physical activity for protection against hormone imbalance and chronic diseases

Physical Activity for Protection against Hormone Imbalance and Chronic Diseases

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Among all other factors, a sedentary lifestyle is one of the most dangerous for men and women and becomes more dangerous as they get older. More people will die of Chronic Disease this year than all other causes of death combines. Approximately half of Americans are currently living with at least one Chronic Disease. Testosterone Deficiency and HGH Deficiency are increasingly common among adults over the age of 45. Lifestyle and genetics amplify these risks.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, around 40% of men and women struggle with at least two chronic diseases. A strong physical exercise program is a powerful bulwark against the threat of chronic illness and Hormone Imbalance. Several conditions, including Type-2 Diabetes and Low-T, can be fully reversed, prevented, or at least mitigated by a regularly-scheduled exercise program. This doesn't mean you have to make arrangements for physical training three times a week; it just means that you need to create the time in your schedule to get active!

As we advance into the 21st Century, the emphasis of health care is slowly adjusting from medical treatment to lifestyle adjustment. Doctors and nurses are becoming more interested in preventative medicine as a means to help patients live better lives with less risk of disease, surgery, hormone issues, or side-effects from prescription medication.

Doctors Can Help Patients Seek Out Assistance in Their Journey to Live Well

While the combination of research and common sense provides excellent evidence for the therapeutic benefits of exercise and physical activity, many people are unable to make the link from the general population to their own lived experience. Many advocacy groups are urging the medical community to help patients realize the benefits of exercise for their health and help them reach out to groups that can assist them in their efforts to adopt a more active lifestyle.

A little bit of help from above can go a long way. Having a doctor or other medical professional sit down and discuss the impacts that exercise can have on their current state of wellness could change lives and open patients up to the idea that they can personally invest in their improved health. If you're lucky and have a forward-thinking healthcare provider, you may have already experienced something like this, but it takes time for new medical strategies to reach broad acceptance.

How Exercise Can Help Prevent Diabetes and Hormone Imbalance

Type-2 Diabetes is a distressingly common condition that is mostly caused by lifestyle choices such as poor eating habits and low activity level. While genetics play an active role in how much your body can take before losing Insulin Sensitivity, you can avoid Type-2 Diabetes nearly entirely if you eat well and stay active. Our bodies simply aren't designed to process huge amounts of simple processed sugar, carbs, and starches. We were also never meant to just sit around and do nothing all day.

Testosterone Deficiency is a condition that directly impacts the lives of millions of men nationwide. It deflates libido, reduces strength, leads to weight gain, and even impairs cognition, memory, and emotional stability. Exercise is highly effective at stimulating Testosterone Production, especially anaerobic exercise.

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency is also relatively common among aging men and women. HGH promotes youthfulness and vitality via healing and rejuvenation. It also works with Insulin to provide the necessary fuel for physical activity. The ideal level of exercise promotes balance between the two hormones, reducing the risk of Insulin Resistance and encouraging body fat reduction.

Hormone Therapy Can Help Bridge the Gap

For many patients, healthy changes may not be enough to restore adequate Hormone Balance. For these patients, Hormone Replacement Therapy may help them achieve an advanced state of wellness. Other patients may require temporary assistance to help them get the results that they are looking for. A licensed Hormone Specialist can help patients overcome Testosterone Deficiency, Low HGH Levels, and more. While exercise will always be a key aspect of any healthcare routine, don't be afraid to look for a supplemental option to reach your goals! Hormone Imbalance may be preventing you from achieving them.

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