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Nordiflex HGH Injection Device Information

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Norditropin Nordiflex HGH Pen

What is the Norditropin Nordiflex?

Norditropin is a brand of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone manufactured and distributed by Novo Nordisk. The Nordiflex is one of the tools that patients can use to inject Norditropin HGH more easily. This particular product is called a pen, because it is shaped much like a large ink pen, with a trigger on the end and a needle instead of an ink tip.

How Much Does the Nordiflex Cost?

The cost of the Nordiflex is dependent largely upon the Norditropin Dosage that you are supplied. The Conscious Evolution Institute provides competitive prices for the Nordiflex Pen, as well as Norditropin HGH, and also has payment plans available to spread the cost of your treatment across six months to a year.

If you have specific questions regarding the price of Norditropin Injections with the Nordiflex Pen, we encourage you to contact our clinic by phone to speak with one of our friendly medical professionals or contact us using the form on our website.

What is the Advantage of the Nordiflex Pen over the Norditropin FlexPro Pen?

These two products are very similar. The primary difference between the products is that the Nordiflex is designed to provide the largest doses of Bio-Identical Norditropin with up to 6 milligrams! The Nordiflex HGH Pen is capable of providing a wide range of doses, from 0.1 milligrams to 6 milligrams.

The biggest notable advantage of the Nordiflex Pen is that it is one of the only pens on the market capable of delivering a single dose over 4.5 milligrams, meaning that these patients only need to take one shot per day, rather than two.

What is the Advantage of the Nordiflex Pen over the vial form of HGH?

It is safe and easy to inject Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone via any method, but the Nordiflex Pen simplifies the process because it comes as a liquid and does not require reconstitution. It also provides a clear and accurate means to distribute the perfect dose without hassle. Many people also prefer pens because they produce less needle anxiety.

Do Nordiflex Injections Hurt?

Many people are very wary of needles and are concerned with the potential pain associated with Norditropin Therapy. Subcutaneous Injections are relatively painless, and most patients experience little to no discomfort with the injection.

Nordiflex Information

The Nordiflex Pen comes preloaded with 30 milligrams of Bio-Identical HGH and can deliver multiple doses, until the product is exhausted within the pen, or the expiration date has passed on the Human Growth Hormone Product. The Nordiflex Pen is capable of providing highly accurate doses down to a tenth of a milligram.

The Nordiflex Pen uses a particular type of needle, known as a NovoFine needle, which is thinner than a regular HGH Needle, and provides the product just as efficiently and with less pain than a standard needle.

How Do Patients Feel About the Norditropin Nordiflex?

The Norditropin Nordiflex is intended for use both by pediatric and adult patients suffering from Growth Hormone Deficiency. Medical research has shown that the Nordiflex Pen is safe, reliable, and easy to use, both for adults and children. Most children actually preferred the Nordiflex Pen to other HGH Injection devices.

Because patients are more willing to stick with a medical treatment that they are pleased and comfortable with, the Nordiflex Pen is likely beneficial for helping patients stick with therapy over simply using vials.

How to Use the Norditropin Nordiflex

Preparing the Nordiflex Pen for Use

  • Take the cap off of the Nordiflex Pen and check to ensure the consistency of the Norditropin Growth Hormone in the pen. It should be both colorless and clear. Flip the pen upside down, and there is a window on the side of the pen that allows you to see into it clearly.

  • Clean your hands thoroughly, and allow them to dry. Take an alcohol swab, and dab it across the stopper which keeps the pen-tip shut.

  • Don't attach a needle for injection until you are absolutely ready to deliver the injection. Take off the protective shield from the needle and twist it securely on to the Nordiflex Pen. Remove the needle caps from the inner and outer portion of the needle. Remember to unscrew the needle right after you inject, because if you forget, some of your HGH Treatment may leak out of the device.


How to Perform an Airshot with a Nordiflex Pen

  • Before taking your first shot with a new Nordiflex Pen, you must ensure that no air is within the pen. There is always a risk that tiny amounts of air can get stuck in the cartridge or needle, which needs to be expelled before safely using the medication.

  • Turn the dial on the side of the Nordiflex Device, so that it reads 0.1 milligrams. Every line on the side of the device represents a tenth of a milligram.

  • Turn the Nordiflex HGH Pen upwards and agitate the device with your fingertip so that any air bubbles attached to the inside of the pen rise toward the tip of the needle.

  • After the air bubbles collect at the tip of the needle, press the trigger button on the pen, and it will release any air trapped inside. You'll know the air has left the device when a bead of liquid forms on the tip of the needle. If liquid does not appear, press the trigger down again, up to four times.

  • If, after four attempts, no fluid forms, contact your medical specialist for advice and assistance.


How to Set Your Dosage with a Nordiflex Pen

Look at the Dosage Indicator on your HGH Pen, and ensure that it measures 0 Milliliters. From this point, turn the dial until you reach the dosage that you require for treatment. If you overshoot your dosage, it's okay to turn the dial back slowly to return to the appropriate dose. During this process, make sure you don't hit the trigger, because you'll accidentally release a dose and waste product.

It's important to use only the measurements on the pen to determine your dose. The clicks that the pen makes are not linked to the exact dose.

By looking at the scale on the side of your Nordiflex Growth Hormone Pen, you can approximately see how much Recombinant HGH is left in the device. It is not mechanically possible to set the dosage higher than the amount of product left in the pen.

How to Administer an Injection with the Norditropin Nordiflex

Always follow your physician's advice. These are simply guidelines. Norditropin HGH is only intended for subcutaneous injection. In order to administer the medication, pierce the skin with the needle and press the trigger firmly to release the medication. Hold the trigger for six seconds in order to make sure that the full dose is dispensed.

Do not let go of the trigger until the needle is safely drawn from the skin. In order to make sure that you receive the entire dose, check the indicator and ensure that the meter reads 0 milligrams. If it does not, this means that the medication did not fully dispense, and you'll need to discuss this with your physician.

How to Discharge the Novofine Needle from the Norditropin Nordiflex

After you have completed the injection process, unscrew the needle from the pen. Don't bother recapping it, simply throw it away securely in a Sharps container or other suitable location such as a metal container or a container made of hard plastic.

Seal the container firmly and dispose of it via approved methods for the safety of your loved ones as well as strangers. Never re-use a needle, always toss it immediately after use. If you delivered the injection for a patient, take sufficient care to dispose of the needles, and take all measures necessary to prevent accidentally poking yourself with the needle.

Disposing of the Norditropin Nordiflex

Nordiflex HGH Pens are completely disposable. After you have expended the cartridge, simply throw the pen away, making sure that you've safely disposed of the needle.

Protecting Your Nordiflex Pen

Bio-Identical HGH requires conscientious care in order to preserve the potency of the medication. Don't allow your pen to be exposed to direct sunlight because this can overheat the medication over time. Also, keep the Nordiflex free of dirt and dust. The ideal means to clean the device is to simply wipe it down with a clean, soft, wet rag. The Nordiflex HGH Pen is not intended to be lubricated, washed, or submerged in alcohol.

Important Information about the Nordiflex Pen

  • This device in not intended for use with the Nordiflex Penmate.

  • Before using your Nordiflex Pen for the first time, keep the product under refrigeration between 36'-46' F. After the pen has been used for the first time, it has a shelf life of 28 days.

  • Always remember to purge the device of air before the first injection. If you ever accidentally hit the Norditropin Pen against a hard object or drop it, you'll also need to perform another purge just in case.

  • It is vitally important to keep Bio-Identical Liquid HGH under refrigeration, so don't leave the pen anywhere where it can get too cold or too hot.

  • In order to maintain a healthy and proper administration schedule, keep a second Nordiflex Pen at your home to make sure that there is no gap in medication between pens.

  • You should never share your Nordiflex device, in order to protect your health and the health of others.


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