249 like to join the anti aging party you can with saizen

Like To Join The Anti-Aging Party? You Can…With Saizen

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It Is Estimated That 59% Of Americans Are One Box of Donuts Away From a Heart Attack

Don’t Join Them! Let Saizen Help You Avoid Becoming a Dreadful Statistic

Saizen is biologically equivalent to the Growth Hormone (GH) that the body naturally produces.

Saizen is injectable Somatropin (Human Growth Hormone) manufactured using the latest in cutting-edge recombinant DNA techniques.

Saizen is most often prescribed as an effective treatment for Growth Hormone deficiencies in both children and adults. It is also beneficial for those that suffer from chronic renal failure and Turner’s syndrome.

Growth Hormone’s Role in the Body

In healthy children and adults, Growth Hormone is manufactured and secreted by the pituitary gland.

The pituitary gland is located beneath the hypothalamus, which is a formation within the brain that is responsible for hormone regulation.

All hormones are specific types of advanced proteins which direct traffic and send messages to the body.

Growth Hormone tells a child’s body to grow to a certain size and controls several different physiological and metabolic processes. Saizen is useful because it functions as a replacement when the body does not produce sufficient levels of Growth Hormone.

Adult GH Deficiency Primer

GH deficiency affects more than just children. It can create problems for adults as well…serious issues.

Recently, it has become apparent how destructive the effects of aging-related GH deficiency can be. Today, GH Deficiency is fully recognized as a medical disorder with known physical and mental consequences.

Below is a list of effects that GH Deficiency has on the body:

  • Increased pounds of hideous, disease-producing fat, leading to obesity
  • Skyrocketing levels of cholesterol in the blood stream, resulting in a broad range of health problems
  • Weak, flabby muscle, and a debilitating loss of strength
  • Bone weakening and wasting, leading to osteoporosis
  • Constant fatigue, making exercise challenging
  • Dramatically increased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Mental health issues such as depression and self-isolation

New studies also indicate that those who suffer from hypopituitarism (a condition in which the pituitary gland does not produce reasonable amounts of some or all of its hormones) are far more at risk and likely to die as a result of cardiovascular disease — which is a direct consequence of GH Deficiency

Adult GH Deficiency can be the result of some different physiological complications.

It is often caused by tumors that grow on or around the pituitary gland.

Brain surgery or radiation treatments on the pituitary can also lead to hypopituitarism. Occasionally, GH Deficiency is the result of low Growth Hormone levels in childhood and became worse in adulthood.

GH Deficiency in adults can be cured through the use of Bio-Identical HGH.

In late 2001, Saizen was approved for Adult GH Deficiency treatment for use by Merck Serono, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

This approval was granted in some countries in Europe.

The Saizen Family

The Saizen Product Family: One of the goals of Merck Serono is to simplify treatment for GH deficiency.

For this reason, Merck Serono created several devices that give patients a choice of therapy options.

One of the goals of Human Growth Hormone Therapy is to make treatment accessible and give patients maximum comfort and control over their therapy regimen.

Two products provide injectable Human Growth Hormone.

Cool.click is a new injectable means of Saizen delivery which is entirely needle-free!

There is also one. Click, which uses a needle, but is simple, so that injection is more comfortable and less painful than HGH Therapy products created by competing companies. One.click is an auto-injector pen for HGH that allows the insertion of the needle and injection of Saizen all in one step…with just a mere click of a button! Both of these products use 8mg click. Easy Saizen.



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