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Vitamin D3: The Miracle Vitamin that is so much more than a Vitamin...


Vitamin D3: The Miracle Vitamin that is so much more than a Vitamin




Research scientists continue to discover new benefits to vitamin D3. They have also discovered that vitamin D3 is technically not a vitamin, but a hormone…a very powerful hormone that can play many vital roles in maintaining your good health. This recent research has lead to the conclusion that vitamin D3 is more important than we ever believed. Let’s take a look at what vitamin D3 is, and the role it plays in your body.



One difference between vitamin D3 and other vitamins is this: We, along with others in the mammal kingdom, have the ability to create Vitamin D3 by exposing ourselves to direct sunlight. This was first noticed shortly after vitamin D was discovered in 1920. The decade of the 1920′s ushered in the Industrial Revolution, and witnessed large numbers of people moving into cities and working indoors, in dark, grimy factories. This contrasted greatly with their former rural work outdoors, where they were exposed to sunlight.



At the time, scientists were urgently seeking a cure for rickets, a debilitating bone disease that primarily affects children. Researchers noticed that those who lived in areas with less sunlight had a much higher rate of rickets than those in sunny climates.



The hypothesis was formulated, tested and proven: vitamin D is essential to the bone health of everyone, especially children. And the best source of this vitamin was thought to be the sun.



But there are a few problems with this sunlight exposure approach. For starters, scientists have established a direct link between excess sunlight and skin cancer.



Second, for those people who live in the northern latitudes, getting enough direct sunlight in the middle of a freezing winter is not an easy task. As you move farther from the equator, the angle of the sun increases. Why is this important? Because this results in less Ultraviolet-B rays that help you create adequate vitamin D levels. This is especially true in the winter months. Therefore, supplements are needed to fill in the gap.



Make sure you take the right kind of Vitamin D



Before we go any further, it is important to make crystal clear the type of vitamin D that we are referring to. There are two types of vitamin D available in supplements; vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) and vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol). The distinction is simple. Vitamin D2 is synthesized by plants, while vitamin D3 is synthesized by humans when ultra-violet-B rays from sunlight hit our skin.



Therefore, vitamin D3 is the more natural type of vitamin D. In addition to being more natural, vitamin D3 converts much faster than vitamin D2, and D2 has a shorter shelf life.



The take-away is simple. Vitamin D2, while most certainly better than nothing, should not be your first choice of a vitamin D supplement. Whenever possible, stick with vitamin D3.



How common is Vitamin D deficiency?



More common that imagined. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in 2008 vitamin D deficiency was recognized as a pandemic! With the dire warnings from dermatologists about the risk of skin cancer due to sunlight exposure, we are getting less vitamin D than ever. In addition, very few foods naturally contain vitamin D.



A French study concluded that 14 percent of otherwise healthy adults had low levels of vitamin D…very low. Another study, this time in America, measured the vitamin D levels of medical professionals – and discovered that among those who had not taken a vitamin D supplement, an astonishing 42 percent of them had a vitamin D shortage by winter’s end. Among those tested who did supplement with vitamin D, the shortage rate was reduced to 11%.



Here are a few more categories of folks that are at an elevated risk of vitamin D deficiency:



  • Children, regardless of age

  • Pregnant women

  • Obese people, and those who have had bariatric surgery

  • Anyone with liver and kidney problems

  • People with dark skin

  • Anyone with osteoporosis, or an elderly person who has a history of falls or has had a bone fracture.



So, now you can see the need for this vitamin, and its importance. Simply put, Vitamin D3 just about does it all! From the anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, to keeping your brain neurons firing on all cylinders and fighting depression, the benefits just keep on coming. Let’s look at a few more things this miracle vitamin does:



  • According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, vitamin D is essential for the “formation, growth, and repair of bones and for normal calcium absorption and immune function” and there are studies to suggest that “higher levels of vitamin D in the blood are associated with reduced risks of colorectal cancer; however, the research results overall have been inconsistent.”

  • Prevention of osteoporosis. Vitamin D helps us absorb calcium and phosphorous, which play a crucial role in maintaining the strength and integrity of our bones.

  • Strengthens the immune system. Immune system cells have structures with vitamin D receptors. Therefore, as a result of vitamin D deficiency, your immune system is weakened, and the risk of infection dramatically increases. Also, vitamin D3 protects the body from respiratory infections, and can help the body defend against tuberculosis. Finally, vitamin D3 is a safe and effective way to prevent and/or lessen the effects of the flu virus.

  • Lessen heart attack risk. A study published in 2012 concluded that low levels of vitamin D3 may increase the risk of heart attack and early death. In fact, a 2010 presentation at The American College of Cardiology demonstrated that low levels of vitamin D in patients with cardiovascular disease were approximately 30 percent less likely to die if they supplemented with vitamin D3. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death, worldwide. Vitamin D3 is a weapon of protection to add to your arsenal.

  • Maintaining a healthy body weight. According to research carried out at The Medical College of Georgia, vitamin D plays a large role in maintaining a healthy body weight.

  • Reduces the risk of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Multiple Sclerosis is far less common the nearer you get to the equator, since there is more sunlight.

  • Reduces the risk of many types of diseases. Cancer (colon, prostate, breast and pancreatic), autoimmune diseases, (diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis) and Crohn’s disease occur less in a person with adequate vitamin D levels than those with vitamin D deficiency.




How to make sure you are getting Vitamin D3′s benefits



One way to insure you are getting an adequate amount of vitamin D is the way Mother nature intended: the sun. 10-15 minutes exposure is enough to get the vitamin D supply that you need, especially in the summer months. There is certainly no need to risk developing skin cancer by continually staying in the sun longer than that.



As with so many other health concerns, the food you eat plays a vital role in getting a sufficient supply of Vitamin D3. Here is a brief list of foods that contain vitamin D:



  • Fish: Sardines, mackerel, tuna, catfish and salmon

  • Egg yolks

  • Raw milk

  • Cereals

  • Cheese





Finally, consider supplementing. The recommended dosage depends upon how severe the deficiency is – and this can be discovered by a blood test.



Currently, the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) is 400 International Units (IU’s). Considering the fact that on a hot, sunny summer afternoon, it is possible to receive a dose of 20,000 IU’s of vitamin D in as little as 15 minutes of laying in the sun, the RDA seems a tad bit anemic. A minimum dosage of vitamin D should be in the range of 2,000 to 3,000 IU’s per day. This is especially true in the northern latitudes during the winter months.



In closing, here is a quote from Dr. Michael F. Holick, MD, PhD, professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at the University of Boston Medical Center:



“Vitamin D doesn’t treat diseases; vitamin D is there to help prevent chronic illnesses.”



Health has been described as “90 percent prevention, 10 percent cure”, and this has been proven time and time again. The miracle protection offered by vitamin D3 is safe, easy and inexpensive. Your continued good health may depend upon you taking advantage of it.







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Welcome to the Miracle of Hormone Replacement Therapy...

Do you fantasize about stopping aging?

Want to regain your youthful energy?

Wish you could effortlessly zap your ever-accumulating fat?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you are where you need to be…at last! Keep reading to finally discover the secrets of using a safe, easy, legal and proven method to turn the clock back…watch in amazement as your body sheds years, aches, and pounds…and experience a miracle transformation. 

How many times have you heard that exercise and correct nutrition are the keys to health and longevity? Also, why you shouldn’t smoke, and why you should limit alcohol consumption, stay hydrated, get sufficient sleep and control your stress levels? And that you don’t need to take supplements or any kind of hormone replacement therapy? Just stay on the path, and forget about anything “unnatural.”

However, experience has shown that eventually these ideas weaken under the merciless battering ram of aging. No matter how strict you diet, or how many miles you run and intensely pump iron, and no matter how many Yoga pretzel-type poses you can squeeze into, you lose a little bit each year. At first, it’s almost imperceptible. A slower step here, a few new aches and pains there. And if you casually mention this, your concerns are downplayed or ignored, due to your age.

But as time goes on, aging continues to rear its ugly head in a most insidious manner. The wrinkles…the graying…the fatigue…the difficulty of concentrating…the inability to get a good night’s sleep…the new health concerns…all add up to the point that they can’t be denied or ignored.

Hopefully, you are not suffering from any or all of the above afflictions. But even if you’re not feeling the full fury of any of them, the brutal truth is this: in spite of everything you have done correctly, aging is winning. For sure, it’s a slow, grinding, hard-fought battle, thanks to your lifestyle. But aging inexorably advances, seemingly becoming more and more resistant to your efforts to slow it down.

As mentioned earlier, any concerns about the changes an older person is experiencing are quite often dismissed as “that’s natural for your age.” Or how about: “There’s nothing we can do about it, so just accept things as they are and deal with it.”

But is this depressing, bleak scenario really that cut and dried? Is there anything more we can do to feel like living again?

The answer is YES…through the miracle of Injectable Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy (HGH)


Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): A Modern Miracle

One of the main causes of aging is a lack of growth hormone. Beginning at approximately age thirty, our body’s ability to produce growth hormone begins to slow down and continues to drop at an alarming 10% per decade. As you continue to lose growth hormone, all of the above symptoms of aging appear…and just keep getting worse if you don’t do anything about it.

This is where Injectable Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy (HGH) can make a difference in your life…a gigantic, life-changing, dramatic difference. HGH is a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge therapy that can benefit both men and women. How does it work? Keep reading.

When you try our therapy, our physicians will restore your hormones to a youthful level by injecting Bio-identical hormones. These injections are precise, and are individually tailor-made for you.

Our treatments restore your levels of these vital hormones to what they were decades ago, in the prime of your youth: exactly where they need to be for you to notice the miraculous transformation that Hormone Replacement Therapy can bring! All this is done naturally, since the Bio-identical hormones we treat you with supplement your own body’s natural production of these same exact hormones.

An important point to consider is this: There is nothing unnatural or synthetic about this treatment. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy using testosterone, human growth hormone, estrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Menopausal HRT are biologically identical versions of the hormones you have in your body. Why is this therapy needed? The problem is simple: as mentioned above, as you age your levels of these hormones decline…with debilitating effects on your health.

Here are some of the many benefits you will experience with HGH:

  • Blowtorch ugly, unhealthy fat

  • Skyrocket your energy levels

  • Reduce stress

  • Strengthen your heart

  • Improve your health and quality of life

  • Experience deep, restorative sleep

  • Improved self-confidence

  • Stronger libido

  • Develop laser-like mental focus

  • Prevent or reduce the effects of illness

  • Improve bone density

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Ramp up your metabolism

  • Cause cold sweats and hot flashes to vanish…once and for all

  • And more…many, many more…too numerous to list on one page

There is an immense difference between the approach we take compared to many other healthcare providers. We are your co-pilot, and we operate together, as a team. Before we begin, we sit down with you for a one-on-one detailed consultation with one of our experienced anti-aging counselors. This allows us to fully understand your needs and goals with crystal clarity. Also, we encourage you to inquire about any and all aspects of our treatments

We will arrange for diagnostic blood testing and a full physical exam. We will also need your detailed medical history. Once we have this information, our anti-aging medical doctors will discuss with you these results, and design a course of action. This is not, in any way, shape or form a “cookie-cutter” program. Our anti-aging physicians will work to design a HGH program that is uniquely created for you.

This program is not limited solely to our hormone replacement therapy. We take a holistic approach, and offer programs of exercise, nutrition and supplements that are specifically designed for you. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is left to chance. Every aspect of your life needs to be firing on all cylinders for you to obtain maximum benefit from our hormonal replacement therapy. We leave no stone unturned to make sure you will succeed!

Your Health Partner For Life

After you complete your first treatment, we are just getting started. While other medical clinics are ringing up your credit card and wishing you good luck, we are totally and unequivocally committed to our mantra of being “Your Health Partner For Life.” We will be with you for the long-term, to answer any questions, address any concerns and keep you abreast of any and all life-extending breakthrough’s. With over ten years of providing HGH treatment, we have the experience and knowledge to fulfill our only purpose: to help those who are excited and anxious to experience the miracle of HRT.

Just listen to what a few of our clients have to say:

“My son had been after me to give HGH a try. Initially, I was somewhat skeptical, since I have seen and heard more “miracle cures” than I care to remember. But I finally caved in…and after two weeks, I had to wonder what took me so long to get going. This treatment actually does everything that it promises!”

George B., Portland. OR.

“This stuff works! My muscle-to-fat ratio has improved so much that I no longer feel the need to constantly keep my stomach covered. Before, the layer of lard around my mid-section had made me feel like a prisoner who had to keep a shirt on, out of embarrassment. Those days are gone…forever!”

Sammy J., Brooklyn, NY

“My mother had no problems when she went into menopause. but for me, it was a living, breathing hell. Hot flashes…night sweats…joint aches and pains…vaginal dryness…every horrible symptom of menopause was something that i had to live with, no matter how miserable I felt. That is, until I tried Estrogen Replacement Treatment. In less than a month, i felt like I had my life back. Thanks…thanks so much!”

Sandra H., Dallas, TX

Get Started Now

“Woulda, coulda and shoulda” are without a doubt the three saddest words in the English language. It’s so easy…so damnably easy…to say “I’ll think about it”, or “I need to do more research”, or one of an endless array of excuses to not take action. And you know what? If taking the first step to start our HGH program was difficult, excuses might make sense.

However, it’s so easy to get going. For your research, feel free to read the detailed, scientific information on our web page. Then pick up the phone and schedule a no-risk, FREE consultation with our experienced staff. There’s no obligation, so there’s no risk.

Don’t forget that we are a legal and fully licensed Anti-Aging facility. Anything that we prescribe for you will be administered under the supervision of a experienced, licensed physician. All of our medicines come from legitimate, registered pharmacies…and go directly to you.

So, it’s all up to you. We can provide the products, information and monitoring to make sure your progress is done safely, efficiently and legally. But remember, we are a team…and we can’t act without you taking the simple act of picking up the phone to schedule your consultation.

Opportunity isn’t just knocking at your door…it’s pounding! Opportunity to live pain-free…to feel the exhilarating thrill of stopping aging dead in its tracks…and turning the clock back decades…to energetically keep up with the grand-kids…to no longer dread a game of tennis, or a round of golf…and live each day totally alive, thanks to the super-health that HGH can deliver.

But we can’t swing into action without your call. Stop complaining. Take life-altering action now.

Re-Invent Your Life Today

Hormone Treatment Regimen [ Download Adobe PDF ]

New england journal of medicine [ Download Adobe PDF ]

Basic Human Growth Hormone Information...

No question about it. Recently, we have heard so much about Human Growth Hormone (HGH) – especially its dangers and abuses. Yet common sense tells us that there are benefits to HGH. These benefits may be astonishing, since athletes are among its heaviest users, and they are ultra-competitive and acutely aware of what works and what doesn’t.

So, what is the truth? Is HGH safe and effective, as some claim? Or is it loaded with hidden dangers and hideous side effects? Just what are the benefits? And do they outweigh the risks? Let’s take a look at the facts of HGH. Then you will be in a much better position to make an informed decision as to whether or not HGH is appropriate for you.

Where is Human Growth Hormone Created?

Human Growth Hormone is produced by the pituitary gland. The pituitary is located near the central core of the brain. The specific location where Human Growth Hormone is secreted is the rear portion of the frontal lobe of the pituitary. In this area there are organs known as somatotrophs which secrete Human Growth Hormone when they receive GH-RH Stimulation from the Hypothalamus.


Human Growth Hormone is Delicate

Remember those teenage years when you could stop at a late-night, fast-food drive-through, devour an obscene, calorie-loaded pile of cheeseburgers, fries, sodas and milkshakes…yet wake up the next morning and still have abs? Or how easy it was to quickly get into tip-top shape for your favorite sport? And how your energy levels were akin to a rumbling volcano? How could this be?

   The answer is simple. During these years, adolescent bodies are experiencing an explosion of HGH. This miracle substance speeds up our metabolism, which allows us to burn fat and build muscle. For many parents of teenage boys, the price of buying Junior a set of barbells is far more than its cost. Endless eating binges and constant trips to the clothing store for larger-sized clothes is a seemingly never-ending expense. But this expense is not never-ending. Here’s why.

Human Growth Hormone Decline


Mother nature, in all her infinite wisdom, is usually great about giving us what we need, when we need it. Considering that for several thousands of years of human evolution the average life-span was about 35, we only needed spurts of HGH through our twenties. Therefore, as we enter our thirties, HGH begins to decline at approximately 10% per year. This can happens even faster for some folks, due to poor lifestyle choices.

    Regardless, the thing to remember is this: Mother Nature has not as of yet caught up to our recently extended life-spans. For example, entering the 20th century, the average male life expectancy was a mere 47 years! This was, of course, due to a variety of factors (sanitation, lack of modern medical procedures, risk of childbirth, ignorance of nutrition, etc.), and there have always been examples of individuals living extremely long lives.

    However, we still carry the genetic patterns of eons of evolution. We are designed to reproduce in our teens or early twenties. By thirty, we have (according to this theory of evolution) fulfilled our mission, and have no need for excess HGH.

    But we are not helpless bystanders to this travesty. Contact us NOW, and keep reading to learn how to fool our evolutionary decline. At times, Mother Nature offers the best way to go. But there are times when she does not…and she needs tricked. We will show you how to do this: safely, with ease and convenience.

Medical History Questionnaire and Other Links...

Congratulations! You have just moved beyond “thinking about it”, and day-dreaming about what you would like to look and feel like. You have taken action…GREAT! We’re as excited as you are to help you experience the miracle of Injectable Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy.

Naturally, you probably have a few questions. Please keep reading for the answers.

The Steps to a New You

Question One: What do I need to get going?

Listed below are the specific documents and procedures that are necessary to begin a physician-monitored Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Program

Step one: First, complete our medical history form. This form is simple, clear-cut and easy-to-understand, and won’t take much time to complete. Then, send it to us by fax, e-mail or regular mail.

Step two: Once we have received your form, we will bill your credit card for your initial start-up costs. Next, we will make an appointment for you with one of our anti-aging physicians conveniently located near you. At your appointment, you will receive a blood test and a physical examination. This is done in one brief doctor’s visit.

Step three: After you have completed your physical examination and your blood work at our local affiliate, your results will be sent same day delivery via Federal Express (FEDEX) to our associate corporation LabCorp, a highly professional blood diagnostic company. Here, LabCorp specialists will run multiple diagnostic tests on your blood sample. Within a week, both the diagnostic results and the physical exam results will be sent back to us, where they will be interpreted by one of our anti-aging physicians. After this, you will receive a call from your representative physician and he or she will discuss the results of your tests with you and help you design a HRT Regime that is tailor-made and uniquely designed…just for you!

We have several different treatment options available, depending upon your needs and budget. You can choose a three-month, six month, or one year HRT program. We pride ourselves on our many flexible options, as well as the fact that we don’t have a “cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all” approach. It all depends on you, and your unique needs and desires.

Step four: After your prescription has been written, all of the hormones, supplements, and equipment you will need to begin therapy will be rushed straight to your front door via FEDEX, directly from one of our pharmacies. You will need to be available to sign for it.


Step five: After your medicines are delivered, give us a call and we will give you exact, detailed instructions on administering the injections. This will allow you to give yourself the injections safely, easily and simply, right in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Question two:  When I go to the affiliate physician in order to receive my physical and diagnostic blood work, which blood tests will be performed upon my sample?

This will depend on your gender. We have provided links below which list the specific tests which will be administered using your drawn blood. The test results take around seven days to be analyzed and finalized.

Question Three: What can your site teach me?

Everything you need to know about injectable HGH. From detailed instructions on how to inject HGH safely and painlessly, the benefits and possible side effects of HGH, advice on what to eat, what supplements to take and what kind of exercise program causes more growth hormone release, why HGH works, the location of the nearest clinic, how to contact us, general information regarding Hormone Replacement Therapy, Sermorelin and Testosterone…it’s all right there on our web page! Feel free to print any article for further study.

Question Five: How will I document my progress?

After therapy has commenced you will use your HRT Diary as a means to document your activities and the changes in your body. [ Download Microsoft Word Doc ] or [ Download Adobe PDF ] Do not neglect this all-important step! By tracking your results, you and your physician can work together to assess your progress, and determine if any changes are necessary.

Question Six: Do you have any first-person testimonials? Yes explore our site

Let’s get going…NOW!

How is Human Growth Hormone Deficiency diagnosed?...

You may feel that you are becoming fatigued, faster and more often than you did in your younger days. You may also be suffering from other symptoms of aging ( i.e., low sex drive, diminished immune system, loss of mental sharpness, etc.).

You may also have heard about Injectable Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy, and realized that your problems may stem from a growth hormone deficiency.

Good thinking. The amount of HGH secreted by the pituitary gland drops off as we age. The older we get, the sharper the drop. So, the odds are that you probably are correct…you very well may have a HGH deficiency. But there’s only one way to know for sure: a comprehensive, detailed, professional blood test.

And that’s our first step in designing an Injectable Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy that fits your unique needs.

Your blood sample will be sent same day delivery via Federal Express (FEDEX) to our associate corporation LabCorp, which is an experienced, professional blood diagnostic company.

Once there, LabCorp specialists will run several tests (listed below). Withing 3 to seven days, we will have your results, which will be gone over in detail by one of our anti-aging physicians. This will allow us to narrow your treatment options to exactly what will give you results…quickly!

Then, your anti-aging physician will call you, and together we will devise the program that is uniquely designed just for you. We will work as a team, with one goal in mind: your successful HGH replacement therapy treatment.

Here is a look at what our comprehensive blood test covers:

HGH Diagnostic Bloodwork

The primary battery of tests are:

  • Plasma and Homocysteine Levels
  • Complete Metabolic Panel
  • Cholesterol Panel
  • Thyrotropin Free Thyroxine Test
  • Free Testosterone and Total Testosterone
  • Insulin Growth Factor-1 Test
  • Free Serum T3 Test
  • Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Test(FSH
  • Estradiol
  • Complete Blood Count with Platelet Differential
  • Cortisol
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen Test
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate Test (DHEA)
  • A1C Hemoglobin Test
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Thyroid Panel
  • Fasting Insulin Levels
  • Serum Ferritin Levels
  • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin Test

As you can see, nothing is left to chance. We will know exactly what you need, when you need to take it, and how much to take.

Now it’s your turn. Hold us to our promise. Make us back up what we say we can do. Call US…CALL US NOW!

Finally! A Safe, Effective and Easy Way to Reverse Aging: Genotropin HGH Product...

Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?

Then Its Time To Reverse The Aging Process…with Genotropin

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the most, if not the most important hormone in the human body. It is responsible for so many functions of the body, and affects fat, muscle and cells. As we grow, the pituitary gland secretes more and more growth hormone. This reaches a peak in our teen years, as waves of HGH surge though our veins, like a fire hose with the water turned on full blast.

Regrettably, this surge begins to drop off as early as our mid-20?s. Starting around age 30, we lose growth hormone at a rate of at least 10% per decade…and this accelerates dramatically with each passing decade.

The sad reality of this? Very simple. Fully grown adults need HGH every bit as much as children and growing teenagers. By making certain lifestyle changes (correct nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and supplements), we can slow the loss of HGH. But without HGH replacement therapy, we are still fighting a losing battle…in spite of our best and valiant efforts.

This is where Genotropin can help

Genotropin is biologically similar to HGH in the sense that both are manufactured and secreted by the pituitary gland. Genotropin is an injectable form of HGH, and is approved for use in adult with low levels of HGH. Levels of HGH are detected by a stimulation test in the blood. This test measures the ability of the pituitary gland to secrete HGH.

How to use Genotropin Safely

When you begin HGH Genotropin Replacement Therapy, our professional and experienced staff will guide you every step of the way. Safety is our top priority, and this means we will not prescribe any form of HGH Replacement Therapy (including Genotropin) until we have evaluated the results of your blood work and physical exam. Specifically, clients will not receive Genotropin therapy if they:

  • Have active tumors, or are in the process of receiving anti-tumor treatment.

  • Have any sort of complications from injury, surgery, and any heart or lung problems

  • Are suffering from Prader Willi Syndrome

  • Are allergic to the preservative Cresol

  • Are pregnant

Once you have began Genotropin therapy, you will be instructed to contact us immediately if any of the following symptoms appear: vomiting, nausea, blurry vision and headaches. These may be symptoms of a rare disorder called Intracranial Hypertension, which occurs as a result of abnormal levels of pressure in and around the brain. As mentioned, this is very rare, and is easily dealt with by halting the therapy or adjusting the dosage.

Other possible side effects are: muscle or join pain, tingling and numbness in the fingers and toes, stiff joints and fluid retention that may lead to swelling of the feet and hands. These symptoms usually disappear on their own. If not, we will adjust the dosage.

For further information, visit: www.genotropin.com

1. Genotropin

2. Humatrope

3. Nutropin

4. Saizen

5. Serostim

Human Growth Hormone and Cell Regeneration...


   You’ve read about the benefits…the incredible, mind-blowing benefits…that Injectable Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy (HGH) can deliver. Perhaps you have waded through the scientific studies – studies that have demonstrated and scientifically proven, time and time again – that HGH works! And your conclusion is that maybe…just maybe…this is exactly what you have been searching for and have at long-last finally found. Yet you’re still not quite sure.

   For many, this is the first time that any anti-aging product or treatment regime has actually delivered on it’s promise. And the first time they have found something that is not too good to be true.

Why is this? What’s the secret?

   This is, of course, a logical question. Exactly why does HGH produce the benefits and results that it promises? What’s the secret? Good question. A question that deserves an honest, easy-to-understand answer.

And the answer is…drum roll…Cell Regeneration

   Here’s why. Aging was once considered an inevitable fact of life. Everyone gets old. That’s Mother Nature’s plan, and that’s “just the way it is.” All attempts to slow or reverse the aging process were considered either immoral or scientifically impossible.

   However, the past several decades have witnessed a sea change in attitudes toward aging. Medical professionals, bodybuilders, life-extension devotees, research scientists and regular people with an interest in alternative health have gradually began to see aging as it is: A DISEASE

And the loss of growth hormone is the main cause of aging.

   Think about this. Human Growth Hormone is responsible for virtually everything in our bodies…muscle growth…memory…metabolism…skin and hair growth…our ability to heal wounds…and more…much more.

   What do all of these important functions have in common? They are all ruled by our cells. Simply put, cell reproduction and growth are a direct result of the growth hormone that is secreted by the pituitary gland.

   This is the reason why children and teenagers seem to change so rapidly. Growth hormone is racing through their veins at a breakneck pace. So far, so good.

   The problems begin as the pituitary gland slows down the release of growth hormone. This usually begins around the age of 30, and continues at approximately 10% per decade. Do the math, and construct the graph. The line steadily goes downhill…

And the end result is not a pretty picture.

   Wrinkles. Sagging skin and muscles. Increased flab around the mid-section. Thinning hair. Fatigue. Lack of quality sleep. Joint pain. The onset of one affliction after the next. Indeed, not a pretty picture…not by a long-shot. But when growth hormone goes to work at the deepest cellular level, the entire game changes. Here is a brief, non-scientific explanation of why growth hormone is so effective.

   Protease is defined as an enzyme that breaks down proteins and peptides. Protease plays a huge role maintaining our good health. From helping digest the protein we eat, to boosting out immune system and keeping our blood in an alkaline state (as opposed to an acidic state), protease keeps things running as intended.

   However, our supply of protease is subject to constant attack from Free Radicals. Free Radicals are defined as an atom or group of atoms that has one unpaired electron, which makes it highly unstable and reactive. Free Radicals have been proven in studies to cause cellular damage, and are linked to many age-related diseases.

Growth Hormone to the rescue

   This is where growth hormone proves itself to be a super-hero. Growth hormone offers a stonewall defense of our cells by stimulating protease inhibitors. These defenders attack Free Radicals tooth and claw, and stop them from doing damage to our cells. The results? Take a look:

   Increased bone density, smooth, glowing skin, improved digestion, skyrocketing energy levels and many other amazing surprises all team up to put the brakes on aging…and even put aging into reverse gear!

   As you can see, beauty is not just skin-deep. It begins at the smallest and deepest levels of our bodies: our cells. The astonishing benefits that growth hormone delivers begin from the inside out. There is nothing “just cosmetic” about injectable HGH. Literally everything in your body…from the tiniest atom to the largest organs and muscles…will experience a rejuvenation that must be seen and felt to be believed.

   But none of this can happen without you taking action. Don’t waste another moment with useless daydreaming about regaining your youthful vitality. CALL US! NOT TORORROW…NOT NEXT WEEK…NOT NEXT MONTH…CALL RIGHT NOW!

Buy HGH online | Purchase HGH | Buy Injectable Growth Hormone | Buy HGH injectio...

To obtain HGH injections is no longer a difficult task because the FDA has approved growth hormone replacement therapy for adults diagnosed with deficiency. There are many web sites offering HGH treatments online, but only a few of them are reputable. To obtain HGH in the United States, you need to take a physical exam, get your blood tested for deficiency, and show signs and symptoms of low hgh levels. Before you start an HGH therapy program, be sure the place you are purchasing from requires blood panel tests at your local  blood draw center, like quest diagnostics or lab corp. Do not buy from web sites that do not require blood tests, or you will get a knock on the door from the FBI or DEA, and have handcuffs slapped on you. Go through legitimate medical centers like Conscious Evolution Medical Institute of Hormone Therapy or Kingsberg Medical or Anti-Aging Group.

In other words only buy HGH from board certified physicians specializing in Endocrinology, not from fly by night Internet web sites that dont require medical evaluation.

You can be certain that our HGH physicians will prescribe to buy HGH online only after blood work, examination and complete medical history form was provided by the patient. Hormone experts will observe their patients before and during HGH therapy. The most important goal for our specialists is improvement of life quality for their patients.HGH Doctors will not prescribe to buy HGH online just because people want it or because HGH therapy is very popular in our days, or for any other irrelevant reasons. HGH Doctors will not prescribe to buy HGH online for bodybuilding purposes or people under 30 years of age without the proof of decreased levels of HGH or symptoms relevant to Human Growth Hormone deficiency. Only a specialist can determine the feasibility to buy HGH online for anti-aging and improvement of your life quality. Our specialists prescribe to buy HGH online only for people who really need HGH therapy and only for rejuvenation purposes.

Remember: when you are looking to buy HGH injections, remember that Somatropin (HGH) can only be obtained through prescription from a licensed physician.

Another important fact is that our HGH Physicians prescribe only Somatropin injectables approved by FDA and our physicians prescribe injections for their patients only if it it’s clinically necessary.  You can never be 100% sure of the HGH injections quality and how safe they are when you buy HGH injections online from fly by night web sites.


Review of Mancore Results by Complete Nutrition, Scam or Legitimate?...

The slogan of Mancore’s product-line parent company, Complete Nutrition is “Look better. Feel better. Perform better”, but what they are selling on one of their websites, or specifically www Mancore Results, appears to be nothing more than fancy tablets with proprietary blends in sexy supplement jars and to top it off, a spray bottle with the words HGH on it. Why does this matter? Let’s visit their web site first http://www.mancoreresults.com/ and find out. On the front page of the mancore web site, is the mean and lean, Mike Alstott, Former All-Pro Fullback and beside him is an embedded video of talking heads offering energetic and glowing reviews about the mancore line of products and how it came into existence.

Know this, the only legitimate hormone replacement therapy programs that exist, are under the guidelines of medical science, requiring a physicians prescription. If you see a company selling supplements, pills, or tablets that use hormone names in them like testosterone or hgh, they are likely scams. Have you seen the latest hormone replacement therapy marketing scam? Genf20, nugenix, Serovital, and now Mancore. Why are they scams? because they use deceptive concepts to market their products, and make claims that can not be scientifically backed up after 80 years of testosterone research and 50 years of HGH research, there is nothing in scientific or medical literature to back up the claims these web sites claim about their products.

Let’s look closer, a visit to their expensively designed web site www.ManCoreResults.com shows handsome people and beautifully package bottles of pills or sprays, with names like Testosterone Replenish and HGH Night Spray. Vitamins don’t replenish Testosterone, and HGH Night Spray? Come on, what a joke, the only way to increase HGH in the body without exercising is via HGH injections or Sermorelin injections, but taking vitamins and concoctions of herb complexes do not replenish or boost hormones in our body at any level other than a placebo.

Do you know why testosterone is injected intramuscularly or delivered by a transdermal cream? Because these 2 methods allow Testosterone to enter the blood stream. If you took testosterone in the form of pills, it would slowly destroy your liver, this is why there isn’t a single reputable doctor on the planet Earth that would prescribe you testosterone pills. So when you surf around our web site, we will show you many different companies selling testosterone pills, which dont actually have testosterone in them, but vitamins and herbs. We provide these companies on our site, so you can checkout their slick marketing scams.

If you want to buy a genuine injectable HGH, Sermorelin and Testosterone Injections Program you can contact us for the real deal, not BS pills or sprays, use the contact form on our web site here and we will have a medical consultant contact you and talk to you about how to get a genuine hormone treatment program prescribed by a board certified physician who specializes in hormone replacement therapy. Until then, explore our web site, and look at all the scam companies out there trying to sell you supplements with fancy names that include hormone names on them, but dont actually have the hormones. We provide videos and information about literally dozens of companies selling fake HGH and Testosterone, or selling products that promise to stimulate or release these hormones. Explore our web site and educate yourself.
Fill out the contact form on our web site, and a medical consultant from a real medical clinic will call you back. After filling out the contact form call us, so we can speak to you.

Yoga may be the answer to infertility...

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Los Angeles, April 17 : Too much stress may cause infertility among women, says a new research. An expert suggests that yoga and meditation could help in battling with the problem.

Former science teacher and yoga therapist, Aliona Salaru says that stress affects the normal hormone balance in women’s body and can result in major inconception, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

“Trying to become pregnant can add even more pressure to an already stressed women. In the modern world, women often switch into chronic stress, resulting in many possible imbalances, including adrenal depletion, thyroid over or under function and shifts in sexual hormone balance, resulting in sexual dysfunction,” said Salaru.

The expert also suggests that yoga breathing techniques combined with yoga postures are known not only to be an effective stress reliever but also a tool to habitually ease the symptoms of anxiety.

So, how exactly yoga helps to destress?

Researchers at University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) published a study revealing that: “Using simple daily meditations reduced the stress levels of people who care for those stricken by Alzheimer’s and dementia.”

“Practicing a certain type of meditation for just 12-minute daily for eight weeks led to a reduction in the biological mechanisms responsible for an increase in the immune system’s inflammation response. Inflammation, if constantly activated, can contribute to a multitude of chronic health problems.”

It said: “Yoga practice is well-known for optimising the work of the endocrine system, thereby balancing the hormones. Practicing yoga will bring more blood to the pelvis, improving the sexual health, whilst mindful breathing will shut the constant chatter of the mind, decrease the heart rate and instantly relax.”

–IANS (Posted on 17-04-2014)

More here:
Yoga may be the answer to infertility

Side Effects of Estrogen Replacement Part 2 – Video...

Side Effects of Estrogen Replacement Part 2
Estrogen replacement may be an unfamilar process for many. Associated with the benefits of this process, there are also some potential risks that patients sh…

By: Kit Davis

Side Effects of Estrogen Replacement Part 2 – Video

Lawsuits against Testosterone Manufacturer says The Torkzadeh Law Firm...

LOS ANGELES, April 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Last week, The Torkzadeh Law Firm (TorkLaw) announced its involvement in the investigation and prosecution of lawsuits related to testosterone therapy resulting in heart attack, stroke, deep thrombosis, blood clot, or any other type of injury including death. Also referred to as "Low-t" treatment, testosterone therapy is commonly prescribed and applied …

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Lawsuits against Testosterone Manufacturer says The Torkzadeh Law Firm

The 5 Worst Things About Testosterone...

Posted 04/17/2014 1:00:28 pm by Tony Sam in Funny.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for keeping us men manly. It gives us our muscles, our sex drives and our boners.Women are attracted to guys with more of it, which makes it sound great but you can have too much of a good thing. Here are five reasons why testosterone is way overrated.

Tom Selleckused to show off his hairy chest like it was a giant badge of honor. Well, guess what? You are not Tom Selleck and it isnt the 1980s. Testosterone plays a huge part in determining how much extra fuzz you have all over the flabby skin sack you call your body even if your head is losing it over time, your body hair just keeps coming strong. Invest in a big comb or a very durable razor.

Testosterone is the reason men can put on muscle fast, helping youassert dominance over guys not as interested in beefing up. But one look at theroided-out freaks in the gym should steer you away from juicing we dont know any women who have a thing for throbbing forehead veins.

A study from the University of Cambridge found that the higher your testosterone, the more likely you are to take idiotic financial risksand put all your money on the line.This probably explains the 2008 Wall Street crash, and also why guys tend to leave Vegas with empty wallets.

A man shouldntsound like a member of theVienna Boys Choir, but you also dont want to scare people when you speak.Guess what, Barry White? That deep voice you have is because of testosterone.Remember when you hit puberty and your voicesounded like a dying cat before it eventually settled at some lower octave? Yeah, we all do. Suck on some helium and relive the good old days.

Guys get mad. Testosterone seems to make it worse. Its scary how a chemical produced by our bodies can makeus lose control and punch holes in walls. Maybe yoga is the answer and learning to breathe and say Namaste over and over again will keep you out of jail this time. Try to fight the urge to always start swinging. Talk it out for once, sheesh.

Photo Credit:Ed Schipul/Flickr

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The 5 Worst Things About Testosterone

Legal testosterone boosters building better athletes...

Published:Thursday, April 17, 2014

Updated:Thursday, April 17, 2014 00:04

Although steroids and human growth hormones are against the rules in professional athletics. The NCAA and the next level are using testosterone boosters and other means to build muscle before and after they go to the gym.

There are also a lot of protein powders and substances that have become very popular in the past few years in athletics to get extra protein.

These testosterone boosting supplements can cost anywhere from $15 to $62 and come in many different size.

Athletes need a lot of testosterone in order to build muscle and most of them, as well as body builders, have gone to taking products that are sold in any store nowadays.

Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate is a product that increases hormone levels and muscle strength in people that work out or train on a regular basis. ZMA also reports that this drug can help make you have a better sleeping pattern, which is essential in order for an athlete to have healthy repair and regrowth.

There is also testosterone patches that you can buy in stores, however according to their warning, these can put you at risk for stroke, heart attack, or in very rare cases even death.

Professional sports have been trying to cut out steroids for years. The Major League Baseball issued the Mitchell Report in December 2007, which listed hundreds of MLB players who took human growth hormones that were legal at the time the players took them.

There were many very notable players in this report, including 12-time all-star Mark McGuire.

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Legal testosterone boosters building better athletes

AAG Health Commends Mark Cubans Support of Human Growth Hormone Research...

Miami, FL (PRWEB) April 17, 2014

AAG Health, the leader in integrative wellness, is excited to throw its support behind Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who recently funded a university study about human growth hormone.

Cuban, who has brought up the topic of HGH at past NBA Board of Governors meetings, sees the hormone as a potential way for injured athletes to recover faster, according to an April 4 ESPN Dallas article. His hope is that the medical university study reinforces this belief and removes the negative stigma of HGH in sports.

We applaud Mr. Cubans efforts to shed some light on the benefits of human growth hormone, says AAG Health CEO Mark White. Its my sincere hope that his contribution to the study is the start to a healthy discussion about the therapeutic use of HGH in sports.

At AAG Health, thousands of clients with deficient HGH levels have already experienced the benefits of HGH replacement firsthand. The integrative wellness leader has helped both men and women increase their energy, boost their sex drive, gain more muscle and improve their mental acuity. But theres more to AAG Health than just hormones.

HGH replacement therapy is just one of the services we offer here at AAG Health, says Senior Medical Director Christopher Senger, MD. We also provide other hormone replacement therapies, advanced diagnostic testing, PRP therapy and aesthetic procedures to help you look young and feel great.

According to ESPN Dallas, Mr. Cuban has been mum about details of the study since it is awaiting approval from the FDA. Due to this pending approval, its unclear when research would actually begin.

I just want to know what reality is, Mr. Cuban said to ESPN Dallas (http://espn.go.com/dallas/nba/story/_/id/10725677/mark-cuban-dallas-mavericks-helping-fund-study-hgh-use). If we can improve recovery time, obviously thats a plus for all of us, but there was never any basis in fact for not allowing it for use [while recovering from injuries].

Visit aaghealth.com or call 1-800-325-1325, for more information about HGH therapy.

About AAG Health & Wellness AAG Health & Wellness is the leading nationwide provider of age management and anti-aging medical services with a focus on integrative wellness. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Miami, FL, AAG is a concierge-style medical practice that provides successful men and women cutting-edge treatment plans that deliver peak performance and improved quality of life. AAG Health has a network of over 11 vitality centers throughout the United States.

AAG Health Commends Mark Cubans Support of Human Growth Hormone Research

Drug-Exposure Limitations of Oral Methotrexate at Doses Greater Than or Equal to...

Antares Pharma, Inc. today announced that the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases has published results from an open-label, head-to-head randomized, crossover study com

Follow this link:
Drug-Exposure Limitations of Oral Methotrexate at Doses Greater Than or Equal to 15 Mg May Be Overcome with …

Should You Follow a Gluten-Free Diet?...

The gluten-free food trend is a marketing gold mine. The gluten-free industry is raking in over $10 billion annually as individuals are gobbling up these products. While many folks, especially celebrities, are going “gluten-free” as the latest weight loss fad, a diet devoid of gluten won’t necessarily help you lose weight. In fact, some gluten-free foods have more calories than their gluten-containing equivalents as extra fat and sugars may be added to make the product palatable.

But if you have removed gluten from your diet and are feeling better, this may not be all in your head, according to Rachel Begun, RDN, the author of The Gluten-Free RD blog.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), more than 2 million people have the disease, which amounts to about 1 in 133 Americans. Individuals with celiac disease can’t tolerate specific proteins–collectively called “gluten”–that are found in the grains wheat, barley, and rye.

When these individuals consume gluten, it triggers an inflammatory response in their bodies that damages the lining of the small intestine and interferes with the digestion and absorption of the nutrients in food. This can lead to numerous vitamin, mineral, and other nutrient deficiencies, as well as their corresponding short-term health problems, such as depression, anemia, irritability, nausea, weight loss, diarrhea, constipation, and fatigue to name a few. Over the long-term, complications such as osteoporosis, infertility, thyroid and liver diseases, and intestinal cancers can occur.

Since there isn’t any cure for celiac disease, the only treatment is a lifetime of adhering to a gluten-free diet. Unfortunately, even traces of gluten in the diet can cause problems. In addition to the obvious sources of gluten–breads, pastas, cereals, baked goods–it is often added to unsuspecting foods, such as soups, cold cuts, sauces, marinades, and even products such as vitamins and lipstick. Consequently, reading ingredient labels when shopping is necessary to avoid even a morsel of gluten.

But more astonishing, there could be as many as 18 million Americans who suffer from gluten sensitivity, according to Begun. This means that while they don’t experience the autoimmune response seen in celiac disease, they may still suffer from some of the gastrointestinal discomfort as well as other symptoms. When these individuals, go on a gluten-free diet they feel much better.

However, a recent research study suggests that for these individuals, gluten may not be the only culprit causing their symptoms. The research suggests that other components in the wheat as well as in specific fruits, vegetables, alcohol, and dairy foods may also be triggering their symptoms.

All individuals, whether with celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, should have a doctor specializing in these conditions confirm their diagnosis and then work with a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) to develop a healthy, well-balanced diet that meets their unique medical and nutritional needs, says Begun.

You can find a RDN who specializes in gluten-free sensitivity and celiac disease at:

Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

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Should You Follow a Gluten-Free Diet?

Osteoporosis – Intelihealth...

Women’s Health






Osteoporosis is a bone disorder. The bones become thinner, lose their strength, and are more likely to break.




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Osteoporosis – Intelihealth





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