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Hgh For Menopause

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Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause is among the most widely realized and all-encompassing reasons why it is apparent that we are the result of our hormones. Everyone hears the terrible stories and nasty symptoms that come with this unstoppable force upon our lives. It is realized because of the negative way that it affects us and how it changes our character as it afflicts us. The Conscious Evolution Medical Institute provides you with the most effective fix for all of those terrible symptoms.

Why it is Vital to Have an Ample Amount of Hormones

Everyone gets that estrogen is the primary sex hormone of women, even though it has such a powerful influence and such great responsibility to the way the body functions, it is but one of many vital hormones acting in the body. Those hormones affect the way you act like a human being, the way you react to things, the manner in which you think, the growth of your hair, the length of your hair, your libido, your functionality, your fingernails among other things. As a result, if you are having issues with your hormones, you are having issues yourself.


Estrogen is part of a group of hormones including estriol, estradiol, and estrone. It is the primary sex hormone for ladies and it is vital in regard to the menstrual cycle. There is estrogen in both males and females, but it is available in a much higher concentration in ladies, and even more in ladies who can have children.

Sexual characteristics of the second variety are developed by estrogen. These are the things that make women and men different besides their systems of reproduction. In females, these differences include more body fat in the hips, thighs, and butt, a wider pelvis, and breasts. It also makes women have nicer skin and less hair on their faces than men.

Estrogen is essential to the reproductive ability of women. It controls the cycle of menstruation and gets the uterus ready for having a baby by thickening and enriching the endometrium. The follicle-stimulating hormone and the luteinization hormone are in charge of how women in estrous develop their eggs.

The ovaries make the most estrogen as they make the follicles of eggs. Also, the corpus luteum located in the ovary makes estrogen. Another thing that does is the placenta. The adrenal glands, breasts, and liver also make some estrogen, but they don't make as much.

There are three different compounds that makeup estrogen: estriol, estradiol, and estrone. During the reproductive time of a woman's life, which begins with the start of menstruation and ends at menopause, estradiol is the primary type of estrogen. Estradiol is produced by the action of enzymes of androgens. Estradiol is also created by testosterone, and androstenedione makes estrone estrogen.

Women's health is greatly affected by estrogen in even more ways than how their reproduction functions. Even though it can make ladies keep fluid, and exposure early during early menses can cause the risk of cancer of the breast to increase, there are benefits to estrogen. It helps maintain HDL cholesterol which is good and helps drop LDL cholesterol which is the bad kind.

Post-menopausal women produce less estrogen. The issues related to menopause and the menopause itself can lead to a dry vagina, memory issues, flashes of hotness, irritability, fatigue, and a reduction in the density of bone, which may be the worst thing of all. Even though ERT has created controversy, and health pros have debated its effectiveness and safety, women in menopause really should get with a physician to figure out the best and most useful way to recover from estrogen loss.

Thirty-Five Menopause Symptoms

Below is a grouping of many of the problems that start to occur at perimenopause and that are very present when total menopause starts to become a reality:

  • Menopause creates flashes of heat, night sweating, flashes of cold, clammy skin, and flushing of the face
  • Menopause disturbs the beat of the heart
  • Menopause makes one more irritable
  • Menopause makes one go from happy to sad quickly and makes one cry
  • Menopause makes it hard to stay asleep all night (might be accompanied by sweats)
  • Dysfunctional periods right when menopause is about to hit, lighter, shorter periods; heavy ones with flooding; fake periods, short cycles, and long cycles start.
  • Menopause decreases sex drive
  • Menopause decreases lubrication
  • Menopause causes fatigue to become severe
  • Menopause makes one anxious and not at ease
  • Menopause fills on with doom, apprehension, and dread
  • Menopause makes it hard to concentrate, causes confusion, and makes it hard to concentrate
  • Menopause makes bad lapses in memory
  • Menopause makes one incontinent, especially when one laughs or sneezes. Makes one feel like they have to go.
  • Menopause makes the skin itch and feels strange
  • Menopause causes sore, aching tendons, muscles, and joints
  • Menopause creates muscle tension
  • Menopause creates tenderness of the breast
  • Menopause creates an increase or decrease in headaches
  • Menopause creates nausea, pain, gas, flatulence, indigestion, and stomach distress
  • Menopause makes one often bloat
  • Menopause makes one depressed
  • Menopause makes existing problems worse
  • Menopause makes allergies more insufferable
  • Menopause makes one gain weight
  • Menopause makes hair thin over the whole body, pubic area, or head; makes one have more hair on the face
  • Menopause makes one lose balance sometimes, become light-headed or dizzy
  • Menopause makes odor change
  • Menopause creates sensations of electricity on the head and in the skin
  • Menopause makes extremities tingle
  • Menopause makes gums bleed and causes other problems
  • Menopause makes the tongue burn, the roof of the mouth burn, and changes taste in the mouth and smell of breath
  • Menopause weakens bones over the years
  • Menopause makes nails softer or much more brittle
  • Causes tinnitus: ear ringing, the sound of bells, buzzing, or other sounds
  • First Symptom: Flashes of heat are caused by a response of the hypothalamus because of lowering estrogen production in the ovaries. Lowering estrogen levels causes hypophysiotropic-type neurons of the hypothalamus? arcuate nucleus to fire hormones which release gonadotropin (GnRH) at a pulsatile rate, and this causes the luteinizing hormone to be released. Very big pulses of Luteinizing hormone happen when estrogen manufacture declines. LH creates the effects of vasodilation, and that causes flushing.
  • Seventh Symptom: Lowered sex drive. For particular women, this disruption is so powerful that sex becomes something repulsive like it did before they underwent puberty. What the hormones provide they can also deny.
  • Eighth Symptom: Vagina dryness leads to painful sex.
  • Eleventh Symptom: Thoughts of doom include thinking about death and imagining personal death.
  • Fourteenth Symptom: Unfortunate incontinence is a result of a reduction in tone of muscle.
  • Fifteenth Symptom: Crawly, itchy skin feels like bugs walking in the skin, not just itchy, dry skin.
  • Sixteenth Symptom: sore, aching joints include issues like carpal tunnel
  • Twenty-Second Symptom: Mood instability is different from the standard kind, making it impossible to cope with the world. The self is gone. Depression is eased greatly by hormone
  • Twenty-Fifth Symptom: Gaining weight that most often occurs around the thighs and waist, making the waistline go away.
  • Twenty-Ninth Symptom: Sensation of shock feels like a snapping band between the muscle and the skin. Happens before flashes of hotness begin to occur.
  • Thirtieth Symptom: extremities start to tingle because of a possible lack of B-12, lack of calcium or potassium, change in vessel flexibility, or diabetes.
  • Thirty-Fifth Symptom: Ringing in the ears is a physical issue that starts to arise in many ladies as menopause begins. It is correlated with conditions of health like cardiac disease and hypothyroidism. It is also caused by certain medicines like Prozac and salicylates including aspirin.
  • Diabetes
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Sadness, mood swings, and depression
  • Other medical issues


If you think it is possible that you have any of these problems, go to your physician for help.

You Can Overcome Menopause

Menopause and everything that happens as it happens can be avoided with the application of Bioidentical ERT. We will be happy to teach about why and how isn't only good for you because it prevents issues related to menopause, but it also enhances life in other ways as well.

How often do issues related to menopause keep you from enjoying spending time with your family, taking in an awesome day, or even making the most of your business day with a powerful focus? Menopause can break down everything that makes your world go.

Menopause and the problems that are associated with it can cause problems in such a personal, deep way that one may even feel like she is losing control of her mind. Unfortunately, in a very real way menopause is causing that to happen. It's abetting the degeneration of the mind, emotional stability, and the ability to focus and take in information well and efficiently. Menopause takes away all of the energy you have; it ruins your sense of cold and hot, and this is the truly terrible thing: This is where you really start to get older physically.

Passing through the age of menopause isn't just about covering up symptoms but also reversing terrible internal problems that occur when it begins. The drop in progesterone, estrogen and other discordances of other hormones creates the unstoppable period of a woman's life known as menopause, and it produces a powerful strain upon the function of your insides.

Also think about the fact that the drop in hormones, those in command of the regeneration of cell metabolism, division, and regeneration creates a drop in your overall ability to function. The liver, lungs, heart, and every other organ are attempting to carry out the same important functions, but now without the same level of help from the system endocrine which starts to slow at the age of thirty, and then just drops like a rock when menopause actually occurs.

A lot of the content that is related to man and his reduction in hormones belie inconsistencies of sexuality before all else because of the common belief that sex is even more important for males. But, sexuality is vital to everyone.

Just because you are undergoing menopause doesn't mean that you no longer care about sexuality. Menopause should not be considered the end of your sex life or your end of wanting to have sex.

Inside, we are sure that you are having apprehensions about sex, but you need to remember that with the vast negative attitudes toward menopause and the symptoms related to it, declination of hormones really and truly affects your level of energy, perspective, emotions, and psychology, and all of this affects your libido and sexual want.

Sadly, it is impossible to make menopause disappear. It is a phase that is completely avoidable and that every female must pass through. Menopause can be an enjoyable, wonderful period of life. You do not have to go through the sexual, energetic, mental, physical, and emotional inconsistencies that are associated with the period.

The only reason that menopause has an effect on you is that it is how your source of life is cut off. It slows down the release of hormones and the output of the endocrine system.

We Can Repair It!

Refuse to live with menopause and its symptoms or the standard treatments to alleviate the issues of this phase of life. We are here to tell you how to make your life just as full of vitality as it was in your youth! It's our career!


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