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How to Inject Growth Hormone

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Before injecting Human Growth Hormone for the first time, please read these instructions carefully. This information describes the protocol for efficient and safe self-injection of HGH Hormone Therapy.

Relax! These instructions are simple and to-the-point. And the process of self-injection is so easy and painless that after a while, it will become routine.

In fact, so routine that you'll hardly notice it.

Self-Injection Preparation

  1. Thoroughly clean hands with warm water and soap.
  2. Choose a hard, sanitary, and brightly lit surface. This surface should have a mirror if possible. A bathroom counter is a good choice.
  3. Gather up all of the supplies that you will need for the injection. Ensure that all wrapping and packaging is enclosed and that the packages have not been opened or tampered with. Recheck all dates on the medicines to make sure that none are outdated. Note: When intramuscularly injecting Testosterone HRT, you will need two separate needles. The first needle will be used to pull the medication from its holding container. It is known as the Drawing Needle. The second needle is used to inject the full solution into the muscle. This needle is known as the Administration Needle.

How to Draw the Solution into the Syringe

  1. Clean the lids of the vials with alcohol swabs -- swipe in a single motion and only use a single swab per vial.
  2. Remove the needle and syringe from its container and pull the syringe, filling it up with air to the point of the intended dosage by drawing back the plunger to the correct measurement (with three milliliters of the solution, the plunger would be drawn back to the “3mL" on the side of the syringe).
  3. Press the needle directly through the rubber plug so that it enters the vial. Avoid making contact with the stopper with any body part. If you do, wipe it clean with a fresh alcohol swab before continuing.
  4. Flip the vial of medication with the top facing downward. Make sure the needle remains in the liquid.
  5. Push the air into the vial of medicine. This ensures that there is a balance of external/internal pressure when utilizing bottles of glass. It also prevents future drug draws from becoming complicated.
  6. Keep the syringe and vial in one hand and use the other side to draw the correct dose into the needle slowly.
  7. While the vial is still held top side facing downward, and while the needle is still submerged, tap the syringe’s side softly so that the bubbles of air within float to the upper part of the syringe barrel. Press the plunger very gently and eject the bubbles of air out of the syringe, being careful not to lose fluid in the process.
  8. Pull the needle out of the vial and syringe.
  9. Cover the needle by putting the needle’s plastic cap on to the hard surface and pressing the needle into the plastic lid. This will stop you from accidentally pricking yourself.

10. When administering intramuscularly or using Testosterone, pull out the drawing needle and trash it into a sharps container approved by the FDA. Government regulations require that you throw away used needles in a waste container designed explicitly for bio-medical waste. This is not a joke. These laws are strictly enforced, with stiff fines and possible jail time for repeat offenders. If you do not have a Sharps container, call us immediately. Do not throw needles away in your usual trash! You must dispose of them safely, legally and responsibly.

Solution Injection

Make sure you keep materials and syringes clean.

It is vital that you make sure that nothing makes contact with the needle or the syringe tip. Read that last sentence again...and memorize it.

If you accidentally touch either or otherwise contaminate them, throw them away and start again. Do not risk infection.

  1. When preparing for intramuscular injection or Testosterone injection, pull a new administration needle from its protective container and look at it carefully for any defective qualities. Leave the plastic cap on the needle until prepared to inject.
  2. Twist the administration needle firmly into the syringe. Keep everything in front of you on the hard surface until you are ready for injection.
  3. For subcutaneous injection, a small syringe of insulin already has the needle attached. It cannot be taken off, and it will be the needle used for injection.
  4. Use a swab of alcohol to disinfect the site of injection. Allow the air to dry the area. Discard the swab. NOTE: It is crucial to avoid injection in regions in which you feel pain or have firm knots, bumps, or lumps. Also avoid any area with broken skin, scabs,  or discoloration. If you have any questions about what space is safest, just give us a call.
  5. Pull the needle away from its cap. Pinch the area you chose for injection and lift it upwards gently to make injection more comfortable. The most productive areas in which to insert the needles are located away from significant parts of the body or bones, nerves, or joints. For intramuscular administrations like Testosterone, the ideal areas of injection are the quadriceps or the buttocks. The best area to administer HGH or Testosterone subcutaneously is around the stomach, close to the navel region.
  6. In a quick, gentle yet firm motion, press the needle into the skin at a right angle for intramuscular injection and a forty-five-degree angle for subcutaneous injection.
  7. For intramuscular injection: When the needle is fully entered into the muscle, retract the plunger slightly and keep an eye out for blood inside the syringe. This is rare, but if you do discover blood, don't panic. This means that you shot too close to a vessel. If your syringe contains blood, pull the needle out a long with the syringe and throw them away. Clean the area softly with tissue or gauze. Return to step two and pick another site for injection before continuing. Inject the medication by using a slow, steady push on the plunger until the syringe is empty. Hold a cotton swab or gauze near the injection site.
  8. Inject the medication, then safely and swiftly pull the needle out of the skin. Throw away the used needle and syringe in a Sharps container, then massage the administration site softly with gauze or sterile cotton.
  9. Store your medication and supplies safely and away from children or other people. Make sure that your supplies are stored correctly and that your medicines are refrigerated. This will keep them at their recommended temperature, which allows them to stay fresh and potent.
  10. After the Sharps container is filled up to the marked fill line, contact your local trash disposal representative and discard the Sharps container in a way that fulfills their guidelines.

Please note that the instructions above are meant for informative purposes.

They are not a replacement for your doctor or clinical specialist’s instructions or advice. Do not use any of this information as a means of self-diagnosis.

If you feel that you may have a Hormone Deficiency or other disorder, please contact us IMMEDIATELY.

It is extremely dangerous and risky to your good health to play Russian Roulette by injecting HGH entirely on your own.

Always remember that we are a team.

We have the experience and training to make sure that your HGH treatment will be as safe as it is useful. Just call us.



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