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Missouri Blood Testing Facilities

HGH Blood Testing Center By Labcorp Represents a LabCorp blood testing facility
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Blood Testing Centers In State: Missouri

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Buchanan County, Missouri

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Cape Girardeau County, Missouri

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Clay County, Missouri

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Greene County, Missouri

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Jackson County, Missouri

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Jasper County, Missouri

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Jefferson County, Missouri

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Lincoln County, Missouri

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In St Charles County, Missouri

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In St Louis County, Missouri

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Washington County, Missouri

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Other, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Boone County, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Buchanan County, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Cape Girardeau County, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Cass County, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Clay County, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Franklin County, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Greene County, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Jackson County, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Jefferson County, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Newton County, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Phelps County, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In St Charles County, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In St Francois County, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In St Louis County, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Taney County, Missouri

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Other, Missouri

Missouri state flag, medical clinics


Missouri played a crucial role in the westward expansion of the United States, and this is symbolized by the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Several household names like The Pony Express, The California Trail, The Santa Fe Trail, and The Oregon Trail all started in Missouri. As a border state, Missouri played a complicated role in the Civil War, with many intrastate skirmishes.

Missouri’s unique culture blends several elements from both the South and Midwest in food and music. Missouri is also a significant hub of alcohol production; Missouri wine comes from the Missouri Rhineland and Ozarks, and the state is home to Anheuser-Busch, the largest brewery in the world.

There are several tourist attractions that the “Show-me” state has to show you. Home to the Ozarks, Missouri is home to a broad range of outdoor activities and historical sites, a long with the excitement of the big cities and a dynamic music scene. There is something for everyone in Missouri. Let’s take a look at what Missouri has to offer:

  • The St. Louis Gateway Arch. The Gateway Arch is the iconic structure that visually defines St. Louis and is also the symbolic "Gateway to the West." In addition to the breathtaking views, the Gateway Arch has numerous things to see and do. Begin by exploring the museum exhibits, then hop on the 4-minute tram ride to the 630-foot high top, where you can take in the views of up to 30 miles in all directions. Definitely a great way to start your Missouri trip.
  • Forest Park. While you are in St. Louis, don’t forget to stop at this sprawling St. Louis urban park that draws millions of visitors each year. The park is considered one of the most beautiful parks in the world and is unarguably one of the most cherished civic treasures of St. Louis. In the park’s 1,300 acres, you’ll find lakes and streams, forests, nature reserves, ecosystems, and five of the region's significant cultural institutions, as well as several recreational options. In 2016, the park was voted as the #1 city park in the country by readers of USA Today. Truly a city oasis!
  • The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. This museum is one of Kansas City’s “must-see” cultural attractions. The museum is home to an extensive art collection, with pieces from several counties and historical periods, with a special emphasis on East Asian art. Don’t forget to take a relaxing stroll through the sculpture garden.
  • The Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum. This museum is a “must-stop” in Hannibal. One of Missouri’s favorite sons, Samuel Clemens (before he adopted the pen name of Mark Twain) called this two-story structure home from 1843 when he first moved in at age 7 until he turned 18. To understandAmerica of that time, you must read and understand Mark Twain – and this is the place that is a mother-lode of information on one of America’s most famous authors. The museum consists of two buildings that contain Twain memorabilia, such as the first editions of his books, photographs, original manuscripts, and the original desk where he wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Browse through Sam’s most famous novels-ride a raft with Huck and Jim, explore a cave with Tom and Becky, steer a steamboat and paint the famous whitewashed fence.
  • The Harry Truman Presidential Library and Museum. Another one of Missouri’s favorite sons, the Truman Library and Museum in Independence is filled with numerous historic and artistic objects that will give you a deeper understanding of “Give ‘em hell Harry” especially from 1945-1953. President Truman was undoubtedly one of the most impactful, controversial, and colorful figures in American history, and a visit to this museum will allow you to see why. A replica of Truman's office in the White House is on display, and President and Mrs. Truman's graves are in the courtyard. At the nearby Harry S. Truman National Historic Site, visitors can tour the Victorian home where the Truman family lived from 1919 until his death in 1972. The house contains original furnishings and other Truman family possessions. Don’t forget the souvenir shop, where you can pick up a copy of Truman’s Memoirs, a “The buck stops here” clock, and dozens of other souvenirs.
  • Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield. Located in Republic, Wilson's Creek is the site where around 5,400 Union troops and 11,000 Confederates collided on August 10, 1861. The Confederates emerged victoriously, but this battle settled nothing and led to more fighting in Missouri. Be sure to spend time in the Wilson's Creek Civil War Museum, where there is a fascinating collection of Civil War artifacts that will give you a deep understanding of what happened in the war west of the Mississippi and will share stories that will humanize the participants. Wilson’s Creek is considered the site of the first major battle of the Civil War in the West. A 4.9-mile paved tour road provides a self-guided in-car tour with several stops at significant battle-related locations. The Hulston Library is jammed-packed with government records, books, diaries, maps, and journals that will cut through the confusion of this encounter. Finally, there is a Fiber optic map presentation that recreates the battle and a twenty-nine-minute film in impressive HD
  • Springfield. Springfield is often overlooked, but don’t make that mistake. Springfield is home to the Fantastic Caverns, which is advertised as "America's only drive-through caverns" since the park offers a tram tour of the cave. Don’t forget to see the Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium, and the Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park, with several hiking trails, gardens, and playgrounds, and the attractive and zen-like Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden.
  • Branson. Often billed as the "Live country music capital of the universe.", Branson draws country music fans in droves, from all four corners of the globe. Downtown Branson is loaded with sights and sounds from live music, souvenir booths, motels, restaurants, and a ride on the Branson Scenic Railroad. Don’t forget to check out Silver Dollar City, where you can experience the Ozark culture of the 1880s, explore Marvel Cave, and see what a real mining town was like in that era. The cave was first discovered by the Osage Indians in the 1500s and has attracted searchers for the Fountain of Youth, miners of marble, and academic archaeologists.
  • The lake of the Ozarks. While you are in Branson, don’t overlook the nearby Lake of the Ozarks, a popular tourist attraction. Swimming, campgrounds, resorts, many outstanding golf courses, boating, and fishing are all right here. Be sure to stop at the Bagnell Dam and develop a deep appreciation of the engineering marvel that created the lake. And Branson is a perfect starting point to explore the Ozarks and see such attractions as Table Rock Lake State Park and the Talking Rocks Cavern.
  • Jefferson City. No visit to Missouri is complete without a stop at the state capital of Jefferson City. The city hosts a broad range of museums and art galleries, the state capitol building, the Governor's Mansion, the Missouri State Penitentiary, and the Missouri State Museum. For a special treat, visit the Lewis & Clark Monument for a moving tribute to these brave pioneers and explorers. Finally, take the time to appreciate the architecture of the government building and experience a trip back in time to an age of grandeur.
  • The National World War I Museum and Memorial. Located in Kansas City, this museum covers every aspect of this world-shattering, devastating, miserable conflict. The so-called “Great War” began in 1914 and, similar to the American Civil war, was seen in a somewhat romantic vein. But the horror of this war was anything but romantic. From trench warfare, the big guns of artillery, what triggered the US to enter the conflict, Germany’s U-Boat campaign, the Zimmerman Telegram, and the armistice that ended the fighting to the mistakes of the Paris Peace Conference, and the (sadly) timely topic of the Influenza pandemic of 1918, it’s all hear. Especially moving is the oral histories of the participants recorded in their own words.
  • Professional Sports. Missouri is home to several world champion teams. Arrowhead stadium is home to the current super-bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the 2015 World Series winners Kansas City Royals make Kansas City a hotbed of world-class sporting success. And don’t forget baseball’s St. Louis Cardinals. This storied franchise has an extensive winning tradition, and Busch Stadium should be a destination for all baseball fans.
  • Anheuser-Busch. 165 years and counting is the slogan of this massive brewing giant. A tour of the brewery in St. Louis will give you a riveting look at the brewing process, and a bit of relaxation when the tour ends!

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