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Insulin-Similar Growth Factor Benefits

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By Dr. Warner

What You Need to Know About Insulin-Similar Growth Factor (IGF-1)

Insulin-similar Growth Factor, also known as IGF-1, is a cell growth-stimulating hormone that is also known as somatomedin C.

This protein hormone is one of the body's many hormones in the endocrine system, all of which play a vital role in cell maintenance in the cell life cycle.

Seventy amino acids bind together with disulfide (any sulfide containing two sulfur atoms in each molecule - di meaning two) to makes up the molecule known for up-regulating cell development.

The liver produces IGF-1, stimulated by HGH, and closely mimics insulin at a chemical level. When you inject HGH, it is a secretagogue of IGF-1. Therefore it is the IGF-1 that does the work of cell stimulation.

Why Insulin and IGF-1 are So Important

The significant benefits provided by insulin is directly linked to IGF-1 production that occurs in the liver. It is a hormone that plays a crucial role in regulating growth levels of both adolescents and younger children and can also cause beneficial anabolic (constructive metabolism) results in adults.

Mecasermin, a synthetic form of IGF-1, can be used to boost growth levels in children who aren’t growing at an average rate. The common term for children suffering from this problem is "short of stature."

However, in this article, we will mainly keep the focus on adults. Our hormone replacement therapy clinic only treats adults, men, and women over the age of 30, who show a clinical necessity for needing their hormones replenished. Do contact us so we can speak with you about our prescription HGH treatment programs.

Why is Growth Hormone Deficiency a Serious Concern?

In a word, aging. Aging is the single most crucial factor behind the alarming rise in health costs in virtually every individual and more broadly nation across the globe.

More and more regular people and medical professionals are finally recognizing aging as a disease, not an inevitable and inexorable process. This has led to several serious efforts to slow down and eventually reverse the process, and all of its debilitating effects.

There are a growing number of doctors and scientists who believe the rapid growth in genetic medicine, gene therapy, and nanotechnology may usher in an age where all disease is cured well before the end of this, the 21st century.

Optimists think it will happen within the next 2 to 3 decades; pessimists believe that it will be around the end of this century.

Whatever happens ultimately, a growing number of physicians, doctors, and scientists believe that replenishing hormones that are in decline or deficient can improve one's health and quality of life.

A simple blood test can measure both IGF-1 and growth hormone levels. This can indicate the level of nanograms per deciliter of the levels of the hormone, and determine if injectable human growth hormone replacement therapy would be both safe and beneficial.

Contact us with your zip code or nearest major city, and we can provide you with a requisition form to get your blood taken at lab corp or quest diagnostics.

Our clinic is staffed with well-trained, experienced medical professionals who will be able to determine the exact proper dosage required to deliver the stimulating, rejuvenating effects of our hormone replacement therapy. The goal will usually be geared toward restoring IGF-1 levels to the mid 200 ng/dl.

Why Hormone Replacement Therapy is Needed

Fact: Growth hormone levels decline with aging in what looks like a sideways or diagonal parabola.

Two of the main hormones that show this gradual decline with age are testosterone and Growth Hormone.

Replenishing both of these vital hormones can provide significant improvements in the way you feel. The results of these reductions are anything but pretty:

  • Losing weight becomes increasingly difficult, in spite of smart eating habits and intense physical training. The result is an ever-increasing layer of flab, especially around the midsection, with a broad range of serious health consequences
  • Lack of strength, and shrinkage of muscle mass
  • Annoying joint aches and pains
  • Dry, inelastic skin, often resulting in a roadmap of wrinkles
  • Brain fog and mental confusion
  • Inability to fall into a deep restorative sleep...and stay asleep. The negative consequences of this problem are becoming more and more well-known, due to several studies that have linked a lack of sleep to several ailments that affect older people
  • A Weakened immune system, leaving aging people far more vulnerable to ever-increasing, mutating viruses and superbugs
  • And more...much more. In fact, virtually all afflictions that are known to the human race are directly linked to aging. And aging is directly related to hormone deficiency

But You Can Fight Back...Here's How

There is another hormone that plays a crucial role in growth hormone release: Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH). This miracle hormone is a secretagogue (a substance that promotes the secretion of another hormone) for growth hormone.

This is a simple formula: when GHRH levels are increased, HGH levels also rise, as do levels of IGF-1. Scientists have created Sermorelin, which is a functional bio-active shorter version of GHRH and it does the same thing as HGH, which is to stimulate IGF1.

The best part about Sermorelin is that it's much cheaper than HGH.

What are the Benefits of Increased Levels of IGF-1?

  • Increased muscle mass. This is because IGF-1 increases hyperplasia. Hyperplasia causes the rise of muscle fibers found within the body’s muscle-skeletal system. When hyperplasia occurs, the fibers within a person’s muscles will split which allows for the formation of new fibers in the muscles to happen. This promotes muscular hypertrophy, which is the increase in the size of muscle cells. But don't confuse the two terms. Hyperplasia creates new muscle cells and fibers, while hypertrophy makes existing muscle cells grow. The takeaway is this: increased IGF-1 levels delivers the best of both worlds to you
  • Faster tissue regeneration. Tests have proven that increased IGF-1 levels can dramatically raise the recovery rates of muscle repair after injuries and intense and grueling workouts. Still another advantage of increased IGF-1 levels is that muscular strength grows at a much faster pace
  • A quicker, more efficient path for the absorption and transportation of specific essential proteins to cells
  • Speeding up the metabolized rate of protein, which makes losing weight much easier
  • A dramatic increase in the production of white blood cells, which allows your immune system to bring down the “steel curtain” by adding legions of fresh troops to the battle
  • More efficient cell synthesis of DNA. Why is this so important? Just this: more efficient cell synthesis is directly related to slowing down aging

Another Little-Known, Astonishing Benefit of IGF-1

One other surprise about IGF-1 therapy is the benefits that still occur even when injections are no longer being administered.

A significant advantage that arises when one boosts levels of IGF-1 is that there will not be any loss of muscle fiber in those fast twitching muscles that are responsible for creating outputs of speed.

These benefits in clinical studies even appear when the user does not practice regular fitness training. Naturally, when combined with a high-performance exercise plan these effects will be much more apparent, and speed and strength will increase noticeably.

This leads scientists to the understanding that IGF-1 can substantially slow down aging because older folks can regain the muscle strength, endurance, and speed that they are unable to do so with the own naturally declining HGH levels.

IGF-1 and Bodybuilding

An exciting and fascinating reason why trainers and bodybuilders are excited about the advantages of IGF-1 injections is this: it intensifies the growth of muscle tissue and improves the performance of the internal organs. However, abuse of IGF-1 can cause the internal organs to grow, especially the intestines.

Often, their midsections are somewhat grotesquely extended, due to the abnormal growth of their organs.

Fortunately, this is not a concern for you if you are undergoing hormone replacement therapy at our clinic.

We will take steps to ensure you are receiving the exact dose of Sermorelin, Testosterone, HGH, and IGF-1 to benefit you, without potential side effects.

We are interested in working with ordinary people who are suffering from growth hormone deficiency, not professional athletes or people looking to get bigger arms in the gym.

Our clinic does not provide HRT, hormone replacement therapy for bodybuilders, and if you contact us and mention you are a bodybuilder we will have no choice but to refuse treatment to you.

Don't try this at home. Leave it to the medical professionals at our American clinic. Reach out and contact us, fill in the contact box, and then call us.

Don't Fall for Growth Hormone Replacement Scams

The powerful transformative ability of human growth hormone and IGF-1 replacement therapy has spawned a slew of cheap knock-off “growth hormone enhancement” products manufactured by supplement producers.

Sadly, most people aren't aware that HGH pills and IGF-1 sprays are scams. Remember this: HGH is only active when injected. Don't fall into the trap of believing that you can obtain similar results from a pill or spray. You can't.

Why You Need to Join Our Team

IGF-1 supplementation has been proven to produce near-miraculous benefits for people who are determined to attack aging as the killer it is.

Several scientists have concluded that IGF-1 and HGH are the closest things we have to the eternally sought-after (yet mythical) fountain of youth.

Alas, there is no "fountain of youth"...YET. But scientific researchers are on the front lines of the anti-aging struggle, and breakthroughs in the next few years are no longer in the realm of science fiction.

If you haven't been following science news, 2016 is the year they expect to work out the kinks of CRISPR technology and increase the ability for people to modify themselves genetically.

Perhaps changing yourself is not your goal, but what if you could repair your cells, make them younger, or remove disease-prone genes? Exciting times are coming, but for now, try our HRT programs, ask about HGH injections and testosterone replacement.

In the meantime, growth hormone and IGF-1 are our best bet to stop muscle-wasting, slash fat and rejuvenate new cells. This will keep you youthful and healthy while the real developments in the anti-aging, life extension field edge ever closer.

Contact us, and take advantage of every opportunity available to enjoy decades of pain-free, healthy, and energetic living! Read our website, write down your questions, and let's talk.


Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1): a growth hormone

Insulin-like growth factor 1

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