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Comprehensive Hormone Replacement Therapy with Tesamorelin

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One of the pillars of good health is Hormone Balance. Hormones are the critical chemical messengers that keep your different systems and organs working in synchronicity. Hormone Imbalance can have a disastrous effect on health and wellbeing. Have you ever considered Hormone Optimization? Tesamorelin is one of the many highly effective HRT Options at our disposal that can help you achieve enhanced Hormonal Equilibrium by counteracting the effects of HGH Deficiency and Hypopituitarism.

Tesamorelin GH-RH Analog Reinforces Waning HGH Levels by Bolstering Natural Production

Our Licensed Hormone Specialists offer a wide range of Hormone Therapy options, including HGH Injection Therapy. If you're interested in Growth Hormone Restoration, we have a number of options available that can bring your HGH Levels back into the optimal range. While Prescription Growth Hormone works very well, Tesamorelin also provides excellent results and is more affordable and widely available.

Tesamorelin is an FDA-Approved treatment to counteract the effects of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. Research has shown that it is clinically effective at cutting body fat for patients with Clinical HGH Deficiency, as well as AIDS-Related Cachexia. Tesamorelin works because it is specifically designed to emulate the function of a Growth Hormone Precursor naturally produced by the hypothalamus. This precursor is known as Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone, abbreviated GH-RH.

GH-RH Is Responsible for Growth Hormone Signaling

GH-RH is essential to the pituitary's production of HGH. When the body recognizes a need for Growth Hormone, it sends signals to the hypothalamus, which triggers the production of GH-RH. This secretagogue travels to the anterior pituitary to commence production of HGH. Tesamorelin has the same active structure as its parent hormone, GH-RH, meaning that it acts just the same in your body as the real thing.

Most people retain healthy pituitary glands for their entire lives. For the vast majority of individuals with Age-Related Growth Hormone Deficiency, insufficient HGH Levels result from waning signals for the production of the hormone associated with getting older and exacerbated by lifestyle and genetics.

Tesamorelin is clinically proven to amplify HGH Production back into a range that is associated with early adulthood. Tesamorelin helps patients make their own Growth Hormone, and many doctors recommend it over Growth Hormone Therapy to their patients.

Why Choose Tesamorelin?

Tesamorelin is a quality option for HGH Restoration because it's not only cost-effective but also has some potential advantages over traditional Growth Hormone Injections. When you take HGH, it passes through the blood stream and is metabolized very quickly. Tesamorelin leads to Growth Hormone production that is closer to the body's natural secretion pattern, reducing the effects of tachyphylaxis and preserving the body's sensitivity to the hormone. Also, Tesamorelin is legally available for Off-Label prescription, a useful advantage that it has over Bio-Identical HGH.

Interested in Tesamorelin Injections? Individually Tailored HRT Programs

If you would like to know if Tesamorelin is a good option for you, our highly experienced and board-certified Wellness Doctors can help you determine which Hormone Therapy Option meets your needs as a patient. We offer our excellent services to men and women all across America and partner with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp to perform the necessary preliminary screening and bloodwork.

We offer Comprehensive HRT Programs, which are designed to improve HGH Levels with Tesamorelin and improve vitality and wellness with a combination of lifestyle, exercise, diet, and supplementation. We will also monitor for Low-T, Hypothyroidism, and other conditions which may be getting in the way of Hormone Balance.

Our holistic approach is tactically organized to help you maximize the results of your Tesamorelin prescription. A six-month regimen of Tesamorelin can help you lose weight, improve focus, feel better, improve muscle mass, enhance libido, and more! Contact us for further consultation!

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