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Growth Hormone Dosage

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The recommended dosage for Injectable Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy is one International Unit (IU) daily, five days a week. However, keep in mind that this dosage will vary depending upon the condition and age of the patient. Also, blood analysis of your IGF-1 levels plays a significant role in our doctor's dosage recommendation.

Many of our clients choose Monday through Friday as the days to take their injection….and take the weekend off. However, these days are not set in stone. Depending on your circumstance, any two days during the week are acceptable for resting from your HGH treatments.

If HGH is taken daily, with no breaks, eventually you may run the risk of your body becoming acclimated to exogenous HGH. This could result in two adverse consequences.

First, the HGH you are taking may become less active. Our clients have seen the best results by timing their treatment.

Second, even though our bodies produce far less HGH as we age, we still keep the ability to make our own, albeit in far fewer quantities. However, if we never give it a rest, our bodies may stop producing HGH entirely!

However, for some patients that are severely deficient in growth hormone, our physicians may recommend injecting HGH 7 days a week.

We need all of the HGH we can get, by replacement therapy and our own pituitary secretion. The takeaway? Listen to the advice of our trained staff. Their recommendations will be specifically designed to deliver the best results to you in a safe manner.

When Should Patients Administer HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy?

As far as when to take your HGH injections, our clients have experienced the best results when taking their dose first thing in the morning, immediately upon waking up.

There is a logical reason for this. Clinical studies have proven that our pituitary glands secrete the most HGH at night, while we are sleeping.

If you were to inject your HGH treatment in the evening, you might interfere with your body’s ability to produce HGH naturally. So, all other things being equal, morning is the best time for most clients.

However, there is an exception to the rule. If your natural levels of HGH are deficient, then it may not matter…or it might even be better to take your injection at night.

Here’s why. If your body is making tiny amounts of HGH, it won’t hurt you to take your dose at night. Not enough HGH is being secreted by the pituitary gland to make a difference. Also, the highest spike of HGH secretion occurs 7-8 hours into sleep, so for some, it is beneficial to take your HGH in the evening.

In fact, it may be more helpful to take the injection in a way that is in tune with the circadian rhythm (a 24-hour cycle in the physiological process of living beings). There is one more option: Distributed Distribution. This just means dividing up the dose twice a day.

Clients are instructed to take two smaller amounts of HGH, once in the morning and once in the evening. However, this is still somewhat experimental, and thus relatively rare. A problem with this approach is that many people may not want to inject themselves twice in the same day since that might make them feel like a pincushion.

The good news? You won’t have to decide. After carefully reviewing your physical condition, age, blood work, and current HGH levels, our experienced physicians will be able to give you precise, clear-cut instructions as to when to take your HGH dose.

And as mentioned above, we will provide detailed, exact guidance as to the treatment that will work efficiently and safely and is tailor-made specifically for you. We leave nothing to chance, and there is nothing complicated about it.

REMEMBER: One size does not fit all. How much HGH you use will depend on your IGF-1 levels, symptoms, diagnosis, and our clinic's recommendations.


Human growth hormone

Developments in administration of growth hormone treatment: focus on Norditropin® Flexpro®

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