257 at last introducing humatrope hgh replacement therapy

At Last! Introducing Humatrope HGH Replacement Therapy

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Humatrope is one of the forms of Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone used for the treatment of low levels of Growth Hormone (GH).

It has the exact chemical makeup of naturally produced Growth Hormone. It was the first Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone product legally available for commercial use in the U.S.A.

Couldn’t I Just Take Humatrope Orally? Why Must I Receive an Injection?

When taken orally, Humatrope is broken down by the digestive system similar to the food you eat.

This would render it far less useful or even potentially harmful to the body. Though some treatments can be delivered as patches and creams, they are far less efficient…even useless.

Humatrope is specially formulated for subcutaneous injection.

But Don’t Worry About The Injection Procedure

Here’s why... Humatrope is delivered by HumatroPen, an injection device that is easy to use. When using HumatroPen, it is easy to adjust the device to provide a broad range of doses and ensures that you deliver your recommended dosage precisely.

Also, every HumatroPen device comes equipped with a hidden needle cover that allows you to inject Humatropin hidden from view!

Think about that. No matter where you are, there is no excuse for missing a dose. You will also receive a complete User Manual with the HumatroPen. It is so painless and easy-to-use that one of our satisfied clients referred to it as “stooge-proof.”

When Should Humatrope Injections be Delivered?

GH is secreted at its highest levels while we are in a deep sleep.

Therefore, it is most often taken at bedtime, so that the levels of Growth Hormone in the body mimic the actions of the natural circadian rhythm.

Although this is the usual recommendation, other factors may enter into the picture. Every situation and person are unique, and our experienced staff recognizes this…and will advise you accordingly.

What if I Slip Up and Miss a Dose?

If you forget to take one of your Humatrope injections, NO BIG DEAL!

It’s not the end of the world, nor will it make your treatment ineffective. Just get back into your routine and take your next injection at the regularly scheduled time.

However, do not under any circumstances take a double dose to “make up” for your missed dose. It is not healthy or useful to take double doses to make up for a missed dose. If this continues, mention it to our staff.

How Do I Properly Store Humatrope?

Store cartridges and vials of diluent and powdered Humatrope HGH in the refrigerator. Both freezing and excess heat damage the proteins.

How Do I Travel Safely with Humatrope?

If traveling with Humatrope, store it in a small cooler or thermal storage bag with cooling packs. Do not allow Humatrope to freeze. This will keep your HGH safe for the duration of the flight or car ride.

If taking Humatrope on a plane, it is essential to keep the bag or container with you throughout the flight. Do not leave the container as baggage.

How Long Should I Expect to Wait Before Treatment Begins to Show Results?

Results from therapy vary dependent upon the patient. Some patients bear fruit within a few weeks, while others may take a few months. While undergoing HGH Replacement Therapy, you will continuously be monitored by scheduled blood tests, and the dosage may be adjusted.

Why is HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy Just Now Becoming an Option?

Historically, the use of HGH Hormone Replacement Therapy was only used in children.

The therapy was used until the child reached a standard final adult height and then discontinued and not used in adulthood. However, a continued study has shown that injectable HGH treatment can work wonders for adults with low HGH levels.

Additionally, in the past, the supply of HGH was quite limited. In recent years, however, with significant advances in genetics and biological technology, HGH is now much more widely available and economical.


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