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Testimonial: Walter’s HGH Story

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What happened to me once I got my HGH (human growth hormone) levels back to what they should be? That’s a story I love to tell. It happened just a few months ago.

I’m Walter N. I’m a 43-year-old man and I was 42 when it all came down. I had a great job with a pro sports team (stadium sound and communications director), a fiancée, and good fitness habits (among other things, I jogged and played handball regularly).

All seemed golden for a few years… wooed and won this great girl, made wedding plans, got good raises (worked long hours to deserve them, too), and had the home of my dreams. But then, despite eating healthy, exercising a lot, and doing everything I thought I was supposed to do, things started…. Well, going downhill – fast.

There was that persistent weight gain, coupled with muscle loss. All my weight seemed to be flab and not muscle, no matter how much I stepped up my exercise program. And the exercise program, which used to energize and make me feel great, was such a drag.

I was so exhausted that I felt half dead. My energy level never recovered no matter how much sleep I got either. I dragged – morning, lunchtime, afternoons (afternoons especially), and evenings. It got to the point that my fiancée thought I’d lost interest in her – and I guess I had. There was near zero libido. And I simply couldn’t work those long hours anymore.

My boss even called me in and asked me what was wrong. I had no answer, but I could tell he was really disappointed in my performance lately. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was horrified. Not only was I getting fat, but I looked sallow, and puffy, with lines on my face and eyes that made me look 70 instead of 40.

My doctor told me that he’d run every test he could run and saw none of the usual reasons for my lethargy, weight gain, and decline. But he said there was a clinic that specialized in hormone deficiencies – something that most general and family practitioners are not trained in (or, in some cases, even aware of). I’m very lucky my doctor was aware of that possibility, and of this clinic – the one that sponsors this Web site.

The first thing that happened at the clinic was a test – using a world-class medical lab to do the analysis – to determine whether I had a hormone deficiency. I did. The cause that had eluded me and my doctor was finally found!

The very next day, the board-certified doctor at the clinic designed a safe, legal, and effective HGH hormone therapy program just for me, fine-tuned to my body’s needs and hormone levels (fly-by-night supplement hawkers never do that, and that’s a very unsafe approach that can make things much worse, not better). I started injections soon after.

What a difference! My sexual interest (and performance) came zooming back. My quality sleep at least doubled, and I awaken each morning raring to go. My energy levels start strong and stay strong all day long. Everyone says I look younger now. The flab has disappeared and been replaced by firm, lean muscle.

I relish challenges at work – and if I need to stay late to take them on, no problems! My boss went to bat for me to get me two raises in less than half a year. And I still have tons of energy left to please my lady when I get home. The pounds didn’t drop away overnight – but the last few months have made a dramatic transformation. I’m the club handball champ some months – and second or third place the rest of the time. Never done that before! When I look in the mirror now, I look better than when I was 30. My fiancée agrees.

Fact is, I was sick. My body was not producing the HGH I needed. Now that the clinic’s doctors have my hormone balance back to what it should be, I feel better than I ever have in my entire life. Get tested. Find out if your decline is hormone-related. Get the supplements you need. Be the best you can be. You only have one life, and the clock is ticking. Highly recommended!

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