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Boost Growth Hormone

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Here's how to make sure your growth hormone levels explode!

Add these activities to your treatment and watch in amazement as your cells regenerate, and you turn the clock back by flattening premature aging dead in its tracks

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) therapy is far and away the most efficient way to regain your youth, stay healthy, and live a long, disease-free life.

In fact, many medical experts and folks who experienced the miracle of Growth Hormone therapy agree that there is nothing else in the world...no other treatment or health regime...that comes remotely close to the magical effectiveness of Growth Hormone therapy.

However, you can ramp up the fantastic transformational results of this therapy even more by taking a few actions on your own. These steps will ensure that your body will continue to produce its natural Growth Hormone even when you are not receiving our treatment.

So just imagine what these actions can do when combined with Growth Hormone therapy. Talk about synergy: when all of these activities are connected, 2 plus 2 = 7! Let's take a look at what else you can do:

  • Take supplements. Our food is not nearly as nourishing as it was a scant fifty years ago. The big food corporations, in a mad rush for profits, are drugging animals and turning over the soil so quickly that depletion is occurring at a frightening pace. Therefore, vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements are no longer a luxury. They are essential to anyone concerned with maintaining their health. And a healthy body releases more Growth Hormone.
  • Fuel your body with the right foods, and avoid the bad stuff. Correct eating habits are not nearly as complicated as “the experts” would have us believe. Lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts, olive oil, and adequate amounts of water are an excellent foundation for increasing Growth Hormone. As far as the bad stuff: be tough! Choose fresh over canned and processed foods, stay away from bad fats, and limit sugar. In study after study, sugar is linked to decreased Growth Hormone secretion. Why shortchange yourself? You wouldn't put cheap fuel in your car, would you? So why make that idiotic mistake with your precious body? Be tough!
  • Get a good night's sleep. In the health paradigm, rest does not get the respect and attention it deserves...and that's an outrage. Ask any athlete or bodybuilder, and they will tell you that results do not come directly in the gym. They come from proper nutrition and deep, restorative sleep. Lack of sleep adversely affects your body's ability to produce Human Growth Hormone naturally. Here's a simple formula: No deep sleep = minimal Growth Hormone secreted. Keep this recipe in mind.
  • Avoid or at least minimize the “no-no's.” Drugs, cigarettes, junk food and alcohol all hurt your body in many, many ways. One of them is a reduction in Growth Hormone release. Why go into a race with weights tied around your ankles? This doesn't mean that you need to live like a monk. Just use common sense.

Finally, there is another activity that can blast your Growth Hormone therapy into the stratosphere: exercise. Strength training and flexibility are necessary. However, for Growth Hormone release, there is a type of cardio called High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that can pump up your therapy to entirely new levels.

HIIT can work for anyone, at any age, and any fitness level. Here's how HIIT works -- why it is so revolutionary and efficient -- and its vital, life-saving importance:

Research has discovered that our lungs shrink as we age, resulting in a loss of endurance and premature aging.

Previously, we were told that the best way to slow down this loss of lung power was to run, ride a bicycle, jump rope, or workout with any cardio machine (rower, elliptical, etc.) at a steady if somewhat slow pace.

But this approach didn't work for many people.

Weeks, months, and evens years passed, and many folks had no results in spite of their diligent efforts.

Therefore a new approach to losing weight seemed in order.

Our evolution as human beings did not contain a lot of long, slow distance running. While hunting, our caveman ancestors relied on short bursts of intense sprinting to catch their quarry...or to avoid being the quarry of a stone-age monster predator.

In other words, our ancient ancestors ran in a manner that today is called High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), or short sprints at top speeds for a short time.

Researchers began to investigate how this type of running stacked up against the long-distance running that was the standard at the time. They conducted studies where half the participants did nothing but vary their exercise pace for 20 minutes at a time, three times per week. The other half ran in the usual way.

The results uncovered a number of benefits for the HIIT method. First, short, intense exercise durations are more comfortable on the body than extended distance running. The high-intensity group suffered fewer joint, tendon, and muscle issues than the long-distance runners and saved a ton of time since their workouts were over quickly.

Second, HIIT practitioners experienced something called "the after-burn effect." This means that the body continues to burn fat after the exercise is completed!

Third, the studies concluded that the underlying reason for these benefits was simple: HIIT produced an explosion of Human Growth Hormone. In contrast, steady-state cardio for longer distances did not release HGH or deliver an after-burn effect. Why? Because in the long run, the body burns fat.

Unfortunately, when the run is over the body signals that it is low in fat and immediately begins to replenish its depleted fat supply. The result? Fat accumulation. This is the reason why long-time practitioners of steady-state cardio do not seem to reshape their appearance, despite years of effort.

Unlike steady-state cardio, HIIT triggers a fat-burning mechanism only after the workout is completed and the runner is resting (Another reason adequate rest is important for your body!).

How to Add HIIT to Your Exercise Routine

High-Intensity Interval Training may sound intimidating. But it doesn't need to be. Just remember to warm up first for a minimum of five minutes. Then begin to vary the pace of your exertions. For many, it is 30 seconds blazing and 30 seconds slow.

But that depends on the individual. For professional athletes, the intense cycle may last longer. For others who are somewhat out-of-shape, elderly, or dealing with an existing health issue the intervals may be as little as ten seconds at a faster pace and 50 seconds at a slow pace. It all depends on the individual. Start slow and work up to more intense cycles as the weeks progress and your body acclimates.

HIIT can work with exercise equipment such as rowing machines, stationary bicycles, ellipticals, and even walking. The critical takeaway to remember is to vary the pace.

Finally, before beginning any type of exercise program, be sure to clear everything with your doctor. Explain what you are going to do to ensure your doctor is on board with your plans and gives you the green light.


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