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Pot Bellies Are Bad for Your Health – Hormone Balance for Men

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Have you been struggling with discouraging weight gain as you get older? Are you finding it harder to develop muscle and burn fat? While men don't go through the same hormonal journey as women, Hormone Balance is still critically important to men's health throughout their lives. As guys get older, the threat of Hormone Imbalance looms more prominent, and our ability to produce certain critical hormones wanes.

Menopause is an abrupt change in women's lives, which signals the end of their childbearing capacity. In men, age-related hormone changes are more gradual but still lead to significant changes in physiology. Many doctors and medical professionals refer to mid-life changes in men's Hormone Balance as Andropause.

Andropause leads to changes in energy metabolism and fat storage, which are modulated by many hormones, including Testosterone, Estrogen (yes, even in men!), HGH, Cortisol, and Insulin. Earlier in life, this balance favors Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone. This balance tends to keep the other hormones in control. As Andropause advances, however, Testosterone and HGH Levels fall into a state of decline, which causes cortisol to increase and contribute to Insulin Resistance and higher Estrogen Levels. These factors combine to deposit stubborn adipose fat deposits around the belly and midsection.

Pear Shape vs. Apple Shape—Central Obesity

Hormone Imbalance and belly fat go hand in hand. The body type most associated with chronic health issues is the Apple Shape. This is also known as Central Obesity. This is distinct from the Pear Shape, where fat is distributed mainly to the hips and thighs. An overabundance of tummy fat is correlated with many dangerous health problems, including osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and even some cancers! Most of these issues are also linked to disruptions in Hormone Balance.

While some aspects of aging are inevitable, there are tools at our disposal to help mitigate some of the worst effects of aging. In fact, many health issues related to aging result from hormone imbalance and other factors that can be corrected.

Modern Threats to Hormone Balance

Human beings are meant to stay active and eat a particular diet. The modern sedentary lifestyle exacerbates the effects of Andropause because we tend to live in a strange world of low activity, high stress, and poor diet, which tips the scales away from health and toward disaster. Simple sugars, white flour, and junk food lead to skyrocketing insulin levels, leading to insulin resistance and diabetes.

Tense work environments and high-pressure situations lead to feelings of Chronic Anxiety, which suck up resources that would otherwise be spent on the production of Testosterone. Late nights and bright lights lead to sleep disruption that suppresses our natural Hormone Patterns and further tips the scales toward Cortisol and Estrogen.

Natural Methods to Boost Testosterone and Control Hormone Imbalance

There's a lot you can do on your terms to burn body fat and restore healthier Hormone Levels. Exercise, especially resistance training and high-intensity workouts, heavily stimulate the production of both Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone.

What we eat is crucial too. Simple carbohydrates go straight to the stomach and are metabolized dangerously fast by the digestive system. Your diet should feature complex carbohydrates and fiber, which slow your digestion down and provide you with more consistent energy, which doesn't lead to insulin spikes. Furthermore, you should include plenty of healthy fats and protein to give your body the building blocks for Testosterone, Growth Hormone, and other Critical Hormones.

Finally, you should manage your anxiety and boost hormones by making a conscious effort to improve your sleeping habits, ideally limiting exposure to harsh lights in the last hours of your day. Mindful meditation and yoga during the day can help you sleep easier at night and provide a release valve for anxiety.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Rejuvenate Hormone Balance and Help You Lose Belly Fat

While natural weight loss and fat burning methods can be very effective for men, Andropause leads to a state of diminishing returns. Exercise, a healthy diet, and restorative sleep help boost Testosterone and HGH Levels. Still, men hit a particular ceiling based on their age associated with the declining output of critical hormones and precursors.

If you feel that your efforts just aren't cutting it anymore, it may be time to talk to a Men's Clinic about Hormone Replacement Therapy. HGH Deficiency and Low-T can be diagnosed with simple tests, and a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel provides a wealth of information regarding your underlying health status.

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