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Kansas Blood Testing Facilities

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Blood Testing Centers In State: Kansas

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Johnson County, Kansas

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Riley County, Kansas

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Saline County, Kansas

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Sedgwick County, Kansas

LabCorp Blood Testing Centers In Wyandotte County, Kansas

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Douglas County, Kansas

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Ellis County, Kansas

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Johnson County, Kansas

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Riley County, Kansas

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Sedgwick County, Kansas

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Shawnee County, Kansas

Quest Blood Testing Centers In Wyandotte County, Kansas

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Kansas represents many images to different people: Wide open plains...Dodge City...The Wizard of Oz...gigantic fields of corn and wheat…“The Wheat State”...Native American history...Boot Hill...Buffalo Bill...Wild Bill Hickok...Fort Larned...the endless attractions a long the I-70 freeway...the cultural events in Topeka and Wichita...the birthplace of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Evel Knievel...and more.

It’s true that there is so much to see and do in the “The Jayhawker State”, and the Kansas state anthem Home on the Range conjures up a fascinating history. Let’s take a look at some of the many reasons for you to add “The Sunflower State” to your vacation destinations.

  • Kansas State Capitol, Topeka. The Kansas State Capital City of Topeka is a great place to begin your journey of Kansas, and how better to start than the Kansas State Capital building. The capitol’s grounds are beautifully manicured and spread out over 20 acres. Construction on the building began in 1866, and recent restorations were designed to allow you to step back in time since the building has the original feel. The copper interior has been refurbished and produces a gleaming ambiance. The walls are covered with paintings that cover all aspects of Kansas history, and if you feel up to it, climb the 26 steps to the dome, go out on the deck, and enjoy the spectacular view of Topeka. Finally, don’t forget to take a picture of The Ad Astra of the Kansa People that sits on the top of the building.
  • Evel Knievel Museum, Topeka. Evel Knievel was a one-of-a-kind American icon. It’s a safe bet that we will never see another wild daredevil quite like Evel. Even if motorcycles aren’t your thing, or if you weren’t a fan of Knievel, this place is still worth seeing. The museum has the stories of his numerous, death-defying motorcycle jumps, his many motorcycles, his helmets and leather protective suits, and his beloved 1974 Mack Truck known as “Big Red.” The gift shop is filled with Evel memorabilia, and there is also a broken bone interactive complete with the countless x-rays from Knievel’s stunts gone wrong. The price he paid for his fame and glory was indeed steep, and you can see that for yourself. Finally, experience what a real jump is like through the 4D jump experience.
  • Sedgwick County Zoo, Wichita. With more than 3,000 animals representing over 400 different species calling the Sedwick Zoo home, this place is an absolute “must-see”, especially for the kids. Big cats, reptiles, fish, deer, chimps, rhinos, zebras, giraffes, bears, invertebrates, and birds are enough to keep you fascinated and entertained for hours. If the animals weren’t enough, there are also several exhibits designed to allow you to enter the world of the animals and see things from their viewpoint. The zoo is a captivating and intriguing experience that you won’t soon forget.
  • Botanica Wichita Gardens. To slow the pace down considered a relaxing stroll through the Botanic Wichita Gardens. With more than 30 different themed gardens and exhibits, there is something here that will interest everyone. From walks through the woods, greenhouses, tulips, evergreens, aquatic gardens, birds, and a butterfly house, this is the perfect place to relax, and enjoy nature
  • Buffalo Bill Cultural Center. Located in Oakley right off exits 70 and 76 on I-70, the center greets visitors with an impressive statue of William F. Cody, aka “Buffalo Bill, and, of course, a huge, life-like buffalo. The center is a historian’s delight since it is filled with displays, artworks, maps, stuffed bison, and a gift shop. Learn the connection that Buffalo Bill had with Kansas.
  • Monument Rocks. While you are in Oakley don’t forget to check out Monument Rocks. The picturesque rock formations will give you a lesson in geology since scientists estimate that the rocks began to form around 80 million years ago on the floor of the inland sea that engulfed the land that became Kansas. Considering that the sediment grew to its current height of several hundred feet at the blistering pace of 0.0014 inches per year gives a silent testimonial to the power and patience of Mother Nature.
  • Fort Larned National Historic Site. If you ever wondered what day-to-day living was like in the US Army in the mid-19th century, Fort Larned will give you an interactive education of the hardships many of the soldiers faced. Watch the old cannons fire, stroll through the original sandstone structures, enter the barracks that are in the exact condition they were when the fort was built in 1859, where the troops ate, listen to a real-life blacksmith explain the technology of the day, and then watch him demonstrate his craft, see how the officers lived in Officers Row, visit the commissary, the arsenal, and the supply room. The fort is located 6 miles west of the town of Larned on KS Hwy 156.
  • Boot Hill, Dodge City. No trip to Kansas would be complete without experiencing the wildness of frontier life at Dodge City. Parts of the town are remarkably similar to what they looked like in the 1870s, so this is truly a trip back in time. The Boot Hill Museum is an absolute must-stop and coves all aspects of life in the city’s early years, including social life and the business environment. The one-room schoolhouse makes you aware of the challenge of education at that time, the jail will make you glad you didn’t have to spend time in it, the general store is barren compared to modern-day supermarkets, and the saloon lacked modern amenities like air conditioning and refrigeration. But the allure of the town is indescribable. For entertainment don’t miss the reenactments of the old-west style shootouts of the Boot Hill gunslingers who were quick or dead.
  • Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum, and Boyhood Home, Abilene. Dwight D. Eisenhower was undoubtedly one of the most towering, influential figures in American history. The manuscripts at the library are a historian’s delight come true and cover dozens of topics. “Ike” stated that “I come from the very heart of America” and he never forgot his roots. The museum covers the many phases of his life: from his boyhood and his days as a West Point cadet to the beginning of his life-long love affair with his wife Mamie, his crucial role as a US Army General in WWII in planning the D-Day invasion, his ascendancy to the Oval Office in 1952 to serve two terms as the US President, and his legacy in his own words are all on display.
  • Keeper of the Plains and Mid-America All-Indian Center, Wichita. Kansas has a proud and extensive history of Native American tribes. To appreciate and understand the cultural contributions of the Native American population, the Keeper of the Plains and the Mid-America All-Indian Center in Wichita was created. The center opened for visitation in 1976 and offers a broad range of events, activities, and classes on everything from how to trace your Indian heritage, beading, plant life, medicinal herbs, and Native American Spirituality. The Keeper of the Plains is a monumental and imposing 44-Foot, 5-ton statue that stands proudly top a 30-foot rock in front of the center. A vital component of Native American beliefs is the four elements on the medicine wheel, also referred to as the circle of life. The elements are fire, earth, water, and air. The elements merge nightly in a moving ceremony when five fire drums are set ablaze for 15 minutes at 7: PM during the winter solstice and 9: PM during the summer solstice.
  • I-70. Sections of the I-70 Interstate freeway in Kansas have special significance for two reasons. First, it was the first interstate in America. Second, the intestate system went into effect during the presidency of President Eisenhower, a native of the state. With 728 restaurants, 95 museums, 198 motels, 424 miles, and 16 communities, a cruise a long this iconic freeway could easily take a week to fully enjoy, so please don’t be in a hurry.
  • And more attractions...more places to see and more things to do...too many more to list.

But to get the most out of these activities, you need to be at the top of your game

Look at all that Kansas has to offer. Notice how large the state is. This means you will need to be moving to take in all you can. Good health = energy, vigor, and stamina. However, if you are continually aching, tired, overweight, out of shape, and constantly looking for a chance to plop down and rest, your zest for life can’t possibly be where you need it to be to allow you to experience the joys of travel and discovery.

And that’s where we come in

Our Kansas hormone clinics are on the cutting-edge of all aspects of anti-aging, physical fitness, nutrition, stress reduction, and correct hormone balance. Our programs are comprehensive and are designed specifically for you.

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to discover the rich, engrossing history and culture of Kansas. Call us for a FREE, no-obligation of the benefits of hormone replacement therapy.





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