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Choose Our Clinic: Our Physicians Are Board-Certified!

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Not all medical doctors are board-certified. Those who have been officially certified are the best and most advanced in their field – and you deserve the best!

To become board-certified, a physician must complete the necessary education and training requirements in his or her field, above and beyond those required for a medical degree, and then pass a comprehensive exam. And there are ongoing requirements, too – board-certified doctors are up to date on the latest discoveries, treatments, and developments. Ordinary physicians may not be!

Board certification indicates that a physician has met the highest standards of knowledge and skill in his or her area of practice.

Patients can have confidence in board-certified physicians, knowing that they have been thoroughly vetted and are held to high standards of professionalism and ethics.

Board certification is also a mark of ongoing learning and commitment to keeping up with advancements in the field.

Physicians who are not board-certified may lack the same level of training and experience as those who are.

Choosing a board-certified physician can help ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care possible. That’s why we set the standards this high – actually, as high as possible, at our clinic.

Additionally, many insurance companies require board certification as a prerequisite for coverage.

Patients should always check to find out if their physician is board-certified before receiving treatment.

While board certification is not a guarantee of a positive outcome, it is a valuable indicator of a physician's expertise and dedication to their craft.

In short, board-certified physicians are the best choice for patients seeking high-quality, competent medical care.

Board certification is a prestigious credential that demonstrates a physician's expertise and commitment to their field. However, this credential can be lost if a physician fails to maintain the standards set forth by their certifying board.

There are several ways in which a physician can lose their board certification. For example, if a physician fails to complete the necessary continuing education requirements, his or her certification may be revoked.

In addition, if a physician engages in unethical or unprofessional behavior, he or she may face disciplinary action, including the loss of board certification.

For instance, Dr. John S__ was found guilty of over-prescribing opioids to his patients, leading to several cases of addiction and overdose. As a result, he lost his board certification and was unable to practice medicine.

Another way a physician can lose board certification is by failing to adhere to the rules and regulations of the certifying board.

For example, Dr. Kim L__ was found to have falsified patient records to cover up medical errors. This behavior violated the code of ethics set forth by her board, and she lost her certification as a result.

Finally, if a physician fails to pass the required recertification exam, their board certification may be revoked. This is because board certification is not a one-time achievement, but rather a continuous process of learning and improvement.

For instance, Dr. Jonathan S____ failed to pass his recertification exam after several attempts. Despite his years of experience, he was unable to demonstrate the necessary level of knowledge and skill required for board certification. As a result, his certification was revoked.

In conclusion, board certification is a valuable credential that demonstrates a physician's expertise and commitment to his or her field. However, this credential can be lost if a physician fails to maintain the standards set forth by the certifying board. It is important for physicians to stay up to date on the latest advancements in their field, and to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by their certifying board, in order to maintain their board certification. That’s why we set the bar so high at our clinic: All our physicians are board certified specialists. Other clinics may not have such high standards. We are proud of what we do for our patients! You deserve the best, always.

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