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Weekly HGH Injections with Sogroya for Hypopituitarism

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As we get older, Human Growth Hormone Levels become more precarious. While HGH is most strongly associated with childhood development, it remains very important as an engine of metabolism throughout our lives. The risk of symptomatic Growth Hormone Deficiency increases with every year beyond the age of thirty, though its effects are often not felt for years or even decades.

New HGH Products Make Hormone Therapy Easier

Bio-Identical HGH Injections are a powerful tool to help patients overcome age-related Hypopituitarism but have long required daily injections to achieve the best results. HRT Treatments like Protropin and Genotropin have proven track records but could definitely benefit from improved ease of use.

Times are changing for the better, however. New formulations are in development that make HGH Therapy easier and simpler for both children and adults. Sogroya Weekly Growth Hormone Injections are a recent addition to our arsenal of Hormone Replacement Therapy Products—safe and effective for the restoration of healthy HGH Levels.

How to Take Sogroya

Like traditional forms of Bio-Identical Growth Hormone, Sogroya is administered subcutaneously—this means that the shot is delivered to the fatty layer between the muscles and the deepest layers of the skin, where it then circulates and is metabolized by the body. Other types of HGH are absorbed by the body very quickly, which is why they require daily injections at least five days per week. Sogroya Growth Hormone is modulated, delivering a slow and constant supply of HGH over the course of a week.

This is great for patients because many people balk at the idea of taking a single shot, much less a prick every day. Weekly injections make the treatment much more tolerable for patients and make it easier to stay on the treatment. Patients tolerate Sogroya well, and the medication provides comparable results to existing HGH Brands.

Who Is Sogroya For?

Sogroya is available for use in the United States and can be prescribed to any patient with diagnosed Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. Sogroya uses a pen device to deliver the shot, avoiding the need to deal with traditional needles and syringes. The Sogroya dosage can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the patient.

Sogroya FDA Trial and Results

Sogroya is the brand name for Somapacitan and was invented by the pharmaceutical scientists at Novo Nordisk. Sogroya recently achieved approval by the FDA for use in adults showing the signs and symptoms of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. License for use by adults was granted after a thorough trial was conducted involving 300 patients with Growth Hormone Deficiency. None of the patients had ever taken HGH before.

These 300 participants were then split into groups—One set of patients took daily HGH Injections with Somatropin, and others took Sogroya. A third group acted as control, receiving placebo shots. Success in treatment was measured via a loss of abdominal fat. Researchers found that the patients that took either Daily HGH or Sogroya achieved a healthy reduction of body fat, whereas control patients actually developed more fat.

The safety profile of Sogroya is very similar to Nutropin and other daily Growth Hormone Shots. This combination of safety and effectiveness paved the way for FDA Approval, making it available to all qualified patients.

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Our Hormone Specialists are at the forefront of modern HRT Technology. They are up to date on current clinical practices for Hormone Imbalance, including HGH Deficiency. If you've been struggling with fatigue, impaired immunity, joint problems, diminishing strength, and troubling changes in body composition, Somatopause could be the source of your health issues.

Our Wellness Clinic can assess your current health status via Comprehensive Hormone Panel and offer our professional guidance to help you restore Hormone Balance and boost your quality of life!

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