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Growth Hormone and Nutraceuticals

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What is a Nutraceutical?

   Our clinic specializes in Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy. Growth hormone deficiency is the root cause of countless health issues. Many of these problems are purely physical: weakened muscles, chronic fatigue, weight gain, trouble getting to sleep, and increasing stiffness with joint pain. Growth hormone restoration can works wonders in easing these ailments.

However, several other unwelcome ominous developments are mental. Here again, HGH can come to the pressure by slashing brain fog and boosting your mood.

More good news: we don't stop with HGH replacement. in order for you to receive maximum benefit from your HGH treatment regimen, we also recommend several types of nutritional supplements. And that includes nutraceuticals.

A Nutraceutical is any vitamin, mineral, supplement, trace element, or bio-botanical plant-based substance that has known healing value and is produced or isolated for public consumption with the highest pharmaceutical grade purity.

It is a rigorous process to make an exact Nutraceutical which involves sending the healing substances from plants to a biotechnology company where the active ingredient of benefit to people is highly concentrated and then standardized to a milligram dose for accurate control.

Douglas Labs

We use only one biotech lab, Douglas Labs, which is the only lab in America to be fully approved by the FDA. Douglas Labs has ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 accreditation -- the only lab making Nutraceuticals and supplements in America to have this highest standard of quality.

Longevity and Cellular Regeneration Nutraceutical Program

Being on a high potency Nutraceutical program is imperative when on a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) program if we are to have optimal health. We must understand that HRT, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), or Testosterone therapy increases the amount and use of all vital nutrients, enzymes, fats, minerals, carbohydrates, and many other essential bodily substances needed to maintain excellent health.

In short, our body uses all these vital components at a much faster rate when on a Hormone Replacement Therapy program, so we MUST put these essential substances back into the body at higher levels, especially since most Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) recommendations are considered insufficient by most anti-aging, longevity and cell regeneration standards.

Using bio-identical hormones and pharmaceutically pure Nutraceuticals with a consistent exercise schedule is a safe and effective way of embracing a healthy anti-aging, longevity, and regenerative lifestyle.

Contact us today for information on our pharmaceutically pure Nutraceuticals.


Nutraceutical - Is It Same as a Dietary Supplement for Joint Health?


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