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When I Was Young Things Were Better, Not!

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Hi, Greg here. I’m a 60-year-old man. Starting when I was around 40, I started saying it. I was saying it ten times as much when I hit 50. When I finally hit 60, I was still saying it – a lot. And I was sick of saying it! What was it? A simple seven-word phrase: “When I was young, things were better.” And a few variations on the phrase: “When I was young, I could do that”… “When I was young, I had a lot more energy”… “When I was young I could have done that, but now” – but what it really came down to was things really were better – a lot better – when I was young.

Man, was I sick of saying that – of making excuses like that – to my kids when they wanted to go jet skiing with me; to my wife when she wanted to get romantic; to the head of my department when he needed me to work long hours to get an important project done. I was even making that excuse to myself sometimes: “When I was young I could get that project done in half the time”… “When I was young I could play hard when I got done working”… “When I was young I could tire out my lover but now she tires me out”… and a hundred other meager excuses. They say negative talk makes things even worse when you’ve got a problem, and I guess they’re right. I was in a downward spiral and sick, sick, sick of saying that things were no good any more.

I saw other guys my age with twice my energy, easily. I saw guys my age who looked a lot younger than me. I saw other guys my age with more stamina and strength than me. I was sick of all that too! The question screamed at me: What is wrong with me that isn’t wrong with these other guys?

So I went to my family doctor. He said my blood looked good and my body wasn’t too bad “for someone my age.” He did scans and tests by never found anything wrong with me.

So I was still disgusted, still sick of my situation. I decided to do some research of my own. I found out that some people in my exact situation had gotten great results with HGH (human growth hormone) replacement therapy. Turns out they had been suffering from low HGH – and that made them feel older, weaker, sicker, and more hopeless even than I was. Once their hormone levels were restored to normal, they were like new men, they said. They had their lives back!

Maybe that was my problem. So my research led me to the clinic that sponsors this Web site. They offered tests that would show for sure whether my problem was hormonal or not. I took the test, and guess what? My HGH levels were way lower than what I needed for optimal health. The board certified doctors at the clinic handled everything smoothly for me. They got me a prescription for real, legal HGH that was just the right amount to restore my health. They guided me every step of the way.

And what a fantastic difference it made for me, almost right away! After a few months of taking my prescription, I act and look like the man I was before I started saying those rotten seven words. I have ten times the energy I had a year ago. My wife says I look like I’m 40something, not 60. My colleagues at work – who are mostly in their 30s – can’t keep up with me in the work department. I’m in a local men’s basketball league now, too – and I am 20 years older than the oldest other player – and I’m one of the top scorers on the local team! Man, I never thought it could be this good.

If you have the symptoms I had, do yourself a big favor. Get in contact with the clinic and get tested. If you do have an HGH deficiency, I can say for sure that your problems will be over soon.

Do I have any regrets? Yes, I do. I regret that I didn’t get tested at 40, or 45, or 50. I wasted a lot of years suffering when I didn’t have to. But at least I did finally take action – and you can, too.

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