boosting hgh levels naturally without a prescription

Boosting HGH Levels Naturally Without a Prescription

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Hormone Balance is critical for sustaining good health and positive well-being. HGH is one of the lynchpin hormones which optimize human function. Growth Hormone is a vital metabolic hormone that helps maintain energy and keep the numerous organs and systems of the human body functioning at their best possible capacity. HGH Deficiency is characterized by impaired cellular metabolism, increased body fat, fatigue, depression, lack of focus, loss of strength, and more.

While healthy Growth Hormone Levels are relatively easy to maintain when we are young, it gets more and more difficult to keep HGH Levels optimized as you get older. The following are six steps that you can take to facilitate ideal HGH Balance.

Healthy Diet for HGH Balance

The food/drink you put into your body plays an undeniable factor in your health. Many foods are strongly linked to increased HGH output. Foods with Tryptophan and Melatonin are known to boost Growth Hormone, perhaps because they improve sleep quality. Foods with Serotonin also do a good job of increasing Growth Hormone output. You may notice that all three of these hormones help us sleep better. Consider adding foods with these ingredients to your dinner plans.

Arginine Critical to Healthy Growth Hormone Levels

No HGH Diet is complete without including the addition of amino acids, and Arginine is among the most important. Some great sources of Arginine include soybeans, brown rice, chicken, nuts, seeds, and red meat. Arginine Supplementation before a workout is shown to greatly bolster HGH Levels during exercise.

Intermittent Fasting to Boost HGH

The times that you choose to eat play a large role in facilitating healthy Growth Hormone Production. One of the many important functions of Human Growth Hormone is to unlock energy from body fat. This function is the opposite of Insulin, which is used to lower blood sugar and store fat. Intermittent Fasting increases HGH Levels by increasing the time between meals. Most commonly, practitioners opt for 14 or 16 hours of fasting per day for the best/safest results. Intermittent Fasting is great at helping to control Blood Sugar and keep you feeling healthy and fit.

Control Blood Sugar to Bolster Growth Hormone

Controlling Insulin is critical to maximizing quality of life and supporting the positive influence of HGH. When Blood Sugar is too high, it suppresses the production of Human Growth Hormone and can lead to chronic health issues associated with diabetes and obesity. 

While Intermittent Fasting is a healthy safeguard against elevated Insulin Levels, there are lots of other things that you can do. Refined carbohydrates and sugars are enemies. These simple carbs are absorbed too quickly by the blood stream, which screws up your body's ability to control glucose. 

You should also stop eating a couple of hours before bed. If blood sugar is elevated at bedtime, it inhibits your body's HGH Production and interferes with the natural metabolic cycle.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Maximizes Natural HGH Production

Human Growth Hormone Levels respond positively to any form of exercise, but High-Intensity Training provides the best results. While simple cardio and weight lifting offer a boost, HIIT offers incredible results for those looking to maximize natural HGH output. Alternating periods of exertion and keeping-pace get your heart rate up and encourage the body to secrete more HGH to unlock energy reserves in body fat.

Healthy Sleep for Max HGH

Getting plenty of rest is more important than perhaps any other factor when it comes to preserving and amplifying peak Growth Hormone Production. Our bodies produce most Human Growth Hormone while in a deep sleep. Poor sleeping habits and disrupted sleep cycles both contribute heavily to HGH Suppression. Try to set a normal sleep schedule. Avoid bright lights, overexertion, and heavy meals a couple of hours before bedtime.


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