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Montana Blood Testing Facilities

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Blood Testing Centers In State: Montana

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Quest Blood Testing Centers In Lewis and Clark County, Montana

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"Big Sky Country"...wide-open spaces...pristine lakes and fly-fishing...scenic mountains...national parks and forests...historic sites and museums...Yellowstone...a wild-west, frontier-like feeling...the trail of Lewis and Clark...ghost towns...a rich history of mining...Native American culture...fabulous ski resorts that attract skiers from all four corners of the globe...there is so much to see and do in Montana, the “Land of the Shining Mountains.”

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why Montana is such a fascinating place:

  • Yellowstone National Park. No tour of Montana would be complete without seeing the majestic Yellowstone National Park. If you have never seen a geyser, be prepared to develop a newfound appreciation of nature’s mystery and power. The Steamboat Geyser, the Grand Prismatic Geyser, and, of course, the iconic Old Faithful are all a huge part of Yellowstone’s allure. But geysers are not the only things to do in Yellowstone. Camping is available and the park has an incredibly complex ecosystem that includes plants and animals alike. Guided and virtual tours provide the opportunity to discover the park’s history, and the ongoing science and research being conducted.
  • The Western Heritage Center. As the largest city in the state, Billings is a great place to kick off a visit to Montana, and that includes a stop at the Western Heritage Center. Montana’s frontier history is both rich and fascinating and explains why this state is so special. Manufactured in 1901 the center contains an eclectic accumulation of more than 40,000 pictures and artifacts and more than 400 oral histories. The detailed descriptions of the Crow and Cheyenne Indian tribes are especially engrossing. The exhibits take a trip back in time to ghost towns, gold mines, ranchers, farming, and the hardships, rewards, and excitement of life on the prairie.
  • The Moss Mansion Historic House Museum. While you are in Billings please do not overlook the Moss Mansion Historic House Museum. Constructed in 1903 by Preston Boyd Moss, a successful entrepreneur, and designed by Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, a celebrated and distinguished New York architect, the mansion captures the look and feel of the early 20th century with the furniture, drapes, and carpets of the era.
  • Montana’s National Forests. Montana is known for its vast, wide-open spaces with good reason. The state is the fourth-largest state by area, and that leaves plenty of room for forests. Wherever you are in Montana it is a safe bet that a forest is not too far away. Montana is home to an incredible nearly 20 million acres of streams, forests, mountains, and other wonders of Mother Nature. There are seven national forests in Montana that offer wilderness walks, camping, fishing, observing wildlife, rock climbing, and just plain old relaxing.
  • The Museum of the Rockies. Millions of years ago Montana was not the friendly place it is today...far from it. Montana has been a paleontologist's treasure chest that has yielded a buffet of dinosaur skeletons and eggs. During the Jurassic period (200 million years ago) and the Cretaceous period (145 million years ago), Montana was home to many of the “Thunder Lizards” (aka dinosaurs) including the monstrous Tyrannosaurus Rex (“T-Rex”). The Museum of the Rockies located in Bozeman is the place to see the world’s most massive T-Rex skull, and “Big Mike” the T-Rex skeleton guarding the museum’s entrance. Other dinosaur species remains are on display as well, and the museum has Native American artifacts and other symbols of frontier culture.
  • The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center. Montana is known for its broad range of wildlife, and most of its native creatures are easy to find and get up close to observe. But there are two notable exceptions to that statement: Grizzly Bears and wolves. However, the Grizzly and Wold Discovery Center solves that problem. Located in West Yellowstone, the center is also home to otters, birds of prey, and ground squirrels. The kids and the adults will love this place!
  • Fly Fishing. If you have never tried fly fishing, Montana is a marvelous place to cast a rod and use the weight of the line, not the bait, to catch dinner. Montana is teeming with countless creeks and mountain streams as well as two major rivers: the Blackfoot River and the Gallatin River. The 1992 movie A River Runs Through It was filmed at the Blackfoot. The state is also home to a wealth of guide shops that can get you going.
  • The C.M. Russell Museum Complex. Located in In Great Falls, the C.M. Russell Museum Complex is home to the widely acclaimed artworks of Charles M. Russell (1864-1926), aka “The Cowboy Artist.” Russell had the uncanny knack for transforming his wild and unconventional life experiences into his watercolor paintings. From working as a cowboy and living with Native Americans to capturing wild horses and herding cattle, his artwork vividly displays the wild, untamed Montana of his time. Selected as a national landmark, the museum uniquely captures the frontier spirit and feel of Montana with paintings, culture, exhibitions, a virtual museum, a research center, artifacts, souvenirs, movies, and presentations.
  • The Big Sky Resort. Located in Big Sky about 45 miles southwest of Bozeman, the Big Sky resort boasts of 5,850 ski-able acres, 4,350 vertical feet, 39 lifts, and 1 lone peak. Also, the resort offers tram guides, book skiing lessons, and programs. Not up to skiing? No problem, there is so much more to do at Big Sky. Golf, Mountain Biking, Scenic Lift Rides, Guided Hikes, and Zipline Tours will keep you entertained. The grandiose, majestic backdrop of the resort must be experienced in person to be fully appreciated.
  • The World Museum of Mining. With the breath-taking, formidable Northern Rocky Mountains in Western Montana, the state has always been fertile grounds for mining for several minerals: gold, silver, copper, and lead have accumulated from the streams and the hard rock deposits. Located in Butte, the World Museum of Mining is the place to discover the captivating history of mining in the state. Butte was formerly known as “The Richest Hill on Earth”, and the museum is proud to share the history and culture of the region. Mining camps, an underground mine tour, several exhibit buildings, and numerous artifacts will offer an absorbing and gripping glimpse of the world of mining. There are rumors of paranormal activity at the museum, especially at the Orphan Girl Mine that pays homage to the approximately 2,500 men that have lost their lives in the Silver Bowl Mining District since 1865. Haunted? You be the judge!
  • Glacier National Park. The pride of Northwest Montana, Glacier National Park has it all...countless pristine lakes, towering waterfalls, dense, verdant forests, more than 700 miles of hiking trails, astonishing biodiversity of plants and animals, snow-capped meadows, stunning glaciers, camping, and hiking. Don’t be in a hurry to leave as there is so much to experience.
  • The State Capitol in Helena. Please don't consider a vacation in Montana without a tour of the Montana State Capital in Montana’s capital city of Helena. The capital building was erected between 1896 and 1902 with Montana granite and sandstone. The architectural style is Greek Classic with a copper-covered dome and a statue of Lady Liberty perched atop the dome. The staircases, hallways, artworks, informational memorials, and grounds are graceful and decorous. Guided tours are available, and don’t forget to take pictures!
  • There is more to see in Montana...much, much more!

But you need to be vigorous and energetic to enjoy the tourist attractions that Montana has to offer.

And our Montana clinics have just what you need

      As we age, we experience a drop in the levels of our most crucial hormones, especially testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH).

   The results of this loss are not pretty: fatigue, frequent aches, and pains, muscle shrinkage and weakness, stiffness, insomnia, brain fog...the parade of problems that aging brings never seem to slow down.

   However, it is possible to slow down this unwanted parade with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Our Montana clinics specialize in developing the right hormone regimen designed specifically for you.

Our specialties include Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy, and Sermorelin therapy.

We also offer comprehensive nutritional guidance, physical fitness regimens, and several other holistic health recommendations that will ensure you derive the maximum benefit from your hormone replacement treatment,

   Contact us for a FREE, no-obligation discussion of what hormone replacement can do for you!


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