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Omnitrope Injections for the Treatment of HGH Deficiency

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Hormone Balance is one of the central pillars of health and longevity. Our bodies are excellent at preserving homeostasis, but as we get older, we become more prone to issues related to Hormone Deficiency. Human Growth Hormone is among the most critical hormones produced by the human body. HGH is heavily involved in the processes of practically every organ and system because of its involvement in cellular metabolism.

Effectively Treat HGH Deficiency with Omnitrope

Growth Hormone Deficiency is a condition that depletes the wellness of hundreds of thousands of Americans, if not millions. HGH is one of the hormones most prone to age-related impairment, leading to symptoms such as lethargy, weakened muscles, belly fat, weight gain, depression, lack of focus, and more. Omnitrope HGH Therapy is one of many effective products specifically designed to restore Growth Hormone Levels to the standard and healthy range, restoring a more natural state of Hormone Balance.

What Is Omnitrope Used For?

Omnitrope is a brand of Bio-Identical Growth Hormone, meaning that the active portion of the medication is physiologically identical to that which is produced naturally by the human body. Omnitrope is a product of Novartis, a Swiss pharmaceutical company that delivers quality medications for patients worldwide. Our Licensed HRT Clinic uses Omnitrope as a means to alleviate the symptoms of Age-Related Hypopituitarism, helping patients restore their well-being via Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Omnitrope has other uses, however. It is commonly used for the treatment of Adolescent HGH Deficiency and Idiopathic Short Stature. Omnitrope is used to help children achieve normal growth for their age. The therapy is also used to combat the symptoms of AIDs-related wasting, allowing patients with the autoimmune disorder to preserve muscle mass and eliminate the buildup of body fat.

Omnitrope Shots Easy to Administer and Nearly Painless

Omnitrope HGH Injections are delivered as a subcutaneous injection, which means that the medication is introduced just below the skin, where it is absorbed and circulated by the bloodstream. Because SubQ injections use very finely gauged needles, the shot is almost painless. Novartis offers the Omnitrope Pen to simplify the process of injection. This device contains a liquid cartridge of Therapeutic Growth Hormone that stays active and effective for 28 days. Omnitrope also offers HGH Shots via traditional syringe. This form of Omnitrope is lyophilized and must be reconstituted for injection.

Could You Be a Candidate for Omnitrope HGH?

Our Licensed Hormone Specialists can help you determine the source of your Hormone Imbalance and offer a solution that best fits your needs. Our Board-Certified HRT Doctors can arrange for the necessary tests to assess your Hormone Needs and design a plan to boost your Hormone Levels and get you feeling like yourself again! We work with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, which have locations all across America!

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