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Interested in boosting your testosterone levels? Here’s How!

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Interested in boosting your testosterone levels? Here’s How!

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is one of the fastest-growing treatments for slowing the adverse effects of aging for older men for one simple reason: IT WORKS!

Beginning around the age of 30 men begin to lose testosterone at a rate of approximately 1% a year, or 10% a decade. Simple math tells us that an average 70-year-old man has lost around 40% of the manly hormone.

Why this loss of testosterone is important.

Adequate levels of testosterone are absolutely indispensable for a man to enjoy optimal health. Here are a few of the symptoms of low testosterone (aka “Low-T”):

  • Loss of muscle mass

  • Constant fatigue

  • Weight gain and the development of corpulence

  • Increasing aches and pains

  • Loss of libido

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Depression, and a loss of the zest for life

  • Mood swings

  • Insomnia

  • Out-of-control inflammation

  • Weakened immune system

  • Elevated risk of experiencing a severe heart attack

  • And more, many more afflictions that accompany the accumulation of years.

And this is why legions of men are becoming concerned about this erosion of testosterone and are seeking answers to halt this health-wrecking juggernaut.

And Testosterone Replacement Therapy is increasing at a blistering pace

More men are aware of the effectiveness, safety, and convenience of TRT...with good reason. TRT is becoming more affordable and efficacious than ever. Our clinics are on the cutting-edge of any and all developments in testosterone therapy, and we are ready, willing, and able to deliver the results we promise.

We offer a holistic, comprehensive approach to restoring your testosterone and regaining youthful vigor. We offer specific dietary programs, effective fitness routines, methods of stress reduction, the importance of basic health measures like sleep and hydration that is all too often overlooked, and tips on minimizing toxin exposure.

We also recommend certain supplements that enhance the effectiveness of our hormone therapies. Recent studies have discovered that three plant-based nutrients have shown promise in elevating testosterone levels. When combined with our TRT regimen, the result is an unbelievable synergy!

Before we dive into the studies, it is critical to understand the difference between “Free” testosterone and “bound” testosterone.

Several biomarkers play a vital role in maintaining healthy testosterone levels as well as keeping all of your hormones in the correct balance. And that includes the biomarker Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).

What is Sex hormone-binding Globulin?

The Sex hormone-binding globulin is a carrier glycoprotein produced primarily by the liver. SHBG plays a critical role in the release of unbound testosterone into the bloodstream.

Why is this so important? Because sex hormone-binding globulin holds the key that unlocks your bound testosterone and turns it into free testosterone. Free testosterone then roars into action and delivers all of testosterone’s countless benefits.

SHBG is bound to 17 different sex hormones in the body, including testosterone. When testosterone escapes from this binding, it becomes bioavailable, or free to go wherever it is needed. Free testosterone can cross the blood-brain barrier and can go to work by entering fat cells and muscles.

Here’s the Problem

Around two-thirds of testosterone in the blood is bound to SHGB, and another 30-40 percent of testosterone is attached to another substance called albumin, which is a type of protein produced by the liver.

Do the math. The above numbers mean that a mere 2-3 % of testosterone is free. Here’s a good analogy: This is similar to a race car that won’t start.

The racing team is ready to rock and roll, but can’t get going since the engine won’t turn over.

In other words, if testosterone is bound up, it’s not able to fulfill its life-enhancing role. This is sad and pathetic.

However, help is on the way. Our TRT regimens will jump-start your body by springing the free testosterone from its chains. Once testosterone is no longer bound, the “testosterone train” is roaring down the track.

And adding three nutrients will speed up the “benefit express”

The three nutrients we are talking about are pomegranate, cacao, and luteolin. Let’s take a look at a few of these study results.

  • In one clinical trial, the pomegranate and cacao tag team was put to the test on men between 35 to 56 years of age. The 8-week study was conducted in a random manner with half the participants receiving the supplement combination and the other half receiving a placebo. When tested at the end of the study the men who had received 400 mg of the pomegranate mix experienced an astonishing average of a 48% boost in testosterone compared to the placebo group. Better still, the free testosterone level of the men receiving the supplements increased their free testosterone more than their total testosterone!

  • Another study of the flavonoid Luteolin concluded that luteolin blocked aromatase, a villainous enzyme that transforms testosterone into estrogen. Another study found that luteolin jacked up the production of the StAR protein which is essential for testosterone production.

  • Other studies have produced similar results. Some of the studies combined pomegranate and cacao, while others only look at one of the three nutrients. But none of the studies looked at a combination of all three of these extraordinary, incredible nutrients. When acting as a trio the benefits are synergistic.

And when combined with our TRT treatments the sky is the limit!

That’s correct. As potent and effective as our TRT regimens are, we don’t stop there. We are devoted to delivering results that are on an entirely higher level. The combination of the above-mentioned three nutritional foods and supplements is just one example of the kind of cutting-edge research we are proud of.

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to nutrition, physical fitness, stress reduction, hydration, sleep, toxin avoidance, and, of course, the finest, most up-to-date, and efficient hormone replacement therapy available.

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