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Improving Memory for Diabetics with Testosterone

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There are few health problems more pressing for American men than Type-2 Diabetes. Over the last forty years, there has been an absolute explosion in the number of people that have developed Insulin Resistance. Type-2 Diabetes is a huge strain on our healthcare system and significantly impacts mortality rates. Doctors, nurses, and other professionals are working hard to improve the lives of Diabetes patients and help reduce the impact that this disease has on society.

Researchers are particularly interested in how Testosterone influences and is influenced by Diabetes and Insulin Resistance. It's well documented in medical literature that Testosterone Deficiency is strongly associated with Diabetes. Many studies are being conducted today that explore this relationship, including how Testosterone Therapy may help men with Type-2 Diabetes live healthier lives.

Testosterone Balance Critical to Good Health, and Diabetes Puts Balance at Risk

Testosterone influences men's health far beyond sexual health and strength maintenance. It's true that Testosterone is the lynchpin of sexual function, but it's also involved in body fat distribution, mood, bone health, energy availability, and metabolism. The study we're concerned with today explores how Testosterone affects cognitive performance, specifically for men with uncontrolled Type-2 Diabetes.

Testosterone, Insulin, and Blood Sugar

The cardiovascular system acts as a highway system for the body. The bloodstream not only transports oxygen and carbon dioxide, but also hormones, proteins, glucose, and various other nutrients. Both Testosterone and Insulin share the road in this transportation system. They also influence one another, especially when men develop Insulin Resistance. Prior research has shown that glucose levels in the bloodstream are inversely correlated with Testosterone. This means that the more blood sugar that is in your bloodstream, the less Testosterone will be available.

This can be temporary. A big carb-laden meal causes Testosterone Levels to drop temporarily and rebound as the sugar is used for energy or stored as fat. In the case of Type-2 Diabetes, this relationship between blood sugar and Testosterone becomes chronic and unhealthy. As men develop insulin resistance, it takes more and more insulin to get blood sugar out of the system. It also causes glucose to remain dangerously high in the blood, which chronically suppresses Testosterone and can eventually lead to full-blown Testosterone Deficiency.

Low-T exacerbates the effects of Type-2 Diabetes, creating a downward health spiral that puts men's health at tremendous risk. It's important for men with comorbid Hypogonadism and Diabetes to get both conditions under control.

Using Testosterone to Boost Memory for Men with Type-2 Diabetes

A recent investigation from the University of Sheffield tested how Low-T Treatment may help Diabetic men improve cognition and memory. Led by Dr. Preethy Rao, the study worked with 65 men, all with concurrent Testosterone Deficiency and poorly controlled Type-2 Diabetes. Some participants received Testosterone Injections, and others received placebo, all for three months. After this, all 65 guys took Testosterone for six months.

Men took memory tests at the beginning of the study, after three months, and upon conclusion of the experiment. Men self-reported many benefits to the Testosterone regimen, including boosted libido, sexual performance, and overall improvement in well-being. They also had stronger memories, as demonstrated via Delayed Word Recall Test. This is concrete evidence that Testosterone helps reinforce memory. Type-2 Diabetes poses big risks to the cardiovascular system and brain function. For men, Testosterone may be part of the ideal treatment regimen for men that have yet to get their Diabetes under control.


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