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Cheaping Out on HGH Therapy – JUST DON’T DO IT

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Yes, legitimate, prescription hormone replacement therapy indeed comes with a price tag. It’s affordable for most people who need it, but it’s not cheap. But it is way cheaper – waaaay cheaper than cheaping out. How can that be? I shall explain!

First, let me say this: If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably already been tested, and you know beyond any doubt that you are suffering from abnormally low levels of HGH (human growth hormone).

And further, if that’s true, then it’s also true that your HGH deficiency is screwing up your life in manifold ways. For Example, tiredness all the time, lack of motivation, lack of sex drive and performance, flabby muscles, waning strength, decreased endurance, looking and feeling old before your time, and other horrors.

That means you need HGH therapy. But too many sufferers, instead of listening to the board-certified specialist physicians we have at our clinic, and getting the prescription for the genuine, US-sourced HGH they need, heed the siren song of hucksters who try to convince them to cheap out.

And precisely what are these hucksters pushing instead of genuine HGH?

Some push non-prescription, illegally imported “HGH.” This garbage is often not pure HGH, and quite often, it isn’t even HGH at all.

If someone breaks the law and smuggles unapproved medications into the country, what makes you think they will obey purity and labeling regulations as to what they send you? Sometimes the illegal imported HGH is adulterated with dangerous foreign substances and drugs.

You don’t know what you’re getting – and you have no way to check. And these hucksters are often just criminals with no medical knowledge at all.

You cannot depend on them to give you the correct doses – too little waste your time and money and does not cure your problems. And too much can seriously harm your health and leave you sicker than ever, perhaps incurably injured.

Some push worthless supplements, claiming falsely that the supplements will cause your body to make more HGH. These usually do nothing at all for people who are truly suffering from adult-onset HGH deficiency. Sometimes the hucksters will even put the word “HGH” in the brand names of their worthless pills to trick the unwary into thinking they’re getting the real thing.

Again, such supplements have never been shown to cure a single patient. And there’s no regulatory oversight into what they put into their capsules, so adulteration with questionable substances is a real possibility.

In the end, if you want to be cured and get back to a whole and energy-filled and rewarding life, you will eventually have to get an accurate HGH prescription, such as the one our doctors will customize to perfectly match your needs. Any detour you go one before you come to our clinic is like a detour – a waste of time – and money down the drain.

Cheaping out costs you more in the long run. Sometimes a lot more. Sometimes, it can make your health much worse than it already was. And, worst of all, it can make you waste years of your life, suffering needlessly when a cure is right in front of you.

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