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Getting Started With An Hgh Program

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How To Get Started

Step 1 Call 1-800-996-9664 and speak to a consultant about programs.

Step 2 Fill out the Medical History form on our website, or we can email, fax or mail the form to you.

Step 3 Once we review completed Medical History form, we will schedule you to get required bloodwork/comprehensive medical evaluation. We have a national network of labs and will locate one close to you. If you already have bloodwork and it is less than a year old we can most likely use it.

:: Pre-Placement Physical Exam

Step 4 Once we receive your bloodwork/medical evaluation, our Doctor will review and help you design a program that it most suitable to you.

Step 5 Our Doctor will contact you and have Virtual Face-Face Consultation, to establish a Doctor-Patient-Relationship. Also we will discuss all dosages, side effects, and results you should expect.

Step 6 Start Feeling and Looking Great!!!




Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation

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Dear Patient,

Once you have completing the above contact form, for security purposes and confirmation, please confirm your information by calling us.
Please call now: 1-800-380-5339.

Welcoming You To Our Clinic, Professor Tom Henderson.

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