my personal hgh experience

My Personal HGH Experience

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I'm a middle-aged man in reasonably good health and physical condition.

However, after hearing “you're in good shape for your age” for the seemingly millionth time, I was forced to accept a grim reality: No matter how much I exercised, and regardless of how strict and clean my diet was, I was gradually losing the struggle with Father Time.

I then began to research nutritional and bodybuilding supplements.

Up to this point, I had taken a daily multivitamin, Vitamins C, E, and B Complex, a post-workout protein shake...and that was it.

I was convinced I had all bases covered.

My research led me down several different roads. For health, I added Omega 3 fish oil and Milk Thistle.

For muscle-building, I began asking around the gym where I was training.

Based on a few different recommendations, I started supplementing with Creatine.

One of the guys at the gym told me to try Dianabol, an oral anabolic steroid, and Deca-Durabolin, an injectable anabolic steroid.

My response was “Thanks, but no thanks.”

My research indicated that steroids could be very dangerous, and the potential health risks were more than I was willing to chance.

I'm also squeamish about needles, so my search continued.

A Second Conversation

As I mentioned, I had been asking around the gym for advice on anything that could help me build muscle, increase my energy, and burn fat.

The only things I demanded was that they were effective, safe, and legal.

I was talking to another friend who told me to speak to Dr. Henry.

Dr. Henry was a large, incredibly strong, well-built man, who routinely put on mind-blowing demonstrations of strength in “The Power Room.” This was a small section in the rear of the gym that consisted solely of barbells, benches, squat racks, and free weights...tons and tons of free weights.

In other words, it was a magnet for the strongest powerlifters in the gym.

Except for Dr. Henry, most of the regulars were in their 20's or early 30's.

I initially thought Dr. Henry was in his mid-40's at the latest, but probably younger. Imagine my shock when I discovered his actual age was 64!

His strength and appearance were that of a man at least two decades younger.

Gradually, I got to know Dr. Henry, and one day, after a grueling workout, we went to lunch at a nearby diner that catered to bodybuilders.

He was a history professor at a local university (hence the Dr. title).

He confessed that in his younger days, he was concerned with a wide variety of interests, but health and fitness were not among them.

After decades of abuse, he was, by his admission, “in deplorable condition.”

By his mid-40's, he was 80 pounds overweight, living on fast foods, not working out, and was continually out-of-breath after the simplest exertions.

After getting a stern warning from his physician to “make some changes, NOW,” Dr. Henry began to research many different approaches to both health and exercise.

His research led him to a nearby clinic staffed with medical professionals familiar with growth hormone, and the rest was history. Of everything that he was doing, he felt that injectable human growth hormone was, as he put it, “the ultimate game-changer.”

However, he insisted that growth hormone alone did not cause him to bulk up.

Had he followed a far less vigorous exercise program, he would have shredded fat and gained some muscle mass, but not as much as he did by hitting the weights at his usual intense level.

I confessed that I was a bit queasy about needles, but he told me it was painless, no big deal, and to do my research and keep an open mind.

After taking his advice, I decided to contact the clinic myself. After a physical exam and blood test, I received the green light to begin my growth hormone replacement therapy.

After signing for the package from FedEx, I tore the box open, followed the detailed instruction on preparing the injection, squeezed the fat around my midsection and stuck myself with the tiny insulin needle.

It was a painless process, and not what I excepted. But I'm not complaining!

To be honest, for the first few days I couldn't notice much difference. However, by the fourth day, I felt a surge of energy upon awakening, and my regular workout was going longer and harder than normal...and I wasn't aware of it.

This was proof...honest-to-god proof...that THIS STUFF WAS WORKING!

A week later, my bench press went up 5 pounds. This may not seem like a lot, but I had been stuck for over a year at the weight I was using.

I also didn't tire out toward the end of the workout like I usually did, and my intensity level remained high.

The next two weeks brought more of the same, with two additional (and pleasantly unexpected) surprises.

First, my sprint time was a few steps quicker, allowing me to shave off a few seconds each quarter-mile...something that in the past took months. Second, I swear that not only did I feel younger...but I looked younger as well!

Was that just in my mind? Perhaps.

But the faster running time and the added pounds in the weight room were not “just in my mind.” These improvements were measured, and the clock and the weights do not lie.

I was continually talking with Dr. Henry, and I asked him about side effects.

He assured me that as long as I was under medical supervision, and was honest with the medical staff about my dosage amount, things should continue smoothly.

He reminded me that it was illegal to use growth hormone solely to “bulk up.”

The side effects that I had read about in the media were a direct result of fanatical bodybuilders idiotically using underground, or “street” growth hormone, with no medical supervision.

They also use many times the recommended dosage, in addition to lifting inhuman amounts of weight for hours at a time.

He had suffered no adverse effects and had been on a growth hormone replacement regime for more than seven years.

To sum things up, growth hormone worked miracles for me, and I believe that it can work the same wonders for you as well.

The key is to do the therapy legally, by prescription, and under medical supervision. It is important to mention any adverse side effects to your medical professionals and follow their instructions exactly as to injection procedures and dosage.

One last thing. Don't fear the injections.

Millions of diabetics inject themselves with insulin daily, and for them, it is a routine, painless affair. Do it correctly, and injecting growth hormone will be the same as you.

The results will be there: safely, effortlessly, and legally!

M. Roddy
Los Angeles, California


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