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Testosterone Blockers Thwart Melanoma

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While it is true that Testosterone is critical to optimal male vitality, certain health conditions can cause even natural Testosterone Production to become a threat. This is exceptionally true in the case of prostate cancer and can also be a reality in other cases.

Testosterone influences various health factors, including sexual function, strength, metabolism, psychology, and more. We're really just beginning to understand the breadth of effects that Testosterone has on human physiology. The more we learn, the more tools we have to effectively treat frustrating conditions and deadly diseases.

Sometimes Testosterone Can Lead to Worse Outcomes

Androgen Blockers are drugs that stop the body from making Testosterone. They are used to help people overcome illnesses that are exacerbated by circulating Testosterone. While some men suffer because of Low-T, others are in danger because Testosterone fuels wildfires burning within them. Recent research published in London's Nature reveals how Estrogen Blockers may improve men's odds of recovering from Melanoma. The study was led by Miles Andrews, a cancer specialist at Melbourne's Alfred Hospital.

Testosterone has substantial effects on the immune system. In the case of Covid-19, Testosterone protects men. Guys with Low-T are more likely to experience severe complications or death related to Covid-19 Infection. However, testosterone's positive immune effects are dangerous in the face of melanoma because it fuels the immune protection of cancerous tissue, making it harder to destroy. Dr. Andrews' research demonstrates how Testosterone Inhibitors can improve the effectiveness of cancer drugs targeting melanoma by lowering immune defenses.

Melanoma Cancer Treatment with BRAF Inhibitors

Many cancers are exacerbated by a mutation in the gene that produces an enzyme known as BRAF. This enzyme helps control the differentiation and division of cells. However, mutation can lead to the cancerous proliferation of otherwise healthy cells. This mutation commonly impacts melanoma, as are some colorectal, ovarian, and thyroid cancers. BRAF Inhibitors improve the odds of successful cancer treatment by cutting off signals for cancerous cells to multiply.

Dr. Andrews' team noticed that women respond better to BRAF Inhibitors than men and wanted to know why. They found that Androgen was much more active in the cancer cells of men than women. Testosterone Inhibitors may be an effective stop-gap to overcome the immune defenses of Melanoma in men, making BRAF Inhibitors as effective for men as they are for women. Once the cancer is under control, the patient can likely stop taking the Androgen Blockers.

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