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From Incel to Chick Magnet in One Easy Step

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Hi, Ken here. Have any of you heard about the term “incel”? It’s a word that gets used more and more these days. It means “involuntarily celibate,” which refers to men who simply can’t find a woman to save their lives, even though they want to and are trying.

Now, I know that there are a lot of social problems in our society that make it hard for us men to find a mate – men get put down and rejected by hostile, ideologically-driven women; men are looked down on and denigrated by the media; a large part of the “woke” crowd is focused on hating men and hating traditional relationships.

But let’s be honest. Part of the problem is in modern men themselves. We’re not as masculine as we used to be. We’re not as confident. We’re not as commanding. We’re not as hard-striving. We’re not as excellent. All of these are qualities that natural, healthy women admire. These women are hungry for men who express those qualities strongly. Sorry if you don’t like that, but that’s the way Nature works!

And too many men have caved in and become weak, feminized, parodies of what a man used to be in healthier, more natural times. Bad scene, man! Increasingly, neither men nor women are getting the love from the opposite sex that they crave and need. Part of it is the unhealthy ideas that have taken hold of people these days – but an even larger part is caused by men who simply aren’t very masculine.

I was in that boat, too. Couldn’t get a girlfriend to save my life. I won’t say that I had caved in to the anti-masculine trend. No, I don’t believe any of that garbage. But, from my mid-20s onward, I was just, well, weak. I started to get kind of fat. My muscles were subsumed under a layer of flab.

I am not very short, but I looked more round than I did tall. I never had any energy, either, and that affected my personality and behavior. I was tired all the time, so I almost never did anything strenuous or hard. I seldom if ever took the initiative. And, instead of asserting myself, it just seemed easier to go with the flow of what other people wanted. In cases where I disagreed with how a job or activity was going, instead of standing up for myself, I would just quietly drop out and play video games instead.

Women seemed to be able to sense my lack of strength, my tentativeness, and my lack of masculine confidence. Some even smirked when they turned me down.

After years of this not getting any better, I increasingly became aware that something was wrong with me. And, summoning the best that there was still left in my soul, I became determined to do something about it.

It was a long road involving a lot of research, reading, and talks with doctors, but eventually, I discovered that thousands of men like me, with symptoms just like mine, are actually suffering from a hormone deficiency – a lack of the natural hormone HGH (which stands for Human Growth Hormone). When this happens to adults, it manifests with conditions just like I was suffering.

I suspected that this was the problem but wanted to be sure. Then I discovered the clinic that sponsors this Web site. They have a simple, easy test that can tell you quickly whether or not you have adult-onset HGH deficiency. I took the test. I did have it. Then the board-certified doctors at the clinic custom-crafted a program just for me to restore my hormone levels to normal.

Man, what a difference! It took some weeks, but my entire life has changed.

I’m leaner, fitter, and dare I say far more charming to the opposite sex now. And it’s not just my looks and my strength that are better – my confidence, my zest for life and joy of living, my savoir-faire and assertiveness in every situation has made me a new man. And, boy, do the beautiful girls notice me now! I don’t have to try to catch their eyes anymore – they catch mine, with very admiring glances, even before I notice them.

When I ask for a date, they usually say “yes” before my full sentence is out of my mouth. One beauty told me last week that I “radiate that certain something.” Believe me, a year ago no one would have dreamed of saying that about me.

Let me tell you, this is the way life should have been all along. I’m finally the man I was born to be. I was sick and didn’t even know it. And now I’m cured. And living the good life on every level.

Get tested. You may be suffering from HGH deficiency, too. You have nothing to lose – and possibly a new and better life to gain. I Gotta stop writing now – Anna’s expecting me at her place in fifteen minutes.

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