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Testosterone and Women

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Think women don’t need testosterone?

Think again!

Keep reading and discover what this vital hormone can do for women.

Testosterone...the so-called “male hormone.” The hormone that causes a man’s libido to skyrocket...his muscles to grow...his energy levels to explode...his appetite for risk-taking...his aggression...and many other masculine traits.

So testosterone is only for men, right?

Wrong. Absolutely, totally, 100% wrong. Here’s a little-known secret: women need testosterone as well.

Did you know that women are born with testosterone? And testosterone levels plunge in women as well as men?

Fact: the vast majority of older women experience a decline in testosterone. Studies have repeatedly concluded that women between the ages of 20 and 40 have a drop in their testosterone levels of nearly 50%.

When this grim fact is combined with the decline in other hormones (estrogen and progesterone), women pay the price. Here are some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels (“Low-T”):

  • Increased weight gain. For all-too-many women, this unfortunate condition rears its ugly head. No matter how strict they diet the pounds stubbornly cling to them in all of the wrong places.
  • Brain fog. A lack of mental clarity and forgetfulness usually emerges slowly. But as time passes it may become noticeable.
  • Chronic fatigue. Everyone has cycles of energy and fatigue. But with a loss of testosterone, the fatigue cycles make an unwanted appearance far more often than the energy cycles and hang around a lot longer.
  • Mood swings. Let’s face it. Moodiness is not pleasant for anyone. This includes both the person experiencing the mood swings and the people around them.
  • Osteoporosis. This frightening and debilitating condition may be one of the worst afflictions that can strike anyone – women and men. But statistically, osteoporosis strikes women far more often than men. And studies have demonstrated that Low-T plays a significant role in the appearance of this hideous monster.
  • Changes in appearance. Droopy eyelids, sagging facial skin, dry, thinning, brittle hair, and thin lips are “gifts” that no woman in her right mind wants...but often what she receives as she ages.
  • Severely diminished libido. It is, of course, possible to exist without a robust, healthy sex life. But who would want to?

There are, of course, a broad range of conditions as a result of aging that may bring on the problems listed above. But low testosterone levels should not be ruled out as a contributing factor.

And the bad news? If these adverse developments have appeared when women are in their 40’s, things will only get worse as the decades pass...unless you do something about it.

Is testosterone replacement right for women?

As with most health-related questions, the answer is “it depends.” If you’re a woman who is experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above of menopause and aging, your physician may determine that there are other factors at work that are causing your discomforting problems.

However, if your physician concludes that you are suffering from Low-T, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) may be recommended. Here are a few of the benefits that TRT may be able to deliver:

  • Speed up your metabolism. It is maddeningly frustrating to do everything right – diet, exercise, adequate sleep and rest, staying adequately hydrated, and controlling stress – and still continue to pack on the pounds in spite of everything you are doing to prevent it. Why is this? The primary suspect is a slowing metabolism that occurs naturally as you age and lose vital hormones like testosterone. TRT can give your metabolism a shot-in-the-arm and help you regain your youthful figure.
  • Cause a surge in your energy levels. Chronic fatigue is no fun...no fun at all. If you are always tired, it is easy to lose your zest for life. Boosting your testosterone levels can result in your body roaring back to life and having the energy to do the things you enjoy but haven’t been doing because you have always been “too tired.”It’s time to put chronic fatigue in the rear-view mirror.
  • Build a moat of protection around your heart. Diminished levels of testosterone are directly associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Your heart needs protection and testosterone can help provide that protection.
  • Clear away from brain fog and depression and possibly protect from dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Here are the somber statistics: Approximately 1 in 6 women has developed Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). For men, the number is 1 in 10. While correlation is not causation, it bears repeating that men have higher testosterone levels than women. And in men, higher testosterone levels are linked to superior mental function, and the lower testosterone levels that are typically found in elderly men are associated with impaired mental function. A 2011 study conducted by The Endocrine Society found that testosterone may offer women protection from dementia.
  • Protect your bones from osteoporosis. Here are the ominous numbers: According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation one in two women over age 50 will suffer from a fracture caused by osteoporosis in her remaining lifetime. Of the estimated 10 million people in the USA who have osteoporosis about 8 million (80%) are women. If those numbers weren’t bad enough, consider this: another 43.4 million Americans are afflicted with lower bone mass, a condition called Osteopenia. Osteopenia is defined as having bones that are weaker and thinner than average but not full-blown osteoporosis. Ugly, ugly numbers. Testosterone may strengthen your bones and prevent these conditions from developing.
  • Awaken your long-slumbering libido. There is no need to elaborate on this benefit.

But is testosterone safe for women?

That is an excellent question. As mentioned earlier, testosterone is a potent masculine hormone. Even among men, when testosterone levels are excessive there can be unwanted side effects: increased moodiness and aggression, oily skin which may cause an outbreak of acne, fluid retention, elevated red blood cell counts which may result in life-threatening blood clotting, breast sensitivity, and elevated blood pressure.

In women, all of these side effects are possible, and things could become even worse: a growth of body hair, balding, increased muscle mass, hair growth on the chin and upper lip, menstrual problems or absence of periods, decreased breast size, and a deeper voice. Ghastly, to put it mildly. But these abominable side effects can be prevented. Here’s how.

It is all in the dose

For women who are undergoing TRT small dosage is critical. Women require only a tiny, minimal amount of men's recommended dosages of testosterone. Generally, men in a testosterone replacement therapy regimen receive 75 to 100 mg weekly or 150 to 200 mg every other week. Doses may, of course, vary, depending upon the physician's recommendation.

By contrast, women typically begin their TRT treatment with doses in the 1-5 mg range weekly. This prevents the unwanted side effects mentioned earlier and delivers benefits.

In the rare cases of side effects at these minute doses, the side effects disappear when the treatment is stopped.

So don’t stay up nights worrying about turning into a bearded circus lady!

Our clinic will guide you every step of the way

At our clinic, we believe in a holistic approach. In addition to the most efficient hormone replacement therapy available we will ensure that your treatment is administered safely since your regimen is designed specifically for you. We don’t use a “cookie-cutter” approach.

You are unique; your body chemistry is unlike anyone else, and we conduct a detailed blood test before beginning your treatment to pinpoint the precise amount of testosterone you need to return zest, robust health, and optimism to your life.

Also, we go beyond hormone replacement...way, way beyond. We will evaluate how all of your glands and organs are functioning, provide you with a detailed nutritional plan, recommend the correct combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs to work synergistically with your hormone replacement treatment, help you develop a physical fitness exercise routine, and give ideas to help you control stress.

Stop delaying

You don’t have to continue suffering from hot flashes, a lifeless, deflated libido, weight gain, a high risk of developing osteoporosis, weakened muscles that make daily living needlessly challenging, insomnia, and brain fog.

A sad irony is this: all too many women are not even aware of the harmful effects of low testosterone, and they also don’t understand why they need testosterone.

But now you are not in that clueless category. There is no reason...absolutely no reason...for you to continue to suffer. Take the first step to getting back the life you deserve. Call us!





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