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Testosterone Therapy Increasingly Used to Help Men Take Control of Aging

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It's a common refrain, “As I get older, I feel like I have less energy. I'm just not as strong as I was before.” Frequently, the men that are saying this used to be very active when they were younger. Sometimes, they are still active but have found that they are hitting a wall regarding their goals for their bodies, minds, and lives. Often, the source of these troubles is Testosterone Deficiency.

Low-T is much more complex than most men realize and impacts many different aspects of men's health. Most guys know that Testosterone is the source of masculinity and libido, but they don't recognize the true depth of influence that Testosterone really has.

The Threat of Low-T Higher Than Ever Before

Falling Testosterone Levels are a natural part of aging, it's true. On the other hand, just because something is natural doesn't always mean it's the best. Our bodies depend on Hormone Balance to operate at their peak, and declining Testosterone Production impedes that optimal function.

In addition to simple aging, the modern world has created new reasons to be concerned about Testosterone Balance. Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, Obesity, Drugs, and Diabetes all eat away at men's ideal Testosterone Levels, leading to symptoms of Low-T in addition to their own unique symptoms and risks. Men have more reason to be concerned for their Testosterone than ever before. These concerns have led to a drastic increase in Testosterone Prescriptions in the 21st Century. There are four times as many men taking Testosterone today as there were in 2003.

Testosterone Responsible for the Regulation of Several Vital Functions

Our bodies need Testosterone. While sexual function and fertility are important, it's about more than that. Testosterone amplifies muscle mass, protects bone mineral density, maintains healthy body composition, protects the heart, and more. The officially recognized threshold for Low-T is 300 ng/dl, though symptoms can sometimes appear even in men that are borderline. Men's Health Clinics will take the accepted threshold into account but may prescribe Prescription Testosterone or Testosterone Boosters like Enclomiphene even if you're in the low 400s ng/dl. Your needs are determined by a combination of your Testosterone Levels and your symptoms.

Testosterone Can Help Men Everywhere

While some younger men may benefit from Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy, the older that you get, the more likely that the symptoms will impact your life. The goal of Physician-Prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy isn't to turn you into Superman but just to help you feel like yourself again! While Testosterone, steroids, Human Growth Hormone, and other HRT Treatments are highly sought after for Performance Enhancement, they should only be used for the treatment of legitimate medical issues.

For a long time, Testosterone and other Hormone Therapy Treatments have been seen as a rich man's game, but Testosterone has only gotten more affordable and more accessible over the last twenty years. Research has continued to provide evidence of benefits, and the clinical protocols for Testosterone have become more refined. The result is that we understand the effects of Testosterone and how best to use Testosterone to improve men's lives while minimizing the risk of side effects.

Don't Be Afraid to Discuss Testosterone with a Doctor

More and more doctors have opened their minds and prescription pads to Testosterone as evidence for its benefits continues to mount. Hormone Therapies like Testosterone have been used to help people age more gracefully, recover more quickly, think more clearly, and just feel better.

It may even pay to reach out to a specialist even if you haven't noticed any big changes. Many men become acclimated to Hormone Imbalance and sluggish energy without recognizing that they could have more energy and drive. It's completely possible to have Testosterone Levels 200-300 ng/dl and not know it, especially for men in their thirties and forties.

While Testosterone Therapy and other treatments to boost Testosterone are effective, they don't always need to be the first course of action. Many factors negatively influence Testosterone, including excess body fat, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol use, and even lack of sunlight. Your Men's Health Specialist will help you determine what changes you should make to increase Testosterone and will help you decide if Prescription Hormone Therapy is a part of that plan.


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