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Matching Sex Drives Are Important to a Healthy Relationship

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There is a lot that goes into a happy and fulfilling relationship. It's important that two people have shared values and common interests. Sexual compatibility is also critical for most relationships. Libido can make a couple stay together past the expiration date, and it can also break up a partnership that seems rock-solid. If two people don't have an equal amount of passion for one another, it can be disastrous for the relationship.

Low libido can be extremely damaging to a relationship. For there to be harmony between partners, the couple needs to maintain comparable libidos. Two people with low libidos can get along just fine, and even those with high libidos can find ways to satiate their desires. However, when two lovers share differing appetites for sex, it can lead to turmoil.

Libido Can Be Highly Variable

An individual's libido isn't set in stone. There are a wide array of factors that influence sex drive. Some of these factors can be interpersonal within the couple, while others have nothing to do with the love that two people share. Mismatched libido can be a sign that a relationship has run its course, but usually, there is a way to work things out and get both partners back in the same rhythm.

If you value your relationship, it's crucial that you dig deep and discover the source of low libido. If your significant other isn't getting the sexual satisfaction that he or she needs in your bedroom, it increases the likelihood that they will seek out that satisfaction elsewhere.

Sources of Sex Drive Woes

If mismatched libido is harming your relationship, take stock of the overall health of your relationship. Are there sources of distrust? Is there something that you've felt that you haven't communicated? Sometimes partners can resolve these issues through frank discussion, but also strongly consider couples counseling. The sexual dysfunction could also result from depression, stress, and anxiety, often the result of work or larger family issues.

Sex drive also depends on hormone balance. Prescription drugs like SSRIs and Statins can lower libido. Alcohol, opiates, and medications like Xanax also deplete sexual desire.

Also, be aware that Low-T is one of the strongest single factors that interfere with sex drive, especially in men. If you've noticed a lack of energy, increased flab, diminished strength, and cognitive fog, Testosterone Deficiency could be the root source of your sex drive woes.

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