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Growth Hormone FAQ’s

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Growth Hormone

Question: Do our hormones naturally decline as we age?

Answer: Yes. Our vital hormones experience a gradual decline as we age.

Question: At what rate do they fall?

Answer: There are differences between people in the speed of hormone decline. This difference is due to a variety of factors (genetics, illness, lifestyle).

However, there is a general rule that we experience a decline of approximately 10% per decade, beginning at around age 30. This is true for three of our most essential hormones: testosterone, human growth hormone (HGH), and Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

Here are some general guidelines as to the average levels of these hormones in different age groups:

Testosterone: ng/dl (blood analysis we provide)

Age 20 to 30: 800-1,000 range

Most men report they were at the peak of their physical strength and quality of life in their late 20's and early 30's when they were in the 700 to 800 range. Results vary.

Age 30 to 40:
400-700 range

Age 40 to 50: 300-400 range

Age 50 to 60: 200-300 range

Human Growth Hormone: IGF-1 ng/dl

Age 20 to 30: 300-400

Most men report they were at their peak of physical strength and quality of life in their late 20's and early 30's when they were in the approximately 300 range. Results Vary.

Age 30 to 40:

Age 40 to 50: 175-200

Age 50 to 60: 100-150

DHEA ug/dl

Age 20 to 30: 400-500

Age 30 to 40:

Age 40 to 50: 200-350

Age 50 to 60: 50-200

Question: Why do these numbers matter?

Answer: Hormones are so important. They represent life itself since they are responsible for our growth. They give us energy, strength, mental focus, and a healthy immune system. Want proof? Think back to the time when you were a teenager or a young adult.

Compare how your body functioned then...then compare it to now. Are you are energetic now?

Do you have fewer joint pains than you did then? Are you stronger, quicker, and do you have the same stamina you did then? The same optimism, and zest for life?

Sadly, for most people, the answer is a loud, resounding “NO.”

For all-too-many aging folks, the memories of when their minds and bodies were running on all eight cylinders are just that...memories.

Question: That sounds very depressing. Is there anything I can do about it?

Answer: YES! We specialize in bringing your hormone levels to close to where they were in your youth. Declining hormones are the primary cause of aging, with all of its painful consequences.

Therefore it is both logical and common sense that replacing those hormones would slow the aging process down to a crawl, and in some cases, actually halt it. If you agree with that, you're in good company.

More than 100,000 people across the globe who have tried Hormone Replacement Therapy programs and protocols are walking, living, and breathing testimonials to the power of HRT.

Also, thousands of medical and scientific research trials have confirmed overwhelmingly that adequately administered, medically supervised HRT programs have slowed down and even reversed the aging process in 95% of the people on a doctor-monitored HRT program, HGH Therapy, and Testosterone Therapy.

As a bonus, our clinic serves all 50 states.

Question: How do you replenish my depleted hormones?

Answer: Testosterone is replaced by either injection or topical cream/gel formulated in strength and dose designed for you individually, and is applied to the surface of your skin in the morning and evening, depending on your specific protocol.

Growth Hormone is taken by daily injection(s). We make it easy! We will explain the procedure in detail, using both verbal and written instructions, and with easy-to-use, step-by-step videos that break things down. The result? Self-injection is straightforward and painless.

Question: How effective is HRT? 

Answer: VERY! 95% of the time, if you follow the HRT Therapy program closely, including our nutrition and fitness plans, you will get astonishing results in as little as six months.

Remember HRT is not a "magic bullet." It is the application of the most recent, cutting-edge medical science at its best.

We have board-certified physicians employing sophisticated lab tests and treatment protocols to produce life-altering results with one goal in mind: re-inventing your quality of life and dramatically increasing your longevity.

Question: Sounds great...but can I afford it?

Answer: Yes...and here's why. After a detailed review of your blood work, physical exam, medical questionnaire, and personal goals, we will determine the most efficient AND cost-effective treatment possible.

We have a wide variety of treatment options, from actual Growth Hormone to many synthetic versions that are also powerfully effective.

We enjoy a long-standing reputation for honesty and integrity, and we realize that our reputation is our best form of marketing.

While it is impossible to give an exact quote sight unseen, we will not be undersold by any anti-aging, hormone replacement clinic...period. Also, we have several convenient payment options available, and we will make sure that you will be able to afford our treatments.

After you have reviewed these options, the question will not be “can I afford this,” but “Can I afford not to receive this treatment”?

Question: What level of HRT will I need?

Answer: That depends. Our medical staff will prescribe whatever dose you need to boost your hormones back to their youthful levels.

The idea is to find that sweet spot (not too much and not too little), or what we call “the golden mean.” Excess doses can produce adverse side effects, and too small doses will not deliver the results you are hoping for. After more than two decades of experience, our staff has perfected our dosage recommendation down to a science.

We back this up with scientific and quantitative data, a long with the latest information and results from a network of doctors across the entire globe. As a general guide, the best results will be the upper end of the average and long-term safe range as shown in lab tests.

Question: What results can I expect?

Answer: Everyone is unique and different, but generally after a complete six-month therapy program you can expect a world of positive changes such as:

  • 1st Month: A noticeable improvement in mental sharpness, increased zest for life, and an elevated mood. Your energy levels will awaken and begin the long journey to rejuvenation. This will give you more motivation and the ability to push yourself off the recliner and get moving. The pounds will start dropping, and you will sleep better than you had in years.
  • 2nd Month: Muscle will begin to reappear, and your diminished libido will start to wake up. Your skin will start to glow, indigestion will disappear, and your strength will come back. Your hair may thicken, and experience a shiny, healthy appearance.
  • 3rd Month: The mental improvements continue, as brain fog evaporates with the emergence of the morning sun. This will allow you to overcome procrastination, attack and complete long-put-off projects, and continue to enjoy deep, restorative sleep. Your fitness routine will get more comfortable and more relaxed, allowing you to increase your workout intensity gradually. There is often a reduction in post-menstrual symptoms in women, and both genders report greatly enhanced libidos.
  • 4th Month: Similar to the previous month. Most improvements are intensified and more consistent.
  • 5th Month: The inches and ugly flab continue their meltdowns, and muscle tissue continues to grow stronger. Another benefit is the reduction of wrinkles.
  • 6th Month: This period is a critical stage since cellulite decreases, the body becomes more contoured, eyesight improves, your immune system becomes a “steel-curtain” delivering iron-clad protection, chronic joints aches and pains lessen, and even disappear. Also, tests often show a reduction in “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, lower blood pressure, and lower heart rate.

Question: Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe?

Answer: Countless studies have demonstrated the safety of natural hormone replacement for men and women. We use only the finest grade bio-identical (genetically identical) hormones in our therapy.

The hormones in our treatments are identical in molecular structure to what the body produces naturally...and the results are fantastic for 95%+ of the people who take their treatment protocol seriously!

Question: Are there side effects of Natural Bio-Identical Hormones?

Answer: If hormone replacement therapy is done professionally, with proper doses in a medically supervised program like what our clinic provides, adverse side effects are infrequent.

This is because we use only bio-identical hormones. Only if the therapy recommended dosage is ignored or abused with high doses do adverse side effects occur.

But we will handle the treatment routine for you in exact detail. Also, we will conduct blood testing as often as necessary to monitor the results of your HRT program carefully. This allows us to make any adjustments if needed.

Question: What are the goals (also the benefits) of an HGH Therapy Program?

Answer: A: In addition to the benefits listed above in the monthly break down for the six-month therapy program, there are some broader goals:

Slow down and even reverse the effects of aging...stop muscle wasting dead in its tracks...skyrocket energy levels, endurance, and exercise capacity...lower and control stress...accelerate wound healing and skin regeneration...improve memory retention and cognitive functions...improve kidney function...and reverse osteoporosis (which is so vital for aging people to avoid becoming a victim of continually falling).

Question: What is a good time to think about replacing hormones?

Answer: A: For men, hormones usually start to drop significantly in the mid to late twenties. By age 30 to 35, hormones often go into a precipitous free-fall, which results in apparent symptoms.

This is the ideal time for us to swing into action. However, it is never too late. There are countless examples of men in their 90's that have found a new life after taking our treatments!

Question: Do I have to replace all hormones mentioned (testosterone, growth hormone, and DHEA)?

Answer: Technically, no. Hormones may be replaced separately or in any combination.

Having said that, the latest research has demonstrated that the best results are obtained from taking a combination of hormones in harmony, not in single islands, but synergistically (various parts working together).

However, that depends on the individual. We will make a detailed evaluation of your levels of each vital hormone.

If you have sufficient levels of any one hormone, obviously you will not need those standards replaced. If you need a combination, we will determine the optimum dose for each.

Question: Will hormone replacement cause my natural hormone production to decline?

Answer: Great question. For starters, at around age 30, your hormones will begin their inevitable decline anyway, regardless of what you do or don't do.

But it is still essential to maintain as much natural production of your hormones as possible. We make sure this happens by cycling your hormone treatment.

Cycling is taking breaks from your hormone replacement therapy. When outside hormones are introduced into the body, the gland producing that hormone senses that the body has an adequate supply of the hormone and can ease production.

We don't want this to happen. Therefore, cycling is mandatory for human growth hormone and men under 45 on testosterone.

Question: Will hormone therapy help restore my drooping libido?

Answer: How could it not? Sexual dysfunction can have many causes; however, diminishing hormones is the primary suspect.

Therefore, HRT is the best place to start. We will boost your testosterone to a healthy level a long with your growth hormone. This will make those days of your long-ago youth more than a fond memory.

There are also herbal supplements that have shown promise in enhancing the male libido and performance ability. These are safe, natural additions to our treatment that have helped some men.

We will give specific recommendations as to what herbs can help, and in what amounts.

Question: Does growth hormone have to be injected?

Answer: Yes. It is the only medically proven way Growth Hormone can enter the body and be absorbed correctly. But as we mentioned earlier, this is a simple, painless, easy-to-use process.

We will give you the instructions you need to make these injections as routine as possible.

Question: What about the oral HGH or HGH stimulants that I see advertised?

Answer: Advertisements that claim they have real HGH in a spray or pill may contain tiny amounts of HGH.

However, it has been medically proven that HGH cannot be efficiently absorbed through the membranes of the mouth, skin, or digestive system.

HGH stimulants may have some effect, but it is at best minimal. The claims of results far outweigh the actual results.

Question: Is HRT a life-long commitment?

Answer: The commitment can and should last as long as you want results. However, in addition to providing your HRT protocol, we will provide you with detailed nutritional plans, fitness routines, anti-aging supplement advice, and lifestyle modifications to promote longevity.

Your commitment to these positive changes should be life-long. Medical research in the life-extension area is currently on the verge of some astonishing developments in the battle against aging.

Each new advance in longevity gives us enough time to survive for the next breakthrough to become available, and each significant development will have the potential to improve both the quality and quantity of life EXPONENTIALLY!

Think about this. HRT has the possibility of adding 10 to 20 years to the human life span...not just length, but quality as well.

Even more exciting, stem cell research, gene therapy, nanotechnology, human genetic engineering, and trans-human science hold the promise of an unprecedented era of health and longevity that was unthinkable only a generation ago.

But you can't take advantage of these breakthroughs unless you stay around.

More facts to consider. The human lifespan since the dawn of human civilization was only a mere 35 to 45 years.

In 1900, the average life span for males was 46, and for females 48. Today, the numbers are 76 for men and 81 for women...a dramatic improvement in a relatively short time.

HRT will extend the human lifespan 10 to 20 years, hopefully,  long enough for the earlier mentioned breakthroughs, which should theoretically extend human lifespan and quality of life another 20 to 30 years, which at that time should see the reality of human genetic engineering which could potentially double the human lifespan.

And the game will keep going on.

Therefore, if you love your life, it is vitally important for you to stay in the game. Don't waste another minute. Contact us now, and get going!



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