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Side Effects Of HGH

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Side Effects and Dangers of Doctor Prescribed Real Injectable HGH Abuse

HGH has been shown in some studies to have side effects which include:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Edema (swelling), Water Retention, Joint Pain, Gigantism (unnatural bone growth), and Bloating.

These symptoms are typically experienced with high-dose abuse over a long period of time. One should also completely avoid HGH if they have cancer or high risk or prevalent family history of cancer, especially prostate and reproductive cancer - because some studies have indicated Human Growth Hormone can increase cancer cell growth, others have suggested  HGH may actually help fight cancer - but most believe it is better to err on the side of caution.

Human Growth Hormone Injections stimulate cell reproduction and regeneration, which is crucial for enabling longevity, quality of life, and anti-aging as some scientists and doctors have suggested, it can have dangerous effects on one who has cancer if the cancer cells are stimulated.

Long-term abuse of Human Growth Hormone Injections can also cause the Pituitary gland to temporarily produce less growth hormone. How long this diminished production continues depends on the person, lifestyle, and the abuse level. Some researchers have suggested Human Growth Hormone Injections can actually have a regenerative effect on the pituitary gland itself making it stronger and healthier.

Avoid Side Effects

Numerous studies have shown side effects can be avoided by slow initial administration, proper monitoring of levels, and usage on a daily basis in what is called a low-dose, high-frequency method.

Remember this: any pharmaceutical drug can be dangerous, toxic, or even poisonous. The vital thing to understand is that it is the dosage that heals or hurts. Too little of a dose will not produce any benefits. Conversely, too much will raise the risk of adverse side effects.

And that is where our clinic can guide you concerning dosage, the timing of injections, safe and effective methods of injections, and professional monitoring of the effects of our treatments.

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