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Testosterone May Help You Keep Your Job (Or Find Another)

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Testosterone is well-known to play an intricate role in male psychology, cognition, and decision-making. The hormone not only dominates our sex lives, but it can also have a huge effect on our careers! Testosterone Deficiency is associated with many symptoms that can have a negative impact on work performance. It causes fatigue and increases feelings of depression and anxiety. It makes us feel less confident, and can make it harder to show off our strengths in the office or on the worksite.

Testosterone Strongly Impacts Men's Behavior

As our knowledge of Testosterone continues to advance, researchers have started exploring the social and psychological effects of Testosterone with increased vigor and funding. As we unveil the intricacies of how Testosterone affects the mind, it further reveals how critical that Testosterone is to men's health and vitality, far beyond the realm of the sexual.

Can Testosterone Help Keep You Employed?

A study from a recent edition of Economics and Human Biology explores how Testosterone Levels correlate with the ability to retain one's job, or find another in the case of lay-offs. This extensive study looked into the lives of over 2200 UK males of working age, comparing their Testosterone Levels to their work history. All men selected for this study ranged in age from 25-64. The lead researcher for this study was Peter Eibich of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.

Eibich and his associates discovered that men with categorically low Testosterone Levels struggled to find a new job after being let go as compared to men with normal or higher Testosterone. Furthermore, he found that healthy Testosterone Levels were strongly correlated with the ability to keep one's job in addition to the ability to bounce back from losing a job. The researchers hypothesize that this difference in resiliency is connected to behavior and traits modified by Testosterone.

Men with more Testosterone self-reported higher confidence and also looked online for work with higher frequency. It's easy to imagine that men with Low Testosterone may have trouble even ginning up the confidence to start their search, languishing in self-doubt rather than taking the initiative to search for new opportunity.

Investigating How Hormones Alter Human Lives

Eibich is particularly interested in how physiological biomarkers impact human decision-making and activity, and this study is just one of many that he has been involved with exploring the broad subject. While it's easy to speculate about how societal behavior is affected by Hormone Balance and Imbalance, it's a very new area of research that's just getting the attention that it deserves.

Testosterone is a very logical place to start when it comes to the sociological impact of biomarkers. Studies have made it clear that Testosterone impacts the way individuals think and act, and there are databases available where we can measure the effects of Testosterone on a societal level.

One of the limitations of this study is that Testosterone Levels were only measured once. Future research would benefit from evaluating Testosterone over time as it pertains to jobs and joblessness. It's also very possible that Testosterone could impact women's career prospects too, though that data is exceedingly more difficult to obtain.”

If you believe you've been having difficulties associated with Low-T, consider how it may be changing the course of your life. Testosterone Therapy could be the spark that you've been missing in order to advance your love life, your personal well-being, or your career!

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