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Celebrity Dax Shepard Takes Pride in Results from Testosterone Therapy

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Hormone Replacement Therapy remains popular among the celebrity set. Actor Dax Shepard, famous for roles in movies and films such as The Parenthood, Idiocracy, and Without a Paddle, is an avid user and proponent of Testosterone Therapy.

He recently admitted to Ashton Kutcher that Testosterone has helped him bulk up and become stronger than ever. Dax uses Testosterone Therapy as a treatment for Low Testosterone, and he's committed to getting the most out of the treatment, lifting weights, and exercising almost every day.

While Testosterone shouldn't be used solely to increase strength and performance, there's no harm in taking advantage of the increased ability to build muscle mass and strength. When used as directed and specifically to relieve the effects of Hypogonadism, Bio-Identical Testosterone has an excellent safety profile.

There Are Many Options for Effective Testosterone Therapy

While Dax Shepard uses Testosterone Injections, there are a number of effective options available, including Testosterone Patches and Creams. Transdermal Testosterone is administered daily, but most patients opt for Testosterone Injection formulations that only have to be delivered once or twice a month, such as Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate, and Testosterone Undecanoate.

A medical professional often delivers these shots, but many patients choose to self-administer the Testosterone Shot.

Testosterone Injections are designed to slowly release Testosterone over days or weeks. Testosterone is generally combined with an ester in order to slow the rate at which the body metabolizes and breaks down available Testosterone. Longer ester chains provide Testosterone for a longer period of time.

What Causes Low-T?

Testosterone Deficiency has many causes. Genetic disorders, injuries, and tumors can all lead to Low-T. Men become more susceptible to Low Testosterone as they get older, and many medications and drugs can also suppress Testosterone, including opiates. Dax Shephard has a history of addiction that he's been very open about.

A history of drug abuse combined with an age-related decline in Testosterone makes Dax a prime candidate for Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy. Suboxone, methadone, and other opioids all have powerful negative effects on Testosterone Production. Testosterone is not addictive and can be used safely by patients with a history of substance abuse.

Testosterone Therapy Benefits

While Testosterone Deficiency has many causes, it is most strongly correlated with age. Beyond thirty, the older you get, the less able you are to produce this very important hormone. Some Hormone Specialists refer to the period in a man's life when Low Testosterone Levels become a problem as Andropause. For men that are struggling with Low-T, Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy can provide a wide range of potent benefits.

For example, Testosterone increases energy and makes it easier to build muscle. Without sufficient Testosterone, men slowly start losing their ability to develop and maintain lean muscle in the mid-thirties. Testosterone also improves Body Composition by making it easier to cut body fat. Testosterone is also intricately linked to sex drive. Most men turn to a Hormone Specialist to increase energy and restore libido. Testosterone Replacement can help restore your sex drive and rekindle your desire!

Some Testosterone Benefits occur very quickly, while others take time. The sexual advantages of Testosterone are almost immediate, while changes in strength and body fat will take some time. For the best results, you should pair Testosterone Therapy with a well-designed diet plan which includes smart eating and a combination of resistance training and cardio.

Taking Testosterone Safely

Men that have healthy Testosterone Levels shouldn't take Testosterone HRT. Men have the best health outcomes when their Testosterone circulates in the normal range. Having too much Testosterone can be dangerous. Elevated Testosterone increases the risk of blood clots, high blood pressure, mania, aggression, and acne.

As with any other medication, caution should be used when taking Testosterone, and you should only take the treatment if you have a verifiable clinical need. If you're interested in Testosterone, be sure to work with a qualified and certified medical professional or clinic that you can trust.

Testosterone Therapy Suppresses Fertility

When considering Hormone Replacement Therapy, one thing to keep in mind is that Bio-Identical Testosterone impairs your body's natural capacity to produce its own Testosterone. Your brain recognizes that your body is getting sufficient Testosterone and signals for the testes to secrete less and less of the hormone. The brain also limits the production of precursor hormones Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Luteinizing Hormone. This not only slows and stops Testosterone Production, but it severely limits fertility.

This effect is usually temporary, but it can take an extended period to restore Testosterone Production. Men that are interested in increasing Testosterone Levels without impairing fertility or natural production of Testosterone may opt for alternatives like clomiphene, which signals for the testes to release Testosterone and do not limit sperm production and viability.

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