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MOTS-c Peptide for Weight Loss and Muscle Building

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The 21st Century is an exciting time for Hormone Replacement and Peptide Science. Not only are we learning more about the natural hormones of the human body, but we can weaponize that knowledge to guide men and women toward happier and healthier lives.

One of the peptides our Licensed Hormone Specialists have at their disposal is MOTS-c. MOTS-c is a peptide product of mitochondria and is believed to put the body in “exercise mode,” improving metabolism at rest and the body's receptiveness to physical activity. Mitochondria act as cellular power plants, and MOTS-c assists in the direction of metabolic activity in anticipation of exercise and exertion. When we exercise, our mitochondria naturally release MOTS-c. The peptide comprises a 16 amino chain and has a naturally robust effect on metabolism. Scientists have discovered how to synthesize MOTS-c and use it as a medical treatment.

Research has shown that MOTS-c can help patients lose weight faster and strengthen more consistently when combined with a physician-mediated diet and exercise plan. Other peptides can contribute to improved body composition, including AOD-9604, but MOTS-c appears to be specifically helpful in helping patients lose weight while building strength. The peptide is strongly associated with exercise, explicitly designed to target skeletal muscles and fat cells.

While an intelligent fitness program can help change your life, we understand that some people are interested in accelerating those changes to achieve their health goals. We focus on well-tested HRT techniques that can boost your body to get where you are going just a little bit faster.

Improve Your Health with MOTS-c Therapy

  • Boost Exercise Performance
  • Lose Weight Faster
  • Gain Energy
  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Work Out Longer
  • Avoid Insulin Resistance
  • Control Blood Sugar
  • Enhance Fatty Acid Metabolism

MOTS-c—How Does It Work?

MOTS-c modulates glucose metabolism to bolster exercise capacity. The mitochondria release MOTS-c to improve carbohydrate utilization by lowering insulin resistance. MOTs-c makes it easier for glucose to get where it needs to go. Animal studies have shown that MOTS-c improves overall exercise performance and capacity, and human studies have demonstrated its usefulness for burning fat and gaining muscle. In the future, MOTS-c may protect at-risk men and women from developing Type-2 Diabetes.

Contact our Board-Certified Hormone Specialists to learn more about how Peptides like MOTS-c can aid your fitness journey!

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