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Growth Hormone Explained

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Hearing a lot about Injectable Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

Is Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe? Or Dangerous?

Is it for you? If so, how do you get started? How can HGH benefit you?

Finally, here are the answers. Discover the facts behind this powerful tool that can make you feel decades younger!

Famous actors have been secretly using it for decades to keep their vibrancy and youthful appearance.

Bodybuilders and professional athletes have proven its effectiveness in skyrocketing their performance.

And now, regular, everyday middle-aged folks and senior citizens have jumped on the injectable Human Growth Hormone (HGH) bandwagon.

Claims of energy levels exploding... wrinkles almost magically vanishing as their skin glow returns... pounds of ugly, disease-producing fat melting away like snow on a sunny afternoon... muscles regaining their long-lost tone...razor-like mental sharpness making a welcome re-appearance.

All of these exciting tales have many people wondering if these stories are true and if injectable HGH is for them.

As to the first question, the answer is a resounding “YES”! The stories of dramatic transformation are indeed correct.

The science is in, and the stories of satisfied users have been repeatedly and enthusiastically telling. The verdict? HGH is the real deal!

As to the second question “is it for you?”, the answer is “it depends.”

Before that question is answered, it is vital to know the facts. Then, and only then, will you be in a position to make an informed decision. Let's start at the beginning.

What is Human Growth Hormone?

All hormones are necessary. However, without Growth Hormone, no other hormone will work as it should.

Growth Hormone is released by the pituitary gland and is needed for growth and healing.

It is also responsible for strengthening the immune system, stimulating muscle growth, healing wounds, regenerating tissues and organs, and burning fat.

Why Growth Hormone is so Important

Maybe you have a teenage son or daughter. Or more than one. Or adolescent grandchildren. Or, better still, perhaps you can remember your teenage years. Regardless, all teenagers seem to have similar traits.

Eat, eat, and eat some more. Anytime. Just about anything. And never get fat.

Their boundless energy...their quick, sharp retorts to show off their rapid mental function...their increases in height and strength...their ability to sleep in, seemingly forever.

All of these traits are a direct result of Growth Hormone surging through their young bodies, giving them that rushing, gushing blast of continual energy. Growth Hormone is the closest thing to the fountain of youth known to science.

Regrettably, Mother Nature has not seen fit to keep the party going.

Beginning around age 30, our pituitary gland starts to secrete less and less Growth Hormone.

The rate is approximately 10% per decade.

Do the math. By the time we hit 80, we are about half the person we were on a physical basis.

Hence the joints wracked with pain...the muscle shrinkage...the wrinkled, thin, dry skin...the brain fog...the creeping feeling that you're stuck on the sidelines of life...and all the other joys of old age.

This is why stopping the cause of aging is so vital. Allow yourself to take a U-turn on the road to the maladies of your golden years...with injectable HGH!

The Medical Pro's Weigh-In

Physicians are divided over HGH. On the one hand, many doctors are opposed to HGH therapy because it is “dangerous”... “unproven”...or “we need more research.”

They also accuse promoters of HGH of being “hucksters...quick buck artists...snake oil salesmen.”

   However, the tide is turning.

More and more physicians are understanding the research that demonstrates the benefits of HGH, and are seeing with their own eyes the effects of HGH on their patients!

When taken correctly, HGH administered to patients who have low levels of Growth Hormone is both safe and incredibly useful.


Is HGH legal in America? Most people would answer “yes”...and most people would be wrong.

This confusion is understandable when we consider the negative press that HGH has received.

When an athlete tests positive for anabolic steroids (an entirely different substance than HGH), the press has a field day with screaming headlines and lead-ins about “Performance Enhancing Drugs” (PED's), and their horrible side effects.

Regrettably, to the uninformed person, there is no difference between anabolic steroids and HGH (untrue).

In the mind of the average person, they are all terrible PEDs. But there's more to the story. Never forget that HGH, like any other pharmaceutical that requires a prescription, is perfectly legal for patients over 30 who are showing signs of HGH deficiency.

And legal HGH is not limited to older folks. HGH can, under certain circumstances, benefit children.    

The problems come when the drug is bought and taken without a prescription, and not under medical supervision.

It is illegal when used solely for performance enhancement. Also, many sports ruling councils have instituted rigorous testing, and have several substances banned for most competitors.

However, older competitors may be allowed to take advantage of HGH and still compete if their testosterone levels are low. This depends on the sport and the different ruling committees.    

So, why don't most people know this? Again, the press coverage has had an enormous impact on the public perception of HGH. Remember, bad news sells!

The takeaway is simple. HGH, when administered under the supervision of a physician, is perfectly legal.

Older people are not, as a rule, interested in performance enhancement.

They only want HGH to restore their level of Growth Hormone to what it was when they were younger. There is nothing illegal about this, no more than any other prescription that your doctor writes.

Side Effects

As with other pharmaceutical prescriptions, there are potential risks. Here are some possible side effects of injectable HGH:

  • Nerve and muscle damage and soreness at the injection site

  • Elevated cholesterol levels

  • Tingling sensations and a numb feeling of the skin

  • Possibly speed up the growth of cancer cells and tumors

  • Upset stomach

  • Possible interaction with other drugs or medications that you are taking

  • The quality of the HGH. If you bought HGH illegally on the black market, there is no way you can be sure of the exact ingredients of what you are taking

   Rest assured that we do not gamble with your good health.

Our products are FDA-approved, and our physicians will know what drugs and medications you are consuming, and will take steps to prevent any adverse interactions with HGH.

As far as the other side effects, you will be instructed to contact us immediately if any of these symptoms arise.

Your medical professional will make sure that everything is explained in detail.

It's All Up to You

Think about this. Millions upon millions of baby boomers are rapidly entering old age.

In all of recorded history, there has never been a generation that has been so youth-obsessed as they are in fighting aging, tooth-and-claw.

As they descend into old age kicking and screaming, their demand for HGH will soon become a tsunami -- and the medical profession will have no choice but to embrace HGH as the beneficial, life-saving therapy it is.

When you see television commercials touting the benefits of Testosterone replacement, when you Google “HGH” or “Testosterone Replacement Therapy” (TRT) and see thousands and thousands of web pages devoted to these topics, and when you know friends and acquaintances who have experienced the miracle of HGH, it isn't terribly difficult to see that HGH is indeed the wave of the future.

We have the highly-trained, professional staff, the knowledge, and the experience to make a difference in your health and your life...a huge difference.

But we can't help until you contact us. Call us — not tomorrow.

Not next week...or next month...or sometime in the future when the time is perfect. The time will never be perfect. Therefore, the time is right for you to take action.


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