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Medical History Questionnaire and Other HGH Links

Hormone therapy written on the blackboard 300x200Congratulations! You have just moved beyond “thinking about it,” and day-dreaming about what you would like to look and feel like. You have taken action…GREAT! We’re as excited as you are to help you experience the miracle of Injectable Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy. Naturally, you probably have a few questions. Please keep reading for the answers. The Steps to a New You Question One: What do I need to get going? Listed below are the specific documents and procedures that are necessary to begin a physician-monitored Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Program. Step One: First, complete our medical history form. This… Read More »

Does Working Out Affect Testosterone Levels?

Mountain climbers 300x225If you’re a man with low testosterone (“Low-T”), exercise may be your salvation Physicians, research scientists, bodybuilders and fitness professionals still have a lot to learn about training and its effects on testosterone. It’s not anywhere near as simple as it sounds, and many factors besides your workout are involved. But There is One Thing That Everyone Agrees On  Get off the couch! You need to stop merely thinking about it and get moving. If you make exercise a habit, you will get the benefits. However, if your efforts are sporadic, and you just go through the motions once in… Read More »

Healthy Food Choices Has A Surprising Connection With Quality Of Sleep

Elderly couple by the tree in the park 300x200In addition to the many well-known benefits of deep, restorative sleep, here is something else to consider: research shows that people who regularly get enough sleep have healthier body weights than those who don’t. Whether that is because sleep keeps weight in check by releasing growth hormone, or that people with lighter body weights may sleep more soundly, or some other reason, the facts remain unchanged: adequate levels of sleep help you make better food selections. Researcher Hassan Dashti found a link between sleeping and the food choices people make that may explain it. For a study published in the… Read More »

All the Different Brands of Human Growth Hormone — Guide

smallImageSeries_Somatrotropin1Real HGH (Somatropin) Brands The method of manufacturing Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that is most often used now is through either Protein Secretion technology or Mouse-cell technology. Both of these manufacturing means create HGH that is identical to the Growth Hormone (GH) produced naturally in the human body. Nutropin — Genentech Nutropin was developed by Genentech and is available for sale worldwide. Nutropin is manufactured using Protein Secretion technology. Hypertropin — Neogenica BioScience Ltd. Hypertropin is manufactured by NeoGenica Bioscience Ltd. It is one of the strongest brands of HGH on the market. Hypertropin is produced by secretion technology and… Read More »

Why Weight-Loss Plateau’s Happen…and What You Can Do About It

Obese Man 300x200Ever Wonder Why You Can’t Lose Weight… Even When You Do Everything Right? Maybe You’re Trying Too Hard! Finally, Here Are The Facts You Need To Melt The Fat…Once And For All! It’s frustrating…maddeningly frustrating. You’ve sworn that this time it’s going to be different. You’re meticulously counting your calories. You’re following your exercise routine strictly. You’re not cheating with binges. Yet the Mirror and Scale Aren’t Lying The numbers on the scale aren’t budging. And the image you see in the mirror is so far from being “beach ready” that it’s almost funny…if it weren’t so depressing. In spite… Read More »

A Beginners Guide To Nootropics And So Called “Smart Drugs”

dn21157 1_300 266x300An Introduction to Nootropics The word Nootropics is from the Greek words nous, or “mind,” and trepein meaning “to bend/turn.” Nootropics are also referred to as smart drugs, memory enhancers, neuro enhancers, cognitive enhancers, and intelligence enhancers.  Nootropics are drugs, supplements, nutraceuticals and certain foods that have shown the potential to improve mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration. The term nootropic was invented in 1972 by Corneliu Giurgea, a Romanian psychologist, and chemist. According to Giurgea, nootropic substances should have the following characteristics:   1. They should enhance learning and memory.  2. They should improve… Read More »

Why You Need to Add Squats to Your Exercise Routine

Leg MusclesAll too often, the average person is only concerned with strength and fitness in their upper body, to the neglect of their legs. Want proof? Ask someone to show their muscles, and they will flex their biceps…not their leg. This is a Serious Oversight In addition to being called a “human light-bulb” due to the lack of balance between your legs and upper body, there are other reasons to work the legs and work them hard. The legs are our source of power for just about any kind of movement of the upper body. And if you want strong legs,… Read More »

Male Hypogonadism: The Word Men Dread to Hear

male hypogonadism trt 200x300The Effects of Hypogonadism on Men Learn more about the causes and cures of this ever-increasing problem Your physician enters the room with a somber demeanor and announces “Your blood tests are back, and it’s confirmed: you have hypogonadism.” The response of many men to this somewhat confusing pronouncement is often: “what’s that?” The medical, professional, clinical definition of hypogonadism is the reduction or absence of hormone secretion or other physiological activity of the gonads (testes). The Endocrine Society practice guideline has a similar definition: Hypogonadism in men is a clinical syndrome that results from failure of the testis to… Read More »

Early HRT ‘May Cut Alzheimer Risk’

HGH docs 64 300x200 Women who begin taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) within five years of the menopause may reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, a study suggests. Scientists monitored 1,768 women aged 65 and over for 11 years, taking note of their history of HRT use. During the study, 176 women developed Alzheimer’s disease.

Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin

Hammer curls 224x300Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin: An overlooked biomarker that is so vital to your testosterone levels Here’s what you need to know about this crucial piece of the testosterone puzzle It’s a fact. Testosterone is essential…absolutely essential to your good health. When a man’s testosterone levels are normal, the results are a healthy libido, a strong immune system, high energy, mental sharpness, powerful muscles and an optimistic approach to dealing with life’s problems. Conversely, when a man’s testosterone levels are below average he will experience a broad range of symptoms: constant fatigue, elevated stress, moodiness, joint aches and pains, weakened, shrinking muscles,… Read More »

The Great Testosterone Debate

HGH docs back to back 300x200The Great Testosterone Debate: Does testosterone cause severe health risks? Or does testosterone protect from health problems? Keep reading and discover the facts! When discussing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), there is one thing certain: there are strong differences of opinion among medical professionals about TRT. This difference leads to the great testosterone debate. Some physicians are concerned that testosterone replacement therapy comes with potential adverse side effects and should only be prescribed for severe cases of hypogonadism (extremely low testosterone levels). Other doctors disagree. According to these medical professionals, when appropriately used, testosterone replacement therapy delivers a broad range of… Read More »

Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe, Study Suggests

HGH doc 233 300x200 For 10 years, many women going through menopause have shunned hormone replacement therapy after a landmark study suggested a link between HRT and breast cancer. A new study, published online in the medical journal BMJ, suggests a flaw in that initial study: The women in the first report started HRT at an average age of 63

Hormone Therapy May Help Cut Alzheimer’s Risk

hormone replacement therapy medicine 300x300 By Julie Steenhuysen Reuters CHICAGO — The latest data from a long-running study of hormone therapy suggests women who started taking hormone replacements within five years of menopause were 30 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than women who started years later.

Behavioral Therapy May Help Hot Flashes

HGH docs 377 300x225 (Reuters) – A few sessions of behavioral therapy, even a “self-help” version, may help some women find relief from menopausal hot flashes, according to a British study. Researchers writing in the journal Menopause said that after six weeks of cognitive behavioral therapy, more than two-thirds of the women who underwent, through group sessions or self-help, had a “clinically significant” drop in problems related to hot flashes and night sweats. Hormone replacement therapy is considered the most effective treatment of hot flashes, but since hormones have been linked to increased risks of heart disease, blood clots and breast cancer, many women want alternative remedies.

What You Need To Know About Vitamin E

Active couple 300x174What you need to know about Vitamin E The real facts about this life-saving nutrient Ever since it was discovered almost 100 years ago, vitamin E has created excitement for its promises to be on the front lines of the battle against disease-prevention. Specifically, vitamin E has been shown to: Protect our skin from sun damage and aging Offer reliable protection from free radicals. Free radicals attack our cells and do so much of the damage relating to aging. Due to its antioxidant abilities, vitamin E can annihilate free radicals, dead in their tracks. Offer protection against heart disease, and… Read More »

Considering Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy for Injury Relief?

baseball glove bat 300x116If so, you’re in good company…keep reading to see who agrees with you Fact: there is no one more subject to injury than professional athletes. They are painfully aware of the possible career-ending consequences of severe injuries and are well-versed in various treatment options. It is also a fact that more athletes are clamoring for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy to be made legal by their sports sanctioning bodies to enable them to overcome the various afflictions they routinely suffer. Currently, most sports have growth hormone on their banned list, due to the abuse of the hormone for performance… Read More »

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Medical Guide

human growth hormone guide_html_19a6fd241 300x182Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for “Dummies” Keywords: Growth Hormone, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Somatotropin, Sermorelin, HGH Therapy. As one cocky news reporter put it, “Unless you’re sleeping under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Human Growth Hormone.” We see HGH mentioned on TV news or have read about it in all the leading newspapers and magazines, or on the Internet. Athletes and famous Hollywood actors are using HGH for everything from sports enhancement, anti-aging purposes, skin, brain, muscle, joint, and organ regeneration, to turning back the clock, or for only to look and feel younger inside and out.     … Read More »

Female Blood Panel Work

Blood cells together 300x211Fully Comprehensive Female Blood Testing Battery TSH Free T4. T4 is the primary hormone produced by the thyroid gland. Its function is to navigate through the blood to particular targeted cells, then convert to triiodothyronine (T3). T4 is not as active as T3. A good analogy is this: T4 delivers the instructions from the thyroid, then T3 gets to work to carry out the mission. However, you need both T-3 and T-4 at optimum levels. Complete Blood Count With Differential/Platelet Comp. This test screens for anemia, and can also detect infections. The CBC covers everything related to your blood: both… Read More »

Finally! A Safe, Effective and Easy Way to Slow Aging: Genotropin HGH Product

genotropin pfizer 1 vial 1x16iu

Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?

Then It’s Time To Slow The Aging Process…with Genotropin

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the most, if not the most crucial hormone in the human body. It is responsible for so many functions of the body and affects fat, muscle and cells. As we grow, the pituitary gland secretes more and more Growth Hormone.

Tylenol Use in Pregnancy May Present a Serious Risk of Lower Testosterone in Boys

Tylenol 300x191LONDON (Reuters) — Taking too much Tylenol during pregnancy could reduce testosterone levels in male babies, according to a new study. This could lead to possible reproductive problems later in life, researchers said. The University of Edinburgh study tested the effect of paracetamol (also known as acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol) on testosterone production in mice that carried grafts of human testicular tissue. These grafts have been shown to mimic how the developing testes grow and function during pregnancy. Scientists gave the mice a typical daily dose of paracetamol over a period of either 24 hours or seven days.… Read More »

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