covid 19 risk linked to obesity risk and associated high leptin levels

Obese Patients Have a Higher COVID-19 Mortality Risk Than the General Public

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Covid-19 is ravaging the world as we speak. This deadly distant relative of the common cold may present as respiratory disease, but its effects on human physiology are widespread.

One thing that we understand very well about the Coronavirus is that its deadliness increases with body fat density. Men and women plagued by Obesity are at higher mortality risk than the general public. This correlation is so strong that many experts refer to Obesity as a “parallel pandemic.”

While there are several hypotheses as to what makes Obese Patients so fragile in the face of Covid-19, there is mounting evidence that the hormone Leptin is largely responsible for this increase in Coronavirus Mortality Risk.

What Does Leptin Do?

Leptin is one of many hormones that are involved in the regulation of hunger and metabolism. Leptin is responsible for triggering fullness and modulating metabolism, but it's also critical to proper immune function. Leptin is released by fat cells as energy needs are met. Obese individuals produce more Leptin because they have a higher volume of fat.

Covid-19 is especially dangerous for obese patients largely because of increased Leptin Levels. Coronavirus, like many diseases, is dangerous because it overwhelms the immune system. Leptin helps trigger Inflammation.

Why Does High Leptin Make Coronavirus More Deadly?

Obese men and women produce more Leptin, so they are more vulnerable to the potentially deadly side-effects of an overworked immune system, such as Cytokine Storm. They also have elevated resting levels of Leptin, which exacerbates this problem, as Leptin Levels are positively correlated with Inflammation.

The effects of Leptin, combined with the multitude of health issues associated with Obesity, make severely overweight individuals at significantly higher risk of complications, making the Coronovirus even more deadly.

Hormone Replacement Therapy to Control Obesity and Reduce Inflammation

While we do not advocate using Hormone Therapy as a front-line treatment to ward off Covid-19 Infection, consider that Obesity is often the result of Hormone Imbalance. Low-T, for example, is well-known to increase Inflammation, and studies have shown that Testosterone Treatments may be useful for patients at high-risk of Covid-19.

Both HGH Deficiency and Testosterone Deficiency are associated with increased body fat, which increases the risks of Coronavirus. Our HRT Clinic offers both Sermorelin Acetate and HGH Injection Therapy to help patients overcome the adverse effects of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.

If you've been considering Hormone Optimization, consider the long-term health benefits, including how it can help you lose weight and enhance your immune system.

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