with services related to Hormone Replacement Therapy.

We assure you that we will not exchange, barter, or sell the data of our patients, and we must take care of the confidential data that you provide us any.

This company retains the ability to adjust and modernize any of our policies on the confidentiality and security of your information.

It is a truth of online privacy, and internet security is that the parameters are changing every day, and we are dedicated to using modern software and technology to maintain SSL and firewall technology as a means to keep your data confidential and protected.

As a rule, only we only allow our employees and agents to obtain clearance to your data through the use of tight security and unique passwords. Every officer and employee is given lessons on our privacy and confidentiality policies.

We continuously monitor and maintain compliance that correspondence, lab tests, purchasing history, and strict password-only access to sensitive data.

We suggest that all customers and patients retain a current medical history and data profile as a means to obtain optimal safety and results.


Our company makes use of cookies as a way to make your experience with us more useful. Cookies let us learn that you have visited our website, and also, cookies allow us to streamline your customer experience.

Simply put, a cookie is a tiny file that is saved on to the hard drive of your laptop, PC, or Smartphone. After the cookie has been preserved, our site will remember that you have visited the website before and it will allow you to navigate from web page to web page quicker.

These cookies are not harmful. Only our site has the means to recognize it. If you do not want to save cookies from our website on to your computer, some settings can be changed that turn cookies off for your browser. Querying “Remove Cookies” will most likely direct you toward further information on removal.

Querying “Remove Cookies” will most likely direct you toward further information on removal.

Credit Card Data

Our company places top levels of security regarding your credit card data. We utilize a technology known as SSL as a means to accomplish this. It is the best and most confidential form of transaction security regarding credit card usage on the web.

This technology scrambles your sensitive data as you send it from your computer. The data remains scrambled until it reaches the destination point of our secure server.

After it has reached us, the data is reassembled by the same program which scrambled it so that it becomes useful again.

There is no way to decode the information while it is en route, and our source code is the only tool that can be used to crack the code.

After payment has been received and the order has reached its destination, our company deletes your credit card data.

Electronic Mail

Our company fully recognizes that you have no interest to receive spam or unsolicited emails as a result of purchasing from us. We solemnly promise that we refuse to use your e-mail for any unauthorized reason such as to sell it to a third party.

All e-mails you receive will be directly from us, and the only reason you will ever receive messages from us will be regarding questions you pose or orders you place.


Copyright © 2006-2012 Human Growth Hormone Today Incorporated. All rights reserved. No information on this site is allowed to be copied for any reason other than individual and personal use without our express consent.

Other forms of proprietary consideration are also under this same notice. Do not redistribute, reproduce, or recopy this information.

Only under the conditions described above are you allowed to retransmit, republish, reproduce, modify, distribute, download, display or copy any content, documents, or text obtained through this site or any individual page, neither by hard copy or electronic means.

Also, you may not make any work of derivation using contained documents, text, or pictures unless you have obtained permission from our company.

No information on this site will give you permission through a license, estoppel, or implication to use any trademark or patent that is the property of Human Growth Hormone Today Incorporated or any parties information contained herein.

We will not fill out any prescriptions unless we have proof of ailment and age. We will use Consultation, Lab Work, Physical Check Up, and past Medical Data to make a correct diagnosis.


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