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Kentucky Blood Testing Facilities

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Blood Testing Centers In State: Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Bell County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Breathitt County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Caldwell County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Crittenden County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Daviess County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Fayette County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Franklin County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Jefferson County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Kenton County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Laurel County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Lawrence County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Madison County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Mason County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In McCracken County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Montgomery County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Nelson County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Pike County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Pulaski County, Kentucky

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Whitley County, Kentucky

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Fayette County, Kentucky

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Jefferson County, Kentucky

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Montgomery County, Kentucky

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Whitley County, Kentucky

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The pageantry of the Kentucky Derby...the home of the “Louisville Slugger” baseball bat...natural springs...awe-inspiring caves...the famous Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington...the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln...unique karst geology...the Daniel Boone National Forest...eloquent caves...natural springs, and a rich, fascinating array of geography and cultural history...the “Bluegrass State” has something for everyone. Let’s take a look at a few of the attractions of Kentucky:

  • The Kentucky Derby. The first Saturday of May is known world-wide as “Kentucky Derby Day” and is the first leg of the prestigious Triple Crown of horse racing. Held at Churchill Downs a stone’s throw from Louisville, the pageantry of the event is almost as alluring as the race itself. Just next door to the racetrack, the Kentucky Derby Museum offers exhibits that tell the history of the Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs since its beginning in 1875 and exhibits about thoroughbred horses' lives and training. On race day, the sights in the stands are dazzling, to put it mildly: the outlandish hats of the women in their fancy gowns, the iconic cuisine, the scenic interior of the track, and the somber rendition of “My Old Kentucky Home” must be seen and heard to be fully appreciated. Don’t forget to sip on a Mint Jupel!
  • Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. No visit to Louisville would be complete without a stop at this iconic mecca of America’s national pastime. When driving on I-71 in the heart of the city you can’t miss the towering 120-foot-tall replica of Babe Ruth's Louisville Slugger sitting at the entrance and protruding almost to the freeway. The factory tour offers you a chance to see the craftsmanship involved in transforming a piece of wood into a tool that Major League baseball players have used in the big leagues since 1884. The museum tour is loaded with fascinating details about the heavy hitters that blasted pitches over the fence using the Louisville Slugger. Baseball aficionados will marvel at the bat used by the original home run king Babe Ruth for 21 of his 1927 home runs, including the notches the Bambino carved around the logo for each of those smashes. Also here are the and “Joltin Joe” DiMaggio's bat from his 56-game hitting streak, and the bats used to hit Hank “Hammerin Hank” Aaron's 700th home run.
  • Muhammad Ali Center. One of Louisville’s favorite sons, Muhammad Ali was a towering figure that transformed the sport of boxing. From his capturing the Olympic Gold Medal, winning the heavyweight championship at a young age, refusing to be drafted, being stripped of his title and denied a license to box for three years, and regaining the title, “The Greatest” had a style that will never be duplicated. Also, his shadow cast across the globe for more than just boxing. His outspokenness, his controversial views on religion and politics, and his poetry and quick wit made him a figure that was larger then life. The center tells the Ali story through exhibits and films. Don’t forget to try your hand on the speed bag that Ali used in his practice room.
  • Louisville Mega Cavern. No visit to Louisville would be complete without a tour of the Louisville Mega Cavern that lies underneath the city. Encompassing more than 100 acres, the space began as a limestone quarry in the 1930s and was actively mined until the 1970s. Later, it was converted into an underground storage facility and opened for tours. The tram tour gives tourists an up-close look at the inner workings of the cavern and provides fascinating commentary on the cavern's history and engineering.
  • Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park. As one of the most impactful, controversial, and revered presidents in American history, Abraham Lincoln is still a topic of debate and historical revisionism more than 150 years after his death. The future president got his start in a humble one-room house in 1809. The Lincoln Memorial is enshrined in a memorial building on the site where he was born near Sinking Springs Farm located near Hodgenville. 56 steps that signify Lincoln’s age at his death lead to the memorial.
  • Daniel Boone National Forest. Named after another Kentucky native son, The Daniel Boone National Forest occupies an area that blankets 21 counties in eastern Kentucky and covers more than 708,000 acres. Enjoy the park’s many-sided terrain of sandstone cliffs, gorges, and ravines created over thousands of years by rivers and streams, and the Natural Bridge, which measures a towering 65 feet high and 75 feet wide. Created by the erosive forces of wind and water, it is a testimonial to the slow-acting but powerful forces of geology. Hikers will have the opportunity to do what they love in the park’s many trails. Among the park's many trails. The Barren Folk Accessible Heritage Trail is nearest to Whitley City and the trail tells the story of Barren Folk Mining and Coal and the people who inhabited the isolated mining town.
  • Kentucky Horse Park. When the topic of Kentucky horse racing comes up, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is the Kentucky Derby. But it is a mistake to overlook The Kentucky Horse Park. Located just north of Lexington, the park is dedicated to all aspects of horses: working horses, racing horses, small horses, The Hall of Champions which houses retired champion racehorses, draft horses, and the various breeds of horses. Several museums cover all of these topics in detail in a fun, entertaining manner.
  • Great American Dollhouse Museum. Located in Danville, The Great American Dollhouse Museum has galleries that include more than 200 dollhouses, room boxes, and miniatures. The largest section of the museum is home to a series of historic miniatures that depict eras, locations, and people from various times and places in American history, from the native populations to the present. The Museum’s unique focus is the depiction of American social history in miniature, and it tells several stories in a unique, charming way.
  • Newport Aquarium. The Newport Aquarium is the place to see and discover fascinating facts concerning diverse aquatic life through its elaborate system of tunnels. The Amazon Tunnel allows you to walk through the habitat of the imposing Arapaima, an air-breathing fish as it meanders in a river in the Amazon. Check out more of the world’s most exotic aquatic creatures: penguins, rare white alligators, sharks, eels, and stingrays. Cross the Shark Bridge if you dare; you will be just inches above a tank full of man-eating sharks on a rope bridge.
  • Lost River Cave. Located in Bowling Green, the Lost River Cave offers several ways to experience the wonderment of Kentucky's unique karst geology. Especially popular is the boat tour of a huge cave. Also, feel free to explore the grounds and uncover the natural spring, limestone bluffs, and the remains of old mining structures. The Lost River Cave has been many things: an ancient native hunting ground, a Civil War encampment for both the Union and Confederacy, a hideout for the infamous outlaw Jesse James, and a wild, underground depression-era nightclub.
  • National Corvette Museum. While you are in Bowling Green, a stop at the National Corvette Museum needs to be on your agenda. The Corvette has long been considered to be America’s Sports Car due to its power, speed, and sleek, aerodynamic design. Opened in 1994, the Corvette Museum’s mission is to preserve its past, present, and future of the car, and educate the public about Corvette. Start your tour by discovering the facts about the February 12, 2014 sinkhole in the Museum’s Skydome which swallowed eight Corvettes. Though the sinkhole has since been filled, the story continues to captivate audiences. An exhibit opened tells the story of what happened that day, why it happened, what cars were affected, how they were recovered, what karst landscapes and caves are, how the building was fixed and much more. The recovery of the Corvettes from the sinkhole was no easy task! For most people, the idea of caves and sinkholes can be absorbing, and sometimes frightening. But for folks living in South Central Kentucky, they are a way of life. This exhibit delves deeply into what lurks under the surface of our feet. What is karst? How do caves form? What kind of sinkholes are there? Are we safe? The Skydome also has an exhibit where all eight of the sinkhole corvettes” are on display.
  • Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Known as the first great gateway to the west, the Cumberland Gap is a crucial route that cuts through the Cumberland Mountains. This 760-foot-deep cut was used as a pass-through by Native Americans. After the storied explorer Daniel Boone forged his Wilderness Trail into Kentucky in 1775, white settlers passed through the Cumberland Mountains during their trek westward. To discover the region's significance, the park offers a museum, tours, and several hiking trails to the majestic views of the Gap and the hills.
  • Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. Located in Corbin, The Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is known as the "Niagara of the South." The 125-foot wide falls drop 68 feet into the Cumberland River, and under a full moon shows the only "moonbow" in the western hemisphere. In addition to gazing at nature's panoramic offerings, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, camping, swimming, birding, fishing, rafting, and horseback riding.
  • Mammoth Cave National Park. Located about 80 miles south of Louisville, The Mammoth Cave lies in the "Land of 10,000 Sinks" or the Caveland Corridor. The unique karstic geological features of Kentucky are on full display here with the parks rolling hills, deep river valleys, the world's longest known cave system, and rich diversity of plant and animal life. Several tours are available, and if you are not in a hurry the park also offers opportunities for camping, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, bicycling, hiking, and horseback riding.

To fully enjoy the adventure of exploring Kentucky, you need your youthful pep.

And that’s where we can help. If you live in Kentucky and are experiencing a decline in your hormone balance, our Licensed Hormone Specialists can help. We work with men and women 30 and older, providing prescription testosterone replacement therapy, sermorelin therapy, and human growth hormone treatment to patients that can benefit from these potent, energy-boosting treatments.

All three of these hormone replacement therapies have proven to be a valuable tool in the battle against age-related hormone decline, and thousands of patients across Kentucky have experienced the benefits of our treatments.

We work with local doctors all across Kentucky, and this allows us to deliver our expertise directly to our patients.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion and discover what hormone replacement can do for you!


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